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Larry’s List: On Gaza, Corporate Bullsh*t, Censorship, Censorship and More

By SP Staff

ScheerPost is bringing back Larry’s List, a daily news curation from USC communications professor Larry Gross, to keep you up to date with the most cutting edge news and analysis of our time. A specialist in media and culture, art and communication, visual communication and media portrayals of minorities, Gross helped found the field of gay and lesbian studies and is retiring this year after fifty five years of teaching.

On Larry’s List today — U.S. military presence near Gaza, the mounting repression and censorship inside Israel, exposing corporate lies, and more.

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U.S. Quietly Expands Secret Military Base in Israel

Government documents pointing to construction at a classified U.S. base offer rare hints about a little noted U.S. military presence near Gaza. 

By Ken Klippenstein and  Daniel Boguslaw | The Intercept

 Israeli Intel Ministry Suggests Relocating Gazans to Sinai After Hamas War

A draft document prepared by the Israeli intel ministry suggests an option to initially relocate Gaza’s population to tent cities in northern Sinai. This is a first indication of a possible exit strategy to the war by the political leadership.

By Jonathan Lis and Ben Samuels| Haaretz

Lies, Damned Lies and “Corporate Bulls**t”: A Consumer’s Guide to Bad-Faith Arguments

Co-author Donald Cohen on the research into generations of false claims that led to “Corporate Bulls**t.”

By Paul Rosenberg | Salon

An Alternative to Invading Gaza

 Peter Beinart is joined by guests will be Ofer Cassif and Iyad El-Baghdadi. Ofer is a Jewish member of the Knesset from the largely Palestinian Hadash party. He was recently suspended for 45 days for criticizing Israel’s attacks in Gaza. Iyad is a Palestinian writer based in Norway. He’s one of the best analysts of Palestinian and regional politics I know. We’ll discuss the mounting repression inside Israel, the ground invasion of Gaza, and the prospects for a regional war. Ofer and Iyad are not only brilliant analysts. They also courageously affirm the humanity of people on both sides of the Jewish-Palestinian divide. We could use more of that these days.

By Peter Beinart | Substack

Chris Hedges: Exterminate All the Brutes

All settler colonial projects, including Israel, reach a point when they embrace wholesale slaughter and genocide to eradicate a native population that refuses to capitulate.

By Chris Hedges | ScheerPost

End the Persecution of Israel’s Arab Citizens

Since the start of the war that was triggered by the horrific massacre in communities near the border with the Gaza Strip, Israel’s Arab citizens have been in the eye of the storm. Their complex identity makes them immediate suspects in the eyes of many Jews and exposes them to manifestations of racism and a thirst for vengeance. 

By Haaretz Editorial | Haaretz