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Chris Hedges: The Age of Social Murder

The ruling elites, despite the accelerating and tangible ecological collapse, mollify us, either by meaningless gestures or denial.
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By Chris Hedges / Original to ScheerPost

The two million deaths that have resulted from the ruling elites mishandling of the global pandemic will be dwarfed by what is to follow. The global catastrophe that awaits us, already baked into the ecosystem from the failure to curb the use of fossil fuels and animal agriculture, presage new, deadlier pandemics, mass migrations of billions of desperate people, plummeting crop yields, mass starvation and systems collapse. 

The science that elucidates this social death is known to the ruling elites. The science that warned us of this pandemic, and others that will follow, is known to the ruling elites. The science that shows that a failure to halt carbon emissions will lead to a climate crisis and ultimately the extinction of the human species and most other species is known to the ruling elites. They cannot claim ignorance. Only indifference.

The facts are incontrovertible. Each of the last four decades have been hotter than the last. In 2018, the UN International Panel on Climate Change released a special report on the systemic effects of a 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) rise in temperatures. It makes for very grim reading. Soaring temperature rises — we are already at a 1.2 degrees Celsius (2.16 degrees Fahrenheit) above preindustrial levels — are already baked into the system, meaning that even if we stopped all carbon emission today, we still face catastrophe. Anything above a temperature rise of 1.5 degrees Celsius will render the earth unhabitable. The Arctic ice along with the Greenland ice sheet are now expected to melt regardless of how much we reduce carbon emissions. A seven-meter (23-foot) rise in sea level, which is what will take place once the ice is gone, means every town and city on a coast at sea level will have to be evacuated. 

Roger Hallam, the co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, whose nonviolent acts of mass civil disobedience offer the last, best chance to save ourselves, lays it out in this video:

As the climate crisis worsens, the political constrictions will tighten, making public resistance difficult. We do not live, yet, in the brutal Orwellian state that appears on the horizon, one where all dissidents will suffer the fate of Julian Assange. But this Orwellian state is not far away. This makes it imperative that we act now.

The ruling elites, despite the accelerating and tangible ecological collapse, mollify us, either by meaningless gestures or denial. They are the architects of social murder.  

Social murder, as Friedrich Engels noted in his 1845 book “The Condition of the Working-Class in England,” one of the most important works of social history, is built into the capitalist system. The ruling elites, Engels writes, those that hold “social and political control,” were aware that the harsh working and living conditions during the industrial revolution doomed workers to “an early and unnatural death:” 

“When one individual inflicts bodily injury upon another such that death results, we call the deed manslaughter; when the assailant knew in advance that the injury would be fatal, we call his deed murder. But when society places hundreds of proletarians in such a position that they inevitably meet a too early and an unnatural death, one which is quite as much a death by violence as that by the sword or bullet; when it deprives thousands of the necessaries of life, places them under conditions in which they cannot live — forces them, through the strong arm of the law, to remain in such conditions until that death ensues which is the inevitable consequence — knows that these thousands of victims must perish, and yet permits these conditions to remain, its deed is murder just as surely as the deed of the single individual; disguised, malicious murder, murder against which none can defend himself, which does not seem what it is, because no man sees the murderer, because the death of the victim seems a natural one, since the offence is more one of omission than of commission. But murder it remains. 

— Friedrick Engels, “The Condition of the Working-Class in England”

The ruling class devotes tremendous resources to mask this social murder. They control the narrative in the press. They falsify science and data, as the fossil fuel industry has done for decades. They set up committees, commissions and international bodies, such as UN climate summits, to pretend to address the problem. Or they deny, despite the dramatically changing weather patterns, that the problem even exists. 

Scientists have long warned that as global temperatures rise, increasing precipitation and heat waves in many parts of the world, infectious diseases spread by animals will plague populations year-round and expand into northern regions. Pandemics such as HIV/AIDS, which has killed approximately 36 million people, the Asian flu, which killed between one and four million, and COVID-19, which has already killed over 2.5 million, will ripple across the globe in ever more virulent strains, often mutating beyond our control. The misuse of antibiotics in the meat industry, which accounts for 80 percent of all antibiotic use, has produced strains of bacteria that are antibiotic resistant and fatal. A modern version of the Black Death, which in the 14th century killed between 75 and 200 million people, wiping out perhaps half of Europe’s population, is probably inevitable as long as the pharmaceutical and medical industries are configured to make money rather than protect and save lives.

Even with vaccines, we lack the national infrastructure to distribute them efficiently because profit trumps health. And those in the global south are, as usual, abandoned, as if the diseases that kill them will never reach us. Israel’s decision to distribute COVID-19 vaccines to as many as 19 countries while refusing to vaccinate the 5 million Palestinians living under its occupation is emblematic of the ruling elite’s stunning myopia, not to mention immorality.  

What is taking place is not neglect. It is not ineptitude. It is not policyfailure. It is murder. It is murder because it is premeditated. It is murder because a conscious choice was made by the global ruling classes to extinguish life rather than protect it. It is murder because profit, despite the hard statistics, the growing climate disruptions and the scientific modeling, is deemed more important than human life and human survival. 

The elites thrive in this system, as long as they serve the dictates of what Lewis Mumford called the “megamachine,” the convergence of science, economy, technics and political power unified into an integrated, bureaucratic structure whose sole goal is to perpetuate itself. This structure, Mumford noted, is antithetical to “life-enhancing values.” But to challenge the megamachine, to name and condemn its death wish, is to be expelled from its inner sanctum. There are, no doubt, some within the megamachine who fear the future, who are perhaps even appalled by the social murder, but they do not want to lose their jobs and their social status to become pariahs.  

The massive resources allocated to the military, which when the costs of the Veterans Administration are added to the Department of Defense budget come to $826 billion a year, are the most glaring example of our suicidal folly, symptomatic of all decaying civilizations that squander diminishing resources in institutions and projects that accelerate their decline.  

The American military — which accounts for 38 percent of military spending worldwide — is incapable of combating the real existential crisis.  The fighter jets, satellites, aircraft carriers, fleets of warships, nuclear submarines, missiles, tanks and vast arsenals of weaponry are useless against pandemics and the climate crisis. The war machine does nothing to mitigate the human suffering caused by degraded environments that sicken and poison populations or make life unsustainable.  Air pollution already kills an estimated 200,000 Americans a year while children in decayed cities such as Flint, Michigan are damaged for life with lead contamination from drinking water. 

The prosecution of endless and futile wars, costing anywhere from $5 to $7 trillion, the maintenance of some 800 military bases in over 70 countries, along with the endemic fraud, waste and mismanagement by the Pentagon at a time when the survival of the species is at stake is self-destructive.  The Pentagon has spent more than $67 billion alone on a ballistic missile defense system that few believe will actually work and billions more on a series of dud weapons systems, including the $22 billion Zumwalt destroyer. And, on top of all this, the U.S. military emitted 1.2 billion metric tons of carbon emissions between 2001 and 2017, twice the annual output of the nation’s passenger vehicles.

A decade from now we will look back at the current global ruling class as the most criminal in human history, willfully dooming millions upon millions of people to die, including those from this pandemic, which dwarf the murderous excesses of the killers of the past including the Europeans that carried out the genocide of the indigenous peoples in the Americas, the Nazis that exterminated some 12 million people, the Stalinists or Mao’s Cultural Revolution. This is the largest crime against humanity ever committed. It is being committed in front of us. And, with few exceptions, we are willfully being herded like sheep to the slaughter.

It is not that most people have faith in the ruling elites. They know they are being betrayed. They feel vulnerable and afraid. They understand that their misery is unacknowledged and unimportant to the global elites, who have concentrated staggering amounts of wealth and power into the hands of a tiny cabal of rapacious oligarchs. 

The rage many feel at being abandoned often expresses itself in a poisoned solidarity. This poisoned solidarity unites the disenfranchised around hate crimes, racism, inchoate acts of vengeance against scapegoats, religious and ethnic chauvinism and nihilistic violence. It fosters crisis cults, such as those built by the Christian fascists, and elevates demagogues such as Donald Trump. 

Social divisions benefit the ruling class, which has built media silos that feed packaged hate to competing demographics. The greater the social antagonisms, the less the elites have to fear. If those gripped by poisoned solidarity become numerically superior — nearly half of the American electorate rejects the traditional ruling class and embraces conspiracy theories and a demagogue — the elites will accommodate the new power configuration, which will accelerate the social murder. 

The Biden administration will not carry out the economic, political, social or environmental reforms that will save us. The fossil fuel industry will continue to extract oil. The wars will not end. Social inequality will grow. Government control, with its militarized police forces of internal occupation, wholesale surveillance and loss of civil liberties, will expand. New pandemics, along with droughts, wildfires, monster hurricanes, crippling heat waves and flooding, will lay waste to the country as well as a population burdened by a for-profit health care system that is not designed or equipped to deal with a national health crisis.

The evil that makes this social murder possible is collective. It is perpetrated by the colorless bureaucrats and technocrats churned out of business schools, law schools, management programs and elite universities. These systems managers carry out the incremental tasks that make vast, complicated systems of exploitation and death work. They collect, store and manipulate our personal data for digital monopolies and the security and surveillance state. They grease the wheels for ExxonMobil, BP and Goldman Sachs. They write the laws passed by the bought-and-paid-for political class. They pilot the aerial drones that terrorize the poor in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan. They profit from the endless wars. They are the corporate advertisers, public relations specialists and television pundits that flood the airwaves with lies. They run the banks. They oversee the prisons. They issue the forms. They process the papers. They deny food stamps and medical coverage to some and unemployment benefits to others. They carry out the evictions. They enforce the laws and the regulations. They do not ask questions. They live in an intellectual vacuum, a world of stultifying minutia. They are T.S. Eliot’s “the hollow men,” “the stuffed men.” “Shape without form, shade without color,” the poet writes. “Paralyzed force, gesture without motion.”

These systems managers made possible the genocides of the past, from the extermination of Native Americans to the Turkish slaughter of the Armenians to the Nazi Holocaust to Stalin’s liquidations. They kept the trains running. They filled out the paperwork. They seized the property and confiscated the bank accounts. They did the processing. They rationed the food. They administered the concentration camps and the gas chambers. They enforced the law. They did their jobs. 

These systems managers, uneducated in all but their tiny technical specialty, lack the language and moral autonomy to question the reigning assumptions or structures.

Hannah Arendt in “Eichmann in Jerusalem” writes that Adolf Eichmann was motivated by “an extraordinary diligence in looking out for his personal advancement.” He joined the Nazi Party because it was a good career move. Arendt continued:

“The trouble with Eichmann was precisely that so many were like him, and that the many were neither perverted nor sadistic, that they were, and still are, terribly and terrifyingly normal.

The longer one listened to him, the more obvious it became that his inability to speak was closely connected with an inability to think, namely, to think from the standpoint of somebody else. No communication was possible with him, not because he lied but because he was surrounded by the most reliable of all safeguards against words and the presence of others, and hence against reality as such.” 

Hannah Arendt, “Eichmann in Jerusalem”

The Russian novelist Vasily Grossman in his book “Forever Flowing” observed that “the new state did not require holy apostles, fanatic, inspired builders, faithful, devout disciples. The new state did not even require servants — just clerks.” This metaphysical ignorance fuels social murder.

We cannot emotionally absorb the magnitude of the looming catastrophe and therefore do not act. 

In Claude Lanzmann’s Holocaust documentary “Shoah,” he interviews Filip Müller, a Czech Jew who survived the liquidations in Auschwitz as a member of the “special detail., ”

“One day in 1943 when I was already in Crematorium 5, a train from Bialystok arrived. A prisoner on the ‘special detail’ saw a woman in the ‘undressing room’ who was the wife of a friend of his. He came right out and told her: ‘You are going to be exterminated. In three hours, you’ll be ashes.’ The woman believed him because she knew him. She ran all over and warned to the other women. ‘We’re going to be killed. We’re going to be gassed.’ Mothers carrying their children on their shoulders didn’t want to hear that. They decided the woman was crazy. They chased her away. So, she went to the men. To no avail. Not that they didn’t believe her. They’d heard rumors in the Bialystok ghetto, or in Grodno, and elsewhere. But who wanted to hear that? When she saw that no one would listen, she scratched her whole face. Out of despair. In shock. And she started to scream.  

Filip Müller to Claude Lanzmann, “Shoah”

How do we resist? Why, if this social murder is inevitable, as I believe it is, do we even fight back? Why not give in to cynicism and despair? Why not withdraw and spend our lives attempting to satiate our private needs and desires? We are all complicit, paralyzed by the overwhelming force of the megamachine and bound to its destructive energy by our allotted slots within its massive machinery.” 

Yet, to fail to act, and this means carrying out mass, sustained acts of nonviolent civil disobedience in an attempt to smash the megamachine, is spiritual death. It is to succumb to the cynicism, hedonism and numbness that has turned the systems managers and technocrats that orchestrate this social murder into human cogs. It is to surrender our humanity. It is to become an accomplice.

Albert Camus writes that “one of the only coherent philosophical positions is revolt. It is a constant confrontation between man and his obscurity. It is not aspiration, for it is devoid of hope. That revolt is the certainty of a crushing fate, without the resignation that ought to accompany it.” 

“A living man can be enslaved and reduced to the historic condition of an object,” Camus warns. “But if he dies in refusing to be enslaved, he reaffirms the existence of another kind of human nature which refuses to be classified as an object.” 

The capacity to exercise moral autonomy, to refuse to cooperate, to wreck the megamachine, offers us the only possibility left to personal freedom and a life of meaning. Rebellion is its own justification. It erodes, however imperceptibly, the structures of oppression. It sustains the embers of empathy and compassion, as well as justice. These embers are not insignificant. They keep alive the capacity to be human. They keep alive the possibility, however dim, that the forces that are orchestrating our social murder can be stopped. Rebellion must be embraced, finally, not only for what it will achieve, but for what it will allow us to become. In that becoming we find hope.

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Chris Hedges
Chris HedgesChris Hedges is a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist who was a foreign correspondent for fifteen years for The New York Times, where he served as the Middle East Bureau Chief and Balkan Bureau Chief for the paper. He previously worked overseas for The Dallas Morning NewsThe Christian Science Monitor, and NPR. He is the host of the Emmy Award-nominated RT America show On Contact. 

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  1. Was so hoping you’d mention that U.S. and NATO military machines are major drivers of climate collapse. Otherwise, brilliant dot connecting as usual.

    1. IBID to the above, and yes, so glad to see the referent whose mention makes you an honorary member of the revolutionary suicide, we hope not.

    2. Maybe you missed the part about US military emitting double the amount cars do

  2. *So how long until the proles realise what’s coming? Until what they see before their eyes creates panic and irrational behaviour?

  3. Holy shit, Chris you sure don’t beat around the bush, you get right to the heart of the matter.
    Now for us to answer the difficult serious question. Do we sit back and settle & become an accomplice or do we rebel?

  4. Every time I read one of Mr. Hedges’s columns I add to my list of books I ‘must’ read.
    And then, every couple of weeks or so I go to the public library with two or three titles, all of which have to be ordered from interlibrary loan because none of them reside anywhere within our local public library system. The pleasant young woman to accepts my list and orders my books is starting to give me the ‘look’ that might belie the kind of uncertainty which usually presages a refusal of some kind. So far, she has ordered everything I’ve asked for, even those written by Marx. But Engels, and The Condition of the Working Class in England will require an extraordinary, perhaps risky effort on her part on behalf of the corpulent patron who keeps asking for those ‘weird’ books to be found, and who is able to type very fast into the word processor without having to glance and his keyboard.

      1. Well, Tom, if you’re there with me at least we’d have something to talk about.

    1. As someone who worked at a university library, don’t worry. As long as you pay your dues it’s okay. It’s not possible to place ILL holds online for you?

      1. Joeri, thanks for your concern. I’m an alum of UBC which gives me borrowing privileges, but only if I show up in person on campus. Since I live in the sticks more or less, that’s not an option. Our village library is open three days a week, and if I show up in person I’m sure they’ll request what I ask for from somewhere, but I’m still ‘not-your normal, trash-reading ‘ sixty-something male.

  5. Thank you Chris Hedges and Scheerpost for yet another excellent analysis of our current freefall.

    In the past, I would often share Hedges offerings with others but have essentially given up. I was tired of the anger and personal attacks against me for doing so. No one ever debated the substance of his writing, only that he wrote it and I attempted to share it — they just did not want to hear what Chris had to say – period.

    1. I have gotten flack for sharing Chris Hedge’s essays too. Maybe what Chris wrote about, the Jewish gal who tried to tell others what was in store for them, is really like most of us when we try to tell others that we are in danger from climate change.

      1. As the good Doctor, Dr. Guy McPherson tries to teach us, tells us, only Love remains and to try and live a life of excellence. It is so easy to fall into despair, I do it regularly but just maybe, if we try real hard, that example can fight back against the despair and ignorance we all have to deal with.

      2. It’s the woman’s story in Hedges’ article. Chicken Little, too comes to mind, taught to children at an early age; someone who goes round telling people the sky is falling, and then it falls on everybody’s head.

    2. John R, I hope you reconsider your decision and resuming sharing Mr. Hedges’s offerings.

      1. It won’t do any good. I’ve tried sharing opinions or resources that would open up the world view of people who are very like me, but not as far along the path, and they refuse even to look at them.
        I’ve learned to save my energy for things I can do.

  6. Brother Chris, these are hard truths nobody really wants to acknowledge as you say, and as TS Eliot said, “People can only handle so much reality”. However, as you point out nonviolent resistance in the tradition of Phil and Dan Berrigan on a global and mass scale is the only viable course of action. The elites and technocrats at every level of our society parasitically ensure that the system cannot and will not be changed. Let us all unite around the world and engage this fight for global justice and the survival of all life on this planet!

    1. Allow youth to lead and join them for they have already done so on this issue, however, adult influence and money always helps.

    2. Right on Paula! BLM, climate change, militarism etc, the youth are leading where most of the elders have failed! Greta Thunberg is a great example! The Spirit will blow where it will!


    3. Watch How to Start a Revolution DVD documentary about nonviolent civil disobedience and read From Dictatorship to Democracy, the book of Dr Gene Sharp. He was a Harvard professor who spent his life studying nonviolent civil revolutions.
      We can’t just leave the resistance up to the Berrigan brothers: each of us have to learn the revolutionary techniques and teach others.

  7. Lewis Mumford, dubbed by Rene Dubos: “The wisest man in The West.”

  8. I agree with everything you have said.
    I have read and listened to all your books, articles, speeches for the last almost 20 years and I completely agree. And I have done nothing except what everyone says is “complain”. I know I will never take the only necessary step which is to actively resist because I am comfortable and afraid.

      1. It is true. The knee-jerk condemnation of oneself for past inaction serves only to cripple one’s ability to act now. Yes, certainly, the best time to have acted was long ago. But the second best time to act is now. Let’s go.

      2. Carpe Diem for some good cause and convinced of the truth as he so aptly writes it, life saving rebellion sounds like good trouble to me.

      1. My husband and I also left the US but in 2016 and we say the same thing. Unfortunately, you and we know the US Empire’s tentacles are wide and deep and no people are safe on this planet as long as the US Empire is allowed to exist. Good luck to us all.

      2. America is a hostage of her mythologies and she will drag the rest of the world down with her.

  9. “Those who do not move do not notice their chains”. Rosa Luxumberg

  10. Chris Hedges is one of the very few contemporary thinkers and writers who consistently tell the raw truth. We live in an age of (intended) distraction composed of billions of pieces of non-information. But anyone with eyes open can clearly see the systems that were supposed to sustain us are crumbling bit by bit. Even excuses have gone by the wayside. Those concentrating on saving their families by personal planning and focus, whether successful or not in view of a frightening future, turn out to be wiser than we have given them credit for.

    1. “Chris Hedges is one of the very few contemporary thinkers and writers who consistently tell the raw truth”
      But for sure not the whole truth!

    2. I do not call that wise. I call it thinking of yourself and your own family and not including thinking of others. Are you white, perhaps?

  11. Have you seen the recent new infomercials by people who claim they are in the 1% and own huge estates and many high class cars etc. Their pitch is simple, things are changing, the rich will get much richer and the poor class will become huge. What the hell is new about this. It only confirms the inevitable, They talk about investing 500 bucks if thats all you have like some miracle is going to save you financially. And they imply that if you act like them you will be better off. This is proof positive of the NWO and the fact that the people have NO say in what is going to happen. And that my friends is a recipe for complete and utter disaster. Why are these so called elites not engaging the public and selling their plans? Because their plan sucks. It separates the world into have’s and have not’s just like it has always been but they try to sell it to you in a way that will be acceptable to you. It is a sick scam. These people deserve a little Mein Kamph justice themselves.

    1. Interesting choice of words.
      So you think Mein Kampf was about justice?

  12. So “our President” starts his reign with refusing to release Julian Asssange from his torture for daring to tell us about the USA’s war crimes, pretending he wants to re-join the JCPOA while refusing to stop the illegal vicious sanctions against Iran and the rest of us, talks down to Presidents Putin and Xi as if he rules the world, bombs Syria as if he had any right even to be there, places known hawks and Zionist stooges in every powerful position possible and avoids helping his own nation to try to solve any of its monumental problems. What a future in the “free world”!!!

  13. Mr. Hedges, I own every book that you have written, and I try to find and read, or view, everything that you say.
    I have refrained from offering any comments, pro or con.
    You have the ability to reach millions, because of the respect that you have earned.
    I am asking you to start naming names.
    In this article you named only one murderer, Donald Trump.
    All the rest were ruling elites, bureaucrats, systems managers, pundits, war machines, Christian fascists, Flint Michigan, Israel, meat industry, medical industry, Biden Administration.
    The only individual person that you called to account was Trump. He deserves to be held to account.
    But, so do all of the murderers behind those various groups that you cited.
    I can’t hold punditry to account.
    But, give me some names, and I can.
    Israel, and Flint Michigan, are locations.
    Give me some names of the people who are actually responsible for the cruel conditions that you describe.
    Enough of vague generalities.
    Name names.
    That should keep you busy for the foreseeable future.
    I mean no disrespect.
    But, bureaucracies, and departments, and administrations will not create the ire that named murderers will.
    Give me names, until you can’t.

    1. Not speaking for the author, but isn’t it clear that that the issue is not individuals but systems, forces, etc.?

      Individuals rise and fall on the currents, but knocking them from power does little if underlying conditions are not transformed.

      1. Bingo. These are systemic failures that immoral people have often times took advantage of at the expected detriment of others. Yes, acute accountability is important, especially when the entity is further perverting or compromising the the systems, but the vast amount of systemic failures indicate that most root causes are likely in design rather than human error.

      2. $outhpaw’s cry for Mr. Hedges to “. . . start naming names” begs the question of what might be done once ‘the murderers’ have been named. For me, what is implied here is the need for a resurgent, amplified Justice, perhaps a new revolutionary Justice that is greater than what preceded it. As an observer I know that the kind of retaliatory, punishing vengeance meted out to some but not all offenders, must be replaced by an enduring model of Justice that is focused on making amends — a kind of compensatory restitution for past crimes.
        For a white collar murderer who’s life time of greed-based exploitation of the poor resulted in suffering and death, a thirty year sentence serving food to the weak, poor and homeless would be recognized by many as a purer form of Justice than capital punishment — which is coarse, violent and barbaric.
        If there is ever to be a resurgence in American freedom and democracy, it will need to embody a renunciation of violence in all its forms and be motivated by a collective sense of compassion, mercy and genuine humility. But I suspect things will have to get a whole lot worse before that day comes.

      3. No, I do not accept that premise as the sole factor causing problems. An individual acts. Individuals as a group act. They then generate structures. Colonists, for instance, as individuals acted; then as groups acted. Articles of Confederation as a structure failed. So, individuals acted and groups acted both of which together generated our Constitution, which established a structure. I accept a more complex environment of individuals rather than declare “structures caused” this mess.

  14. Hedges is of course right.
    And the Camus reference about rebelling for the sake of declaring our humanness is also right.
    The signal questions are logistics and official recriminations.
    How to mount a collective rebellion without rebels being “officially” defamed and even losing their livelihood?
    Sedition is the misused word on institutional lips.

    1. Either you got the guts to look death in the eye; jail time likely, hope not assassination AGAIN, as our history tells us is a means to get rid of the competition for the soul and good of a nation or, in this case, a world of people. The thing that needs changing won’t happen with me sitting here, responding to these comments that I’ve been drawn into with nowhere else to go for such. I will do more reading and less commenting, but a bit of relief to find this crowd.

    2. Camus said it decades ago. The Rebel. Read it. One rebels when he has lost all hope and has nothing left but that ember of humanity which actually cares about the other. This opinion piece is well resourced. The literature and essayist have drawn from history to see the outcome of clerks doing the endless tasks that murder massive amounts of life. I saw a comment about naming names. Well, trump was named as a result of the madness that the bureaucracy has created: the machinery. The names were named. Pentagon, military officials and contracts to corporations that make war machinery. Exxon, BP, Goldman Sachs.
      The elitist are the lawyers, the businessman, the lobbyists that buy the politicians.
      The prescription is written. It’s been going on for centuries. Now it is on a scale so large that mass destruction and extinction is here. We are past the point of no return. Now.
      The hope is in the embers of what is good about life. The love we have for others. We surely would rise up to save our children, our grand grandchildren!
      I am a woman of the 1960s. We have been screaming this since the end of WWII. Like the woman in the concentration camp screaming that they are going to gas us and no one wants to believe or hear or see what is going on.
      Read Albert Camus, The Rebel and The Plague. Read Dostoevsky. Stop being Clerks to the Machinery.

  15. I am currently following the dialectic between Deep Adaptation and Jim Bendall and Michael Mann. The first acceptance of the coming collapse and grappling with appropriate adaptive techniques from societal to individual to psychological. The second goes full tilt boogie into decarbonization and economic restructuring. With Chris Hedges’ no holds barred blast of reality advocating as a response revolution and destruction of ‘the machine’ I find rather that I will just surf whatever wave I find myself on until I don’t. Surfing maybe my metaphor for the future.

    1. I guess you must live in a timeless world. If I did not believe in science, or the level of this catastrophe until it sneaks up on you like it did in Texas. Some brainiacs just miss the fundamentals, has been my experience.

  16. “The capacity to exercise moral autonomy, to refuse to cooperate, to wreck the megamachine, offers us the only possibility left to personal freedom and a life of meaning.”

    The capacity to exercise moral authority has been the very thing under continuous assault for many, many generations. These Elitists have been waging war on morality and on the individual’s ability to see things clearly and exercise good judgment to the point where much of the general public no longer even senses a need for such things. A person becomes a “thing” at the instant he or she believes they are a just a…thing. And “things” are to be “used” (conveniently.. by those same Elitists) since “things” are not divinely-gifted beings of great worth given life to grow and experience spiritual lessons and learn spiritual truths.

    And widening the lens.. if those same “right people” could make money off of Morality, we would all have Morality surrounding and enveloping us just like the massive sea of lies that Corporate Media and Web Platforms drown us in every single moment of every day. But Morality does not create profit. Lies does. Big lies. Incessant lies. Continuous lies. Layers of lies. And a vast population has now developed a strong taste for Lies and begs for more like a junkie needing a big fix every day. And when you have a taste for Lies, The Truth does not appeal at all to the taste buds.

    One day, all of this manufactured twisted earthly drama will be over. Perhaps we will then agree with the words reportedly uttered by film critic Roger Ebert at the time of his death. Ebert said… “It’s all an elaborate hoax”.

    From his mouth to God’s ear?

    1. Sorry, I have unassailable evidence that God’s ear was no where near movie critic Roger Ebert when he uttered arguably the best-known dying line ever.

    2. For one thing, we do have Morality for sale in the twisted turns christianity has morphed into, the wealthy and white christians who need their god and guilty conscience assuaged, get sins forgiven, as well as believing god wants them to prosper and so does their pastor. If I believed that I could make a confession, say three hail Mary’s and 8 our fathers and be forgiven, guess there ain’t no sin can’t be done and then forgiven. I don’t think it good, the system of religion into which one can escape without notice, but look at the scandals surrounding the church, not to mention its bloody history. I mean real yuck. How much more debased can we be as a nation to keep putting up with this immorality granted the elites, and the attack of these elites on our children, from Epstein to Clinton, to Trump, to catholic priests to who knows who?. We probably don’t know the half of it. I don’t want to. I would just be rid of the systems built by and for a few governing all our lives

  17. I agree with all the structural analysis of the multiple crises we face, yet there remains a huge area that requires further deconstruction. I have recently argued: “There are two interrelated dimensions to the problems we face. One is clearly structural and will require collective responses to what are now global-scale crises. The other seems personal, yet because of the “tyranny of small decisions” (Odum 1982), we are all, by our seemingly insignificant individual actions, contributing to a massive structural outcome, whether we realize it or not. Therefore, because they are inseparable, both collective and individual responses will be needed to address these problems. ” (Albrecht 2021 forthcoming).

    1. I think if we solve the structural problems, the personal will follow. I mean, who wants to make a movie that might tank the structure? I’ve heard your argument before and we can make choices, but in this instance, it is structures much larger than ourselves that need the change. If I need to change like give up my car, I trust a new structure will be built so I have transportation, through a collective or some other means. I do not know your age, but the older we get, the harder it becomes for most to imagine a new world with a new structures built to stop the bloodletting. A dream perhaps even MLK and a few other assassinated individuals believed possible in part. This is just stretching the dream, like a blanket of hope around the world as public enemy number one becomes climate change and those who stand in the way. This is not the hands of the individual.

  18. When your premises are wrong, you will ask the wrong questions, get the wrong answers, and reach the wrong conclusions.

  19. This has been my library experience as well. I cannot afford to purchase these books and I refuse to buy anything from Amazon.

    1. Virtually all of Chris’ books are available at – used and occasionally new. Sometimes hardback editions are significantly less expensive than paperback. I have all of Chris’ books, too, and I can’t think of one a single one that was published even 10 or 12 years ago that is no longer relevant. I have purchased used books in “good condition” at this website, but when I get them, the fact that they’re not new typically means only “gentle” use. Beats Amazon by a mile.

  20. Everyone needs to be disabused of the notion that Extinction Rebellion and its strategy of nonviolent civil (really liberal, well-mannered, civilised, turn-the-other-cheek) disobedience is some kind of answer to the present deep crisis of capitalism. Without an actual program for power, liberal disobedience is nothing more than an impotent distraction that can never achieve anything approaching what’s needed: the expropriation of the capitalist class, the most violent and bloodthirsty ruling class in history, the ending of capitalism itself and its replacement with a rationally planned, socialised economy that benefits the vast majority — which alone can provide the possibility of preventing human extinction. It’s not simply a matter of ‘wrecking the megamachine’. That machine of megadeath must be replaced, and there’s the rub.

    Given that Extinction Rebellion itself is a loose coalition of middle-class environmentalists without a coherent worldview, it’s also little wonder that it has backed the CIA’s and the NGO complex’s chosen ‘ecosocialist’ candidate in the current (and much meddled with) Ecuadorian presidential elections, Yaku Perez Guartambel; or that Extinction Rebellion supported the coup against Bolivia’s Evo Morales, falsely accusing him of starting the Amazon forest fires (as did Brazil’s fascistic president, ‘Captain Chainsaw’ Bolsonaro). For an expose of these and some of the other rotten politics of Extinction Rebellion, start with Ben Norton’s articles at the GrayZone.

    Extinction Rebellion is nothing more than a vehicle for imperial dominance in neo-colonial countries. Roger Hallam is no professional revolutionary, and no-one should ever pay any heed to those peddling illusions that nonviolent civil disobedience is some kind of panacea, let alone a viable strategy for humanity’s survival. Rather, in these times everyone would benefit immensely by reading more of Frederick Engels, and of course Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin — ie, professional revolutionaries.

    1. Thank you for pointing this out. Hedges reference to ER is the only part of his essay I disagree with. Earlier today I was thinking about how useless political action is because the US is far too corrupt, violent and powerful. We the people are the equivalent of good germans; maybe the best outcome is for the nation to implode or be dismantled somehow. Could a 1929-like economic crash generate more good than harm? We need to begin again, even if it takes the intervention of other nations to wake us up to the death and destruction we are responsible for every day.

      1. “We need to begin again. . . . ”

        In religion, beginning again is called Repentance. In commerce, it’s called Bankruptcy. In Golf, a “Mulligan”. What’s the name for beginning a Society again?

    2. Certainly true. Perhaps a reading of Peter Gelderloos’ ‘The Failure of Nonviolence’ might give clarity to the limits of Gandhian nonviolent movements.

      “A diversity of methods is necessary in our struggle because none of us have the answer regarding the one true strategy for revolution; because there is no one size that fits all and each of us must develop a unique form of struggle for our respective situations; and because in fact our movements are harder to repress when we replace a party-line unity with a broad solidarity, when we attack as a swarm and not as an opposing army. Whether that army is pacifist or combative, the discipline required to coerce or intimidate everyone into following one set of pre-approved tactics, and to exclude those who fall out of line, is authoritarian. In such a contest, whichever army won — the army of the government or the army of the movement — the State would triumph.”

      1. No ruling class in history has ever surrendered its power, privileges, wealth or its ‘order’ peacefully. And no revolution survives without its own state to suppress the vanquished rulers. A workers state is a necessity following the overthrow of the capitalist class to impose the new collectivist order. No anarchist movement has ever successfully carried out a revolution — it never can and it never will.

        And as long as Engels is being quoted here, this, from his On Authority [1872], puts it succinctly :

        “But the anti-authoritarians demand that the political state be abolished at one stroke, even before the social conditions that gave birth to it have been destroyed. They demand that the first act of the social revolution shall be the abolition of authority. Have these gentlemen ever seen a revolution? A revolution is certainly the most authoritarian thing there is; it is the act whereby one part of the population imposes its will upon the other part by means of rifles, bayonets and cannon — authoritarian means, if such there be at all; and if the victorious party does not want to have fought in vain, it must maintain this rule by means of the terror which its arms inspire in the reactionists.”

  21. Thank you, Chris Hedges.
    Your words are always sobering, always causing me to stop and reevaluate my own life.
    This piece brought me to tears, as I realised how easy it is to be a ‘cog’ in the megamachine. I am a cog, going about my business, overwhelmed with the impending doom and the relentless, orchestrated ‘cogification’ of society to line the oligarchs’ pockets.
    At the end of each day, I sign off on my ‘cog’ duties, guilty of social murder, and unconsciously step back into the one-way line, where the herd heads for the gas chambers.
    It’s time to start pushing back! It’s time to become a spanner instead of a cog, to be a spanner in the works!
    Thanks, again, Chris.

    1. Inspiring comment. I’ve been a cog too, but my answer to that is to act in local governance for needed portfolio expanse of their energy sources, and other changes that will make our community more resilient and less dependent on fossil fuels. The sun, as does the wind, belongs to everyone but someone has to afford the infrastructure to capture it. And I do believe we are not done in finding ways to capture the energy of the sun that doesn’t depend so much on tech but natural materials like glass, or something else that magnifies but can be controlled and doesn’t have to be mined. In gardening, I think of what I call the Bells of France from a picture I saw of glass bells being used to lengthen the growing season of garden plants, not plastic walls of water that end in the landfill. What kind of heat could you get from glass with water between panes, with room for freeze and thaw, or how many ways could you put the idea to use if there is a use for it. I certainly don’t know. I just imagine things that seem impossible, like submarines.

  22. Jesus Chris, a few years back you cautiously and quietly dismissed a fellow who’d publicly asked your opinion of World Trade 7’s suspicious collapse, as it neatly folded in on itself at free-fall speed… Now you’re looking sideways at doomed inmates who chose to ignore the dire warnings of a compatriot prisoner??

    Your friend John was spot-on with his “the truth will set you free”, but I’m pretty sure that also meant not ignoring the shit that makes us uncomfortable.

    1. Sooo…Hedges didn’t agree with your version of events on a particular aspect of 9/11 (or perhaps thought it was a distraction or felt it was not his area of expertise), so … he can’t opine about the state of the world?

      Cool that you saw Hedges live, but maybe don’t be so attached ot a momentary interaction just because you happened to be there…

      1. Nooo… I never said that Mr. Hedges couldn’t or shouldn’t opine about the state of the world.
        I was simply pointing out the irony of the example Chris chose to illustrate his opinion.
        Personally, I think the man’s a national treasure. His prose borders on poetry. However, I do wish he’d given the man a candid answer, instead of just ducking the question altogether.
        Maybe it’s old fashioned, but if you’re going to the trouble of demanding truth; why settle for just SOME of it ?

      2. Fair enough.

        Personally (and having coincidentally spent a year researching 9/11 professionally) I think that it can be a distraction to opine on hot-button issues that one has not really spent the time to have a clear opinion on, or for which the ultimate correct answer may be “we will never know” based on a dearth of hard evidence. But you were there and I was not, and you are entitled to your opinion of course!

      3. Like the poster you responded to I also hold Chris and his work in the higesth regard. Probably my favorite writer and intellect. With that said, there is no excuse in denying the scientifically exposed abnormalities with 9/11. It is the one spot great intellects like Chris and Chomsky have failed many on. You can’t elicit cognitive dissonance throughout much of subject matters Chris has spoken about over the years and then completely avoid such a phenomena with respects to 9/11.

        As a scientist nuances matter to me, but not when coming to the realization that 9/11 was a controlled demolition. One need only open their eyes and clearly Chris’s eyes have been wide open. The who, what and where are critical in understanding the grand scheme of the event, but the laws of physics did not cease to exist on that day.

      4. I appreciate the back-up that “J” gave my observation… The defense that demanding thorough and transparent investigations of events that may only yield divisive and “distracting ” results, is utter nonsense… “Distraction” is the very core of this hustle.

        Take note of when the term “conspiracy theory” entered the vernacular. It was shortly after a third of JFK’s brainpan flew off in the opposite direction that Isaac Newton would have predicted.

        Guys like Hedges and Chomsky are keenly aware that their opinions carry more weight than the average joker; and rightly so, because they’re both smart as hell.
        But they’re also smart enough to know that the average American couldn’t find Yemen on a map, much less give a shit if it’s children were being starved or blown to bits.

        9/11 and particularly WTC7 gives Americans an opportunity to recognize how their OWN skin gets blistered in this game; and how avoiding that avenue to outraged empathy is a strategic blunder.

        You honestly think Building 7’s collapse is too shrouded in mystery to decipher??.. There’s a goddamn video circulating on the internet of Larry Silverstein bragging about how quickly he’d converted 7’s smoldering wreckage back into rentable office space… Trouble is, he brazenly lets slip that blueprints for the tower’s REPLACEMENT were commissioned a full 17 MONTHS before he should’ve known he’d have an empty lot to fill… The only real mystery here is what a billionaire has to do to get himself arrested.

        It’s high time these jerk-off Commissions were held accountable for their bullshit conclusions.

      5. Cool that you are so convinced. Not all that look at the assembled evidence can find the same provable case. Not accepting that other reasonable people can disagree about these events on the details beyond “something’s fishy” shows an intellectual arrogance common to humans. And if the 9/11 Truthers wanted to become an American punchline they should have avoided betting so hard on hacks and cranks from jump street, from the makers of Loose Change on down the road. The blueprints example given here us typical of the spinning of “facts” into a narrative that does not hold water. No you turn on those you find truly intelligent because they won’t endorse the particular historical assessment you have come to believe. Rather than re-consider your conclusions, you accuse them of … cowardice? Not paying attention?

      6. (To Editor) Anyone that disagrees on the assembled evidence is either in some way egregiously biased, not able to challenge said provided evidence and is not able to challenge the veracity of the narrative being presented or is ignorantly dismissing evidence. As a scientist and as an SME who’s not only utilized NIST and various other entities (standards/regulatory) within their professional lives, I am also an SME that sits on standards committees for ASTM. NIST’s lack of any explanation as to how building 7 collapsed or explanation on how physics or material science must have cease existing that day is not only laughable and insulting from a scientific perspective, but clear avoidance on addressing said matters because they can’t prove their own narrative. The report is so unscientific that no one will address the blatant holes and surely would never have it peer reviewed for this exact reason.

        There is nothing that can explain such extreme thermodynamic reactions in such an event with the proposed materials nor the laws of motion that would have to be dismissed by the global scientific community if things really happened the way they said. Never mind trying to wrap your head around a narrative that says a plane crashes into a building (Pentagon) and basically disintegrates from heat and impact, yet they are able to pull fingerprints off of people on said flight. That’s an unbelievable feat of defying melting and combustion point of organic and inorganic matter.

        I’d also like to throw in that I come from a family of 5 gen of firefighters (not myself) with the first being when men still pulled fire trucks. I’ve seen huge structural fires where the structure burned for a week and never collapsed even though the whole structure was lost and torn down (raceway building).

      7. Or, they could be somebody who has seen a lot of different claims, many of which are based on false pretenses, looked at competing claims, and is not convinced by narratives which defy Occam’s razor such as having thousands of people have to keep perfectly silent.

        The government and corporations have always lied to us, and certainly whether it was the Saudi hijackers or the structural problems of these buildings or what the intel agencies knew beforehand, there is plenty of room for healthy debate. The 9/11 commission and NIST may have many reasons to not dig deeper or tell the truth, convenience, pressure from all those who may be embarrassed and incompetence being just a few of the options. “Controlled demolition” is on the spectrum of possibilities in the multiverse, I’ll give you that.

        But: I am not convinced by folks who simply shout louder about how right they are, cite their anecdotal evidence and/or claim that all truths are binary.


      8. Amen J… The fact that the word “conspiracy” was turned into a pejorative when another shady investigative commission rushed to close the books on JFK’s murder should ring some bells for all of us… I don’t know if the term “cognitive dissonance” adequately describes the blinders that keep people from synching up their thinking caps… It’s certainly part of it, but I think it’s also the sheer volume of horse-shit we’ve been forced to swallow. The mind’s an amazing organ, but it’s not a bulldozer.

        My apologies by the way; I figured Bob Scheer was the referee of this mud match… I’m glad that confusion is cleared up. But before I forget; how in hell do I attach that video of Larry Silverstein’s self incriminating oratory to this site?

        I think readers would be genuinely dismayed by the man’s chutzpah; but then there’s probably something about being a billionaire that gives a guy a sense of impunity… So how about it editor??
        How can I post it on this site? After all, “Inquiring minds want to know.”

      9. You can place a link in your post — if it is not spam, etc., it will get through.

        You can’t upload a video file, however.

      10. Great to know!.. I don’t know how to get you there directly, but if you if you type in the alphanumerics: watch?v=juvlczk7nh4 it should call up the youtube vid that features the man’s breathtaking chutzpah.
        That is unless it’s suddenly deemed unfit for public view… My advice is view it while you still can.

        I’ll warn you though; this joker’s got a gum-chewing oratory style that’s nothing short of nauseating.
        If you’d prefer to keep your lunch safely stowed, you can skip ahead to about minute 59:00.

      11. Okay Ed, I’ll admit that last shot was a little low. I don’t want to make this personal; I’d just like to make this stuff plain.

        There’s so much misinformation horse-shit flooding the media, it’s hard to sort through it… especially since devotees of that pale orange turd have been co-opted into it’s retarded chorus.

        You say you investigated 9/11 for a whole year? Well this topic’s been grinding me a lot longer than that.

        What did you make of Don Rumsfeld’s frank admission that on the day before 9/11, that the Pentagon misplaced some 2.3 trillion dollars they couldn’t account for?.. (that t’s not a typo) No matter… the next day they’d sent GAO accountants in to track down that loose change. (no pun, I swear)
        Sadly, they’d sent to the very pie wedge that was penetrated by the most flagrant breach of military security in world history, and were instantly incinerated.

        Suddenly, 2.3 trillion is small potatoes because we’ve got much bigger fish to fry… Today the shortfall stands at 21 trillion and counting. (or rather un-accounting) Listen, I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. (and I wish I was)
        Go ahead and check it out; it’s hiding in plain sight, and it’s barely the tip of the iceberg.

        Mr. Scheer may have told you that Ed Asner and I’ve been trying to put a show together to expose this stuff. It’s getting no traction because it’s more “peace anthem” than “war porn”… in my effort to assemble a credible commentary panel; I surprised Max Cleland with a phone call, that was quite cordial until the moment I’d mentioned Building 7… these were the man’s exact words prior to an abrupt dial-tone: “I Don’t Know A God Damn Thing About Building 7 Boss!.. Count Me Out!!”… I’m not talking about uncomfortable throat clearing here Ed. I’m talking knee-banging terror; which is remarkable for a guy who left his knees in southeast Asia.

        If you want his number just let me know; I’m certain he hasn’t softened his position.

        Ed, I honestly don’t like busting your chops; if you’re working for a guy like Scheer, you must have a lot of good in you.

        But I assure you, buried beneath a lot of deliberate horse-shit, sits the crime of the century. Let me send you a copy of what Asner and I’ve got put together and you be the judge… Hell, share it with as many people who care to read it.

        I never hoped to make a dime on this anyway, I rather wish some one with deep pockets would haul off and steal it.

        I’m just beyond sick of watching poor kids being starved and blown to bits so a handful of billionaires can expand their nauseating portfolios.

        Once again, I apologize for getting personal, but getting tarred by the same brush they’ve been using since the Kennedy assassination can get a little grating.

        Thanks. It’s nice getting that off my chest.

      12. Was my entry two days ago too factual? If you followed the link to the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry (Exhibit 18B of their petition for a grand jury), you would have seen the North Tower’s demolition initiated by a ring of simultaneous explosions around the top floor (:08 to :09). Why hide it? Are you also a sell-out? Do your job, man! Mr. Hedges et al deserve to know, along with his/your readers.

        The other link you are hiding is equally as convincing that 9/11 was an inside job and if you don’t show that one either, you are guilty of burying truth, betraying the 3000 souls mass murdered by god-damned criminals you are protecting.

        For what? What are you afraid of, pussy-cat? You and your kind will burn in hell for covering up truth with your kitty litter. Go buy a pair then try doing the right thing.
        You WILL feel better in your skin.

    2. Hey, it’s true… Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, but if you want to lay claim to an informed one, it’ll take some homework.

      How about sharing that video clip of Silverstein’s prescient business savvy about making plans for WTC7’s replacement 17 months BEFORE the the attacks… Is it possible that billionaires just have some kind of sixth sense about this shit?… I know Larry walked back his infamous “Pull It” comment; saying by “IT” he meant “Them” the firefighters…. Granted, well educated billionaires get their pronouns tangled up all the time.

      The difference with his gaff at this videoed business conference was he was reading off PREPARED NOTES… Again I’ll ask; what’s a billionaire gotta do to get investigated?… much less arrested.

      Listen, I understand the concept of “cognitive dissonance”. Some things are goddamn painful to look at.
      But there’s a difference between cognitive dissonance and willful ignorance… N.I.S.T.’s computer generated models of Building 7’s collapse, don’t even remotely resemble the actual footage of that tower pile-driving itself into the pavement. Plus, they’ve refused to to show the data they plugged into their program to produce the model… Hell, half the members that served on the Commission were embarrassed to have their names attached to it… You got any hunches of why the official report has enough redactions to make even Allen Dulles blush??.. Say… here’s a thought. Maybe it’s a hustle.

      How many kids got killed over a dustup that never happened in the Gulf of Tonkin?
      You know as well as I do, what our government is capable of, and thousands of dead GI’s in Southeast Asia can attest that American citizenship doesn’t bestow immunity against ending up a victim.

      This isn’t rocket science. I’ve lived long enough to pretty well expect my government to lie to me, but lately, they’re just flat insulting my intelligence. Take a hard look at the evidence that “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth” has assembled and compare it to the snow-job that N.I.S.T. presented.
      As I said. INFORM your opinion.

      I don’t mean to get snarky. Anyone who’s on a first name basis with Dan Ellsberg is alright by me.
      I just wish people would quit confusing what’s unthinkable, with what’s impossible.


      1. Mike…this is spot on. When you get down to it one has to ask themselves whether they think their gov or the people in their gov would be willing to sacrifice lives for some other motive. Anyone who answers no to this is lying to themselves or is being willfully ignorant. Once one admits that it’s possible and arguable more likely than not, then one can only dismiss most of the official story because most of the provided evidence fails the scientific method of veracity assessment.

        Amazing that people are propagandized to think “conspiracy theories” are for nuts, yet provide a report like the 9/11 one and expect anyone to believe such fairytale nonsense. They should have just tried tying it to the bible and play the religious angles for the sheeple of the world.

      2. The official story and the sophistry of connect-the-dots fantasies are not the only two options, thankfully.

      3. Eddy, at long last we’re making some progress, and have stumbled on a topic on which we can agree… to wit “There are many fucked up things in this world.”

        Which is arguably why conscientious journalists strove to expose the lies of WMDs, or Iraqi links to Al Qaeda in order to prevent senseless bloodshed; all the while being ignored and marginalized by the people and institutions who got it all wrong… Is any of this ringing vaguely familiar, in terms of our current discussion???

        The issues and evidence I’ve brought forth have been dismissed and ridiculed by unsubstantiated adjectives like “shitty science” “suspicious ephemera” and even some left-field allusions to “Ancient Aliens”.

        Ed, though I”ll admit that the gum-chewing oratory of elderly Larry Silverstein’s blatant, videotaped self-incrimination was EPICALLY UNCOUTH; I never recall assigning him “extraterrestrial” status.

        I’m sincerely heartbroken that you guys got shut down in your efforts to expose the lies that brought us to war… vast numbers suffered unthinkable, while a select few profited obscenely. That’s the unifying history of warfare Ed.
        And yeah. I’ll risk “connecting” a couple “dots” and suggest it follows a pattern.

        In past posts, you treated me to at least as much derisive disparagement as your colleagues endured during their efforts to curtail further bloodshed… Though by and large; those journalists were simply ignored… in contrast, groups like “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” have been openly mocked, despite presenting rock solid evidence to people determined not to acknowledge it.

        You ask: If these truths were validated in world opinion, “Would it change much, if anything?”…. Yeah Eddy. I kinda do… and if you don’t feel the same way, you might rethink the career path you’re on.

        With modest skills and concentration; a guy can make a decent living hanging drywall.

        We tend to fragment history into segments instead of it’s continuous stream, because the enormity of the river overwhelms us… Nearly twenty years ago we were all overwhelmed in a single day.

        That river continues to carve paths of destruction through the lives of nearly all those unfortunate enough to inhabit regions with coveted mineral resources, who lack the power to defend them… You think I’m connecting dots here Ed??.. Open your eyes and gaze upon the fucking mural.

      4. We don’t have to agree on how the dots line up even if we are both dot connectors. I am unconvinced at your interpretation of what is out there but have allowed you to post your theories on this site, which is not a public bulletin board despite what some seem to believe. As for career paths, I do have a day job and this is not it — although might make less then those hanging drywall, depending on if they are in a union, getting overtime pay, etc.

    3. I must confess dear Editor, I’m puzzled by your apparent antipathy toward “connecting the dots”… At the risk of employing still more “sophistry”; what other methods of deductive reasoning are open to criminal investigations?

      In your snippet response to J on May 9th, you expressed relief that there were other “options” to gain certainty of official investigations, but never enumerated them…. Might they include a prayer circle?.. Seances?? Ouija boards??? How about a Magic 8 ball?

      You really got my wheels grinding here Ed, but I sure wouldn’t want to rely on any more of that sophistry stuff because that’d just be… Ah Hell, what’s the word?…. Sophomoric! (I knew it’d come to me, just needed a sec to connect the… Damn it! That’s a tough habit to break.)

      You may be right Ed. This might be a mystery better suited to professionals with a solid track record, like the FBI or CIA… and we can even put together a “select committee” to check their homework… Yeah, that’s the ticket. I feel much better now.

      BTW, I hope the directions I’d sent for readers to find Silverstein’s video, might be posted prior to this message.


      1. You misunderstand me. I don’t have time to write clearly and so will comment less forthwith.

        Connecting the dots is of course fine…connecting dots willy-nilly when the dots are themselves either conjecture, rumor, hotly-contested fact amongst similarly-trained and nominally unbiased experts, and so on, will usually lead to strong, unfounded conclusions to all who do not examine each original dot. This is the practice I have observed over many decades among those working from a far to fill in the gaps left by non-transparent agencies, govt./corp. investigators, etc.

        Crowd-sourced knowledge has its place. So do journalism, the arts, the work of NGOs, investigations by different agencies/govts….there are many legit ways to try to get closer to the core of a mystery.

        It is the absolute certainty of certain citizen investigators, from the JFK crew through to “Loose Change” and the vaccinephobes, which, in my personal experience, CRUMBLES under any legitimate, persistent investigation (in much the same way as the US claim of WMD in Iraq, for example).


      2. Ed, you’re kinda sending mixed signals with that March 11th, 11:00 AM post… First you say you’re too pressed for time to write clearly, so you’ll curtail your comments, then you immediately launch into a comment tsunami; posting opinions that you don’t back up with a shred of evidence.

        Here’s some advice… FIRST take the time to to inform your opinions THEN take the time to jot them down… swear to God. It works like a charm.

      3. I made 3 comments yesterday, so not exactly a tsunami, lol.

        Not sure what evidence you want, but if it is to get into a point-by-point argument to show how much of the 9/11 truther media is just shitty science and scattershot cherry-picking of “suspicious” ephemera, using pretty much the same approach to investigation as “Ancient Aliens,” no, that would take all more time every day and you would never change your mind about any of it. That war has been fought in the Internet trenches for two decades now. But hey, here are just a few of the bazillion truther claims SOUNDLY debunked since 2001:

        — explosives can be seen going off before the plane nose impact
        — there was no major fire at building 7
        — By far the biggest explosive building demolition job in human history was prepared without anybody who worked in those buildings noticing it
        — you can set explosives that can crumple a skyscraper but are silent when they explode
        — there were missing bodies or fabricated passenger lists
        — the way the buildings fell could only be done with controlled demolition
        — nobody saw the plane hit the pentagon, it was a missile

        What really pisses me off, though, about totalizing conspiracies that posit that evil forces are basically infallible at pulling off them most complex operations in total secrecy is how infantilizing it is of an already pacified and disempowered populace. You think that if Americans knew the “truth” about building 7 they would rise up in revolt? Fat chance. Most of them already believe in the Illuminati or the Apocalypse or both, they are all too eager to believe in your conspiracy scenarios — BECAUSE IT LETS THEM OFF THE HOOK FOR ACCEPTING THE STATUS QUO. You are winning! You might as well be part of a psy op to distract people from actually thinking they can do anything and then doing it. If your claims were a threat to the status quo, all the shitty truther videos would have been taken off YouTube long ago…

        Of course, conspiracies ARE real — but all the ones that stay secret involve few people in high places. Somebody doesn’t pass a piece of information on or fabricates a telegram, one person pays another person to do something heinous quietly, somebody sees that an unforeseen tragedy can become a profitable opportunity…and even then, some of these are exposed eventually (think: Gulf of Tonkin, Pentagon Papers, assasination of Diem, overthrow of Allende, United Fruit and Arbenz in Guatemala, Russia poisoning exiles in London, Watergate, Iraqi WMD intelligence distortion, CIA torture and rendition, Iran/Contra, etc.)

        The big question of 9/11 is who knew what beforehand and who authorized or blocked which decisions. That’s what we never really learned. The facts of HOW it happened on that day are not really in doubt.

        In my opinion, the real conspiracies all came AFTER 9/11 and were pretty much done in broad daylight: Do everything possible not to harm our relationships with Saudia Arabia and Isreal and use the attack as an excuse to invade Iraq and otherwise crudely expand hegemony. In other words, business as usual.


    4. There’s a bit of a typo in my last letter. It happens quite a lot, and even more-so when I’m irritated.
      So you can imagine how the last four years have worked on me. I meant to say “they’d BEEN sent to the very pie-wedge”. No matter… At the end of your last letter you said the “big question was who knew what BEFORE 9/11″… Again let’s reference the Silverstein video, not to mention the tons of “put orders” placed on Wall Street just prior to the attacks.

      Would it have been nice to even get a WHISPER of these details in the official report?? And try to keep in mind Ed; these are the same people who’re responsible for providing all those pesky “HOW” details.

      Most people feel their vision’s 20/20 when it’s actually “Selective”… That works BOTH ways Eddy.
      And nothing’s been more selective than what we’ve been allowed to see by a Commission that was trusted to serve us.

      Cognitive dissonance is real Ed, and it’s exasperated by the fact that no one likes to admit they’ve been hustled… There’s a good reason those old Greeks made hubris the centerpiece of tragedy.

      Walk this back without your ego calling the shots Ed… You look at this with fresh eyes and you’ll see a lot more colors in this ugly rainbow.


      1. I don’t have to endorse the official view as the opposite of your view. That is not the way this works. Do I think the 9/11 commission is legitmate, unbiased, deep investigation? I do not.

        Truth is not binary.

      2. Ed I never suggested that truth is binary, or that a rainbow is black and white.
        I’m suggesting that you should quit honing your rhetorical skills by putting words in my mouth, and address the questions of premeditation I’d brought up to you, visa vis Silverstein’s prescient knowledge that he’d soon have a city lot to fill; and the uncanny number of “put orders” that were placed on the market.

        As to the physical collapse of the structural steel that day; Sir Isaac Newton remains squarely in the corner of Architects&Engineersfor9/11Truth… I promise you that their reports aren’t studded with redactions, half-truths, and flat out lies.

        That stuff I mentioned about ego and hubris was personal… not to you, but to me.
        almost two decades ago I got up in a guy’s grill for suggesting some of the same things that are enlivening this conversation. A few years later, I had to look him up and apologize to him, because he was right, and I was wrong… It was one of the most painful conversations I ever had, because for all I know it might’a been the first thing this joker ever got straight in his life.

        Sorry… That was uncalled for whether it helped my argument or not. The point is we’ve got to be more in love with finding the truth, than being “right”.

        There’s a group of lawyers in NYC that are working hard to reopen the investigation that our 9/11 Commission effectively shot down… Any of us that want to wrap ourselves in the smug mantel of “American Exceptionalism” should get behind their efforts to lift the redactions and expose the lies.

        How’d THAT be for exceptional?

      3. Ed, I may be mistaken, but my guess is you’re few years my junior.
        I suspect an individual anonymously editing a comment section on a website is serving out an apprenticeship… we all gotta pay our dues.

        Journalism is a little like lawyering; in that when it’s done well, there’s few nobler trades, yet practiced irresponsibly… intentionally OR unintentionally; the craft sinks beneath daylight prostitution.

        Consider Clarence Darrow and Roy Cohn, or Sy Hersh and Lou Dobbs.

        As your skills and authorities progress; I hope you’ll keep that in mind. For in some ways both trades are essentially sales; and choosing a position that you’re able to stand behind in the face of truth is what distinguishes impassioned oratory from fast blow-jobs.

        I asked you to address vital issues that the 9/11 Commission completely ignored or flat-out redacted… Instead you chose to parrot off a list of deliberate MISINFORMATION; in an attempt to tar my concerns with a “conspiracy” brush… Honestly Eddy, it’s a bit like bundling subprime mortgages for Wells Fargo.

        I’m not saying this to be hurtful. I just don’t want you spending your life washing up in public restrooms.

        Good luck to you Ed. I mean that sincerely.

      4. You are completely wrong about who I am, my age, my motivation for putting in work her, what I have done, what I do, etc. … but that’s OK man. Carry on.

        Your assumptions show me a pattern of overconfidence in your ability to ascertain the truth of situations where you do not have enough hard evidence.


      5. Ed, it may have escaped your keen attention, but I labeled my opening comment as a GUESS; and further qualified that assumption by admitting “that I may be mistaken” (Though you not knowing MY age kinda makes you guilty of jumping to the assumptions you so abhor)… You see Ed, that’s the trouble with making an argument out of the words you’ve placed in someone else’s mouth.

        On the other hand, the arguments I’VE got with the 9/11 Commission’s report have been more than adequately underlined and refuted by the courageous men and women of “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth”.

        And AGAIN; unlike the redactions, half-truths and out-right LIES we received from our reluctant, underfunded, and hastily dissolved 9/11 Commission; THEIR findings don’t run afoul of the laws of physics.

        I can understand why you’d be anxious to change the subject here Ed, because you’ve failed to score a SINGLE point in ANY of these rounds.

        But that’s entirely the wrong attitude to take here Ed, because I honestly don’t give a rat’s ass about your age, identity, or how quickly you’re advancing in the field of journalism.

        What concerns me is that we don’t let another “Warren Style” Commission set the stage for another decade or two of lucrative bloodshed… I know we’ve both had a little fun here, but it’s time to get serious and wake up that sleepy watchdog that’s shirked it’s duties as our Fourth Estate.

        Seriously… Peace.

      6. Ed, I know you didn’t ask for this onslaught, any more than anyone asks to be born. Yet time and circumstance occasionally bestows unwelcome obligations. (Just ask any combat veteran of WW2… but hurry.)

        Many of your rebuttals happily parrot the objections posited by Science’s overture to blue collar grease-monkeys: “Popular Mechanics”… as egalitarian a title, as ever was coined.

        Yet wait… Isn’t that periodical published by the Hearst corporation? Still further; Isn’t that historic surname nearly synonymous with what many progressive publications often describe as “yellow journalism”??

        (That last “Hmmn” was comparative to your last word to me; demonstrating to readers, the distinctive tonalities between hypotheses and hum-jobs.)
        Sorry… I’m straying off topic, and snide sarcasm is seldom worthwhile.

        As I pointed out in previous observations; no one likes admitting they’ve been hustled… It’s how racetracks and casinos manage to stay open, despite the number of geniuses that patronize their establishments.

        An honest fraction of the media got 9/11 wrong… and the broad daylight shenanigans of our Federal Reserve and the Pentagon, proves that the “Fourth Estate” has either been asleep at the switch, or standing look-out for decades.

        Ed, I sincerely feel you’ve got what it takes to be a fine journalist; and the world’s never needed great ones more than it does now.

        Don’t be satisfied with what you’re told simply because it came top down from “official channels”… Guys like Sy Hersh never did, and neither should you.


      7. More assumptions about what I have or haven’t done/learned/studied. More binary arguments. Now I am tied to Popular Mechanics which is tied to the yellow journalism of a century+ earlier which is tied to … ?

        There are many fucked up things in this world. Is arguing for the one “real story” of 9/11 the one that unlocks some magical domino of change?

        Set aside the fact pattern in question and let me ask you: Many of us back in the day worked hard to expose the WMD and Saddam-Al Qaeda link lies that underlay the argument for invading Iraq. We were vindicated. Did it matter? No. The invasion happened anyway, everything played out in the disastrous way the skepitical Left predicted based on blowback, etc, … and all the folks who got it wrong continuted to float to the top, and those who got it right continued to be marginalized. So, say the MSM suddenly validated your views of 9/11, and even apologized for getting it wrong. Would it change much, if anything?

  23. Although I’m a close follower and fan of Chris’ articles and videos, I found the sources he cited to support his legitimate concerns about the climate crisis dated and not reflective of the work of some of the world’s best climatologists and experts from related disciplines.

    For example, the UN’s IPCC 2018 report has been roundly criticized as too conservative. And Roger Hallam’s Extinction Rebellion movement has drawn criticism from the UK’s social and economic scientist Tim Watkins who says this of XR’s three demands — the first is meaningless, the second reflects an ignorance of climate science, and the third is simply naive. (Source: “What Extinction Rebellion is getting wrong” October 16, 2019.)

    If Chris is interested in updating his knowledge on our existential crises, for starters, I urge him to check out the recent work of these 6 leading thinkers in the field: Dr. Nate Hagens; Prof. William Rees; Richard Heinberg (Senior Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute); Gail Tverberg; Dr. Tim Garret (University of Utah); and Tim Watkins.

  24. Yet again brilliant argument, although I’m an informed frog simmering in this Pot of Class War with water surely hot enough to cook us frogs, try as we might to jump out, the pot is too tall or maybe it’s that lid by Big Brother.

  25. I completely agree 100% with Mr. Hedges description of our disease. The prognosis is terminal. The current and timely reporting isn’t being seen by many. A good source for a live scanning of our polar vortex and the jet stream can be accessed at Earth. I strongly suggest you search engine this, learn how to use it and watch it live in real time. For an accurate reading of what it all means I strongly suggest you do a search engine for the works of Dr. Andrew Glikson. Some of the good Doctors work may be found at Arctic-News Blogspot which is a great source for the cutting edge or bleeding edge of our science of climate emergency. It is a good thing Mr. Hedges give us the 5 rules of great reporting. Reporting catches events after the act. The act in progress can be seen using the sources listed so I warn you, it is not for the faint of heart. I have a website with a devoted page to this event. I used to post directly to my front page screenshots w/descriptions. I don’t have any readership now. So I warn you again, it is not for those unprepared for the sights of open heart surgery, your own.

  26. In my heart and in my soul, I am with the woman who was on her way to Crematorium 5:
    “When she saw that no one would listen, she scratched her whole face. Out of despair. In shock. And she started to scream. How do we resist? Why, if this social murder is inevitable, as I believe it is, do we even fight back? Why not give in to cynicism and despair? Why not withdraw and spend our lives attempting to satiate our private needs and desires?”

    I don’t see an answer to this. Not from Chris Hedges, and certainly not from Extinction Rebellion.

    We are all on our way to the crematorium. That much is certain. No amount of civil disobedience is going to change that. Scream all you want. Scratch your face in shock and despair. No one is going to listen.

  27. What Chris writes about is grim and hard to bear, but there are alternatives that I have not seen mentioned by this article or other posters so far:

    * I am optimistic about the future of AI and robotics. Androids will not be affected by climate change, as they do not eat or drink. There is a strong possibility that if anything can allow a technologically advanced society to continue, it will be due to this reason.

    *Our ancestors millions of years ago climbed down from the trees -because- of climate change. There are hundreds of millions of years ahead on Earth for a new intelligent species to emerge like we did, and perhaps learn of our fates and avoid our mistakes. What might our civilization be like if we had dug into the earth and discovered the signs, and extinction, of another like our own? Would we be charting a different path?

    * Whatever the course of the future, I think it will be agreed that our profit driven, self-centered consumer culture will be forced to change. Going through the ravages of climate change, future generations will not be able to commit our mistakes, carry our ignorance and survive. Our civilization, if it is to survive in some form, will have to change and that is a good thing, no?

    * Rapid climate change, which seems more likely, will put enormous pressure on all of us to survive. The human race is capable of incredible ingenuity, and this will be put to good use finding novel ways to survive and overcome the challenges ahead. Elites, whether they deserve to survive or not, will put all their resources, and the best talent, to use in finding ways to survive and cope.

    I think Chris has answered many of his own questions in his writings. If people really understood what was to come, most would organize and chart a different course. Whatever hardship is to come, I would rather the human species tried to fix its mistakes, and went down fighting, than give in to despair: I think we owe our descendants that much.

  28. I understand that the ruling elites you are talking about are essentially the Chinese Communist Party which is responsible for 25% (even more taking into account various Silk Road endeavours ) of greenhouse gases production.
    I wait eagerly also to hear when the fearless Extinction Rebellion heroes will take the good fight to Beijing!
    It is also interesting (and a little bordering on the obsessive) that you seem essential to insert a totally untrue assertion on Israel’s nonexistent obligation to provide vaccines to the inhabitants of the State of Palestine administrated by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. (taking yourself for Cato The Elder? Napoleon is a more common delusion)

  29. “We do not live, yet, in the brutal Orwellian state that appears on the horizon, one where all dissidents will suffer the fate of Julian Assange.”
    I am sure there are lots of dissidents in say Russia, China (including Hong Kong), Venezuela, Cuba etc that would love to be in Julian Assange place!

    1. On distractions and presumptions:
      You cite Chris Hedges: “We do not live, yet, in the brutal Orwellian state that appears on the horizon, one where all dissidents will suffer the fate of Julian Assange.”
      By glibly saying “I am sure there are lots of dissidents in say Russia, China (including Hong Kong), Venezuela, Cuba etc. that would love to be in Julian Assange place”, you’re displaying your supremacist nationalism on your sleeve!
      Why not ask the opinion of just a few of the long-term political prisoners lounging in Imperial luxury in supermax accommodations right here in the shining city on a hill?
      You say, dissidents from the countries mentioned above “would love to be in Julian Assange’s place.”
      You seem to have a sliding scale for the methods of tyrannical brutality!
      If it occurs in systems ‘we’ – the ‘exceptionals’, arbitrarily don’t approve of, the mistreatment really must be sadistic, therefore, anyone “would love to be in” our real cozy ‘western’ dungeons of tyranny, equivalent and then some, to Britain’s Belmarsh!
      You really know, first-hand, of what you speak, I presume.
      Hearsay is heresy, is ‘fake news; is it not, whether it be biblical or historical, depending on whose service the prophets are in, or more accurately, who accrues the profits.

      1. “Inmates at Belmarsh are offered access to education, workshops, two gyms, one focusing on Physical Education courses and one recreational, with use of a sports hall and a fitness room. The gym staff also have a partnership with Charlton Athletic F.C. to deliver FA accredited coaching courses for prisoners.”
        I agree with you that prison is no fun anywhere.
        I am not sure Assange fits any definition of dissident

  30. Yes, there’s no denying the reality of our current material world, Chris. However, as a two-year member of XR here in NS, Canada, you along with Roger and so many other correspondents and journalists, still fail to mention the quantum world’s influence aka consciousness, on who we are as humans *+* beings. Please don’t forget the slit screen experiment where matter can either exist as particles or waves. AS Jiddu famously quipped, “The observer IS the observed.”

  31. This is some very powerful writing that seems to metaphorically suggest the banal technosphere morphed from the persecution of Jews and Peasants in the 20th century (Hitler and Stalin) to the persecution of Nature itself in the 21st. We are all cogs in the grey machine. Any act of resistance makes us a little more human….. it’s almost like the beatniks were right all along. Thank you CH.

  32. I’ve been thinking for many years now, that the human species fundamentally lacks the evolutionary tools for organization in very large groups, nearly global groups now. Everything that has transpired biologically on the earth is emergent. Humanity’s capacity for abstract thought and self reflection does not fundamentally separate us from the system. Our group behaviors are not controlled by conscious decision but are an emergent reflection of system states beyond our control. The artificial tools developed by humanity to operate in large groups have all failed. At best these tools can work in culturally homogenous small country sized groups for a short period of time. I can’t see any long term outcomes that do not entail the collapse of all large human civilizations.

  33. ” It sustains the embers of empathy and compassion, as well as justice. These embers are not insignificant.”

    Certainly NOT! In fact, Chris, It is the lack of empathy and compassion in certain men, who hide behind organizational structures, who are now, and have always been, the major purveyors of damage to societies and mankind in general.

    Our group has discovered that this type of men are only about 18% of any society, yet cause the vast majority of the damage. We have built an entry-level website that will lead you to a full explanation regarding these men and what can be done about them before they kill all life on this planet. BTW, we link to many of your essays on our pages.


      1. Well, the design makes it look like a scam site on first glance. Update you fonts, man.

  34. Chris, thanks again for another excellent and extremely concerning overview of our lives on planet Earth. I look forward to your writings even though I know each one will be more dire then the last. I appreciate all of your writings as I’ve done for at least 10 years, and as you’ve expressed so accurately, humanity is in decline and may soon- and I believe will go extinct sooner rather then later because of the elites who care only for themselves.

    I’ve been part of the anti-global heating community for most of my life and have taken to the streets and written my US legislatures when I lived in the US many many times but to no avail. Sadly, it’s only gotten worse and we don’t have any time left to get out of the messes that the elites of the world have created for us serfs. Humans are too fractured for those who want life-affirming change to occur to come together in a large enough group to stop the Oligarchs and their followers from further destroying humanity. There’s too much discourse and misinformation from their mass media mega machines and censorships that they are now rapidly imposing on those of us who disagree with them and who try to educate the masses. I hope I’m wrong, of course.

    At this point, with the few millions around the world taking to the streets and even stopping their Oligarchs, Dictators, etc., they may have some reprieve from their wins for a short while but it won’t stop the overall destruction from the elites of the world and the heating already baked into the atmosphere, as you’ve so rightly stated. We needed to stop the burning of fossil fuels back in the 1980’s to have made any real difference. The so called Capitalist Green Revolution the elites are pushing and controlling won’t save us. It’s too late now. Humanity will continue to belch massive amounts of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere until all of humanity, wildlife, and our food sources are gone. Even though I speak of doom, I do believe that we should do everything in our power to stop them in any way possible, for the victories that will occur can provide those people with some sort of joy in the short term.

    If the elites had only made taking care of humanity, wildlife, and our beautiful Mother Earth a priority, like the indigenous people’s have always done but their greed and lust for power sadly will keep that from ever happening. We must enjoy what’s left of nature and our lives and help those in need, until we no longer can do that. “In the end, all that remains is love. “ Guy McPherson.

  35. I like On Contact with Chris Hedges but he makes a terrible mistake here:
    “Soaring temperature rises — we are already at a 1.2 degrees Celsius (2.16 degrees Fahrenheit) above preindustrial levels — are already baked into the system, meaning that even if we stopped all carbon emission today, we still face catastrophe.”
    According to Sam and my research using 1750 as a baseline we are either at or close to 2C.
    Sorry to harp on about baseline’s but it’s critically important.,crack%20like%20and%20sadly%20terminal%20addiction%20to%20carbon

  36. “Let me give you a word of the philosophy of reform. The whole history of the progress of human liberty shows that all concessions yet made to her august claims have been born of earnest struggle. The conflict has been exciting, agitating, all-absorbing, and for the time being, putting all other tumults to silence. It must do this or it does nothing. If there is no struggle there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation are men who want crops without plowing up the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters.
    This struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, and it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress. In the light of these ideas, Negroes will be hunted at the North and held and flogged at the South so long as they submit to those devilish outrages and make no resistance, either moral or physical. Men may not get all they pay for in this world, but they must certainly pay for all they get. If we ever get free from the oppressions and wrongs heaped upon us, we must pay for their removal. We must do this by labor, by suffering, by sacrifice, and if needs be, by our lives and the lives of others.”
    — Frederick Douglass, August 3, 1857 speech

  37. I do not have too many answers, but I’m in the war.

    Not to cause offense or be too critical, I would only point to a great lesson from “Friendly Fascism.” Example One: America faced the problem of what to do about the Second World (communism / socialism): Close them out, or coopt certain nations? Neither alternative was clean… the former might lead them to closer relations between them and a Pact, and consequent strengthening. The latter might yield a competitor who may well become so strong as to beat the US at its own game. As is become the case with China.

    Example Two: Gross noted that shots and strikes against the system, even its own negligence and stupidity, failures that are entirely and obviously its own, are liable to be bent, as though by magic, to the enhancement of the system’s strength and invulnerability.

    9-11, the 2008 Melt-Up, the handling of the plague, and (almost certainly) the sedition and insurrection of 1-6-21… are events that, somehow, were capitalized on by capitalism / fascism / totalitarianism / the system.

    1-6-21 was revolt, civil disobedience. It taught or reminded the political class of its dependence on and dues to law enforcement. It was proof positive of Trump’s enduring power, and the nose-ringed Republican fealty. It reinforced the status and importance of words. Any old words, from slick propaganda to incoherent but confident gibberish.

    The point here is that we are in an atmosphere or condition that is mal-logical and unpredictable. As reason is not operative, the right thing to do (such as revolt, and in what way) is nearly impossible to identify. I don’t know that mankind has ever been in such a state.

    1. paul wichmann, thank you for your comment; for me, it is the most erudite and thoughtful comment I’ve recently read. By ‘malogical’ do you mean ‘malicious’?
      Yes, it is hard to discern the spirit of these times, but in contrast to earlier days, they are not buoyant and hopeful.

      1. Paul, I thank you that.
        Yes, malicious, whether core or contracted.

  38. Bracing truth as always. And unfortunately, many of those abuses are ancient and ongoing, stemming from an original separation from god. Patriarchy stepping in to fill the void.

    To be an even bigger witch at the christening, here are a couple of extremely omnicidal threats to humanity that you have not covered.

    human futures – Allison McDonald
    COVID & the Weaponization of Public Health, Human Futures Trading, Authentic Spiritual Activism

    This information is at turns horrifying and fascinating in its deceptive use of acronyms and will most likely be thrust upon the most disadvantaged of the global population. Very real life Black Mirror and yet explains why leaders and billionaires aren’t trying to make things better. They will profit off of the sickness and the performance. It’s financializing and speculating in the digital realm that will have real world consequences.

    The Hacked Planet

    It’s easy to dismiss geoengineering (aka weather warfare) as conspiracy theory, particularly now that it has been taken up by the far right trumpsters. But basic observation of our weather, climate, plants/gardens, crop failures and skin (more UV rays), should prod us into opening our minds to this global madness perpetrated by military organizations the world over.

    These nefarious agendas, means to continue the death march of capitalism, go beyond nation state and threaten the entire planet. As you have a voice and an audience who seems to be able to stomach the hard truths, I wanted to present these for your and their self-education.

  39. Inexcusable ignorance fed by insatiable greed has resulted in incomprehensible suffering and incalculable damage.
    We teeter on the precipice.
    Go vegan.
    Buy less.
    Travel less.
    Work less.
    Love more.

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