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Lee Camp: The Four Layers of Reality — and Why We’re Only Allowed to Talk About One

There are at least four different aspects of our daily American lives that affect everything from how we think to where we live — not that anyone in corporate media would tell you so.
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By Lee Camp / Original to ScheerPost

No matter which mainstream media segment you’re currently watching, I can promise you it’s not getting to the heart of any issue. By definition they only participate in surface level analysis. For example, there are three or four levels of reality we should be discussing when we talk about any United States election. And by “discussing,” I mean “screaming about,” and by “screaming about,” I mean “freaking out about.” So, let’s freak out – shall we? 

Quick tangent – I got made fun of as a kid for “freaking out” or “spazzing out” all the time, but when you think about it — when you really think about it — shouldn’t we all be freaking out? When you look around and so few people are enjoying their lives and so many people are struggling or oppressed, and there are new and bizarre illnesses and viruses to worry about, and all of our so-called leaders are goddamn corrupt morons — shouldn’t we all be spazzing out? If you look at our current reality, it’s all spazz-worthy.

Anyway, we have three or four levels of reality that we should be discussing all the time because they’re incredibly important. But, generally speaking, American politicians and media don’t talk about the deeper layers. In fact, they only talk about the surface layer (because they’re corporate tools). 

So, using this past presidential election as an example: Layer one was — Who’s going to win? Biden or Trump? That’s the surface layer. It was fair to talk about it and fair to debate it. But if we stop at that and don’t dig deeper, we don’t actually know anything about reality. It would be like licking the top crust of an apple pie and saying, “I get it. It tastes like crust. It’s dry and crumbly.” But in fact, you still have no idea what an apple pie is.

Now let’s move on to layer two (which is already a layer beyond what your mainstream corporate media will ever report on). Layer two is the slightly deeper understanding that  American oligarchs win each election no matter what. They win it in multiple ways — one is by making sure progressives, socialists, libertarians, anarchists, communists, etc. are purged from the process. The other way they dominate every election is with cold, hard cash. And the third — perhaps the most important way — is that our system simply does not pass anything through the government that isn’t beneficial to the business community, AKA Corporate America. A large 2014 Princeton study looked at 1,779 policy initiatives and found that the American public has zero impact on what gets passed through Congress. What we, the American people, want has no influence on American policy. The politicians tell you it does. They act like they care. But nothing you and I want ever gets done.

It’s like being in an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship. Our corporate overlords  gaslight us. They tell us we matter. They tell us they love us. They tell us they’ll change. But they never do. They just sit there in their pajamas eating ice cream out of the box with their feet on the coffee table — putting coconut sprinkles into the ice cream container even though they know you don’t like the coconut sprinkles because they’re tasteless and two days later when you find three in your mouth you’ll think it’s hair or scabs or something! Totally ruins the entire ice cream experience. They know that and they don’t care! (But that’s my life.) 

At the end of the day we, the people, get nothing unless it aligns with business interests. Look at Obamacare for example — America wanted healthcare, but in order to get the Affordable Care Act passed, the ruling elite made sure it was a giant giveaway to the health insurance industry

Wow. Sounds like layer two is kind of important. But nope, the mainstream media will never mention it. They pretend it’s not happening.

Layer three: Capitalism and environmental collapse. Under our current economic system, the most powerful people (the corporatocracy) will eventually own everything. It’s inevitable. The gravity of capitalism pulls everything towards corporate hegemony. Every time. In every way. You can sometimes score roadblocks that slow them down, but that’s all it does — slow them down. As they take control, the environment — the NATURAL WORLD — will be destroyed.

Take for example Monsanto Roundup herbicide. It’s causing cancer; it’s killing people. And it (along with other herbicides and pesticides) is also killing the bees and the insects, and unfortunately the natural world needs those little fuckers. A 2019 global scientific review warned that the collapse in insect population could be catastrophic to ecosystems. You might love that there aren’t many gnats around, but nature is screwed without them. (“Screwed” is a technical term.) And as all the bees disappear and the insects fade into oblivion, we will fade away with them. (Maybe not next week, but it might not be as long as you think.)

So, how could this happen? Why hasn’t Monsanto, now owned by the pharmaceutical company Bayer, been stopped? Well, they’re too fucking powerful, for one. They own the market; they own the officials; they own the regulators; at times they even own the science

So that’s what talking about level three looks like. It’s talking about the economic system and its global impact. And yet again, the corporate media will pretty much never have that discussion. Level three is more off-limits for cable news anchors than it is for female anchors to grow out their armpit hair. …And yes, I know that’s a reference to stereotypical old-school gender norms, but I’m not endorsing it. I’m making the point that the odds of seeing one of those reporters or anchors really dig into the inherent flaws of our capitalist system is about as likely as seeing the anchor of the 6pm hour have a giant Krusty The Clown head of hair bursting forth from under her arms. (Again, not criticizing. In fact, I’d love to see that.)

Level four — Now we really get deep. Level four is the true analysis of our reality. And there are a lot of different topics in level four. Things like, “What really is money?” or “What the fuck are nation states? Why is everything we do somehow connected to national interests? What does it matter if I was born on this side of a line and you were born on that side of a line? Who even drew those dumb lines?” Or level four could be something like, “Why do we live the way we do — in single-family houses or apartments? We live inside seclusion boxes, hardly interacting with our fellow humans except at our wage slavery jobs where we go, ‘Hey Jim. At least it’s hump day’ or some dumb crap like that. What the hell is this existence?”

That’s level four. It’s getting pretty deep into the philosophical realm. But so why don’t our media think the most basic questions of our existence are important at all? They don’t think it makes sense to occasionally talk about level four? I’m not saying make it the beginning of every newscast — “Hello Nation, it’s 6pm and remember you’re a victim of wage slavery, forced to live in a seclusion box.” I’m not saying that. But can’t the deepest echelons of our reality ever come up in the mainstream narrative? Or do we have to go buy some hidden book in the basement of a bookstore run by a guy with food stuck in his mustache and one glass eye? Is that the only place we can learn about our reality? 

Anyway, those are four layers of our reality that are pretty important to our daily lives. There are more — such as the fact we’re made up of energy waves or that no one even knows what makes up 96% of the universe and other crazy stuff like that — but we’ll stop at four for now. So there are four crucial levels of our reality and your media, your teachers, your leaders, most of your information sources almost never get past level one! That’s like going to school from age three to 18 and they never teach you about anything other than how to color inside the lines with the crayons. 

We are left at level one because it serves as a beautiful distraction. Never talk about the deeper economic system. Never talk about how nations are used to divide us. Never talk about how corporations own our society. Media only reports surface level reality — Who will win the next presidential election or who will win the race for governor or which billionaire took a trip to space yesterday, etc.

Dig deeper. If you don’t do it for your own curiosity, do it because THEY don’t want you to.

Lee Camp
Lee Camp

Lee Camp is the host of the hit comedy news show “Redacted Tonight.” His new book “Bullet Points and Punch Lines” is available at LeeCampBook.com and his stand-up comedy special can be streamed for free at LeeCampAmerican.com.


  1. You know we’re on the cusp of a truly global awakening right?

    ‘The exact same sub/conscious hypocrisy processes apply on every level of our emotionally-invested ‘reality’; partner, parent and State. However it’s the more ‘refined’, accomplished abusers – gaslighters – who succeed in manipulating their victims ‘reality’ to such an imperceptible ‘boiling-frog’ degree, that the victims unwittingly turn back to the perpetrator-source of the abuse for their ‘salvation’, as they would rather hold onto the emotionalised lie than face up to the inevitable and destructive truth.’

    ‘Her Name Was Czeslawa Kwoka’ (2021) https://wp.me/p94Aj4-2Nw

    Feedback and questions welcome.

    Kind regards,

    Johnny McNeill
    #GaslightingGilligan (© 2017) 
    Twitter: @GasGilligan (*free* download)

    1. Uhhh… when I first read your comment I thought you might be referring to male victims of gaslighting by the patriarchy “unnwittingly turn[ing] back to the perpetrator-source of the abuse for their ‘salvation’, as they would rather hold onto the emotionalised lie than face up to the inevitable and destructive truth”, and then I read your article and quickly thought “Omg, he’s going to blame women!” And wallah! Female Nazis!

      Women can be/are tied to the patriarchy just as are men, and we (by we I mean women) are as flabbergasted as you may be as to why we don’t stand up more, go on strike like women did in Iceland, and own our power by our sheer numbers. So that is a thing, but it ain’t the thing. It’s complicated and please know we are trying.

      I think using the article ‘Her Name Was Czeslawa Kwoka’ is a convoluted oversimplification (is that even possible) to steer away from a more basic answer that might just be because women are under represented in the media. Camp’s article, afterall, is about why we aren’t talking and the media.

    2. I appreciate this posting, but wasn’t ‘George Orwell’ an agent or asset to the British Empire? Seems a bit of a hypocrite, since he served a system which did just those things he perceived in other ‘regimes’. Quoting another ‘Briton’: ‘Words, words, words.’

    3. Extremely cynical but deadly accurate. Any concrete change is going to be difficult and very painfull for most folks

    4. This is really good, thank you. I will take the time to read it and it can be used as a great source to my article about fascism when I decide to write about the rise of fascism in Europe, especially in France. Of course I’ll linked it to the related article on your site. I’ve just bookmarked your website. Nice to know you and your site.
      At the moment I’m in the process of writing about the hypocrisy surrounding G20 & COP 26, especially Macron & LaREM’s hypocrisy. They proposed to the European Commission to categorise gas and nuclear as green energy. And when Macron said in his Twitter account that he is against imported deforestation when Total the French oil corporation burned forests in Indonesia, Malaysia, and French Guiana. So many other lies and hypocrisies.
      My site: http://www.indonesiamerdeka.org

  2. The great farce that is our society, or economy and our government. Up is down and night is day and slaves don’t get a say. Part of me envy’s the sheep’s ability to live blissfully in a pool of ignorance and brainwashing. Life would be so simple if I could just ignore reality and live in someone else’s illusion ignorant of the manipulation. But once you take the red pill there is no going back. Once you see, you cannot un-see.

    The only way to change this dynamic is to change the system. In order to change the system you must have a plan for what will replace it. In order to change the system you have to educate the masses and raise them to a higher level of consciousness. You must make them understand…ie take the red pill. How to do that is beyond me. I have thought for years and decades on the problem…a problem that has plagued humans every since we started to gather in large groups.

    Given the control of the media and all forms of mass communication I don’t see how it can be done. It is about as easy as creating a nuclear fusion reactor. Worse, the sheep don’t want to wake up. They resent any effort to educate of enlighten them.

    This is why you see me constantly declare we are doomed as a society. Because we are. So it all comes down to every man and woman for themself. In a world of technology with no place to run and no place to hide that is not the best of options. But to my mind, it appears the only option.

    1. JustAMaverick:

      It’s worth remembering compassion for yourself and for others: easy to say, but harder to do in practice. We’re not born knowing the right way(s) to live, and as a species, we’re still children in the eyes of the universe.

      Thanks for replying in an older article “Trauma and Transformation”. I put in another reply to you there, but please take it as my attempt to figure things out, and that I still have a lot to learn.

    2. I’m in Australia and denial of what’s staring them in the face is a amazing, but I agree they don’t want to know, hoping (falsely in my opinion) that it’ll be all right m8 as we Aussies like to say!

      1. To paraprhase Upton Sinclair, it’s impossible to convince people that their lifestyles and overpopulation are wrecking the planet when they love their lifestyles and breeding choices. Even the Green New Deal supporters are deluding themselves in thinking that all we have to do is change technologies and everything will be OK. The fact is that in order to truly fix environmental and ecological problems, we need to live a lot more simply & naturally, and in a lot fewer numbers. Anything less is prioritizing lifestyle over life (all life, not just human life).

    3. Try to remember that individual people are often caring, smart, thoughtful, so on. I think there is a future in smaller communities. I think that in a collapse scenario, small communities will be the only safety anyone will be able to find. In that sense, we should not throw ourselves to thinking in totally isolationist terms. Besides, if we want any chance of learning to live together when things have gone to shit, we should probably try to learn a bit about living together now. Maybe in the process, some kind of political action will be organized.

      However, I generally agree with you. I’ve been dealing with the inevitability of this conclusion as well. For myriad reasons, we just couldn’t figure out how to make society work on a global scale, and created a global problem now beyond the ability of any single nation to solve, particularly when the largest and strongest nation on Earth (still technically the U.S. with its astounding military and powerful corporations) is pretty much explicitly interested in letting the world burn and not letting anyone else do anything meaningful about it.

      1. The problem is overpopulation, simple as that. There is no right way to live in large numbers, regardless of the fact that some ways are worse than others. When communities are small enough that everyone knows each other, many of the problems you identify are eliminated just because of that. And that’s not to even mention the great environmental and ecological harms caused by human overpopulation, which are far bigger and more important than any issues that only affect humans.

    4. Yes, we are doomed.
      The reality of life is something that confounds me and thrills me.
      Every person for themselves is what they want.
      I’m 68 now and know that we are doomed. Don’t have children! Don’t buy into the Metaverse! VR is a trap to remove us from reality so we don’t fight back.
      Both my children are struggling just to exsist. I feel we are too far down the rabbitt hole to do anything because if we want to change we have to do it NOW and thats not going to happen.
      I’m a optimistic person about things in general but I see the writing on the wall and yes i can read it. EXTINCTION!

  3. Well said my friend. The fact is that we have been lied to about EVERYTHING in varying degrees. First and foremost, humanity’s future is highly dependent upon our spiritual growth and acceptance of a living universe, yes, I said it, teaming with sentient life forms many of which are far more advanced than us. The lie which began at Roswell, permeated every aspect of government and international and national relations. Lies built upon lies grew out of this. Until the COWARDS in Washington speak truthfully about all of this, we are doomed to fail. The truth shall set us free.

  4. Thanks Lee, Entertaining and informative as usual. There is also another layer, the MIC layer. The military takes most of our tax money and uses it to commit mass murder around the world and nobody seems to give a shit. They spend billions, if not trillions, for world-wide destruction then whine if we want to allocate some of their funding for the greater good. Things will never change until we ALL stop being complicit in the American madness machine…

  5. Level 5: ‘Over-population’, our ability to overcome the natural barriers which limit population–our species’ success is ultimately our most profound failure. This issue is not resolvable by any humane or pleasant means, therefore no one of any political stripe wishes to address it. Level 6: The basis of our collective identities, as well as our survival, is so interfaced within the current system we can’t initiate, much less imagine what a successful revolution would look like. Species rise and fall on such a regular basis, this may just be our time of falling.

    1. There are two methods to overpopulation, both of which must be used in order to work:

      1. The non-coercive method is education and empowerment of women & girls. This is by far the most effective non-coercive method. And before anyone says it, increasing income and wealth turned out to not be an effective method, though leftists hang onto this false solution like global warming deniers hang onto their beliefs. Kerala, India went from the highest birthrate in India to the lowest by using this method.

      2. The most effective and least brutal coercive method is a one-child-family policy. Because of all the lies and propaganda in the U.S. very few here know what this policy actually is. What it is NOT is things like killing babies or forced abortions. What it IS is things like free schooling and medical care to everyone with no more than one child, removal of those benefits to anyone with two children, and removal of benefits plus greatly increased taxation for anyone who has more than two kids.

      Both of these methods are necessary in order to lower population both effectively and as humanely as possible. Unfortunately, Kerala, India showed that educating and empowering women & girls alone only lowered the birthrate to about two children per family, and that just maintains the status quo.

      My point here is that this isn’t an impossible problem to solve. It will take a total change in attitude by humans in order to accomplish this, but it’s definitely doable.

  6. Maybe it’s because women are underrepresented in the media??? “This changes Everything” on Netflix takes a nice look at that.

    Also, why isn’t anyone talking about how when problems related to the patriatchy are talked about they use examples related to women to make the point? For example: I know you mean well, but women growing armpit hair could have just as easily been men wearing tanktops or ponytails or manbuns.

    I’d like to see an article written by a man on female based similes used to describe men behaving badly. Why don’t we talk about that? That would be a great article!

  7. One thing we can all do right now, Today, is to Stop Eating Meat.
    Just stop.

    It does not have to be a big deal.
    Cheese, Milk and Eggs can supply all the animal protein anyone needs.
    Easy start while getting away from meat.

    Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, with some good vegetable soup.
    Macaroni and Cheese, with some added grilled broccoli and carrots.
    Veggie Burgers with french fries.

    Just stop eating meat. Good for you, good for fighting the Capitalist System, Good for the Environment and good for the Animals.

    1. There are a lot of things we can do. Organize your life so that you don’t have to drive regularly, then give up your car. Don’t have kids, or at least don’t have more than one. These are just two examples.

    2. But the milk…. you don’t get milk without a baby being born… then removed from its mom. Free-range and organic is best. Moderation is the key but that is a concept people care little for.

      1. No, free range is the WORST. The grazing industry has done more ecological and environmental damage to the western U.S. than any other industry. Farmed meat is bad for the environment and cruel to animals. If you want to eat meat, eat wild fish or go hunting. Of course with gross human overpopulation, too many people hunting or fishing would also be bad, but that’s another issue.

    3. Outside a frozen tundra or other extreme environment, no one needs ANY animal protein. This obsession with cycling calories through animals and getting less out than you put in is killing us all.

      1. Not for protein, but animals are the only NATURAL source of vitamin B-12. Humans don’t need much of that, so you don’t need to eat meat (I exclude dairy because it’s totally unnatural) or eggs more than about once per month, but you do need it to be healthy.

        The problems with humans eating meat are that 1) there are far too many people on the planet; 2) we eat farmed meat instead of wild meat. Farmed meat is extremely environmentally and ecologically destructive, starting with cattle & domestic sheep grazing, is cruel to animals, and isn’t as healthy as eating wild meat; and 3) the people who eat meat eat far too much of it. There’s nothing wrong with a small number of humans on the planet eating a little wild meat occasionally, it’s what humans have always done for our 200,000 years of existence and what our hominid ancestors did for millions of years before that.

  8. Paradoxically, being perceptive and knowledgeable can be torture sometimes.

  9. Can’t do anything about it? Well not quite. We can’t do a lot about it at one time but,……this year I let my lawn die. That saves water. It came back to what most folks would call weeds. But the weeds had flowers and I had six to seven times the number of pollinating insects that I had the year before. Put that in your shorts evil chemical companies.

    1. Good on you! When we bought our house we tore out the lawn and replaced it with native plants. Lawns are evil, and around here only jerks have them (the large majority of people have plants in their front yards).

  10. Thank you, Lee Camp. In keeping with the reality theme…

    You seem to be suggesting that Obamacare, if not for the evil ruling elite, was designed to be something other than a predatory system for wealth extraction by the Medical Industrial Complex.

    It’s my understanding that Obamacare was written by industry insiders and consistent with Obama Administration goals to be nothing other than what it turned out to be.

  11. Very cool Lee, well done.

    I am liable at a moments notice to harangue the people in my life about level two or deeper realities quite often. I think for the most part it makes them uncomfortable, but they tolerate it as the cost of being around the rest of me the rest of the time. This may not be an accurate depiction of my reality, we should probably ask them.

    I enjoyed your synopsis, and I feel marginally less isolated and alone after seeing you list all those talking points in just one go at it. Thank you.

  12. Thanks, Lee.
    As usual you nailed it. So much is buried in distraction that for somebody like you to put your finger right on it is very helpful to those of us trying to sort it all out.

  13. Thanks Lee, maybe some good Caitlin Johnstone seeds have blown your way.
    There is so much more than pushing back and blaming whoever – Colin Powell, Biden, Bernie or whoever, when they could do nothing if it wern’t for the team around them that disguise their semi hidden roles. And the willing fools who fuel what’s cooking and team of chefs with their honest or evil money honey.
    It’s all bullshit entertainment distraction – like most sports “clashes” or quick sex.
    The reality is that the USA is actually the (so-called United states of NORTH AMERICA, not all of the Americas. And with so many vulnerabilities and suicidal murderous policies, and illusional “wealth” and ignorance how can it be the “most powerful country in the world”? It can’t and isn’t on any moral or humanitarian compus. Keep up the good work do do on “our” behalf as the thinking man’s – opps – person’s court jester. I’m a team player and a loose cannon on the side of serious thinkers like you. The US has got a lot to learn from China’s alternative democracy, real focus on helping the little persons, and despite oil and coal, trying to save our planet. And Xi Jinping has a dedicated team of about a billion to curb the insane excesses and counterproductive vain power grabs of rampant capitalism around our world.

  14. “Layer one was — Who’s going to win? Biden or Trump? That’s the surface layer.”

    Setting up the false illusion that We the People somehow matter and are in the mix. But a good enough illusion to pacify much of we the clueless populace.

    “Layer two is the slightly deeper understanding that American oligarchs win each election no matter what.”

    Setting up the false illusion that We the People are powerless to do anything about this. Pardon me, but wouldn’t the World come to a fast screeching halt if sufficient numbers of people one day said ‘Eff this Shhh” and stopped all the machine wheels from turning? That would get the ‘Garchs quickly gagging.

    “Layer three: Capitalism and environmental collapse.”

    Setting up the false illusion that we actually ever had real Capitalism in the World where the tables weren’t already slanted in a direction and the deck of cards wasn’t already marked. And setting up the additional false illusion that it’s inevitable that the World will perish by become fully poisoned or sauna-baked into oblivion (only) by human folly.

    Well, there are other ways to do us in. We could adopt all the socialist planetwide engineering and still go away. Consult the dinosaurs. Ask all those highly advanced earth civilizations that passed into disappearance while the Earth itself came back strong. Or a black hole will swallow us up. Or an alien race will get tired of our foolishness and decide to do something about that. Others ways available as well…

    “Level four is the true analysis of our reality… the most basic questions of our existence…”

    Setting up the false illusion that we can actually understand who and what we are and why things are the way they are. Sure, we can speculate and erect doctrines and monuments to our speculations… but that’s all they will ever be. Speculations packed as divine truths.

    Everything… everything that exists comes back to Consciousness. And as yet, nobody has a clue as to what Consciousness is and where it comes from and why it is. And since we are part of Consciousness, this means that WE don’t have a clue what we are and where we came from and where we’re going.

    As sages have said… it’s All Illusion (that we treat as real). We are fooling ourselves and we take pleasure in our self-trickery. And we fight wars against each other in the name of which of our Illusions is the “right” and “true” one.

    We need Level Five. But not until some smart person can finally tell us what Consciousness really is and how we can stop fooling ourselves for fun and pleasure. Then we’ll start getting somewhere…

    1. “We could adopt all the socialist planetwide engineering and still go away. Consult the dinosaurs. Ask all those highly advanced earth civilizations that passed into disappearance while the Earth itself came back strong.”
      Ok, starting with the fact that it’s been 65 million years since the dinosaurs apparently foolishly adopted socialist planetwide engineering, the earth has had plenty of time to “come back strong”.

    2. Capitalism, including the “real” capitalism that you advocate, is nowhere near the root of environmental problems. Leftists like to claim the contrary all the time, but leftists are not environmentalists and don’t know anything about the natural world or how humans have been harming it for thousands of years. I agree that capitalism is a cancer that must be removed from the planet because it requires consumption of the planet, but it’s a mere symptom, the ultimate cause being humans’ failure to evolve mentally & spiritually and instead obsessing on ego, intellect, and unnaturally and very harmfully manipulating the physical/natural world.

      All civilizations collapse eventually, and ours will be no exception. The only societies that can go on for millennia are hunter-gatherer societies, because they live naturally in balance with their ecosystems, which agricultural societies do not. This has nothing to do with dinosaurs, meteors, black holes — and BTW, there’s no chance of a black hole swallowing up the Earth before the sun burns out — or anything else like that.

      As to humans’ ability to destroy the Earth: The claim that humans can’t do this comes from an extremely anti-environmental attitude that at its core says that we can do whatever we want, because we can’t hurt anything, the Earth will always recover from our bad behavior and unnatural lifestyles. The fact is that we have ALREADY destroyed the Earth. If you looked at the Earth 10,000 years ago before people started using agriculture and juxtaposed it with the Earth now, you’d think that you’re looking at two different planets. That’s how much humans have destroyed the Earth. And no, a lot of things, like extinct species and destroyed ecosystems will NEVER come back, a fact that deeply both saddens and infuriates me. Not to mention that it’s totally immoral to kill anything except to eat it, and it’s equally if not more immoral to destroy or even harm an ecosystem or even a habitat within it.

      Until and unless humans start focusing on expanding our consciousness, you’re correct that we won’t know who and what we actually are. However, be aware that when spiritual teachers say that life as most people see it is an illusion, they’re speaking somewhat figuratively as well as literally. Your body actually exists on this plane of existence, and the ground that you’re about to hit as you fall out of the tree will actually kill or seriously injure your body. On the other hand, it seems to me that the universe broke itself into smaller parts in order to become more aware of itself and what it is, and also maybe for fun/pleasure/enjoyment. We don’t know where expanding our consciousness will take us because we’re too unevolved mentally & spiritually to be able to know things like that — my hope is that we could evolve into non-corporeal beings made of energy instead of matter — but it’s not true that because we, at our core, are consciousness, we can never know what we are.

    3. Consciousness I think is linked to everything that’s in our Quantum space.Everything is made from the same waves of particals we can measure There are other levels that are being revealed at CERN
      I think we are part of a fractal. No begining or end. The farther you look up and the farther you look down it never ends.

      1. “Consciousness I think is linked to everything that’s in our Quantum space. Everything is made from the same waves of particals we can measure.”

        Consciousness IS the Quantum Space. It is Consciousness (the Observer Effect) that settles the quantum soup down to one manifestation at the quantum level (by each Observer) rather than its staying as a spread Wave of Potential that everything ultimately is at its deepest quantum level.

        Theologians call Existence the ‘Ground of Being’. Another way to describe this would be the Ground of Consciousness. As the cutting-edge quantum researchers have concluded… you just can’t get behind Consciousness. It is (most) fundamental. And scientists hate consciousness because They can’t explain it in their rigid limited academic stale scientific terms other than to say that somehow the human brain conjures the stuff. They will never be able to explain consciousness because consciousness can and will never be explainable in scientific terms. It is outside of and beyond science.

        Trying to explain consciousness is like trying to explain Love in scientific terms. Sure, you can point to biochemical changes in the body or hormones or the like. But sorry, that does not explain why one person loves another. Or why they keep loving them after fifty years. Or forever. Why? Again, love (like consciousness) belongs to the realm of Spirit (and Consciousness) which is beyond science and their false Religion of ‘The Science’ that most scientists have created for themselves.

        “The farther you look up and the farther you look down it never ends.”

        Kind of sounds like this ‘Eternity’ stuff that prophets and sages and mystics have talked about for ages.

        Makes for an interesting experience. Consciousness without end. Sort of makes our partisan and tribal differences look pretty ridiculous. And gives us excitement for what comes tomorrow.

      2. There is no beginning or end because this universe is curved, not straight. So like a sphere, there’s no beginning or end, but that doesn’t mean that it goes on forever. Infinitely is a human illusion or delusion; it doesn’t exist in reality. Just because we’re so small compared to the size of the universe and can’t see anywhere near the whole thing doesn’t mean that it goes on forever; it just means that we’re exponentially smaller.

      3. “There is no beginning or end because this universe is curved…”

        You are speaking of universe as a ‘physical’ place. I am speaking of Consciousness itself which is formless and timeless. That is the ‘infinity’ part of Existence. As such, it has no boundaries and limits. It has no ‘shape’. (Something like ‘Love’ has no ‘shape’).

        “Infinitely is a human illusion or delusion; it doesn’t exist in reality.”

        We only ‘know’ what is within the sphere of our given experience of Life. We may have limitless Consciousness, but if we choose to identify Reality with only what we believe to ‘see’ or be true we will always be in trouble. Consciousness is always calling us to see more, and it is our choice of vision that determines whether we experience that or not.

      4. We have fractals everywhere we look. The more we understand Quantum Physics the more we don’t know. Yes, our reality or material world seems like it has an end but as far as the multiverse it has no beginning or end.
        We understand { we think } our material space but have no idea what the big picture is.

    4. You’re correct, I was referring to the physical world. Infinity makes no sense when describing things like consciousness, and “consciousness” as you mean it is way beyond human understanding, at least at this point in our evolution.

  15. Another take is simply that this reality has gone about as far as it can. Radical change is happening right now and is far beyond anything the focused, rational and materialistic mindset can conceive. Yes we face total disaster from a climate that is very likely leading to the mass extinction of all life forms on this rock but like death it is not the end merely the next step in evolution. We are energy taking temporary form in these bodies and that energy has infinite options based on each individual’s imagination and vision. Choose the positive, help all that you can and live in peace even when surrounded by hate, fear and greed. Our vision creates reality.

    1. You have said it perfectly. More and more of us are opening to that vision and whole new way of thinking!

      1. I hope that you’re right Sharon, but even if so, we’re a very small minority. There are some (maybe most?) hunter-gatherer societies that have focused on expanding their consciousness instead of obsessing on harming the natural/physical world, and they have evolved so much beyond where we are mentally & spiritually that their mythologies and spiritual teachings would confound even our most brilliant scientists. But at this point, hunter-gatherers are only a tiny fraction of 1% of humans. Considering how most people ACT — not what they say, but what they actually do — I’d say that those of us who don’t care about material things to any significant extent and focus on the spiritual and expanding our consciousness instead are probably just as small of a minority as those hunter-gatherers.

        Not trying to be a Debbie Downer here, and I certainly hope and advocate that more people will shed their material desires and focus their behaviors and lives on something much better. But we need to be realistic in assessments in order to know how to act, so I don’t want to get overly optimistic about this. Not to mention that because of humans, the Earth may become substantially or even totally unlivable before humans can evolve to the point where as a whole they don’t obsess on material things.

    2. Generally very good post, two comments:

      Any real (as opposed to phony) spiritual teaching teaches that people will come when they are ready (too bad there’s no way to force them so they stop wrecking the planet and killing everything!), and being “ready” means that they’ve tired of or otherwise shed the desire for the material pleasures of this plane.

      I don’t like people preaching about an afterlife, because as a Native leader on the east coast said, if people think there’s going to be a better place after this one, they won’t take care of this one. That’s one of my main problems with religion. Furthermore, only the dead know what happens to you after you die, and they ain’t talking.

  16. Lee, you are ten kinds of awesome! I wish our leaders had half the heart and humor that you share.

    We pay a price, as individuals, as society, by not being aware of the realities you mention. We are much poorer for focusing so much on material things. I had to wince at your mention of “seclusion boxes”, or the nature of our work lives, because that is closer to the truth than I’d like to admit.

    1. Our leaders are in those positions not because of any wisdom or talent. There are there because they know how to manipulate people into supporting them. This doesn’t happen in good societies, but good societies first and foremost are much smaller and thus not so easily manipulated.

      The biggest price being paid for lack of humans’ mental & spiritual evolution is by the planet and everyone else living here (I refuse to call non-humans “thing” or “things,” they are not so). If humans want to harm themselves by their bad behavior, that’s their business. The problem comes when they harm habitats, ecosystems, plants, and other animals.

  17. “There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part! You can’t even passively take part! And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels … upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop! And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all.” — Mario Savio (1964)

    And here we are 57 years later and the machine has gotten bigger and more menacing. And it seems more folks now worship the machine as the only reality there is. At least in the 1960’s there was some counter culture awakening that was essentially snuffed out after Kent State and Jackson State killings on behalf of the US Empire Corporate machine. Nowadays there is little evidence of such as awakening other than some folks striking for more pay and better working conditions which will only enable the machine to continue in its destructive ways killing most life on earth.

    1. Above sentence should have read: Nowadays there is little evidence of such AN awakening…

  18. 🎶 You can leave it all behind you , 🎶 and sail to lahania, 🎶 just like the Missionaries did, so many years ago 🎶 they even had neon signs, Jesus Is Coming! 🎶 they brought the white man’s burden down, 🎶 they brought the white man’s reign 🎶
    🎶Kiss it goodbye. -The Eagles

  19. Once again Lee Camp gives us truth to wake us all up. Pay attention to his words and do what ever you can to make this world better.

  20. Brilliantly put. I refer to it as the mirrorverse as everything is backwards or rather inverse. Folk don’t want the truth as they cannot handle it. They do not have the tools to do so. Their minds and bodies tell them that it’s all wrong but they then go to the doctors who tell them they are depressed or have some other illness and prescribe pharmaceuticals to numb them. The reality their body and mind tries to alert them to screams in silence while the poor human accepts the depressive labelling instead of looking for answers.

    This article and its layers applies to almost every place on Earth. If only folk would open their eyes and see what is really happening right in front of them.

  21. Mr. Camp: While I am a lifelong Progressive and vote every time, I would love to live in a “seclusion box” FAR from the madding crowd. Because as a member of the working poor I cannot afford a community of the kind I’d like—artists, musicians, crafts persons, and respect for nature and peace, I must suffer in a neighborhood increasingly composed of mega decibel cars, trucks, Harleys, industrial mowers and leaf blowers, and, of course, loudly barking dogs. So don’t ask me to want to join in! Alas, even remote rural areas come with the same travesties if not more. There is no sanctuary to be found, so while the corporatists and their backers do indeed call the shots, to the detriment of most of us, I can’t help but envy their various means of escape.

  22. We, the people, in order to form a more perfect union, are in need of removing the citizenships of all documented Republicans and deport them to some small island that cannot support a small airport.

  23. Good column! The most fundamental — and therefore, most important — questions we can ask are who are we, what are we here for, and how should we be living. My conclusion is that humans’ only proper role on this planet is to expand our consciousness (this doesn’t mean just sitting around meditating every day — though daily meditation would be a good thing — there are many ways to expand consciousness, and everyone needs to use the ones that work for them). Instead, for thousands of years humans have focused on ego, intellect, and unnaturally and very destructively & harmfully manipulating the physical/natural world.

    There is no way to know what humans could evolve into if we focused on expanding our consciousness, because we’re not anywhere near evolved enough to know or understand the possibilities. It would be great to evolve into non-corporeal beings. Of course I’m talking about the distant future, and there’s no way to know if evolving into non-corporeal beings is even possible, but wherever this would go, it’s infinitely better than overpopulating and otherwise destroying the Earth, which is the path we’re on now.

  24. I don’t believe in a God above the clouds but if there had been one we would have had to spend our lives correcting the errors he made: among many others, a world in which his creatures eat each other. I saw a film about a fish – I forget its name – something like Lionfish – which spends its life dipping to eat smaller fish. Even the anemone in shallow waters swallows small fish. I grew up on a cattle ranch in Namibia and gradually realised that most of those animals were destined for the butcher’s table. Sometimes, when my car was stopped by a little crowd of cattle looking with sad, dumbfounded curiosity at the creature in the car. I have never forgotten the look in those eyes that could have been mine.

    I have a good bit more to say bot there is a censorious eye that annuls everything I write. The letter so far was canceled on Lee’s page. I have, with difficulty, written it elsewhere to copy it.

    May God – the humane one in my imagination – bless the heart, soul and body of Lee Camp, a true hero for the cause of truth

    I don’t believe in a God above the clouds but if there had been one we would have had to spend our lives correcting the errors he made: among many others, a world in which his creatures eat each other. I saw a film about a fish – I forget its name – something like Lionfish – which spends its life dipping to eat smaller fish. Even the anemone in shallow waters swallows small fish. I grew up on a cattle ranch in Namibia and gradually realised that most of those animals were destined for the butcher’s table. Sometimes, when my car was stopped by a little crowd of cattle looking with sad, dumbfounded curiosity at the creature in the car. I have never forgotten the look in those eyes that could have been mine.

    I have a good bit more to say bot there is a censorious eye that annuls everything I write. The letter so far was canceled on Lee’s page. I have, with difficulty, written it elsewhere to copy it.

    May God – the humane one in my imagination – bless the heart, soul and body of Lee Camp, a true hero for the cause of truth


  25. Hi Lee,

    This is terrific. You are there! It’s the money.

    I don’t mean to be critical, but people commenting about layers under being military or over-population. Dividing things into objects, nouns, takes us away from the centre. What matters is the driver that creates such disparity, that drives dichotomy, that reduces us to pick sides instead of looking at the core of what really matters: the vehicle that allows us to discover what do we create to empower the most people in the most sustainable way possible.

    It is likely that most people will reply with fears and judgements about limitations (I get this all the time), but lets get to first principles:

    Human nature is simply it adapts to its environment to succeed. Usury currency is a win/lose game. It’s total shit, but if someone has got to go down, so be it. It is not people are greedy. This is what fear-based game theory wants you to believe, but there are trust-based game theories, too. But they don’t work in usury/commodity economics. Being good is an exception in economics, unless we beat the model, eg, Elon, most of the time.

    The human condition is a bit different. People get all philosophical about this, but if we dig deep, it’s this: we do not know how to love ourselves as we can love other people. Look at children. Love-busting bubbles of joy. Super-savvy. They learn fast to adapt to social parameters fast, to get what they need to survive. And so they get tossed into the education system and it’s over. They are introduced to compromise, not resolution. Imagine if we were in trust-based social structures, in cities designed around connection AND children’s safety? I was thinking about this when I was designing a city template. A story for another time.

    People follow the least difficult path of resistance to get what they need. Normally this would be a sustainable path using resources efficiently for the highest quality to give. If currency was neutral (no tax, fees, interest, costs) or we were just giving, this wouldn’t be a problem, but the bastards who want to own your labour knew to own the money. It builds from there. Resources are not meant to be owned as a survival tactic. That’s fear. It’s about empowered access. Let those who use the resources most efficiently to empower people. A currency model has to support this.

    I can continue, but this is getting longer than I expected. The link is in website details I entered, but I also tweeted you. I am under ‘buxxb_’. Just in case, this is an article I wrote on Medium.com: https://buxxb.medium.com/buxxb-white-paper-46421d2f09b.

    Anyway, Lee, I hope this helps. It is the money. It values the people the wrong way. There is no money on Earth that can pay for the sustainable creativity all able people can create. Philanthropy is a smokescreen, regardless if it is sincere, like the guys at Atlassian, or covert, like Gates.

    I really hope this makes sense. You are on the money (pun). I always ask people: in any sentence where the word ‘money’ is used, watch the reframe if the word is changed to ‘people’.

    Get back to me if you want.

    1. Human overpopulation and overconsumption are the most fundamental, and therefore most important, physical problems on the planet. (I would argue that the biggest problems are spiritual/mental/emotional, but that’s another issue.) This has nothing to do with false dualities; it’s an ecological and biological reality. These two human behaviors are destroying life on Earth to the point where we now face an extinction crisis, ocean acidification, and runaway global warming, all caused by human bad behavior.

      1. When humans began using agriculture 10-12,000 years ago, they went down the path of ego, intellect, and obsessing on the physical/natural world. The proper path would have been empathy, wisdom, and focusing on expanding our consciousness. To say that economic systems cause people to be greedy misses the point; money and economic systems shouldn’t even exist in the first place.

      Because of our oversized intellect, opposable thumbs, and ability to walk upright, humans are by far the most powerful species on the planet. Along with great power comes great responsibility, and humans have been and still are as irresponsible as it gets. Making excuses for humans’ destruction of the Earth and all life on it doesn’t cut it. We need to take recognize our great power and take responsibility for it, then radically change how we live (a lot more simply & naturally) and greatly lower our population. The needed changes will take hundreds to thousands of years to complete, but that’s what’s needed.

      1. I meant obsessing on unnaturally and destructively manipulating the physical/natural world.

  26. I don’t believe in a God above the clouds but if there had been one we would have had to spend our lives correcting the errors he made: among many others, a world in which his creatures eat each other. I saw a film about a fish – I forget its name – something like Lionfish – which spends its life dipping to eat smaller fish. Even the anemone in shallow waters swallows small fish. I grew up on a cattle ranch in Namibia and gradually realised that most of those animals were destined for the butcher’s table. Sometimes, when my car was stopped by a little crowd of cattle looking with sad, dumbfounded curiosity at the creature in the car. I have never forgotten the look in those eyes that could have been mine.

    I have a good bit more to say bot there is a censorious eye that annuls everything I write. The letter so far was canceled on Lee’s page. I have, with difficulty, written it elsewhere to copy it.

    May God – the humane one in my imagination – bless the heart, soul and body of Lee Camp, a true hero for the cause of truth

    I don’t believe in a God above the clouds but if there had been one we would have had to spend our lives correcting the errors he made: among many others, a world in which his creatures eat each other. I saw a film about a fish – I forget its name – something like Lionfish – which spends its life dipping to eat smaller fish. Even the anemone in shallow waters swallows small fish. I grew up on a cattle ranch in Namibia and gradually realised that most of those animals were destined for the butcher’s table. Sometimes, when my car was stopped by a little crowd of cattle looking with sad, dumbfounded curiosity at the creature in the car. I have never forgotten the look in those eyes that could have been mine.

    I have a good bit more to say bot there is a censorious eye that annuls everything I write. The letter so far was canceled on Lee’s page. I have, with difficulty, written it elsewhere to copy it.

    May God – the humane one in my imagination – bless the heart, soul and body of Lee Camp, a true hero for the cause of truth




  27. I don’t believe in a God above the clouds but if there had been one we would have had to spend our lives correcting the errors he made: among many others, a world in which his creatures eat each other. I saw a film about a fish – I forget its name – something like Lionfish – which spends its life dipping to eat smaller fish. Even the anemone in shallow waters swallows small fish. I grew up on a cattle ranch in Namibia and gradually realised that most of those animals were destined for the butcher’s table. Sometimes, when my car was stopped by a little crowd of cattle looking with sad, dumbfounded curiosity at the creature in the car. I have never forgotten the look in those eyes that could have been mine.

    I have a good bit more to say bot there is a censorious eye that annuls everything I write. The letter so far was canceled on Lee’s page. I have, with difficulty, written it elsewhere to copy it.

    May God – the humane one in my imagination – bless the heart, soul and body of Lee Camp, a true hero for the cause of truth

    1. If you think that the way life works is a mistake, you should reconsider your attitudes toward life. Sure, it would be great to be able to pet wild lions & tigers & zebras & bears & deer & elk, but in reality they’d kill or run away from you if you tried that, and for good reason. Even domesticated horses in a pasture could easily kill or seriously injure you if you tried interacting with them without knowing what you’re doing, and they wouldn’t even be doing it on purpose.

      If you think there’s a better way that life could be organized, I’d love to hear it. If plants & animals don’t eat each other, from where would they get their energy to live? Most plants can get that energy from the sun (some eat insects also), but animals need to eat plants & other animals. Predators like the fish you mentioned need to eat a lot of prey animals, or the prey animals would overpopulate, harming both themselves and, more important, their ecosystem. If meteors didn’t bring microscopic life to Earth when they crashed here, life on Earth wouldn’t exist. Etc. Again, we can fantasize about some world where everything is cute & cuddly — hell, I’d vote for it! — but that just can’t and therefore doesn’t exist in reality.

      As to domesticated animals used for food: The problem is that animals like cattle even exist. These are not naturally evolved animals; they were instead bred by humans. Grazing cattle are one of the most unnatural destructive forces on Earth. They destroy every ecosystem in which they exist for multiple reasons (good books on this are Welfare Ranching and Sacred Cows at the Public Trough) and are responsible for people destroying entire forests so they can graze there. There’s nothing wrong with humans eating meat occasionally, it’s the way we’ve always lived. The problems are that we eat farmed meat instead of wild meat, that the vast majority of people who eat meat eat far too much of it, and that there are way too many people on the planet, the latter of which causes humans as a whole to overconsume meat even if no one were to overconsume meat individually.

      In short, I agree with your sentiments, but unfortunately they’re not realistic. Talk to or at least read about some people living in nature (hunter-gatherers are the best source) to see the proper human attitude toward wild animals; it’s very different than ours.

  28. A well done article!

    It’s worth mentioning that ‘level one’ is not just very superficial but spun to the point of being propagandized delusional thinking. Most people appear to be unwitting participants in a fantasy no matter which side of the so-called ‘culture wars’ they are own.

  29. I believe it comes down the education system( ie. idiocy via industrial style indoctrination). Critical thinking is not taught, except perhaps in college and neither are we taught of our dependence on the natural world which should be commonsensical.
    It’s up to the individual to “get their mind right” and sadly, this is a tall order for most. There are so many facets to what ails us as a people, a true “Gordian Knot” but it starts with the brainwashed citizenry.

  30. I would add Level 0: the corporate news focuses on a topic for a brief period of time – not long enough to allow the watcher/listener to think about and process what they are being told. Years ago, when I watched CNN, I remember seeing a person talking, a smaller video insert, and one or two chyrons providing yet more distraction.

    I gave up corporate news over a decade ago and now have time to read in-depth analyses which allow me to compare new info with known facts. I feel much better informed.

    1. I’d go beyond that. There’s no such thing as “corporate news;” it’s propaganda, plain & simple. There are usually true facts mixed in or published out of context, but you never get a good look at reality from that stuff. The corporate media is a large part of corporate America, and its jobs are 1) to make as much profit as possible, so it can’t upset its advertisers with stories contrary to their interests; and 2) to propagandize for corporate America.

      The U.S. has the most sophisticated propaganda in the world, but it’s propaganda nevertheless.

  31. When it comes to consumption of ‘news’ and other sources of (mis)information, it’s the same as with any other commodified product of the unfree market: caveat emptor, buyer beware. Following Marx’s opening words in Capital, the immense accumulation of commodities in which the capitalist mode of production immerses us makes the principle an impossible burden to fulfill. Who can even begin to adequately research and understand the contents of ‘goods’ (?) in one’s own corner of consumption, not least of all because those contents are not necessarily made known to the general public (!).

    So it’s guaranteed that anyone, no matter how savvy to the controlled corruption of what passes for knowledge, sooner or later will fall into learned, if not willed, ignorance. As Lee Camp does here, when he implicitly takes the medical industry as synonymous with healthcare, instead of the profitable exploitation of sickness and arguably the leading cause of death in the U$, beyond all the misery caused by parasitical insurance rackets and Obamacare (or Romneycare).

    Camp falls for even more disastrous and lethal lies of ‘healthcare’ when claiming “there are new and bizarre illnesses and viruses to worry about,” merely echoing the panic porn of a scamdemic or false flag flu (with a 99% survival rate) for imposing various states of medical martial law upon people across the world and enabling global ruling class interests to engineer demolition of national economies, depopulation and digital dictatorship.

    There’s no more powerful propaganda than reality itself, and the means to manufacture it. Capitalist control of human society has increasingly transformed life on earth, including the deepest levels of human meaning and purpose, reconstructing reality, and us, in its image. Control of media or means of mass communication is only one component, albeit a crucial one, in governing our perceptions. That generations now living have lost experience and memory of existence on earth when people produced goods for themselves more simply and directly, for instance, rather than being dependent upon the market uber alles for most every need and want, authentic or artificial, is the kind of profound paradigm shift which precedes perception and governs our being in ways only dimly apprehended.

    Some other words of Marx are relevant here: “The hand-loom gives you a society of the feudal lord; the steam mill society with the industrial capitalist.” From tool users to early industrialism to technocracies where monopoly capital deploys (and perverts) sciences to rule over us as nothing more than equipment in the machinery of production, we are now at an historical stage where biotechnologies and binary codes are set to create a non-human society of AI. No longer will the powers which shouldn’t be control our perceptions. They will be our perceptions.

    Unless we resist. It’s time for humans to unlearn ignorance over what is unfolding across our world.

    1. The problem is worship of technology and these evil perversions of science. Science should be about gaining knowledge of the world, not destroying it with harmful chemicals and polluting machines. I wouldn’t even have this computer or my cell phone if I didn’t need them for my work. Spend a good amount of time outside in nature as much as possible, that’s as real as it gets.

  32. No. You lost me on the elimination of nations because this then aligns with The Great Reset. Beware! I don’t give a damn about maintaining a livable world for the .01 percent; we need to understand THAT is the current agenda of the Davos crowd. Frankly, only sovereign nations can block the agenda of the WEF/Klaus Schwab. Unlike the Greyzone/Max Blumenthal, Camp does not explicitly go there. Why not? (Rhetorical question.)

    1. Eliminating nation-states would be great. The vast majority of what they do is evil, starting with wars and other destruction of the natural environment. Nation-states would not even be possible if not for human overpopulation, so that’s the root cause here.

  33. My mom worked for Randy Hearst & her dad, for The Jewish Criterian. Despite astute points about dailies’ relative editorial independence yesteryear, media was by, for, about and solely from the perspective of a reactionary, ofay commercial class, eager to red-line Blacks, bulldoze competitive business districts, tear out streetcars for more freeways to socially stratified, segregated and ridiculously stereotypical suburbs (replacing dairy farms, then atop land-filled stripmines). We had the first commercial radio station and public broadcasting TV channel and it was just a tiny handful of inbred honkeys, hiring petit bourgeois kids who would do most anything to lose our yunzer accents, blue-collar, redneck contentious attitudes and transcribe PR releases, happy talk, celebrity hijinx, CRIME & WAR “news.” We’d lost our tiny Sony B&W TV for a while, after Jan 1981. No more believing media, any more than eating TV Dinners, driving GM cars, killing enemies, foreign or domestic). All TV, radio and newspapers were equally suspect: Ramparts, Rolling Stone, Voice… all just trying to sell appropriated culture, fads or fetishes to bored & brainwashed boojie brats?

  34. I think level 4 is the secret that we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We can correct our status from US citizens (owned by the corporation… the United States and the corporation the United States of America) to an American state National (member of the unincorporated republic… The United States of America. )
    A legal fraud has been played on Americans.
    Check out https://states.americanstatenationals.org

  35. Layer three- Economic and environmental collapse. My favorite.
    Inevitable economic collapse of capitalism, especially 21st century Take No Prisoners Capitalism, is obvious every time somebody plays the game Monopoly through to the end. It takes a while, but it’s over when somebody has all the money. Game over. Period. And if this summer didn’t convince everybody that the environmental side is running even ahead of the economic side in the rush to collapse, it should have. Yet the system lets a coal baron, part time senator dictate environmental policy to water down the doubtless skimpy environmental policies in the not yet even passed Biden program.

  36. You know what Lee Camp, it’s the same here in France. And the mostly ignorant arrogant and heavily indoctrinated/brainwashed French don’t know that whoever wins the next French presidential election, the French oligarchs always win. Whether it is Eric Zemmour or Macron who will win the 2022 French Presidential Election, it’s Vincent Bollore (media mogul who owns CNEWS, Canal+, Europe1, Paris Match, etc) who wins as he financed both candidates. Macron’s sponsors also include other French oligarchs such as Bernard Arnault, not to mention his close ties with the American oligarchs (Larry Fink, Bill Gates, etc). We are really screwed. If you understand French, the French TV or mainstream media are as bad as the American ones. The French education system is also an indoctrination system to keep the people as dumb and as ignorant as possible.
    Well, I just have to keep writing and exposing all their lies one by one, slowly but sure on my site: indonesiamerdeka.org
    Let’s keep exposing! “It’s the responsibility of the intellectual to expose lies”- Noam Chomsky

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