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Lee Camp: Russiagate’s Final Collapse!

In his latest installment of “Redacted Tonight,” Lee Camp looks into the collapse of the Crowdstrike narrative, which he says went the same way as the Steele Dossier and other laughable excuses for Hillary Clinton getting beaten by Donald Trump. Lee takes a victory lap this week as the final pillar of the Russiagate conspiracy theory crumbles. Also, he reports on a mysterious illness connected to lavender products, and the real people fighting for a better future at the UN’s COP 26 conference – the activists.

Lee Camp
Lee Camp

Lee Camp is the host of the hit comedy news show “Redacted Tonight.” His new book “Bullet Points and Punch Lines” is available at LeeCampBook.com and his stand-up comedy special can be streamed for free at LeeCampAmerican.com.


  1. Absolutely astonishing … horrifying … an indictment of the corruption that is eating away at our country. The future of the country is on the line. None of the criminals behind this nightmare will pay. And if they don’t, it’ll still continue. Hillary Clinton and everyone whose fingerprints are on this should be tried and if found guilty do HARD TIME, not that cushy VIP prison time. Release Julian Assange and pack all these traitors into the cell he’s in right now. Let them suffocate on the stench of their pathological moral rot.

  2. If you have a good innate sense of politics and what’s really going on, the fact that all the Russiagate BS was a concocted excuse for why Clinton lost to Trump should have been obvious. I disbelieved this garbage as soon as I heard it, just like the phony weapons of mass destruction lies. Of course some people were angered by my gut reaction, but they’re substantially more conservative than I am.

  3. I like this guy… this Lee Camp fella.. a LOT….. Never seen him before… Didn’t even know what he looked like….

    Looks just like our fullback, on the KC Blues, when we first punched all those other fella’s out, and became territorial champions, in ’73. His name was Bob… I canNOT remember his last name… wanna say “Seagram”, but not sure. He was one a’ those guys, ya know, when the guys all go out to have some fun and get laid, well when we was all stumblin’ home, singin’ to the moon with the other alley cats, Bob was that guy that was always, al-fucking-ways, already snuggled up with some sweet little ‘gal just got charmed outta her knickers by handsome wild-eyed rugby player, who could look at a girl just like Captain Morgan.

    Mr. Camp has himself well ‘packaged’… Good lookin’ fella… Strong lookin…. Soft….but give ’em a coupl,e weeks to let the blisters heal up, that boy’ll do ok… he ain’t gonna give up… whatever it takes…. That boy’ll reach down… Eh… we’ll see…..

    First time I’ve seen his act… don’t forget… He’s not that great a writer… I have read a couple of his things…. Comedy is good… Ain’t no cowboy around smarter than that John Stewart boy…. It’s a matter of what do ya have t’ say… and who are you trying to say it to?

    Never seen his act before… remember… Hair is great,,, a pirate but well groomed… The all-black is a nice tough… just right…. The jacket is tasteful…. Show’s his eye for nice form…. but it’s cut to show a young lady that this man knows how to move…

    It’s all ‘just right’…

    He’s doing it ‘dumb’…. It’s effective… But with what audience?…. Who is he ‘playing to’?

    Please understand that I haven’t watched SNL since the mid-70s. “Geezus… who watches this a shit?”… I admit, I never went back… maybe it got better over the years?…. It was like ‘political and cultural humor for grade school children’…. Poo-poo-potty-pee-pee humor….

    Is this really the mindset you all ‘feel’ from your constituency?

    I can see this Camp fella is real smart… The ‘dumb’ persona works just right… I’m sure he’s playing to a large audience, that sure needs to hear what he’s saying. (Couldn’t he send it over to shrieky little JakeyBoy Johnson over at CommonDreams, who was acting like Rachel Maddow’s kitchen bitch for awhile there, hollerin’ out ’bout them dirty no-good rotten Russkies? Me OWN paisan… after all, at least on my father’s side ).

    This Camp guy looks at least as smart as Maher… Does he always play it ‘dumb’? Eh… That’s OK… We gotta talk ‘t everybody… That’s the whole idea ‘a this ‘democracy’ dealeo stuff… Smart, dumb, or in-between, we are all EQUAL… Smart people are NOT more ‘important’ than stupid people… Get it?….. (Fella name ‘a Clifton Clowers taught me all ’bout that…)

    So I’m not saying he should change his act….. Remember… This is the only time I’ve ever seen it… Look how Chapelle does it…. He makes ’em laugh… and he knows they don’t even yet understand his point… so he’ll go back home, play ’round with his kids, and wait for ‘the rubes’ t’ catch up… He cool… He got time… More than that… He ain ‘t even waitin’… He knows.. Whether they dom or not… HE does… And that’s all that matters to him…

    Lotsa ways to do it…. The little rascal that’s WAYY smarter than the fools chasing him, (like Stewart did it)… The mirthful sage, laughing most of all at his own foolery, like ole Woody Allen, the zany bumbler… etc..

    This Camp fella is young. If he’s blessed with time, with the opportunity to learn, he already has plans fo0r what he want’s to become.

    Someday, he’ll stop doing it ‘dumb.

  4. This country is filled with moral degeneracy and political depravity. I am not sure there will be any improvement before this abomination of a culture colappses from its rot. Unfortunetly they will take the entire planet with them.

    1. Every time I tell the truth I get moderated and censored, You cant handle the truth. I heard that somewhere in the movies

    2. Taking the planet is the bad part. If humans want to destroy themselves, or at least if they’re not concerned enough about that to change their behaviors, that’s their business. But destroying ecosystems & habitats, causing extirpations and extinctions, causing ocean acidification, causing global warming/climate change, and polluting every bit of the planet is not at all OK.

  5. The final collapse? This shyte show should have been over long ago, if not as soon as the political theater was launched by partisan hacks playing at controlled opposition in the nation’s cesspool.

    That career critics are still riding the coattails of corporate media and its weapons of mass distraction with continuing commentary attests only to their corruption, especially given how these same propagandists are complicit in the cover-up of the global coup that’s been rolling out since 2020, including by pulling people away from present crisis into contrived controversy of the past.

    One can only hope their audiences will recognize them for the collaborators they are, and leave their misdirecting spin behind. However, there are warning signs, like the WEF’s latest CyberPolygon simulation, that coup plotters are prepared to roll out a ‘cyberpandemic’ as more false flag strategy, with Russia if not China as Oceania’s designated enemy, so maybe another round of the blind leading the blind is all that can be expected.

  6. The complicity of Russia in the election of Donald Trump is a matter of record.

    The fact that left-ish Neo Progressive demagogues and propaganda buffs like Camp refuse to accept it is a forever stain, similar to Chomsky’s initial refusal to acknowledge the atrocities of the Communist Pot regime, and a direct result of their continued refusal to acknowledge their complicity in the 2016’s disastrous election of the Orange menace.

    The election of the worse, most damaging president in US history in 2016, was perhaps one of the lowest point of modern democracy. The left’s irrational hatred of Clinton, mirrored only by the conservative anti-clintonite madness, might explain their refusal to acknowledge theirs and Russia’s complicity in the 2016 debacle, but it cannot excuse it, and certainly not absolve it.

    Tell a lie long enough and it becomes the truth.
    Hide the truth long enough and it becomes a lie.

    1. That’s an outright lie. There is ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE that the Russian government interfered to any substantial degree in the election of Trump. You Democrats just won’t face the fact that Clinton lost the election because the Democrats offer nothing to regular people, so they voted for someone who pretended to do so.

      There is virtually no difference between Trump and any other president regarding his actions while in office. People obsess on what he said & tweeted because he pushed a lot of emotional buttons. What a politician says is meaningless with the exception of the bully pulpit. The only thing that’s important is what they DO, and overall Trump was no better or worse than any of these other psychopathic war & human rights criminals.

      1. “Tell a lie long enough and it becomes the truth.
        Hide the truth long enough and it becomes a lie.”

    2. Don’t forget to check under your bed tonight. When you find Vlad there add that to your record.

      PS: there was no democracy in the first place.

  7. Says the guy whose paycheck comes from Russian State Media, clearly a reliable source on the subject.

  8. Jeff, Trump was nothing like other Presidents, consider the reckless act of war against Iran in murdering their most famous national hero Kassem Soleimani; the willingness to call people up to try to overturn the already-decided Presidential election, the incitement of mob violence to do the same on the promise of pardons, the kidnapping of people off the street in unmarked cars; the vindictiveness and tantrums against the press, the blatant lying, all this is not just an epiphenomenon over more conventional actions in power, he also fundamentally did not understand trade economics, he exploited the pro-life faction of the Church and humiliated women for kicks. All before losing the Republicans the House , Senate and the Presidency. These were his actions in office. Can you imagine a Trump Presidential Library? What what does he have to show for his time but a legacy of vigilantes roaming the streets?

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