Chris Hedges Glenn Greenwald Video

Chris Hedges and Glenn Greenwald on the Second War on Terror (Video)

On this week's "On Contact," Chris Hedges discusses the second war on terror with the journalist, Glenn Greenwald.

The liberal and Democratic Party elites have seized on the January 6 mob assault on the U.S. Capital as the domestic equivalent of the attacks of 9/11. Joe Biden calls the storming of the Capitol “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.” Rep. Liz Cheney, a right-wing Republican whose animus towards Donald Trump has seen her join forces with the Democratic Party leadership, said that the forces behind January 6 represent “a threat America has never seen before.” The enabling resolution that created the Select Committee that is investigating the events of January 6 calls the mob assault as “one of the darkest days of our democracy.” The hyperventilating about the incursion into the capital, often described by its critics as an attempted insurrection and coup, has effectively shut down questions about whether proposed responses for dealing with the January 6 mob incursion into the U.S. Capital. There is a collective chant by the Democratic Party leadership and many in the media for the censoring and criminalizing of those that embrace the right-wing ideology and its conspiracy theories. The Biden administration is pushing a bill authored by Rep. Adam Schiff, a member of the Select Committee on January 6, to open a second war on terror against domestic enemies. The rhetoric, and the rush to push through legislation that will severely circumscribe our ability to dissent, echoes what we heard in the immediate aftermath of the attacks of 9/11. Those, such as Glenn Greenwald, who warn that such overreach is excessive, unconstitutional, and dangerously weakens of our already anemic civil liberties are excoriated as closet sympathizers with the right-wing. Greenwald, a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, who is also an attorney, was one of the first and most important voices to decry the draconian provisions instituted under the Patriot Act and the anti-terrorism laws passed in the wake of 9/11. He sees a similar lack of proportionality or legality in the government actions being carried out after the January incursion with, perhaps, even more dire consequences.


  1. I, too, think they are closet sympathizers with the right-wing. They try so hard to be alt-left, they have become irrelevant.

    1. Eh??.. Saperstein??… Ahhh…. At the rubes again, are ye?

      Latin root sapere: ‘to know’…. But even deeper, to ‘have tasted’….

      Peddling yer primitive tribalism… It’s always effective on the stupid rubes, eh?

      Is that how ye judge others, o ‘he who knows’, (or ‘he who has tasted’)? By what tribe they belong to? Gee… Makes a fella wonder what tribe YOU belong to… Hmmmmm…….Saperstein…. Celtic??… Nahhh… uhgh… uhhh…. Gimme time… I’ll think it….

    2. Hedges, sympathizer (closeted or not) of right-wing? Is this it for discourse? You have not followed Hedges, listened to him, and alas, even his latest piece will tell you he is far from the pig, putrid, patriarchal right-wing. Read his Maxwell-Epstein piece here.

      What is the right-wing?

      Not to get too psychological, but . . .

      Recent years have seen a resurgence of right-wing politics in the US, most dramatically in the sudden appearance of the reactionary, anti-tax, anti-social-safety-net Tea Party in early 2009, and the tremendous influence of celebrity demagogues like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin.

      In February 2012, The New York Times profiled a typical adherent of this movement. At the time, Ki Gulbranson was a 57-year-old shop owner from Lindstrom, Minnesota, with an annual income of about $39,000—meaning he was struggling to pay for necessities. He received a credit from the federal government, reducing by several thousand dollars the income taxes he had to pay; his children got breakfast and lunch in school, paid for by the government; and his mother had had two hip surgeries, courtesy of Medicare, the government’s single-payer national health insurance plan for the elderly. Yet Mr. Gulbranson worked for a Tea Party candidate in his local congressional election, supported politicians who promised to cut government spending and, according to the Times article, “wants you to know that he does not need any help from the federal government” (Appelbaum and Gebeloff, 2012).

      How can we understand the self-defeating passion among working Americans like Mr. Gulbranson, especially in recent years, for right-wing politicians and policies that, in reality, would help only the very richest and hurt the rest of us? I will examine this phenomenon through the lens of psychoanalytic trauma theory, with an emphasis on the contributions of Sándor Ferenczi.

      Ferenczi’s Trauma Theory
      My long-standing interest in Ferenczi’s work, particularly his conception of the traumatic reaction he called “identification with the aggressor” (hereafter IWA—Ferenczi, 1933; Frankel, 2002a)—related to, but different from, Anna Freud’s (1936) later, better-known use of this termFootnote1—alerted me to striking similarities between a child’s response to abuse by her parents and the populist mania I am addressing.

      Ferenczi (1933) was surprised to discover in his adult patients who had survived extreme familial child abuse that, in their childhoods, rather than responding to mistreatment the way we might expect—with “reaction, hatred, disgust and energetic refusal”—they would “subordinate themselves like automata to the will of the aggressor, to divine each one of his desires and to gratify these … completely oblivious of themselves…” (p. 162, italics in original). Abused children comply to this extreme degree both to survive the encounter with an out-of-control adult who has absolute power over them, and to cling to a feeling of belonging to their family when the family has turned its back on them.

      These children not only do in behavior what the attacker wants, but also accommodate mentally, perceiving, thinking, and even feeling what they sense the aggressor wants them to. They instinctively grasp that playing the required role flawlessly means their inner experience must match their outer behavior. They both dissociate certain feelings, thoughts, and perceptions, and create others, as the situation demands (Frankel, 2012). The capacity for independent thinking may itself be a necessary sacrifice if the child is to accept the family’s definition of reality.

      The false sense of self-sufficiency and security that feeling like a Real American confers is bolstered by our culture’s manically tinged iconography of power and aggression—crowds chanting “USA! USA!” and “Drill, baby, drill!”; advertising images of pickup trucks mastering the toughest terrain; hit after ferocious hit by muscle-bound, armor-clad football players; the fetishizing of unrestricted, unregulated gun ownership as essential to liberty (Bandow, 2013); and anti-tax fanatic Grover Norquist’s wish to shrink government “down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub” (Edsall, 2012). “Stand your ground” laws epitomize the aggressive sovereignty of the individual revered by the right. The idolization of strength is also evident when right-wingers on the warpath against government spending and deficits holster their weapons when it comes to cutting funds for the military. Strength is the virtue that annuls all sins. In contrast, weakness, or anything that could be mistaken for it, is unforgivable. The narcissistic emphasis on power and aggression, and rejection of vulnerability, are also seen in the right’s attraction to mean-spirited policies and bullying politicians.

      Crucially, considering oneself a Real American also provides a sense of belonging that compensates for, and hides, disavowed feelings of dispossession and abandonment. (In fact, fetishizing “independence” may transform feelings of abandonment from bad to good.) The sense of internal exile felt by people in danger of losing jobs, homes, and culture is replaced with a hypercharged sense of belonging (cf. Layton, 2014), perhaps especially for those who identify with a special subgroup of Real Americans (e.g. the military, the Tea Party, gun owners) that fancies itself a sterling embodiment of the American autonomy myth.

      Drinking this ideological kool-aid is also promoted by influential right-wingers actively encouraging mental accommodation in its various forms—promoting self-deluding stratagems that much of an insecure citizenry has been only too eager to adopt. For instance, as in an abusive family, evidence contrary to the approved view of reality is annulled. We see this clearly in several areas, such as the right’s denial of man-made climate change, evolution, and the growing body of economic evidence about the worldwide failure of austerity policies during the recession.


  2. First of all Revolution is necessary in certain instances where the government has lost its ability to represent the will of its people, and is catering solely to the interests of the elite. It should be avoided at all costs if other means of achieving the objective are available. Revolution does not have to mean bloodshed. A citizenry can stop supporting a government by stopping paying taxes, etc. It must be done in huge numbers so that the government cannot jail everyone. When the vote loses its effectiveness, then change is required to support the Constitutional mandates.

    1. You are entirely correct, good citizen Mr. Case…

      But we must go further…

      You are what ole Jack Barleycorn, (his drinking buddies called him), called a ‘revolutionary’. A revolutionary is one who ‘believes in’ revolution.

      A ‘revolutionist’ is someone who revolts.

      That means she or he dedicates her or his entire life and spirit to building a ‘revolution’… A REAL one… on the ground… as they say…. ‘Member what Ole Jack said that one time? Man from Missouri sez “show me”…. Wiser man sez “put it in my hand”.

      Things are already in good progress… The switch is thrown… The Train is already moving down the track….

      When enough revolutionaries become revolutionists… Then we will ‘make America great again’…

      Wait… What??… LOL… Ya see? C’mon, boys and girls… Talking revolution is SO much fun… Eh??

      Revolution is MUCH more complicated than it at first appears… Yea… sure… Alls we need t’ do is get hundreds of millions of people to all stop paying taxes… All at the same time… Ahh… Should be easy… Let’s jump right on that…


      “I can hire half the working class to kill the other half”… J Gould. (‘Scuse me while I spit….)…

      Well… Looky here… That’s EXACTLY what those Ole Boys have done… And all these idiots have fallen for this same old (same old) trick again. It’s literally (LITERALLY!!) the “oldest trick in the book”, and we fell for it AGAIN….(sheesh… sigh…)

      “OK boys, listen up… Race and gender.. Race and gender… Got it? Get ever-body all riled up about their most primitive tribal identities, whip up their most volatile tribal passions, and then set off sparks, willy-nilly, all over the place, and just sit back and laugh and see what catches fire… OK boys and girls… Boots on the ground… Let’s hit the street runnin'”….

      “Hit the decks ‘a running, boys, and spin them guns around… We found that Suebi bastard, and we’re gonna cut’m down… (The fog was gone on the 7th day…)…

      ‘They’…. aka (in some circles): The Enemy… have the working class split every which way ‘cept loose…. ‘They’ are financing BOTH sides.

      Y’all oughta hear Ole Jay Gould’s evil chortling laughter, echoing down the long stone hallway, up from the cess-pool sewer where he rests forever….

      They’ve hired half the working class to kill the other half…

      “You fasten all the triggers, for others t’ fire, then ya sit back and watch, as the death count gets higher. For threatening my baby, un-borned and un-named, Ya ain’t worth the blood that flows in yer veins….” (attribution, anyone?)

      What is a ‘revolution’ anyway? Did not that TommyBoy Jefferboy hisself not say we need a new revolution ever’ couple generation or so? Did the man, walking on his stinky-dirty ‘feet of clay’, actually SAY that, out LOUD?

      A revolution must move like a chimera, shimmering reality as it travels in waves, like water, like sound, even like light… A chimera has many heads… The Lion. The Lamb. The Dragon. The Snake.

      Most revolutions end in tragedy… After great bloodshed, tyranny rises to rule over the chaos…

      That don’t sound like any fun…..

      It might surprise ya, good citizen Mr. Case, what an actual revolution actually looks like in its early days…

      But when ya catch sight of This Train comin’ ’round the bend… Trust me… You’ll know right away….. Ever’ time a revolutionary hops on This Train…. Thats one more revolutionists along fer the joyride, as This Train picks up speed, the heavier it gets, with more, then more jumping on as it passes by.

  3. The only problem I have with this is that the true culprits are not going to be held accountable. Sure, you have the herd assaulting the Capitol. They were merely being used by Trump and his associates to enable their attempt for a coup. Sure, these underlings should be punished in some way. But they are small fish to fry; they are really inconsequential. If all that comes out of this is punishing them, then this is a sham exercise. We need to make Trump accountable and put him in prison where he belongs.

    No, I didn’t watch the whole video, but responding to the summary.

    1. Reviewing some of the comments, it’s apparent I need to view the video, but I think I have the gist of it — Hedges and Greenwald think the Insurrection investigation is irrelevant because it’s simply a conflict between two autocratic groups, vying for power. Let’s face it, the MIC is still in control and the corporations still run nation, whether we have Trump or Biden. There certainly is truth in that assessment.

  4. How far can this farce go? The Liberal Left embrace censorship, the MIC and Deep State and totalitarianism in general while the Right wing nut cases embrace freedom of speech, are anti-war and pro-privacy.

    Up is down and night is day. All the while the right is convinced that Socialists and Communists are taking over when there are none, and the pathetic left seem convinced about whatever MSNBC tells them to be.

    If this country was a dog, I’d recommend it get put down to end it’s misery…..

  5. While Joe Biden might see a demonstration by his political enemies as “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War,” the War on Drugs– with a doubling of incarceration rate, all Poor people, mostly for non-violent crimes, disproportionately affecting Black communities, and with a 100-fold sentencing disparity aimed at non-violent crack users vs white (think Hunter Biden) powder cocaine users– seems a better comparison to the worst attack on our democracy. Even now as many states have relaxed their marijuana laws, Joseph Robinette Biden, THE major architect of the Drug War Laws and standard bearer of the Democrats (receiving 92% of the Black vote, incomprehensibly), Biden fired staff who admitted they had partaken of pot. There is no comparison of the harm Biden has done to America, even just accounting for his role in the War on Drugs, relative to the idiot 1/6 protesters.

    Biden and Schiff, the Fascist Californian-Israeli, now want to declare war on all Trump’s Deplorables, a significant percentage of Americans, effectively turning dissenting protesters into Political Prisoners. The George Floyd protests, which resulting in significantly more violence and loss of life, were NOT seized upon by Trump (beyond rhetoric); the January 6 protests were, as noted by Greenwald, clearly a repeat of the Whitmer (and Northam) “kidnapping plots”, orchestrated by the FBI, with the small group of “militia” involved being without money, weapons, transport or home ownership, who otherwise would just bitch and moan harmlessly about their incompetent Governor in bars, as workers do about their bosses, their wives and their children.

    Biden and the Democrats want to stomp out any criticism of the Elites (how dare ANY of the hoi polloi DARE petition for redress of grievances to OUR exalted government officials?) Biden brags about HIS Patriot Act written in 1995 stripping away Constitutional Rights, and now wants enactment of a second Patriot Act 2.0 attacking his political enemies (ie, “Domestic terrorists”).

    As Thomas Jefferson wrote about a REAL Insurrection, Shay’s Rebellion (where the Elites refused to accept IOUs from Massachusetts farmers, preferring to steal their farms. Of course.):
    “Yet where does this anarchy exist? Where did it ever exist, except in the single instance of Massachusetts? And can history produce an instance of rebellion so honorably conducted? I say nothing of its motives. They were founded in ignorance, not wickedness. God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all and always well-informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. We have had thirteen states independent eleven years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century and a half for each state. What country before ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion?
    And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon, and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure. Our Convention has been too much impressed by the insurrection of Massachusetts, and in the spur of the moment they are setting up a [chicken hawk] to keep the hen yard in order.”

    1. Our good citizen Mike3-8s writes:

      “….the January 6 protests were, as noted by Greenwald, clearly a repeat of the Whitmer (and Northam) “kidnapping plots”, orchestrated by the FBI, with the small group of “militia” involved….”

      Ahhh… but Mr Greenwald poopied his pants, on camera, and he never even seemed to know it… 26:06 mark… on the tape… “No one’s saying this is a false flag, that the FBI planned it all…”

      Umm.. (cough cough)… It was VERY strange. He very effectively argued the case, and then summed up with, “I’m not really saying what I’m saying here”.

      Eh… Well. Methinks he’ll be a tad embarrassed when he thinks on that s’more.

      Some fences can be sat upon, good citizen Mr. Greenwald. The sitter may look pretty silly trying to act comfortable up there on all the pointy balusters, but it can be done.

      But Mr. Greenwald just staked out a position that is impossible to occupy. A ‘point’, (speaking in plane geometry terms), has no dimension, a line has zero width… Ya just look silly when ya try t’ stand on one…

      That Maricata is a pit viper…. Eh? Watch out fer that one… High rank…. The outside of the building that gal (methinks) works in is hewn from old marble…..

      Raise your hand if you cringe in shame when you remember the dumb-ass things you once did… I guess this Maricata Viper is proud of every single things SHE’s done.. Eh??

      Methinks this Maricata has five husbands, and the one she has now is not even her own…

      Let’s give Greennwald a SEVERE thrashing for all his whole life’s every eff-up… Okey doke, then…. Ya happy now, Marycat girl?

      And then… After we done thrashed that boy good, we better effin’ LISTEN to what this man is trying to tell us… In my book… This Greenwald fella is one of the most courageous people in our nation… And he’s riding down some lonely trails…

      And THAT is why he’s gonna feel so silly when he realizes what he said ‘on air’. “I’m not really saying what I’m saying”… Uhh… Needs a little work, good citizen Mr. Greenwald. (Cue the elbow ‘t the

      Gee…. Think back… You could even do some research maybe… A certain someone was trying very hard to counsel people to restrain their worst passions… The trap was rather obvious, after all… Any idiot could see it coming…

      They did…. Bless ’em all…. These people are NOT anything at ALL like the people on the ‘other side’. They’re confused, but they are NOT crazed, like them poor fallen Woke folks are… They are at least TRYING.. VERY hard.. to be rational… They listen to reason. They speak reason. They talk reason… Doesn’t mean they always make the right choices… But they are TRYING to be rational…

      Bless ’em….They listened to wise counsel…

      They were PEACEFUL…

      Well, that foiled the whole plot…. They were ‘sposed t’ go in and smash everything up, so the cops could come shootin’… But they didn’t… LOL…

      And now these mentally deranged idiots are left standing before the entire world community, pointing at a cute puppy dog, and shrieking like insane people that the puppy dog is really a vicious WOLF… LOL…

      And they are starting to ‘see’ that everyone, people all over the world, are turning to each other, and sniggering into their palms,…. and looky there… LOL… ‘They involuntarily reach to feel if their fly is open…. Before the entire world…

      These folks are scared… And ‘member what me grampaw said… when a critter is scared, it’s even more dangerous than when it’s mad…..

      Just look at the stupid look on their faces, as the puppy wags its tail, licks their shoe, and whines to play, and this crazed demented old man, his goat nails clacking on the marble floor, just keeps saying, in an ever more desperate tone, “It’s a vicious WOLF I tell you!!!!! It’s a WOLF!!!….

      (Poor ole Skinny Joe… Put a shawl on his shoulders. set him down in his favorite rocker… He can pretend he’s ‘a tellin’ all the Old Boys at the Club the same old jokes, at which they always laugh with ridiculously exaggerated booming baritone male ‘guffaws’…

  6. Ad hominem attacks are fallacies unless they are used as the basis of vetting a source.

    I’m sorry but Glenn Greenwald lacks legitimacy and confidence from the public. He is a ‘Third positioner’.

    We will get to this in a minute, but taking the basis of his argument that low-level lumpens are being charged by the liberal state erroneously is not argued, by me, anyway.

    But where is Glenn calling for the masterminds of this simulation of the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch by Hitler to be arrested?

    Nowhere. He doesn’t think it was an insurrection.

    Greenwald is what capitalism vomits up as journalism.

    First he takes the Snowden files and then releases ten percent. Why Glenn?

    Then the Intercept where he worked closes down the Snowden file archive.
    Any comments from Glenn on this? No.

    Then he takes Pierre Morad Omidyar’s billions and helps start the Intercept, a billionaire’s psyop.

    Claims he has no choice, too much censorship at the Guardian.

    Then he quits and joins Tucker Carlson in what can only be called the Third Position.

    But it gets worse. Let me begin by saying I am a lawyer of 45 years and agrees everybody deserves defense. But I choose not to represent child molesters or Nazis.

    Not Glenn:

    “The writer who broke the NSA SNOWDEN PRISM story, Glenn Greenwald, also represented Mathew Hale.

    His involvement with Hale went well beyond the normal attorney / client relationship. Glenn became an honorary member of Hale’s Church of the Creator and one of his crew. He represented the Church in every legal matter for five years for free, flying to Peoria to hook up with his client. He did illegal undercover work for Hale. Why risk imprisonment and loss of your law license if you do not believe in Nazi doctrine?

    Pretending it was out of his concern for civil liberties Greenwald became an in house counsel and a pro bono publico attorney for Hale and his Church of the Creator for five years.

    Hale is now doing 40 years in prison for plotting to kill a federal judge. Glenn was caught collaborating with Hale in smuggling coded messages out of jail despite the fact Hale was under Special Administrative Measures.

    Glenn Greenwald also passed on the coded messages Hale’s mother smuggled out of the joint. He did not report the existence of these messages to the FBI until many months later after the Feds visited him.
    Knowledge of new illegal activity on the part of a client is not covered by attorney client confidentiality. Glenn had to stop practicing law; his law partners no longer wanted to work with him and his law license was suspended.

    MONTHS BEFORE KILLINGS, HALE TRIED TO PASS CODED MESSAGE CHICAGO (AP) — An attorney for jailed white supremacist Matthew Hale, who has been a focus of the investigation into the killings of a federal judge’s husband and mother, said Wednesday that Hale’s mother asked him late last year to relay a coded message from Hale to one of his supporters.

    Greenwald also made illegal tape recordings of witnesses in another matter involving Hale. That’s right–Glenn Greenwald, self-proclaimed civil rights lawyer, violated the civil right of witnesses. The New York Bar later wrote a clarifying opinion on the ethics of said taping, referencing this case–

    It wasn’t enough that Glenn took the case, which was his right to do. No–he had to insult the Plaintiffs–shooting victims. And then, he unethically taped the witnesses he subpoenaed, even directing their statements.
    A court found that he violated TWO separate rules– “The magistrate judge granted both motions, finding defense counsel’s conduct unethical under two separate rules: Local Rule 83.58.4(a)(4), prohibiting “dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation;” and Local Rule 83.54.4, stating “a lawyer shall not … use methods of obtaining evidence that violate the legal rights of person.” Anderson v. Hale 159 F.Supp.2d 1116 (2001).

    He also attempted to manipulate the witness statements, per the magistrate’s findings of fact. A 52-page transcript of one conversation showed defendants’ counsel steered the conversation by eliciting particular responses to detailed questions, leading to more detailed questions, to lure the witness into damning statements for later use.” Anderson v. Hale, 202 F.R.D. 548 (N.D.Ill. 2001)

    That’s right–Glenn Greenwald, self-proclaimed civil rights lawyer, violated the civil right of witnesses. The New York Bar later wrote a clarifying opinion on the ethics of said taping, referencing this case.
    Greenwald said. In a press release, Hale said he will use the lawsuit as a way of gaining compensation and finally getting his much awaited-for law license.

    Glenn fought for the Constitutional Right of the Church of Creativity’s associate group, the National Alliance, to incite the beating of Hispanic workers.

    This is what transpired: In September 2000, two local racist skinheads posed as homebuilding contractors to lure two Mexican day laborers to a warehouse where the white supremacists stabbed and nearly beat the immigrants to death. One of the assailants was tattooed with swastikas. The other had a tattoo on his stomach of a skinhead menacing a kneeling Jew. Perez and Escamilla were Mexican/Chicano day laborers residing in Farmingville, New York. Slavin and Wagner Escamilla was bludgeoned by Slavin until he lost consciousness; Perez too was clubbed by Slavin and was stabbed several times by Wagner.

    Escamilla eventually regained consciousness, and both plaintiffs managed to escape. They were aided by a passing motorist who summoned the police.

    This was his comments when a judge dismissed a lawsuit against The National Alliance after their rhetoric had inspired some morons to beat up two Mexican workers:

    “The lawsuit was a very dangerous attempt to start imposing liability and punishment on groups because of their political and religious views,” Glenn Greenwald, a Manhattan attorney representing the National Alliance and other groups, was quoted by Newsweek as saying. “If you can be liable for the actions of other people who hear your views, then you would be afraid to ever express any views that were ever unconventional.” The National Alliance (NA) was for decades the most dangerous and best organized neo-Nazi formation in America.

    Elevating the profile of last July’s racially-motivated shooting spree to still a higher level, the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights filed suit against the white supremacist group it claims is responsible for the two-state tear that left two dead and nine wounded.

    In a federal lawsuit filed here Tuesday, lawyers for a Decatur pastor wounded during the spree allege World Church of the Creator leader Matthew F. Hale not only encouraged, but conspired with shooter Benjamin Nathaniel Smith to “commit wholesale acts of genocidal violence in furtherance of their self-proclaimed ‘racial holy war’ against any and all African-Americans, Jews, Asians and other ethnic groups.”
    The New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights also filed suit against the white supremacist group it claims is responsible for the two-state tear that left two dead and nine wounded.

    In a federal lawsuit filed here Tuesday, lawyers for a Decatur pastor wounded during the spree allege World Church of the Creator leader Matthew F. Hale not only encouraged, but conspired with shooter Benjamin Nathaniel Smith to “commit wholesale acts of genocidal violence in furtherance of their self-proclaimed ‘racial holy war’ against any and all African-Americans, Jews, Asians and other ethnic groups.”.
    Greenwald said, “I find that the people behind these lawsuits are truly so odious and repugnant, that creates its own motivation for me.”

    He meant The Center for Constitutional Rights.

    Knowing what you know now would you really trust this guy as a bonafide journalist or source?

    1. A very determined effort to smear a great journalist. I give you a gold star for effort.

  7. According to Pastels and Pedophiles, a book about QAnon by a couple of psychologists, some criminologists did background checks on the people who were arrested in connection with the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and found that 68 percent of them had previously been diagnosed with serious mental disorders. I don’t have the book in front of me, but I think some of the diagnoses were for things like major depression, and bipolar and borderline personality disorder. It is not improbable that the rest of the people arrested had serious undiagnosed issues as well. If this is actually true, and I don’t know that it is, maybe the principal thing that Jan. 6 reveals is that people with mental disease are easy to manipulate into doing stupid things.

  8. Oh, so the love-hate of Greenwald. Interesting. People that think Greenwald is this amazing dude, and then those who proclaim how capitalism vomits out this fellow as an example of journalism.

    Yikes, maybe the same goes for almost every politician, every corporate head, every judge, lawyer, every CEO and Eichmann Followers of the military-pharma-ed-media-med-law-AI-surveillance- prison-banking-real estate-finance-energy-mining-ag Complex.

    Get real. This is a country of white supremacists, Hedges or Greenwald, accidental tourists in it all, or covert controlled opposition. IN the end, embrace your United Slaves of America and its expatriate living in Brazil.

    All Power to the People! examines problems of race, poverty, dissent, and the universal conflict of the haves versus the have nots. U.S. government documents, rare news clips, and interviews with both ex-activists and former FBI/CIA officers, provide deep insight into the bloody conflict between political dissent and governmental authority in the U.S. of the 60s and 70s.

  9. Greenwald has become a libertarian, while Hedges has a simplistic view of the U.S. ruling class. Trying to stop an election, even if it is for one of the ruling parties, is still anti-democratic. You might remember that fascists stopped elections in Germany, Italy and Spain…because the majority of their ruling class backed them. We have a split ruling-class, so it is not so easy … yet. This is more early ‘civil war’ terrain, on the level of the Spanish Civil War, where one small section of the liberal bourgeoisie was against military control and Franco. I do not think this was ‘an insurrection’ or a ‘coup’ but it certainly was an anti-democratic riot led by the hard-right. I call it the Selfie Putsch – ridiculous, dark and inept, but a smell of things to come. If the real Left had done this, for some other purpose, they would ALL be in jail. Greenwald and Hedges – petit-bourgeois intellectuals both.

  10. To Chris Hedges and Bob Scheer:

    In a recent post, Greenwald described the BLM movement as a cancer, claiming it “metastasized”;

    “The issues raised by that movement were varied and often shifting: though it was catalyzed by the claim that the U.S. is swamped with racist police brutality as illustrated by the Floyd and Blake cases, it quickly metastasized into other areas far removed from those two cases.”

    In the next sentence, he accuses ANTIFA of “white insurrectionary anarchy”:

    “White Antifa members clashed with Black protesters over the attempt to steer or broaden the movement away from a narrow focus on racist police brutality into one devoted to generalized insurrectionary anarchy. ”

    GG then presents a right wing reactionary caracature of the “defund the police” slogan.

    He then sets up his attack of hycprisy, but note that he does so by noting “non-violence”

    “And thus, while they work with one hand to usher in radical reforms to the policing and prison state, they work with the other to concoct theories to justify the long-term imprisonment of their political opponents, even when their alleged crimes involve no violence.”

    GG then overviews various examples of non-violence.

    But, somehow, his original inclusion of the violent crimes of Rittenhouse (who is featured in the photo illustrating th story) has magically disappeared from the current text.

    I am certain that the origin version of the piece included Rittenhouse violent crimes (alleged) in the argument attacking so called hypocrisy. He also failed to mention a whole lot of relevant facts about Rittenhouse’s relationships to right wing militia and his racist behavior after his shooting spree. It literally made me sick.

    Where did all those Rittenhouse lies go?

    Am I losing my mind or did Greenwald delete all that?

    Regardless, his arguments are an embarrassment.

    1. Updating this in light of the Rittenhouse verdict.

      Just look at how Greenwald (and Taibbi and Jimmy Dore) responded.

      They used the verdict as an opportunity to blast the legacy media coverage of the issue and defend Rittenhouse.

      No mention of the context or criticism of fascist vigilantes (e.g. what the protest was all about; why Rittenhouse went there; the proliferation of heavily armed militia vigilante’s and violence against protesters; Rittenhouse’s collaboration with militia and the photo on him giving the white power sign; Rittenhouse’s remarks on tape BEFORE the murders that he wished he had his AR so he could shoot shoplifters he saw; the implications for future vigilante violence at protests, etc).

      None of this mentioned at all.

      These guys are all unprincipled opportunist grifters who are either dupes or knowingly enabling fascists and implicitly celebrating fascist culture and politics.

  11. Better late than never? Or too little too late? These guys seem like they could be catching up to the real coup behind January 6th and beyond. However, remaining chained to their leashes of respectable if not loyal critics of the establishment, refraining from such forbidden talking points as (CIA-inspired) ‘conspiracy theory’, they keep their audiences trailing behind the plot still unfolding. All consistent with truth delayed amounting to truth denied, and their own role as gaslighting gatekeepers for acceptable alternatives to prevailing perception proving inconsequential in preventing where we’re being (mis)directed.

    Greenwald remarkably illustrates this in recognizing the overwhelming part played by the FBI, let alone other deep state agencies, in manufacturing terrorism (for advancing state terror and fascist agenda under ‘national security’). But when it comes to this and other overwhelming evidence of false flag operations throughout history, he acquiesces to McCarthyite, witch-hunt repression, as of conspiracy theorists, he claims to oppose.

    Accordingly, by way of comparison with presently resurgent security state targeting of ‘domestic terrorism’ (led by the left wing of the ruling class bird of prey), he laments the war on civil liberties apparently following the 2001 launch of the war on/of terror (led by the right wing), while ignoring and effectively suppressing overwhelming evidence indicative of 9/11 as an inside job, including the PNAC’s earlier planning for a new Peral Harbor and how such legislation as the Patriot Act under Bush and NDAA under Obama was largely crafted well beforehand, not least of all by the current Manchurian president.

    From security warnings of and ‘defense’ planning against a potential coup with the 2020 election (see the bipartisan Transition Integrity Project) to (redacted) eyewitness accounts and film footage of evidence of agents provocateurs, the Capitol event of January 6th and its casting as an insurrection indicates a conveniently contrived stage for incorporating narrative and agenda crucial to the real coup launched in 2020 with the p(l)andemic and war on/of bioterror. Whether it be mainstream propaganda fusing right wing extremism with covid ‘misinformation’ or DHS profiling of domestic terrorism in terms of alerts of ‘anti-vax violence’, it is those noncompliant with and resistant to the corona coup and its opportune crisis creation of a global Great Reset at whom the security state is primarily taking aim.

  12. Love Chris Hedges point of view, great guy.

    But we’re taking RT here peoplez, which outlet is just grotesque Voice of Russia agitprop. What you will never learn from Russia Today is anything about what the people of Russia are struggling with in Russia. RT sows FUD in USA. That’s its mission.

    Greenwald, unlike Hedges, has no discernible principles. He has a traveling USA libertarian wickerman which he sets a-blaze to garner attention and has a going career of it. He will take his roadshow wherever he finds bank. As Tucker Carson discovered, there are deep pockets for special sorts of religious messaging to white, reactionary audiences in whatever terms generate animosity against the government as a regulator. If you are in big business, your top concern is regulation.

    The key to all news is that when journalism is bought — to quote Chomsky — you must expect it to reflect the views of the buyers, the sellers and the product, where the product is the audience.

    Glenn offers a special sauce for the McRib of US political commentary, and this sauce is important because the underlying ingredients are whitebread with lots of sugar and mechanically separated meat, the tailings leftover from carcasses from which all the better cuts have already been apportioned.

    Greenwald is a genius shill, as you would expect to be produced by the greatest PR in the world.

    Hedges is poor, in the sense anything that pays will be considered an opportunity to test himself.

    What distinguishes Hedges and Greenwald are in the conduct of their service: Hedges believes in actual human affairs bigger than himself which involves confrontation with oppression. Greenwald believes in an abstract justice which he tunes to get a payout. Both can be said to respect a commonwealth, but Greenwald is satisfied by an abstract commonwealth as long as he gets paid, whereas Hedges explores other self-defined external criteria for progress than just pay.

    Can these two get along under the rubric of RT agitprop, keeping in mind that RT is run not by the Russian civilization that collapsed during the Cold War, but the oligarchic Russia that remained prospered from the collapse; not the Russia of its own civilization, but the Russia with a chip on its shoulder that can catch up to and beat the USA at the game of plutocracy.

    It’s weird to me that Hedges has found a home at RT but I wonder if he sees the same RT as I do. RT may work like Scientology, in that it provides is a very different experience for wealthy celebrity influencers than random street kids invited in for a personality test.

    I feel the same about Zizek: he’s got major asperger’s and prolly is just happy to get more pay and fame, while telling himself that the hazards of ideological manipulation exist across all media, but at least RT gives him a slot to speak.

    RT doesn’t care about the finer points of the guys because they serve to agitate the MSM and that also is about attention and getting paid… It’s a giant circle jerk.

    I’m here to tell you the operational modality of all News is to tell you what to think while you sit back self-assured that no one can tell you what to think. Pls think about that.

    The only way out is to work for something more important than yourself, but in this civilization the only way that’s trusted is if you do it for yourself!

    1. Interesting comment, but for someone like me who has little knowledge of what you are talking about, I would like to see more concrete examples of what you allege that Hedges and Greenwald are doing to earn your ad hominems.

      For example — “Only in the stunted and diseased imagination of Tucker bestie Greenwald (and, sadly, the increasingly irrelevant and out-of-touch Chris Hedges) are the perpetrators of an attempted fascist coup the real victims.”

      C’mon, Greenwald is far from a Tucker bestie, just because he appeared on his show

      So, how is Hedges out of touch?

      Did they say the perpetrators of the coup were victims — you could say the accomplices of the real perpetrators are the victims — the real perpetrators, Trump and his team, have not yet been victimized.

      You talk a good game but pretty words don’t prove a point. They just make others think you know more than they do — show me what you know then, if you do.

  13. It’s so unfortunate to see yet more of Glenn Greenwald’s agitprop smeared across the top of this website.

    The security services were of course deeply involved in the attempted Jan. 6 insurrection; this point, which Greenwald treats as some kind of earth-shattering revelation, is so banal as to be meaningless. The alphabet agencies have been joined at the hip with this country’s many paramilitaries for decades — an amalgamated force that has now become a praetorian guard for the nationalist right. Only in the stunted and diseased imagination of Tucker bestie Greenwald (and, sadly, the increasingly irrelevant and out-of-touch Chris Hedges) are the perpetrators of an attempted fascist coup the real victims.

    These mouthpieces for the billionaire class are the very definition of “controlled opposition.” Those who choose to follow these pied pipers are sleepwalking into the abyss.

    It’s been a good run reading Truthdig / Scheerpost, lo these many years, but the camel’s back has been broken. Enjoy the audience of Trumpenvolk, anti-vaxxers, and politically confused bourgeois-libertarians you’ve been so dead-set on courting. I hope the clicks were worth your immortal soul.

  14. the narcissism of small differences revealed by nearly all comments—evidence entirely ignored, no sociological or historical context
    “the men Americans most admire dare to tell them the most extravagant lies; the men they most despise try to tell them the truth”. HL Menkhen

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