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Will Omicron Finally End the Covid-19 Pandemic?

It's possible that the latest Covid-19 variant is actually a blessing in disguise.
[Trinity Care Foundation / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]

By Stephen Londe, MD, FACC, FACS / Original to ScheerPost

In 1796 an English physician, Edward Jenner, observed that milkmaids who had gotten cowpox were immune to smallpox. He surmised, rightly, as we now know, that the disease was related. Smallpox, which has killed hundreds of millions of people dating all the way back to prehistory, is caused by the virus variola and is related to cowpox, catpox, and several other virus-caused “poxes (Orthopoxvirus family).” Our present day mandated vaccine against smallpox is also a related virus, vaccinia, which causes a small localized lesion leaving a scar and immunity against the variola or smallpox virus. Thus we are used to accepting a minor disease to protect against a lethal disease. 

Is Omicron the Cowpox of Covid-19?

To date, the World Health Organization, WHO, has recorded no deaths from the Omicron Covid-19 variant. What is this newly identified Covid-19 Omicron variant? Identified first by scientists in Africa it has now been reported  in  Europe and the United States and likely everywhere. Our experience with Omicron is recent and limited with little data or experience on which to rely.  There are more than thirty mutant differences in the Omicron spike protein alone. This is worrisome, as our Pfizer and Moderna vaccines depend on stimulating our immune recognition of the Covid -19 spike protein and the Omicron spike protein is different; it could render these vaccines less effective or non-effective. We will answer this question as our experience with this variant increases.  Omicron is reported by our African physician colleagues as being relatively benign, causing no deaths and no hospitalizations. This may be the result of other mutations that differentiate it from the more deadly variants now causing disease around the world. 

So, could Omicron be the cowpox of Covid- 19? Is this relatively benign version the vector of immunity? Is nature providing us with the perfect vaccine that will spread itself in the world population causing mild disease and providing immunity that will, at long last, end this pandemic? Should we, in fact, facilitate its spread? Stay tuned. Meanwhile, get yourself vaccinated.


  1. Benign? That’s wishful thinking.
    It can still bind at ACE2 receptors. Changes at the Furin cleavage site are enhanced and it can more efficiently protect itself from monoclonal antibody treatment.
    The drugs to be used shortly are problematic. Malnupiravir can’t be used in children, women of child bearing age because of it’s reproductive toxicity not to mention it’s bone and cartilage toxicity.
    Paxlovid dosages won’t be high enough to address the multiple sites of infection especially in the pancreas, adrenals and biliary tree. This isn’t Hepatitis C.
    The new endemic version of the virus will change from the acute presentation that has already been seen to a profile of hypoadrenic, hyperglycemic chronic fatigue patients in considerable numbers.

    1. Dan+Newell:

      Very recent data from South Africa are very encouraging. Professor Terrence Kommal (based in Pretoria) has extracted key numbers from statistical data (8 December) to show that while cases of Omicron are indeed increasing, three weeks after the variant was identified hospital admissions were at just under 2,000, with 318 patients ending up in High Care wards, and 235 in ICUs.

      Spread across the 629 hospitals in the country, that amounts to roughly 1/3 of a patient in each ICU averaged out.

      In July 2021, three weeks into the Delta wave, 10.90% of admitted patients required ventilation. Today, three weeks into the Omicron wave, that number is 3.08% (or was two days ago).

      So I think there’s some justification for Dr Londe (and I) to suggest that Omicron is “relatively benign.” Ultimately it’s not the number of cases that matters or even the transmission rate, but the clinical outcomes.

      What do I take away from this? That infections should be treated early (ideally during the incubation period) with protease inhibitors that target both (either/or) the furin and TMPRSS2 cleavage sites specifically, so as to PREVENT docking to the ACE2 receptors. There are many existing drugs that can do this, even supplements like the lowly Thai herb andrographis paniculata (which also regulates IL-6), and nigella sativa (combined with raw honey). Bromhexine also acts as a TMPRSS2 inhibitor, though it’s hard to find in the US.

      Turns out that Ivermectin is terrific (and CHEAP!). It likely doesn’t care what variant you’re infected with or fending off, since it has multiple mechanisms of action. So it’s not restricted like the current crop of monoclonal antibodies or the too narrowly targeted shots.

      1. Lyrr +Descy
        I have seen the figures for SA. There would still be a need to concentrate on potential binding outside the airway even with protease inhibitors on board. The most likely milieu would be in tissue in the biliary tree, adrenals and pancreas.
        Although there are any number of antivirals on the herb front what is suffering is the lack of diagnostics relative to chronic infection and that can be seen in the long haulers. Problems present far further down the timeline so it’s harder to assign viral infection as causal.
        Time will tell but this is a highly adaptive virus and will illuminate any weakness in diagnostics and treatment scenarios.

      2. Dan+Newell

        It’s my understanding that Long Covid may result in the absence of early treatment which in the normal way would reduce viral load in short order, allowing the virus to do its thing after the incubation phase and spread to other organs of the body, leaving viral debris behind which contributes to chronic inflammation and clotting, even in the absence of a cytokine storm.

        From the charts I’ve seen which track the course of the disease, viral replication tapers off fairly early on (which also reduces viral shedding and transmission to others). Those first 7-10 days are therefore critical. Any antiviral administered after those 10 days is likely to be ineffective, and treatment may have to enter a different phase with different targets than the virus itself or its spike.

        The incubation phase of the wild Wuhan strain was estimated at about 6 days: the Delta incubation phase at about 4 days, and an initial assessment of Omicron was 11 days, but there are not enough data yet to confirm that. Or at least I haven’t investigated.

        Curiously, I discovered just last night that a friend of my sister has had to have her gall-bladder removed after nearly dying of Covid.

        Nobody has all the answers yet. More is learned every day about this multi-faceted disease presenting with such different clusters of symptoms, which have to be treated with complementary therapies.

        It’s probably no accident that serious adverse events from the jabs also present with such a broad range of symptoms.

    2. In other words, the same pathologies that are introduced by the mRNA inoculations…

  2. Sensible words, inspiring hope yet cautioning us to take precautions, from a reliable source. Exemplary stuff. Two thumbs up.

    Now excuse me while I get some popcorn for when the anti-vaxx brigade arrives.

    1. Anyone who uses the term antivaxx has no credibility. There are a lot of nuances in the opposition to the industry line that everyone should get vaccinated, from people who actually are antivaxx — that is, they are opposed to the vaccines for anyone — to those of us who might be vaccinated but are opposed to any vaccine mandates or coercion to get them.

  3. As a molecular biologist who taught immunology for many years, I agree with everything except the last sentence, which frankly seems a huge nonsequitur to the rest of the article. The vaccines, mediocre to begin with, are quite likely to be less effective against omicron, and the advice should be “WAIT and see, taking other precautions.” I’m doubly vaccinated, but taking boosters pushed by Pharma on the basis of zero evidence of efficacy and still zero data on the original trials, with plenty of evidence of corrupted data, is to be a good-consumer lemming motivated by fear of death. The more we funnel money into these gigantic corporations, which have ripped us off from day 1, the more we encourage the proliferation of the same model of public health by corporate greed. Note please that my resistance is based upon science, which makes it clear that mRNA vaccines at least to some extent bypass the usual route of antigen processing by professional antigen-presenting cells (APCs). The poor or absent local mucosal immunity in the nose, which is a key to preventing transmission, is likely related to this different method of immune activation. To roll out this technology under these circumstances was rapidly done, but it also gave us inferior vaccines. To pitch them to us after discussing the heartening news about omicron is truly puzzling.

    1. As you probably know from “plenty of evidence of corrupted data,” the original non-vaccine or gene editing trials were rigged to produce doctored results for EUA, including extreme limitation to handfuls of useful cases among test subjects and mathematical sleight of hand in substituting relative risk reduction (ca. 95%) for absolute (ca. 1%). Since then, the trials have been completely invalidated with injection of the placebo groups. Most of the exposure of such murderous fraud may be found at Children’s Health Defense.

      As you also probably know regarding “zero” or undisclosed evidence, state protection rackets of big pharma like the FDA have refused release of relevant data to the general public, even extending nondisclosure to 55 and now 75 years (see ICAN), despite our funding of this ‘public health’ wheeling and dealing and its continuing impacts upon us all as long-term experimental lab rats. However, with recent FOIA releases of some information, a harrowing picture emerges, as with restricted record of the first three months of the Pfizer/BioNTech product showing 1223 deaths and 158, 000 adverse reactions (see, for example, Celia Farber’s “Court-Ordered Pfizer Documents They Tried To Have Sealed For 55 years Show 1223 Deaths, 158,000 Adverse Events in 90 Days Post EUA Release” or “Bombshell Document Dump on Pfizer Vaccine Data” from Global Research).

      Of course, official records themselves, even when made available, remain unreliable, as with VAERS, which the notable Harvard Pilgrim study demonstrated as underreporting results by almost 100%, determined in no small part by this being a voluntary and discouragingly bureaucratic system of reporting. Thus, currently reported deaths to VAERS from these lethal injections, now around 20,000, more than all previous thirty years roughly since the system was set up, and conveniently unconfirmed because uninvestigated compliments of the CDC and FDA protection rackets overseeing the system, may be concealing as many as 2,000,000 deaths.

      1. Niko:

        I’ve no doubt about the level of corruption, with cherry-picked, manipulated and possibly even fraudulent data from the Pfizer and other trials. But it’s my understanding that the 55 years, now 75, to release the 300,000 pages submitted to the FDA in connection with the approval of Pfizer’s Cominarty version of its gene therapy is an estimate of how long it would take an agency that is neither sufficiently staffed nor sufficiently funded to wade through all the FOIA requests coming in.

        You’d think there would be some urgency to make the data public, but shrugging it off shows the inertia at work even in a time of crisis.

        Well that’s one explanation anyway … the other is that there’s a lot to hide!

  4. I’m no virologist, however, it’s always been my understanding of viruses that they flare up over a period of time, and then naturally diminish in strength on their own. Perhaps this less virulent Omicron variant is evidence of this?

    Although, an exception to this might be with a virus that has been manipulated in a lab through gain of function research, as Anthony Fauci has done with the Covid virus. In this case, the natural process has been altered, and the laws of nature may no longer apply.

    Writer Stephen Londe seems to suggest that we let the Omicron version of the Covid virus play out, on its way to viral insignificance. Oddly, he ends by demanding that we all get vaccinated, a statement that, if I haven’t misread, seems misplaced and contradictory to his larger point.

  5. Every time a new individual is infected with any virus and it begins replicating there are new changes.

    Changes to a spike protein, or thirty of them for that matter, does not define nor designate a “mutation”. You are an MD, I am just a lay person and I know that. A change in function is what defines a mutation. So my question would be …. Why are you using terminology in an incorrect and misleading way? And given the MD appellation I have to assume knowingly.

    1. I think you are correct regarding the misuse of a word in the article by the author, my brother, by the way. He uses the word “mutant”, but not the word “mutation”, as follows: “There are more than thirty mutant differences in the Omicron spike protein alone. ” I do think one can use the word “mutation” to refer to the spike protein, however. Wikipedia defines “mutation” merely as “an alteration in the nucleotide sequence of the genome of an organism, virus, or extrachromosomal DNA. (Viral genomes contain either DNA or RNA.)” And of course, changes in the RNA sequences of this virus might be reflected in the changes in the amino acids in the spike protein. I think that the actual 3-D structure of the spike protein is important for the development of effective antibodies. By the way, I worked as a research scientist in a public health virology lab (but not on coronaviruses) and am a BELS-certified editor in the life sciences (ELS).

  6. Oh, what a shame that the article ends with the obligatory, pro-forma “get yourself vaccinated.”

    This is truly bizarre, Dr Londe. Haven’t you just undercut your entire story about cowpox and smallpox, and (in your last paragraph) the potential for Omicron to herald the beginning of the end of the pandemic?

    The milkmaids were not vaccinated. They developed natural immunity without the intervention of the medical profession. What Jenner tried to do was to mimic the effects of a natural infection for the vast majority of people in the world who are not milkmaids.

    If Omicron is more transmissible, THAT will indeed be the new cowpox, not the shots being dispensed like candy to the vaccine credulous. And this cowpox will not be confined to one small demographic group in rural Gloucestershire, England.

    You ask: “Should we, in fact, facilitate its spread?”

    My suggestion is: If Omicron is less deadly, and in fact produces so few complications that little if any hospitalization is required (which can be prevented anyway with early treatment using repurposed as well as new drugs as necessary), then why not let it spread like the common cold so that we can achieve that illusive herd immunity and get to a place where SARS-CoV-2 becomes endemic, just a background virus like so many others? Why put millions, indeed billions of people worldwide at risk for adverse events from a novel gene therapy masquerading as a vaccine?

    Note the comments of Stefan Oelrich, President of Bayer’s Pharmaceutical Division, who told some 6,000 attendees at the World Health Summit this past October that the novel mRNA “vaccines” are actually “cell and gene therapy.” And “I always like to say: if we had surveyed two years ago in the public -– ‘would you be willing to take a gene or cell therapy and inject it into your body?’ -– we probably would have had a 95% refusal rate.”

    Is this outright cynicism, or opportunism capitalizing on stoked public fears during a pandemic?

    So I suggest we ask the public now: Would you rather be infected with a relatively benign and highly treatable virus variant that may be no worse than the common cold, or subject yourself to experimental gene therapy whose long term effects are STILL unknown?

    And note that the smallpox vaccine introduced in the 1960s was not itself without serious adverse events:

    “In the 1960s, serious adverse events associated with smallpox vaccination in the United States included death (1/million vaccinations), progressive vaccinia (1.5/million vaccinations), eczema vaccinatum (39/million vaccinations), postvaccinial encephalitis (12/million vaccinations), and generalized vaccinia (241/million vaccinations).20 Adverse events were approximately ten times more common among those vaccinated for the first time compared to revaccinees.20 Fatality rates were also four times higher for primary vaccinees compared to revaccinees.21

    See “Smallpox Vaccine: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/articles/PMC1069029/

    What a disappointing end to an otherwise encouraging overview of where we might be headed with Omicron.

    Has mass psychosis overtaken even really smart people one would like to believe would know better? Ah … once again group think tosses logic out the window.

    1. Hi Lyrr, and thanks for all your comments here.

      I think Londe is pushing vaccine immunity, not natural immunity, consistent with Orwellian revisions from the Ministries of Health like the WHO and CDC which have virtually eliminated the latter from their definitions (along with other terms from ‘pandemic’ to ‘fully vaccinated’), in order to condition general populations to permanent ‘vaccination’ or injection standards, beginning with target populations like children in schools or travelers or federal employees under duress from Uncle Joe (notice how Londe includes “mandated” in reference to smallpox vaccine).

      And given the nature of these ‘vaccines’ as you note, this has nothing to do with ‘public health’ measures according to past conventions of what counts as vaccination, but everything to do with adapting people to “cell and gene therapy” from mRNA biotech (compliments of Robert Malone who is now speaking out against this). Btw, as you may know, there is record of key plotters like Fauci announcing the need for a pandemic, planning for which has been conducted repeatedly in simulations over the past twenty years under the watchful eyes of the Pentagon and CIA, to shock-doctrine people, just like the new Peral Harbor with the 9/11 coup and war on/of terror, into submitting to this, with explicit recognition of your point above that otherwise people would refuse such genetic modification, which of course remains veiled by the propaganda.

      So rather than letting nature run its course with the spread of Omicron or any other so-called variant the narrative of lies produces, the mandate as it were for the ‘science’ subject to the covid coup agenda is to ‘discover’ means of promoting permanent intervention by the medical-military industrial complex in our lives; in this case arguing on the basis of Jenner hagiography that, like cowpox, Omicron may supply us, or rather the pharmafia and related interests, with components which may be synthetically reworked (and patented) into “the perfect vaccine” (for this pandemic, not others we are told to expect by ‘experts’). Meanwhile, whatever twists and turns the narrative may take, we should stay the course in the war on/of bioterror and keep getting pumped full of the Frankenscience products, from the original brews to the subsequent boosters, no matter the (suppressed and distorted) evidence even acknowledged by official sources like the CDC and WHO of the ineffectiveness and downright harm of these poisons.

      Also, since your reply to my comment above didn’t show a reply option, I’ll just say here that yes, I’m familiar with the official reason of staff and funding shortages given for the incredible delay in FDA release of ‘sensitive information’ to those of us on a need-to-know basis, but isn’t it remarkable that such conditions didn’t prevent them from giving the green light to Pfizer and others in rolling out their concoctions at warp(ed) speed?

      1. Niko:

        I enjoy reading your comments too.

        I’ve ready Kennedy’s book on Fauci and Gates, and I’m familiar with the shock doctrine concept. I agree that we are being primed or conditioned to accept mass vaccination as a permanent way of life in a never-ending war on “germs” which it seems can be manufactured if nature doesn’t provide a good candidate at an opportune time — germs here meaning all pathogens, known and as yet undiscovered.

        The hubris at play in the idea that we can beat (and even preempt) nature on every front is stunning. Did nobody ever learn from the DDT catastrophe, and many others like it?

        The absence of any systematic communication by our public health “experts” and even our own doctors to ensure that people live healthy lives: eat healthy food, lose weight and avoid diabetes, maintain sufficiently high levels of vitamin D and other nutrients necessary to boost one’s innate immune system and allow the proper functioning of the adaptive immune system (including nasal immunity), avoid stress, learn to relax, and get enough sleep is a failure of catastrophic proportions.

        As is the failure to communicate the existence and promise of all kinds of therapies and the critical importance of early treatment, during the incubation phase in particular — all in an attempt to distract us with the shiny new objects that are the “vaccines” and a few high-priced, often toxic antivirals that often do more harm than good. Fauci’s shop at the NIH is a criminal enterprise. Pharmafia indeed.

        So Dr Londe’s prescription for how to stay healthy and safe is “get yourself vaccinated.” Frankly, I would rather get Covid-19 AGAIN and boost my natural immunity that way. i won’t go looking for it, but I’m not afraid of it, even with all the hype and scare tactics being deployed.

  7. Could this one particular article be the result from the human lab of inculcated pox for blind benign racism? After all racism too has killed millions of people worldwide for far too many centuries.
    By attempting a more in-depth deconstruction of it, perhaps this will draw attention to it, and hence, this relatively benign version could turn out to be but one vector in a pivot to a more inclusive community?
    If the pox of racism, and those affected by it became immune to anti-racism, then perhaps this is why no antidote has been discovered against it; to ward off all the death and destruction it has caused.
    The following comment is an unscientific surmise.
    Just because one has the credential of cardiothoracic surgeon, MD, FACC, FACS, appended to one’s nom de guerre, does this give that person anymore credibility, in virology than the minimally aware, lay individual, as to where the science is in its investigation of the Omicron mutation, as it pertains to the now two-year long ongoing struggle to come up with even an adequate solution to this global contagion.
    The analogy the writer applies to Edward Jenner’s work of 1796, is rather pathetically outdated, as even an English physician’s mere surmise, which turned out to be correct, was not science relative to where more advanced science methodology is today – a full 225 years on.
    Even with our more modern understanding of what the complexities of science entail, this rather less deadly – in direct relation to racism, and therefore more insignificant virus, still has the experts perplexed. Yet for racism the cure is well known to each and every one of us, because we are all human, but there has been no cure. How come?
    What is it in man that causes inappropriate wishful thinking, even in the sophisticatedly erudite?
    And this good doctor appears to be so taken, by his own American exceptionalist credentials that he is not grand enough to give credit where credit is due, when stating Omicron was “Identified first by scientists in Africa”, which any half-witted know-nothing, knows not to be the case. It was first identified by South African scientists, who dutifully passed along the information to the appropriate world bodies.
    He further states “There are more than thirty mutant differences in the Omicron spike protein alone. This is worrisome, as our Pfizer and Moderna vaccines depend” … on closely guarded intellectual property rights, the more so, as is apparent, during these tragic times.
    Since when are Pfizer and Moderna vaccines ours? I am of the well-founded opinion that these vaccines came about with initial R&D research funding coming from the supposed U.S. (OUR) government, before being handed over by (OUR) government to private pharmaceutical conglomerates; Big Pharma corporations, to manufacture and develop, for private profit in the “free market”; free to whom is the question no one is willing even to consider, in this extortionist, protectionist (Trademarks, Intellectual property rights, etc.) monopolistic, unrestrained capitalist marketplace.
    If the writer of the article was not oblivious to his own Imperialist tendencies, why would he write a sentence, such as the following: “Omicron is reported by (our) African physician colleagues, rather than by simply stating, by African physician colleagues? Do these African physicians of a sovereign country, South Africa, belong to us? Are they in our pocket? Does he know something we are not privy to? Or, does the conceit obtained through specialized American education and training lobotomize one to the point where he begins to conflate the we, us, and ours, erroneously, as indistinguishable, to the one class he seems to be familiar with, no longer concerned for the actual differences, because he knows he is of this supercilious class, and it’s not the class to which 90% of us belong.

  8. I’m no virologist. Maybe, maybe the omicron variant will be a blessing in disguise. I sincerely hope that it does. But bear in mind that this only a possibility, not a guarantee. The jury is still out.

  9. SARS=CoV-2 has now spread to the white-tailed deer population in the eastern and mid-western United States. The rate of infection is especially high in Iowa. The deer constitute a reservoir for this virus to continue to morph into other forms. A somewhat similar corona virus is found in cattle which causes an ailment know as scours mostly in calves.

    If SARS-CoV-2 has the ability for lateral recombination/transfer of genetic material we could see the destruction of the beef/dairy industry and possible reinfection of the human population with a variant that is more lethal than the present form.

    Did someone in a lab working on gain of function experimentation for this virus have their sights set on our food supply? I do not know but the potential problems from the release of COVID may snowball into the big OOPS for human kind.

    1. @Beeline
      1. Destruction of the beef and dairy industries would be great for the natural world. Beef is the most environmentally and ecologically destructive food you can eat. From destruction of the grasslands from the Rocky Mountains all the way to the Pacific Ocean, to destruction of forests including rainforests, to many other harms the list of which is very long, cattle grazing is one of the most harmful things that humans do. The grazing industry has caused more environmental and ecological harm to the western U.S. than any other industry, and that’s saying quite a bit. Add to all that the fact that the gross human overpopulation problem includes gross overpopulation of cattle.

      2. There is no evidence that the release of this virus from the Wuhan lab was anything but accidental. If you have evidence to the contrary, please share it. If not, you are just promoting nutcase conspiracy theories.

  10. Drawing on dominant mythology of the miracles of modern medicine with the usual fairy tale account of Edward Jenner (see, for example, “Jenner and the Speckled Monster: The True History of Smallpox” in NewBraveWorld), this noticeably short propaganda piece represents mounting desperate efforts and self-contradicting absurdities to maintain the crumbling narrative of lies around the covid pseudopandemic or scamdemic.

    Vaccination, far from conclusively demonstrated as valid medicine by Jenner and the related bizzness of ‘science’ since, rests on unproven hypothesis of germ theory that infectious viral agents account for disease. After continued failure to isolate and determine viruses as cause of disease according to the gold standard of Koch’s postulates, corporately controlled ‘science’ in the 1950s turned to modeling of genomic sequences from which viruses were extrapolated, around the time of the promotion of the fabled polio vaccine, introduced when polio was on the wane and in many suppressed cases perpetuating and worsening the disease, which like so much other disease showed evidence of environmental causes, and cures like improved sanitation, as maintained by terrain theory. Of course, enforcement of germ theory proves itself most useful to the drug pushers of the Pharmafia and the medical industrial complex as they maintain the mythology for the sake of maintaining their profitable parasitical system of ‘sick care’ in the name of health.

    Consistent with these lies of ‘science,’ there has been no demonstration of SARS-CoV-2 as the cause of covid, likewise fictional as a disease let alone a deadly one outside the panic prom of propaganda media, especially since ‘its’ infection fatality rate (IFR) is approximately 0.02%, comparable to mild seasonal flu, official tracking of which, curiously enough, was suspended with the ‘pandemic.’ So any ‘variant’ of this ‘virus’ also doesn’t exist except as computer-generated phantoms like Delta and Omicron.

    Apparently, as suggested by this PR, Omicron has come along to cover for the failure of Delta to generate another round of fear sufficient enough to get people in line to be pumped full of ‘boosters’ and on track with permanent ‘vaccination’ or genetic modification and digital colonization from the Frankenscience the covid coup plotters are attempting to adapt us to in the New (ab)Normal. With torturous logic, this Omicron ‘variant,’ formerly designated by the ‘science’ as mutation associated with increased transmission and decreased severity of disease from natural immunity, is now poised to explain that as a result of ‘vaccine’ immunity (since natural immunity has been all but erased from official governing sources of ‘science’ like that of the global corporate state institution of the WHO), while still pushing boosters on top of original injections which now show themselves all the more ineffective as well as unsafe in this grand hoax. If all this doesn’t make sense, never mind, just be sure, as our demented commander-in-chief orders, to go get ‘vaccinated.’

    For extended critique, see, for example, Michel Chossudovsky’s “The 2020-21 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d’État and the ‘Great Reset,'” “Does the Virus Exist? SARS-CoV-2 Has Not Been Isolated? “Biggest Fraud in Medical History,” and “Fake Science, Invalid Data: There is No Such Thing as a “Confirmed Covid-19 Case”. There is No Pandemic.”

    1. Correction: Following the parenthetical remark in the above sentence beginning with “With torturous logic,…” insert “we may have a mutation to provide “the perfect vaccine” from “a minor disease to protect against a lethal disease,…”.

  11. Indeed, failure to promote health in its broadest sense (by promoting healthy lifestyles and ameliorating structural and environmental causes of disease) in favor of creating a series of bogeymen targets for a slew of new drugs and unnecessary interventions has turned the mission of public health on its head.

  12. Omicron may turn out to be a natural “vaccine” (an attenuated virus) but we won’t know for sure for a month or so. No deaths reported yet from Omicron, which is almost difficult to believe.
    The spike protein (S1) vaccines relied on in the West have been a disappointment. While they provide some protection for the most vulnerable, they are “leaky” meaning you can still catch, spread and even die from
    SARS-CoV2 infection. Natural immunity is better, but often at a big cost; some get seriously ill and a few even die. A “sterilizing” vaccine, as with smallpox and measles, would have been incredible.
    Covid will likely become a common cold (there are over 200 species). But some elderly even die from common colds and secondary pneumonia.

  13. I also have to weigh in here: This post was good except for its totally self-contradictory last sentence. If the Omicron variant is mild and will give us immunity from more lethal variants, why should anyone get vaccinated? If anything, we would want to SPREAD the Omicron variant.

  14. Lyrr Descy

    There was no reply on your last post.

    It would always be better to treat early phase in any viral condition, that would be expected, that better results are to be had with aggressive anti-virals being used early on.
    I’m afraid your friend having their gallbladder removed post Covid will, probably, not be exceptional. Any virus that binds efficiently in the biliary tree and bile duct would eventually cause problems in the gallbladder.
    Omicron is proving to be an efficient binder able to evade t-cells more efficiently. While it’s also more communicable, if it’s binding capability and evasion are more efficient then, obviously, you would be looking at more disease longer term. This would be true for Delta but if the efficiency is enhanced even more with Omicron then all the drug testing for Delta would be suspect as you have a very different virus.

    1. Dan+Newell

      Yes, the absence of REPLY buttons where you want them is annoying. Poor design.

      So, the fact that “Omicron is proving to be an efficient binder able to evade T-cells more efficiently” rather proves my point. One needs combination therapy to grab the virus at various phases and in different parts of the body, as well as to act to either prevent or mitigate damage downstream. No single drug is going to do that. The question is when to deploy what and when, in combination with what.

      The beauty of Ivermectin specifically is that it has multiple mechanisms of action and can be used safely throughout the course of the disease, though ideally it’s better to start treatment immediately. But this could be combined with other drugs that have antiviral effects which may operate differently while still helping to reduce viral load, and especially drugs that prevent clotting and a hyper-inflammatory response. And Ivermectin is not the only option, just a very good one.

      Covid-19 is a multifaceted disease, with multiple phases, presenting with multiple symptoms. There is no one remedy for all of these things. But beginning some kind of treatment immediately would seem like a no-brainer, so as to prevent complications downstream.

      In the FLCCC treatment protocols (as opposed to their prevention or post-exposure prophylaxis protocols), steroids are likely to be added especially for hospitalized patients, which again can’t be administered too early, or too late, or in an ineffective dosage. They prefer methylprednisolone to dexamethasone. They were drawing attention to the fact that Covid-19 is a steroid-responsive disease very early on (March 2020?), at a time when steroids were still being pooh-poohed by our government “experts.” And then when the idea of using steroids gained some traction, the dosing was often far too conservative.

      The tragedy of Covid-19 is that doctors have not been able to be doctors, providing patient-centered care. If one thing doesn’t work (or work on its own) you try another or add another. You adjust doses. You monitor the patient all the time to see how he/she is responding to treatment. This reliance on dictates from on-high, combined with the suppression of information, censorship of individuals and discouraging of exchanges of ideas and experiences among professionals who actually treat Covid patients, has actually slowed the response to the disease and our understanding of it.

      The shots might not have been necessary at all had the eye not been taken off the ball, which was to treat patients with everything that might be promising, not just provide supportive care for a year, waiting for the roll-out of gene therapies which are proving to be much less effective than we were told. It may have been a “novel” virus, but doctors already knew how to treat some if not all viruses. That experience was not brought to bear because of the incessant drumbeat that this was a mysterious disease unlike any other (which it isn’t, really), and therefore we should just throw up our hands helplessly and wait for the miracle “vaccines” down the road.

      Any doctor who has finally grasped that a virus is a virus is a virus, and that viruses CAN be defeated, will no longer be afraid of them — either for themselves, or for their patients.

      Notice how everyone is thrilled that Pfizer’s shots are still 70% protective against Omicron (after a booster?), whereas people with post-infection natural immunity who are 75% protected are regarded as being at high risk because of an increase in infections presented dishonestly as a “surge” or “spike.” The whole thing hyped up as a Tsunami descending upon us.

      Two times two presented as a doubling of cases sure sounds terrifying, until one remembers that the total is still just four.

      The double-speak is just sickening … and sickens and kills.

      By the way, I’ve learned that my sister’s friend who had her gall-bladder removed after getting Covid was very dismissive of Ivermectin as “rubbish” when my sister brought it up. She’d had the J&J shot which may have been all that was available in South Africa at that time (and whose efficacy we now know fell off pretty quickly), and she probably didn’t receive any treatment before ending up in the hospital, spending about three weeks in the ICU. She also mentioned the damage to her lungs (ground glass infiltrates?). Of course this is just one more anecdote, but it does highlight how badly the medical profession is/has been in providing aggressive early treatment designed for individual patients, regardless of anyone’s thoughts about experimental gene therapy as the holy grail.

  15. Covid hysteria has been far more damaging that covid. 99.7% recover. Evidence now demonstrates that lockdowns, masks and vaccines have largely been ineffective; the huge increase in cases and deaths amongst the most vaccinated nations testifies to these failures. Florida that has rejected restrictions enjoys the fewest deaths per capita save 1 state. NY that embraces covid fascism —the worst

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