1. Why fan the flames of what exactly? The cartoon is about the refusal of the dominant culture to recognize the more radical elements of Dr. King’s contribution to social justice reform.

      1. Because the freedom fire is dying! The flames of justice and peace are just about dead.

  1. I was listening to a speech Colin Powell gave on the MLK day before Obama’s first inauguration.

    What’s the word one uses when you scream, laugh, cry, and puke at the same time? Hypocrisy doesn’t begin to cover it.

  2. perfect, thanks. Bernie Sanders shared today the MLK speech about linking the war in Viet Nam to racism. I think that is why he was killed, the military-industrial complex would brook no protest.

  3. I take offense at this depiction and statement. I am white-skinned (though I identify as black) and Malcom X is the one and only person I consider as my hero. You cannot judge a man’s character by his ethnicity or race. I am as radical as you can get, and already embrace all those slippery slope views.

    1. Baffled by what on Earth you might be interpreting from the cartoon. Try as I might I cannot come close to grossly misreading the intent as a call to judge anybody by their ethnicity or race, nor do I understand your need to reinforce your radicalism by claiming to embrace the views of those mentioned.

    2. Black people like Kamala Harris? Or Condoleezza Rice? Or Ayana Pressley? There are a LOT of Black people who don’t support the MLK virtues listed above.

      1. And they should be criticized for their support of nefarious power structures and the elite regardless of their skin color. (http://wwwcolinpenter.blogspot.com/2011/01/mr-fish-cartoon-for-martin-luther-king.html, https://clowncrack.com/2011/10/05/the-right-side-of-the-law/) Your comment is like saying that women shouldn’t be the ones to frame the parameters of a debate about reproductive rights because of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Candace Owens.

  4. The black-and-white, divide-and-rule games of Amerika’s racialized politricks leaves you with two alternatives: get whitewashed or wokewashed. Either way, the class basis of oppression remains intact, from chattel to wage slavery, from domestic to foreign police states of GloboCap. If the current coup for biodigital slavery succeeds, skin-deep ideology will fade and disappear because our common humanity, and common struggle and resistance, will no longer pose any threat to the psychopaths of power who have made monstrous mutants of us all, or rather those few post-humans who remain to robotically serve the masters once the herd has been culled.

  5. The Black people leading the conversation about MLK in my activist community are saying absolutely nothing about socialism, anti-imperialism, civil disobedience or subversive action. Nothing. My point is, any statement to the effect of all _______________ think and act, or would act, alike is counterproductive.

  6. The damaging implications of the ‘civilizing’ project of the Americas (from south to north) by psychopathic christist hordes, is grossly understated according to the respectable prerogatives of establishment narrative-makers; as voluble winner-takes-all ‘pragmatism’ and empirical status quo ownership according to the manifest right of conquest, brags and struts, mutually exempt so unchallenged ~ this creeping planetary norm is allowed to infect and infest innate human aspiration with debased, impoverished, hallucinated imagination and distorted perception. Brutal and savage cruelty is one thing; historical irony ~ altogether another. We cannot un-write the evolution of our species, but we can certainly elect to consciously improve it, by seeking to understand and cultivate what is both wise and possible.

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