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Is Wastewater Pointing to the End of the Pandemic?

Not only is the Omicron variant of Covid-19 proving to be less deadly, but viral load analysis of sewage in several places indicates the end of the pandemic could be closer closer than ever.
[Trey Ratcliff / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0]

By Stephen Londe, MD, FACC, FACS / Original to ScheerPost

At the end of last year, I pointed out that the scourge of smallpox was literally eradicated from the earth by vaccination against it in an original piece for ScheerPost. As smallpox spread like wildfire, the related benign virus, the Vaccinia virus, was used to provide protective immunity against the killer smallpox virus, the Variola virus. Yes, that small scar many of you have is the result of Vaccinia infection, deliberately given to you at your parents’  request and doctor’s advice (prior to 1972 when, due to vaccination efforts, smallpox ceased to exist). Thanks to this, you are protected against smallpox, a disease that killed millions.

Is Omicron the Vaccinia of Covid-19?

In early November of last year, SARS-CoV-2 variant B.1.1.529 (Omicron) was first identified in a laboratory in Johannesburg, South Africa.  It rapidly became the dominant cause of Covid disease. It replicated 70 times faster than earlier variants, was far more contagious, and caused fewer symptoms— mainly scratchy throat, runny nose, fever, and mild cough, but no significant lung insufficiency. Case numbers spiked dramatically but hospitalization, admission to ICU, respirator use, and deaths were dramatically lower. This was proving to be a more “benign” version of Covid disease. In South Africa, the disease swept through the largely unvaccinated population of the Gauteng Province, which includes Johannesburg, and as suddenly as the case numbers skyrocketed, they precipitously declined to the point where some South African health authorities declared the pandemic over and that SARS-CoV-2 was now endemic, remaining in the population and cropping up periodically like the flu. Was this herd immunity?

Here in the U.S. the CDC now reports that  Omicron accounts for greater than 95% of recorded Covid cases, spreading at an unprecedented rate, and replacing the more lethal SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant (relegated to just 1.7% of cases). Daily record number of cases are being reported all over the country, and although hospitalization and deaths are increasing as well, they are doing so at a much lower rate than seen with the Delta variant. Further, according to a study by Tufts University, as many as 64% of those reported hospitalized with Covid were hospitalized for other reasons.

Sewage Could Be Pointing the Way

Samples of wastewater in Boston, Mass., and several cities and counties in California, and elsewhere saw a peak viral load preceding the spike in reported cases, but now show a sharp decline, hopefully predicting a decline in cases as usually seen within 5-7 days. If our experience mirrors that seen in South Africa, the end of the pandemic may be within eight to ten weeks! 


 Almost 75% of people in this country have at least one vaccine shot. Consistently, hospitalization, ICU admission and death rates are higher in unvaccinated people. Fully vaccinated people have on average twenty times less chance of symptomatic illness, hospitalization, or dying and if hospitalized have shorter stays. With Omicron spreading rapidly, especially in the unvaccinated, we can get close to herd immunity. This infection can largely be prevented by vaccination, masking, and social distancing. Remember, however, that vaccinated infected people still spread the virus. 




  1. Um, what about variants … like omicron … and delta … and the other variants since emergence of the first version of covid-19?

    As long as protection of vaccine patents on behalf of obscene levels of Big Pharma corporate profits remains the top priority of western industrialized nations, new variants will continue to brew, churn and spread among the billions of unfairly unvaccinated.

    As we have seen in the past, omicron will ease off, but a new — quite possibly more dangerous — variants will emerge. Imagine a variant with the contagiousness of omicron and the lethality of delta.

    At best, we will likely have a breathing spell before the next variant emerges. While many are done with covid, covid is most likely not done with us.

  2. Why do we need to be vaccinated and boosted for Omicron when the vaccines are showing not to prevent illness or spread with this variant? This went through South Africa and the majority of people were unvaccinated. And still the hospitalizations and deaths were negligible. What is the logic of MRNA vaccines at this point that vaccinate against earlier strains? The majority of my family is recently boosted and still got this strain.

    1. They do still prevent illness, IDK why people who’re anti vaccines only read headlines or comparisons. It does not as good a job with Omicron than it did with Delta, that doesn’t mean it’s totally ineffective.

      Your family probably got less sick then they would have because they’re boosted.

  3. Didn’t Fauci just say there is a high probability that new variants will emerge that are not inhibited by any immunity current in the population? Not sure why many are predicting end of the pandemic.

    1. George Prudent:

      I’m curious: why are you relying on Fauci to be truthful about natural immunity, when his goal is not to end the pandemic “emergency” or safeguard public health, but to increase vaccine uptake?

      People who were infected with the original SARS in 2002/2003 are still showing signs of immunity now, nearly 20 years later. The original SARS and the SARS-CoV-2 (Wuhan) ancestral strain were more than 80% similar. There wasn’t much that was “novel” about the new virus other than somebody tampering with the furin cleavage site. There’s even thought that some people developed immunity to Covid-19 from prior infections with one or more common cold coronaviruses.

      That’s why physicians who weren’t transfixed by our medical authorities and their doomsday scenario were able to figure out what kinds of drugs to use to combat Covid-19. They didn’t just rely on “supportive care” (which is no care at all) and otherwise wring their hands in anguish and shrug helplessly as people died around them.

      Doctors know how to treat respiratory viruses. They do! Iin the nose and the throat as a first step, before they replicate and descend to the lungs. But everybody was thrown off by the horror story that this virus was so “novel” that there was really nothing to be done. Except wait for the rollout of the injectable biologics.

      Fauci and the whole gang are being dishonest about natural immunity. The US is one of the few countries that doesn’t recognize natural immunity, because that goes against the official vaccine narrative. Just as they fear that public knowledge about repurposed drugs for early treatment will fuel vaccine hesitancy. And lordy lordy, we can’t have people choosing a different option to stay out of the hospital, can we …?

      1. That’s OUT OF DATE – contradicted by more recent evidence…a marginal benefit, even at the time, assuming that the data isn’t entirely fraudulent or manipulated and deliberately misleading. And it doesn’t take into account the not rare, nor mild, serious consequences of the jabs. Getting Covid isn’t a given… If you take the jabs – getting exposed to the deadly spike proteins, is.

      2. You are convinced the spike proteins themselves are “deadly” so you must avoid pretty much every vaccine, unless you are concerned about the mrna technology. New technologies can produce angst unless one does some research and educates themselves about medicine and science in general. Most scientific breakthroughs caused anxiety among certain sections of the population but time and abundant evidence has allayed most pushback. The real problem I think is that the corporate media has lied to the public about so many issues that folks question everything. Like the ridiculous Russia gate story or that Maduro And Ortega are dictators. Oh well, we’ll survive until global warming wipes out civilization.

      3. There’s ample evidence of the dangers of the Spike Protiens. Some studies even suggest that it can invade the nucleus of the cell, and prevent repair of genetic damage. It certainly is known to damage endothelial linings and cause bleeding and clots. It’s demonstrated to lead to Myocarditis and Pericarditis – which then express as heart attacks. And diligent medical examinations of the dead have revealed that auto-immunity issues from the mRNA Gene therapy are leading to damage in multiple organs…

        So this isn’t just a question of “new technology”… But yes, the precautionary principle should always be used, when using new technologies. The question here is the Forced or Coerced HUMAN MEDICAL EXPERIMENTATION. There have been no successful animal studies of the mRNA “vaccines”. Those that have been conducted resulted in unacceptable levels of mortality, as I’ve already reminded you, several times.

      4. The only assertion you make that has any evidence is the one about viral proteins leading to hypercoagulability presumably caused by autoantibodies. Thrimbi are one of the main serious consequences of Covid-19. That though is one factor in favor of the vaccine since the amount of protein is so minuscule. Other claims such as no informed consent are without merit.

      5. So then… you’re STILL just lying out your ass, then?



        The purpose of the “Gene Therapy” is to turn your own cells, into little spike protein factories. Which is why Spike Protiens are found (when they’re looked for) – along with the damage that they’ve causeed – in all of the major organs, of bodies of the dead, killed by these untested EXPERIMENTAL jabs that you’re $hilling for, so insistently.

        And NO. There can be no informed consent, where all information of the dangers posed, is CENSORED as “misinformation”, and those who note it are purged from all media platforms. And Coercion INVALIDATES “consent” – in contract law they call it “undue influence” or “duress”. So threatening people that you’ll fire them, or deny them access to basic elements of modern life – invalidates any supposed “consent”, and recasts it as mere “assent”. If I hold a gun to your head, and make you sign over your house to me…was that consent, too?

      6. My point was that if spike protein is so harmful then why would you risk an infection without vaccine protection since an unprotected infection is going to cause many many times MORE spike proteins to circulate and cause much more damage compared to the extremely tiny number produced by an mrna vaccine? You’re making a strong case for vaccines.

      7. No. That’s an entirely fallacious argument. The Injections DO NOT PREVENT INFECTION. They NEVER DID. So you could easily wind up getting a double or triple dose, between the Jabs, which are a given (if you agree or are browbeaten into taking them), and then you also catch Covid. And the numbers from Israel, and England, and Iceland, and Gibraltar (and on and on) have shown us that this is exactly what’s been happening, all along, and not just since the advent or release of Omicron.

        Not everyone is going to come into contact with tha’ ‘Rona. And not everyone who does will get sick… And amongst those who do – early intervention with drugs like Ivermectin, HCq + zinc (or quercetin, alternatively, if the FDA, or some corrupt pharmacist won’t let you have the HCq), and perhaps Fluvoxamine, and Vitamins like C and D3… WILL PREVENT the proliferation and replication of virions – and hence the Spike Protiens, as well. And there’s no science to compare the levels (viral load from infection vs. endogenously created spike protiens, caused by the Human Medical Experimentation), with or without the intervention of safe and effective early treatment… So you’re just making things up, now.

        My colleague, Jimmy Dore, developed “long-haul Covid” – FROM the Jabs. He was careful, and he totally avoided the virus, and risky situations, for a whole year – because he had underlying health conditions. Then he took some BAD ADVICE from a Doctor, and took the jabs. He was immediately injured, and only started to rebound, once he entered a clinical trial on “long-haulers”, which uses Ivermectin. So while it’s only anecdotal…his experience completely debunks this garbage, with which you’re littering this comments section.

        And NOW – he’s actually MORE AT RISK, of catching Covid, as the efficacy goes negative after 3 or 6 months… And that’s exactly where he’s at… “Unvaccinated” in the misleading terminology and statistics of the corrupt US Health Bureaucracy and Corporatist complex. So now he has to choose whether to get back on the ‘immunity addiction’, of the endless cycle of jabs and “boosters”, and likely suffer further injury from Spike Protiens, and possible auto-immune issues … Or take just his chances, like l am, and like he would have been better off doing, all along, without the KillShots.

  4. Garbage. Where’s the logic in telling people to get “vaccinated” while admitting the “vaccinated” still get infected and spread the virus? Even worse logic is claiming “the infection can be largely be prevented by vaccination” while simultaneously claiming the Omicron version of the virus will lead to natural herd immunity through infection! The author claims, ” If our experience mirrors that seen in South Africa, the end of the pandemic may be within eight to ten weeks!”, but this is ONLY possible through mass infection with Omicron. So why in the world would the author promote a “vaccine” that is claimed to prevent infection if the way out of the pandemic is through infection? Since it is claimed 75% of the population is “vaccinated”, is the author relying on the 25% of the population which has rejected the jab to end the pandemic? If so, that’s hardly a route to natural herd immunity. This article deserves a “Danger — Tortured Logic Ahead” warning!

    1. Vaccination reduces the likelihood of infection, reduces the time a person is infectious, and reduces hospitalization s and fatalities (20 fold). Infections are not reliable producers of robust immunity. The unvaccinated are more likely to transmit virus to others.

      1. @George Prudent
        Those are outright lies. Getting vaccinated has absolutely no effect on whether you get COVID-19. What these vaccines do is give you a very high probability that you won’t have to be hospitalized or die if you get it. The time reduction for being infectious is not substantial. Getting COVID-19 gives you MUCH BETTER immunity than the vaccines do.

        So, how much did the pharmaceutical industry pay you to post these lies? Or have you just been brainwashed by them?

      2. Read this: https://healthsciences.arizona.edu/newsroom/news-releases/2021/covid-19-vaccine-reduces-severity-length-viral-load-those-who-still-get
        Several well researched papers have demonstrated the points I made. Publishe’d in NEJM. To believe your contentions one would have to believe that the vast majority of medical experts are conspiring to deceive us in order for Pfizer to make more money (or some other nefarious purpose). As a pharmacist with some medical knowledge, I think it is easy for the public to be misled. Other papers have conclusively shown that while an infection in an unvaccinated person confers some level of immunity, it is not as reliable or dependable as that achieved with the vaccine. These are the facts not lies. In my experience pharmaceutical executives are mostly sociopathic profit driven as shoes but the scientists and medical professionals creating these drugs are mostly caring, compassionate, and uphold a high level of integrity. I have two sisters that believe as you do but it is detrimental to our public health. Vaccines are beneficial just like anthropogenic global warming is real.

      3. @George Prudent
        Wow, I’d never use you for a pharmacist. How did you make it through school? It’s basic biology and immunology that surviving a virus gives you better immunity than a vaccine — not to mention that you don’t get the negative effect of having an unnatural substance injected into your body — and anyone involved in the medical profession knows that vaccines against unstable viruses like COVID-19 don’t prevent you from contracting the virus. The level of cognitive dissonance needed to believe that vaccines prevent you from getting COVID-19 when the most vaccinated countries are having the largest outbreaks, and that massive numbers of vaccinated people are getting the virus is unimaginable.

        As to transmission of COVID-19, being vaccinated only creates an insignificant difference compared to being unvaccinated. The Israeli study showed that the chance of getting COVID-19 from an unvaccinated person is 67%, and that it’s 57% from a fully vaccinated person IMMEDIATELY AT THE TIME THEY’RE FULLY VACCINATED. That difference wanes quickly until after 3 months there is no difference at all. The subsequent year-long British study showed basically the same thing, except that it showed that the chances of getting COVID-19 from a vaccinated person immediately after being fully vaccinated is 54%. So only a very small difference that decreases quickly and is gone after 3 months, but not getting vaccinated is “detrimental to our public health”? You’ve been brainwashed.

        Finally, raising anthropogenic global warming/climate change is a total red herring. Of course that’s real, what the hell does that have to do with this, other than nothing?

      4. One can always find a few scientists who will refute established science such as anthropogenic global warming or the proven benefits of vaccination over an infection caused by a pathogen. Why even vaccinate anyone for anything if what you say is true? I have provided randomized, pbo controlled, peer reviewed studies to back my claims. Where is yours? If a hypothesis has been tested and the results have been reproducible and accepted by the scientific community at large, I would consider that pretty conclusive. What is your motivation for attacking the vaccines?

      5. Uhh….because they don’t work…which is why heavily jabbed places are all MUCH worse off than less jabbed ones… Oh… And there’s increases in all cause mortalities wherever the jabs are prevalent… Those are two, just for starters… And then there’s still unmeasured and minimized Adverse events – including at least 400k deaths in the US… The likelihood that they cause miscarriages, still births and cancer… And despite all of that – there’s the danger that the unlawful mandates (regarding them) are being used to create a Technocratic Totalitarian Panopticon and fascistic dystopia … And I’m not even getting warm.

        In the US, vaccines are never tested against a truly inert placebo, like saline or glucose. They’re tested against “control” groups that are given a different vaccine, usually with its own problems… And in the case of Pfizer – more died from the jab than the not-really-a-placebo (at least once Pfizer stopped overtly lying about the numbers). So yeah, no real benefits, unacceptable risks – and 0 liability for all of the deaths and injuries that they’re causing.

      6. You win, I give up. Nothing you see will convince you or others to get vaccinated. You’re correct that most will not have symptoms or get appreciably sick but this is true for many diseases. You might as well try to get infected and then you’ll have some protection against omicron and presumably new variants but along the way you might transmit to a susceptible person. Not always easy to identify those at risk. Don’t mask, go to crowded bars and concerts. I guess no one really cares anymore. And since you don’t believe in vaccines you’re not concerned about hospital capacity. Good luck!

      7. https://imgflip.com/i/623qk8

        Real numbers + your favorite Justice, in the middle of a complete psychotic break with reality for both of you.

        Funny you should say that… Because it’s TOTALLY been working in Florida. I’ll focus on bringing awareness to EARLY TREATMENT – until RFK Jr.’ s new book l, “The Real Anthony Fauci” helps bring Anthony Fauci to Justice, and some leadership to the FAILED US Medical System and bureaucracy.

        You do REALIZE that the US has some of the worst health outcomes in the world, relative to Covid… right? If I can keep people out of US Hospitals, by singing the praises of safe effective, and cheap early treatment – things like the Fareed-Tyson Protocol, the Zelenko Protocol, or the FLCCC’s I-MATH+ and I-MASK protocol – I’ll happily do them that favor, by doing so.

        Remdesivir is A KILLER. So is reliance upon ventilators. The two together are the perfect recommendation for a Depopulation Strategy…Right after the kill-shots, that is.

      8. @George
        “Why even vaccinate anyone for anything if what you say is true?”

        Because you might not survive the virus, duh! Whether to get vaccinated for a more deadly and virulent STABLE virus like smallpox or polio is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT analysis from whether to get vaccinated for an unstable virus that’s only dangerous for older people and people with multiple comorbidities.

        When what is happening is right in your face and obvious, you don’t need studies or hypotheses; in that instance, the latter become irrelevant. Vaccines only prevent people from contracting the alpha strain, which is long gone, and only have a minimal effect on transmission. Those facts are as obvious and clear as the fact that the sky is blue, and no study or analysis is going to change that.

        I’m not “attacking the vaccines,” I’m telling the truth about them, unlike the media or the government. The COVID-19 vaccines have their place, but they shouldn’t be pushing them on people under 60 with no comorbidities. That’s not “following the science,” and it’s being done at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry.

      9. The problem with your argument is that it is not always possible to predict who will suffer severe consequences including death. There are many younger people including children who have died from Covid. I agree that most will have only short term symptoms if any but the epidemiologists are trying to curtail the spread to save lives of disabled, immunocompromised, and elderly all who are unable to mount an effective immune response to either the vaccine or infection. I agree these unstable viruses are a challenge. If Biden would go against the big pharma greed heads and give free licenses to the world, there would be much less chance for variants to emerge. The current vaccines do offer some protection against delta and omicron but not enough imo, just part of the armimentaria.

      10. @George
        That’s simply not true. Percentage wise, there are VERY few young people and children who have suffered serious symptoms or death from COVID-19, and almost all of that small minority had multiple comorbidities. It’s about probabilities, not predicting who’s going to get seriously ill or die. With 8 billion people on the planet, you have to play the odds. Obsessing on every individual to the detriment of the large majority is both extremely foolish and immoral. Of course all of us would be upset if the ones we love got really sick or died, but hey, that’s life, we’re all going to die.

        If humans don’t want viruses like this to be ravaging us, they shouldn’t have destroyed natural land nor confined animals, because those are the REAL causes of zoonotic diseases like this (in addition to refraining from making these things in labs, because it’s almost certain that COVID–19 escaped from the lab in Wuhan, China).

        And again, you fall into the trap of believing the industry lies that the vaccines prevent or even substantially reduce transmission. They simply do not. The ONLY benefit from these vaccines is that they GREATLY reduce the chance that vaccinated people will die or have to be hospitalized if they get the virus. So explain this, which I’ve been asking since before COVID-19 about all vaccines: If you believe that vaccines work, why does it matter to anyone else if a person is vaccinated? If you’re concerned about elderly and other at-risk people, just let them get vaccinated and they’ll be protected (should still be their choice).

      11. I definitely agree with 99+% of what you wrote… But I should caution that the Wuhan Lab work was being funded by DARPA and the CDC, through the “Eco-Health Alliance”. But this is most likely a red-herring, designed to pin US AMRIID crimes, onto the enemies of the US’ Empire. Just like Oswald was sent to Russia(, and there was even a faked outreach to the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City,) to confuse things when his card was played… We know that he didn’t even pull the trigger.

        In the case of Covid – it is FAR MORE LIKELY, that it originated in a US Army lab, like Ft. Detrick…or one of the many others positioned around the planet, as part of the US BioWarfare programs (cleverly disguised as “research”, and CDC “control” and “prevention”).


        It was obviously present here in July of 2019 – long before any CIA assets in the Wuhan Lab suggest that there were any problems. That was also the summer of “Mysterious Vaping Illness” – which had identical symptoms to Covid. The “mystery” remains unsolved – because not everyone who died of that vaped – and lots of people used those vapes, with 0 issues.

        It was also the Summer when Ft. Detrick shutdown because of uncharacteristically well publicized breaches in containment and protocols… This strikes me as a deliberate series of actions, designed to create a plausibly deniable fallback position, or a “limited hangout” – as an easter egg, waiting to be retrieved, in event of the Lab origins being confirmed, and the Wuhan story being disproven, somehow.


        Covert Operations are usually Time-Phased, so they don’t rely upon chance, or happenstance, or serendipitous accidents. Clearly these things were planned long in advance – just like “LOCKSTEP”, Agenda ID2020, and Event201. So I tend to caution people when they fall into line with the “Lab Leak” hypothesis…as convenient as that may be for the Globalist Criminals behind this. “Deliberate Release” is a better descriptor, to my understanding.

      12. @Another+WorldView+Is+Possible
        I didn’t complain about China, just pointed out that the virus almost certainly was created in and escaped from the Wuhan lab’s gain of function research. I don’t live in, vote, or pay taxes in China, so i have no say in or responsibility for what the Chinese do. My concern, as a U.S. citizen, is what the U.S. does, and in this case it’s that the U.S. funded dangerous gain of function research. Not saying that China is innocent on this or anything else — like all big countries, it has plenty to answer for — but China is not my concern here.

        As to the origin of COVID-19, yours is the first and only claim that it originated in the U.S. as bio-warfare research. While I certainly wouldn’t put things like this past people like this, I see no evidence for your assertion, nor is that what the article in the Washington Post says. So to say that your theory is “far more likely” is nothing but conspiracy theory BS. Show me some evidence beyond totally circumstantial coincidences before making an outrageous claim like that. I suggest that you read this article in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists regarding the origin of COVID-19, it’s a lot more credible than your claim: https://www.theburningplatform.com/2021/05/07/bulletin-of-atomic-scientists-opens-the-wuhan-virus-pandoras-box/

      13. Yes… Well COVERT OPERATIONS aren’t designed to leave behind evidentiary trails that lead you back to their actual perpetrators… If you find a trail of bread crumbs from a Covert Operation – or are just HANDED them, as we have been,through controlled leaks, and US Senators and FOIA by controlled Journalistic outlets… Then you can assume that you were MEANT to find that…and that it was designed to mislead you. A good example is the cars stuffed with Korans, and the poorly written letters filled with US Military Anthrax… They play upon your prejudice and feed your assumptions. And then you have pressitutes from the Operation MOCKINGBIRD press corps, to drive the “correct” narrative home… If the Operation is truly ‘edgy’ – they’ll use someone like Alex Jones, to deliver not only the weaponized information, but to craft it into a perfect narrative – for them.

        The TIMING of the virus true emergence, over the Summer of 2019, and not in the fall – exculpates China. It’s as simple as that. Now as to the questions of US involvement – there are multiple trails which when found and properly assessed, can be seen to point back towards AMRIID and the CIA, who oversee the world’s largest and most sophisticated BioWeapons programs.

        http://dilyana.bg/project-g-2101-pentagon-biolab-discovered-mers-and-sars-like-coronaviruses-in-bats/ – Dilyana is an INCREDIBLE Journalist. I recommend that you spend some time, not just with this article, but with all of the others on her site… Like her suppressed and censored story, showing that first reports on the Skripal case, listed Fentanyl as the intoxicant – and not a chemical weapon, at all… And it is in fact consistent with the facts… Nobody who’s truly poisoned with Novichok, is going to make it. She has lots of information on the US labs in Eurasian Georgia and Africa, as well.


      14. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/china-state-tv-host-covid-19-came-lab-leak-united-states

        The Chinese have a FAR MORE PLAUSIBLE theory… And it involves infected US Military Personnel, who were staying 1 block from the market, initially described as ground zero.


        And the Bulletin of American Scientists may not have made you hip to this – but there were lots of people looking at this correctly…

        And then there’s OTHER circumstantial evidence, which points to the US knowing EXACTLY what was happening in Wuhan – during the precise time period when Sino-Phobes and Imperialist Stooges like to say that China was “covering up” the outbreak. I’d imagine that their experiences dealing with US BioWarfare and corresponding hybrid/economic warfare, sanctions and bans on shipping and travel, during the FIRST US SARS attack upon them… May have influenced their behavior, during the more recent event.

      15. Another+WorldView …

        Not sure I agree that the Chinese theory is necessarily more plausible. I think the Chinese were playing the same game as Trump. Blame Wuhan, Blame the US military. In the Epoch Times (ugh!) it’s called the CCP virus. They all have an agenda. They’re all playing games.

      16. When the NSA finds out about an unsanctioned (non-CIA) drug deal – if they want to do something about it – they tell the DEA – who can’t mention the unconstitutional surveillance that led them to it. So they use a Parallel tracking strategy. They find a different way to explain how they knew what they knew. It keeps the classified, classified, and totally subverts Brady vs. Maryland… But that’s what they do.

        I think you see another version of that parallel tracks strategy, with the Wuhan lab work. It’s clearly a lab made virus…so when people get wise – there needs to a Lab that takes the fall. Why not blame it on our enemies? More importantly – how do you leave a Time-Phased plan, up to chance? I mean theoretically you could have a CIA asset in the Lab expose everyone… But that endangers your asset, as well… Hard to find people interested in suicide missions… Otherwise you get them to do the work… and then JUST HOPE that there’s a leak during the Event201 exercise, and the World Military Games – so that it all synchs up…
        Seems like a stretch.

        Check out the link(s) I left to Dilyana.bg – that’s a smart journalist. The US programs are global and offensive. We had all but declared a hot war against China in October 2019, what with the Jihadist Insurgency in Xinjiang, and the CIA AstroTurfed uprising in Hong Kong… And the trade war… Don’t forget that… Hybrid warfare has used BioWeapons, before. SARS and MERS appear to be that, as well.

        To me the key evidence is that it was already in circulation, here in the US in the Summer of 2019… “Mysterious Vaping Illness” had IDENTICAL symptom presentation to Covid… But CDC said it WASN’T a virus… So trust them. “SCIENCE!!! Shut up!” But how does Vitamin E acetate in your vape pen, give you a fever? And how did the disease spare the vast majority of vapers, while killing non-vapers, too? We need to check some maths on that, I think. If I got tha’Rona’ it happened in December of 2019 – before it was supposed to be here, even. Lots of others came down with a strong respiratory infection, around that time, as well…and going back, to over the Summer. Jello Biafra mentioned a bunch of touring bands having something like that. I heard radio people talking about it, too… And later studies about immunity levels in the population, also challenge the official timelines – without which, there’s no China story.

        There’s lots of other hints that the US and WHO were doing this together in advance. Selling Covid Test kits in years prior. Fauci seemed AWFULLY CERTAIN that a “Pandemic” would happen before Trump’s term was up… Weird, huh? Did some Chinese Lab Tech call him and warn him?

        Intelligence tradecraft often uses what’s called “Sparkle” – that’s something that isn’t there – unless you hold it to the light – at just the right angle. Lee Oswald wasn’t really a Communist. He never went to the Cuban Embassy… But the groundwork had to be laid, prior to his not shooting anyone, but save for perhaps Tippet – his ‘double’ on the Dallas Police force (apparently they looked a lot alike).

        For the actual shooting, they used pros, and triangulation of fire, etc. …

      17. Another-Worldview …

        I agree with much of what you say about how we got here today, though I have a different take on what’s going on in Xinjiang and Hong Kong. I grew up under an oppressive regime, and know what popular rage looks like. (I pulled my three sons out of South Africa before they could be conscripted into the army to quell legitimate uprisings in the townships; my then husband, a professor of journalism, lost his job at the university because of our anti-Apartheid activities and his fearless reporting, and I know we were surveilled.)

        It was lucky that South Africa didn’t end up with a bloodbath in the early 90s. Thanks to the humanity and wisdom of Nelson Mandela who worked assiduously to create an inclusive government and society. Flawed, no doubt, and not looking so good today. But the revolts were real. I also know what ethnic cleansing and surveillance look like. All those black people who were moved out of areas coveted by the white government and certain industrial sectors, grabbing the most productive land and resources for themselves. It’s very easy to call people in popular uprisings terrorists. So was there a rebellion by majority Muslims in Xinjiang? Yes, but why does it have to be jihadist? And is the CIA interested in Hong Kong? Very likely. But still, astro-turf?

        This is the Chinese/Russian interpretation of events over there. Sorry, I’m not buying it. And this is why I’m not enamored of that Canadian Global Research outfit to which you keep linking us. Not that I think they’re wrong about everything, but the biases are pretty obvious. I know you’re a fan of Michel Chossudovsky, but I’m not.

      18. @Another+WorldView+Is+Possible
        No one here said that China INTENTIONALLY released COVID-19. That’s a phony straw man argument. What we’re saying is that it almost certainly LEAKED from the Wuhan lab. Big difference. The problem here is gain of function research. We agree that biochemical experiments should not exist, but like Lyrr Descy points out, your claim here isn’t credible. We know and agree that deep state conspiracies attempt to not leave evidence behind, but making claims for which there is no evidence beyond that which is highly circumstantial doesn’t cut it. The more outlandish the claim, the more evidence you need to be taken seriously.

      19. So then you believe that Occam’s Razor trumps the reality of Covert Operations and deliberate deception? By that logic, it must be Occam’s Razor that the stage magician uses to cut his assistant in half, and then restore her, bloodlessly.

        In fact – it is the Covid Timeline ITSELF which lacks credibility. “Mysterious Vaping Illness”, and the “Greenspring Outbreak” (in addition to numerous analyses of the prevalence of Covid Antibodies done in 2020, which showed that the timeline was off) prove that China wasn’t the actual origin point, nor was October/November 2019 the actual start. And the US Athletes staying a block from the “Wet Market”, is a far more likely explanation for the outbreak there, than Bats and Pangolins.



        The US BioWarfare programs are the largest and most sophisticated on the planet. And of course Wuhan was only a small part of that. It’s my assessment that they were funded and directed into the Coronavirus research, to create a believable fallguy for when this weapon was unleashed.

        What’s you level of Experience and Expertise in Covert Operations? I’ve been analyzing and exposing them for decades. This Username was my Radioshow. I’m thanked in print, by several well respected researchers, for finding and supplying primary source material, and relevant analysis, to the movement analyzing the events of September 11th 2001, going back to shortly after them.

        The only way China could be responsible for this – is if they’d mastered time-travel, and had found a way to deliver the virus to several locations in the USA, over the Summer of 2019. In an analogy to the JFK Assassination, they’re Russia/Cuba (or in the ridiculous theory preferred by Thom Hartmann – even perhaps S. Vietnam). In an analogy towards “9/11” they’re Al Qaeda/Saudi Arabia – completely incapable of effecting the collapse of WTC7, or even the Twin Towers, given the persistent pools of molten metal.

        It is not surprising that a steady stream of leaks and releases and US Senate soliloquies would implicate a Nation that we’ve been targeting with Hybrid Warfare and Propaganda for several years now – identified as a rising power and primary adversary, since at least the Mid-90’s, with Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “The Grand Chessboard”, and the (Cheney/) Wolfowitz Doctrine, even before that. Pinning your own crimes onto your adversaries, is an old trick. The CIA’s KUBARK manuals mention it going back to the 80’s and before.

        There’s more evidence to support the Chinese analysis than that of the US Spook State. And it isn’t contradicted by direct evidence (the correct timeline). Hence I can only agree with the former one, and not the latter.

      20. @Another+WorldView+Is+Possible
        You’re not getting the point. It’s not about which explanation is more obvious, it’s about which one has better evidence. As Lyrr Descy responded to you, your claim lacks evidence, whereas the lab leak claim has plenty of evidence to support it. We agree that the deep state does evil things including ones (though releasing a virus that caused a global pandemic is probably a first even for them), but being evil doesn’t make them guilty without evidence. We also agree that they cover up their misdeeds very well, but that still doesn’t remove the requirement for providing evidence for your claims. What you propose is a theory, now you need to get the evidence to support it.

      21. There’s “evidence” that 19 hikjackers attacked on “9/11”, too. But the story is contradicted by better evidence. The collapse of Building 7 invalidates that theory – as do pools of molten metal, in the basement of of Buildings 1 & 2 – still liquid weeks after the event. That and dozens of other proofs show that to be false evidence, designed to mislead.

        The search for the origin of Covid is similar.
        In the case of the “Lab Leak” theory – it fails the timeline test. There’s ALSO evidence that Ft. Detrick had breaches over the Summer of 2019. And they were forced to close down. So that’s confirmed. Meanwhile – there’s SPECULATION that there was some kind of a leak at Wuhan, and some claims that this might have been the case … But that is less credible than the “Greenspring Outbreak” which is undeniable. The “Vaping Illness” mystery remains unsolved. If that was Covid, as the identical symptom presentation would suggest – then the Wuhan timeline is irrelevant.

        Personally I think that ANY “leak” story is a coverstory, for a “deliberate release”. But if we agree that it was a lab leak – then Ft. Detrick is the most likely candidate. Notice that Fauci and the CDC claim that the original virus, identified at Wuhan, was only SIMILAR to the Viruses being worked on at the BSL4 Lab. He OFFICIALLY denies, that they are one and the same. So your evidence is less solid than you think.

      22. Jeff and Another+Worldview …

        “We know and agree that deep state conspiracies attempt to not leave evidence behind, but making claims for which there is no evidence beyond that which is highly circumstantial doesn’t cut it. The more outlandish the claim, the more evidence you need to be taken seriously.”

        I would say not just highly circumstantial, but speculative. And speculation is often driven by a particular world view. I wish that Bellingcat had or would look at this question. At least they don’t appear to have a dog in the fight or an agenda. Just the facts, Ma’am. I like their investigative techniques. But there would be obstacles no doubt to uncovering facts beyond what is already known publicly.

      23. Bellingcat is ANYTHING but objective, or without a dog in most fights. In fact they’re a CIA/MI-6 cut-out. They were connected to the GCHQ/FCO’s “Integrity Initiative” PSYOPS front. They take money from both the US and UK Governments. They cover up NATO crimes in Syria and Ukraine.



        If you need more evidence – just ask. I have many bookmarks on the Bellingcat shenanigans.

        And there is nothing too speculative about acknowledging that the US has the World’s largest BioWarfare program, or that it’s managed by the CIA, and that CDC is often used as a “cut-out” to advance those purposes.

        Making evidence disappear (or just maintaining the Operational Security environment to prevent things from emerging in the first place) – so that OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD Presstitutes can declare that ‘there’s no evidence to suggest that ___________(obvious, well known, or previously exposed fact) is true’ – is not a new trick.

        The first reports about the Tuskegee Experiment that I ever heard (in college, in the early 1990’s) had the US Government DELIBERATELY INFECTING those chosen for the experiment by injecting them with a “mutated syphilis”, and then letting them spread it throughout the black community. The mutation allowed the CDC or their predecessor to study and model the spread and transmission, and not just the progression of the disease itself (which has long been pretty well understood). But NOW – it’s almost impossible to find any evidence to support that version of the story. After Bill Clinton ‘apologized’ for the study (or perhaps even before) the narrative was ‘cleaned up’, to suggest that there was just some abberation in syphilis in this one town in South (Tuskegee), where a bunch of black men just all happened to have the same EXTREMELY RARE non-genital (tertiary) syphilis… “Bad Blood” as the duped participants were told, while they were being injected with either the syphilis itself, or a placebo cure.

        So in this later (now officially approved version of the story – see Wikipedia or PBS or CNN) version of the story, the US Government’s only real crime, was in KNOWING that these men were sick – and then failing to do what Government just naturally does, and is always supposed to do – and that’s to “help” them; by curing their completely organic and naturally occurring, TOTALLY RARE condition – that they all just coincidentally had.

        The ONLY PROBLEM with this now
        “the official (preferred) narrative” – (aside from the completely implausible nature of the story, that all these expendable black folks, just happened to have the same non-genital syphilis, all at once, and all in the same place) is that the same guy who headed that experiment for the CDC, also did a syphilis study in Central America. And in that one – we’re ALLOWED TO KNOW – that the people targeted for the non-consensual HUMAN MEDICAL EXPERIMENTATION (that’s a NUREMBERG CRIME, in case anyone cares), were directly injected with the syphilis, and then allowed to become ill and spread the disease to the friends and family, and then to let it propagate throughout the region, and then throughout the world, as people migrated.

      24. Another-Worldview …

        Yes, I rather thought my mention of Bellingcat would get your hackles up.

        NATO per se has not been involved in Syria. The US and Turkey, as NATO members, have certainly been involved, but so have Russia and Iran. That would be like saying that NATO was involved in CHAD because French forces operate there and in its former African colonies more generally.

        Until recently (when Covid switched my focus), I was very up to date on what was happening in Syria, and I don’t agree with your assessment. I know exactly where it comes from, as well as your criticisms of Bellingcat. I was long ago aware of the controversy over the White Helmets, for example, and the Syrian gas issue, and sought evidence and corroboration for the different assertions and points of view. So I was also looking at articles by Globalresearch.ca on this and other matters. I came to my own conclusions as to which side was the most persuasive.

        As for Ukraine, let’s not even go there.

        So we should just agree to disagree on these matters.

      25. So you’re advancing the Official Narrative of NATO, UK, FRENCH, German, US Turkish, and Gulf Monarchy Bullshit. Newsflash – NATO is involved by the member states. And in fact while they aren’t managing the warfare – they are DIRECTLY involved through their PR wings in The Atlantic Council, and German Marshall Fund. That’s who’s CENSORING all news, about the negative findings, regarding the unproven Douma Chemical attack, by the OPCW’s Fact Finding Mission – and the exposes of the OPCW Disinformation, by whistleblowers.

        And if you understand that actual basis of the Geopolitical conflicts in Syria and Ukraine – both are about the Isolation of Russia, not just from Europe and the world (as wargamed and planned for by The RAND Corporation, for instance, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, in his mid 1990’s book “The Grand Chessboard”) – but from the Gas markets in Europe, that Russia currently dominates. The Causus Belli for the NATO forces in Syria, is the denial of a proposed Gas Pipeline from the UAE to the Mediterranean, across Syria. In Ukraine it’s NO ACCIDENT that the CIA’s Cofer Black and the completely inexperienced and unqualified Hunter Biden, were on the board of a local Ukrainian FRACKING/Gas company like Burisma… or that the Military Alliance is looking for excuses to replace and block Russian gas supplies, from things like Nordstream2.

        Your kind of logic is like that of a MOB LAWYER like Bruce Cutler… ‘Sure some members of the Gambino Family whacked some guy…but you have no proof that it was a Gambino hit…or that John Gotti was involved… And while we may lack Gotti’s fingerprints on the murder weapon – in this case we have clear evidence of decisions made, and actions taken, in the furtherance of the [Covert Operation/] conspiracy. And Bellingcat is directly connected to the folks who did, and then covered up the (several) hit(s).

        Bellingcat are big on promoting the Skripal affair, right? Did they mention the initial reports about that, and the various lies and impossibilities about that story?



      26. Of course there’s LOT’S of evidence that there were serious problems with that official narrative… But thanks to NATO Empire censorship algorithms being used by Social Media platforms – and a coordinated campaign of PSYOPS with large/legacy/corporatist media outlets – you’d never know any of that. And NATO is directly connected to all of that.



      27. Another+Worldview …

        Sorry, but I’m not going to get drawn into this whole other debate about Syria, Russia and Ukraine. We could go on forever.

      28. @Lyrr Descy
        I agree with Another+WorldView+Is+Possible regarding Bellingcat. Bellingcat is an instrument for the deep state, and is not at all credible.

      29. Such evidence can be found here…



        I can say with a certainty that FEMA personnel were being pre-deployed, domestically, in advance of the outbreak. That’s based in an interview with a confidential source, who told me about a neighbor that he’d met, over the Summer or early Fall of 2019, who turned out to be a FEMA, who moved into his building Marina Del Rey. It apparently took some work formy source to get any information on this guy’s line of work, and employer, initially… But he was eventually broken down.

        The easiest calculus is Cui Bono? Why would the Chinese release a BioWeapon upon their own people – while being attacked by the US, in Xinjiang, and Hong Kong, and elsewhere, in a campaign of what is properly understood as “Hybrid Warfare” – that includes Trump’s “Trade War”…

        The Chinese do have SOME representation at Davos… And that’s where these schemes were cooked up and approved. But let’s be clear – they are JUNIOR partners,

      30. @George
        I never said anything about ivermectin, perhaps you’re confusing me with someone else. But now that you brought it up, I’ll say this: The Mexican government has been using ivermectin because it can’t afford the vaccines, and it reports very good success. Ivermectin is generic, so they can’t make money off of it, which is the opposite for the vaccines. I’m not making any claims about the efficacy of ivermectin in treating COVID-19, but I would trust this regime in the Mexican government way before I’d trust the corporate/establishment media or the bought-and-paid-for U.S. government.

        Furthermore, monoclonal antibodies HAVE been proven VERY effective in treating COVID-19, and they’ve been made hard to get. Jimmy Dore reported that his doctor told him that all doctors received letter saying that they risk losing their licenses if they recommend treatments for COVID-19, just to show you one example of all the evil stuff going on with vaccines.

        I am not relying on “a few doctors” in my conclusions about the vaccines and about COVID-19, quite the opposite. Doctors are not experts in these matters, scientists are, specifically virologists, immunologists, and epidemiologists, and I listen to the ones who are not beholden to the pharmaceutical industry for their jobs or other income. Dr. Robert Malone, who is the main inventor of the mRNA technology that is used by the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, was illegitimately maligned and censored because he said that only the elderly and other at-risk people should have been vaccinated, and that everyone in the relevant scientific community knows that you can’t vaccinate your way out of a pandemic. The top Israeli immunologist just said basically the same thing. Have you seen the Great Barrington Declaration? That’s 60,000 RELEVANT scientists (total signatures are approaching a million, but I think anyone may sign) saying the same thing. So stop pretending to be the adult in the room quoting and citing the scientific community, when the relevant scientific community actually disagrees with you.

      31. Hi Jeff, Thanks for not swearing at me or calling me names so I’ll respond. Unfortunately the first two antibodies are no longer effective and the most recent one approve is in very short supply and they can’t be used if one is eligible for hospitalization. I know a number of physicians and none of them have ever received any such letter plus I’ve never seen it published anywhere. The CDC has published on their website an extensive early treatment protocol so to claim the government is against it is really preposterous. I thought i sent you the link. I agree with your comments about corporate control of government and mainstream media and that is why you should look up the origin of the Great Barrington Delaration. It came from three scientists who are closely aligned with a far right wing corporate think tank located in Great Barrington. Hence the name. The want to dissemine falsehoods about the pandemic in order to keep the economy at full strength and maximize profits. Profits over people. That’s their cause. The vast majority of epidemiologists and scientists support the widespread use of vaccines. Only a small minority do not. Much like global warming. A few sceptics versus the overwhelming consensus.

      32. @George
        Instead of arguing about which scientists are right and how many are on each side, let’s look at the facts:

        1. After the alpha strain, the vaccines do NOT prevent infection. Instead, they prevent hospitalization and death in all but a tiny minority of people, or in people with numerous comorbidities or who are old.

        2. The vaccines do not prevent transmission to any substantial extent (small differences in transmission between vaccinated and unvaccinated people, but no credible argument that those differences are substantial).

        3. 90 or 95% (can’t remember which) of the people who’ve died from COVID-19 were over 60. This is basically an old people disease (or as a friend’s kid put it, the Boomer Remover).

        4. Children have a greater chance of dying from contracting the flu than they do from contracting COVID-19. The risk of death or serious illness to young children was stated as so low that it can’t be calculated.

        So, considering all those indisputable facts, why should anyone except for the elderly and otherwise at-risk people get vaccinated? The vast majority of healthy people under 60 will not get severe symptoms or die from COVID-19, and the omicron variant is basically a cold for the large majority of people. To show the insanity of the pro-vaxxers, they are now vaccinating children, who again are not at risk of contracting or spreading the disease, and are now about to approve vaccinations for kids 2-4 years old. How can you justify any of this?

      33. The mrna vaccines, with booster for omicron, do still reduce infections. Walensky was misunderstood by the lay press. What she should have said is if you’re vaccinated and get infected the vaccines no longer prevent transmission but total transmissibility is reduced due to reduction in infection rate. You are correct that vast majority of deaths and hospitalizations are in those over 60 (I’m a boomer so I have more skin in this pandemic) but there are still many younger, healthy people including those pregnant at risk. The problem with targeted vaccinations is that it would be impossible to have the virus race through the population and not affect those at higher risk. The elderly, pregnant, immunocompromised, those with comorbidities all have reduced immune response and many are unable to mount good b and t cell defense so it requires a community effort. If us boomers and transplant recipients don’t matter to people then I think that’s sociopathic. It IS important when 99% of medical specialists agree that vaccines are beneficial just like when 99% of climate scientists agree that anthropogenic global warming is a real threat. To think otherwise is just anti science.

      34. George:

        But that’s precisely the point, isn’t it? The “vaccines” are NOT preventing the virus from racing through the population. Where’s the evidence that the infection rate has been “reduced” by getting the shots? If my double and triple jabbed family members in both highly vaccinated Seattle and highly vaccinated Montreal with their draconian measures to restrict the activities of the unvaccinated can ALL get Covid, passing it on to one another, doesn’t that tell you that the shots are simply not performing as hoped? That they’re NOT reducing transmission? That transmissibility is rampant? All the family members got it! This must be happening everywhere. And no, it’s not unvaccinated toddlers who are infecting the whole family.

        The best the shots can do (if you’re not one of the unlucky ones to end up with clotting disorders, heart inflammation, or neurological and autoimmune effects, or menstrual disorders, or to simply drop dead on a playing field), is to give you a jump start in combating the virus. But the efficacy of the antibodies against the ancestral virus is not the same for Omicron, and likely won’t be for stealth Omicron either. The targets are not the same. Therapeutics are going to be far more effective. But the public is not being educated about those options. It’s all about “Get vaccinated!” “Get boostered!”

        South Africa got through the Omicron wave very successfully, with a low death rate, and also a very low vaccination rate. They likely had a high rate of prior infections, which should also tell you something. The doctor Angelique Coetzee who first identified the new variant was pressured by the WHO and others to NOT declare it milder than Delta or previous variants. She refused. She’s not a fringe internet doctor.

        I’m in my 70s, so I certainly have skin in this game.

        And please stop invoking climate change. This is your sly way of saying that vaccine skeptics and Refuseniks are flat-earthers and climate deniers. We’re anything but.

      35. Data from highly jabbed Scotland contradicts your assertions. And ALL CAUSE mortality goes UP – not down – in those injected with the mRNA Gene Therapy Biological Products. Data from around the world is confirming this…the UK keeps better data than we do – and that’s what it shows.

        EARLY TREATMENT with cheap, safe and effective, non-experimental chemotherapies and drug interventions makes MUCH better sense, than ‘leaky’ jabs, that don’t stop infection or spread. There are even prophylactic measures that can prevent infection… Ivermectin, Quercitin + Zinc, Vitamin D3, are all far safer and more effective, than the dangerous mRNA and DNA jabs, with no longterm testing, except the coerced and FORCED Human Medical Experimentation (without fully informed consent), being conducted upon whole societies, currently.

      36. Please send me a link to this Scottish data you referenced. None of the early treatment protocol agents you mention have proven efficacy. That is the consensus of the vast majority of medical experts and societies worldwide. I have read McCullough’s treatment scheme and he does mention antibodies, anticoagulants, and corticosteroidthat DO work. He also supports vaccination. I’ve seen almost all his videos. He also makes numerous, easily debunked, false assertions. I fact checked his talks for my sisters who kept sending them to me. But in each case they refused to even comment on my review so I assume you’ll do the same and just say the vaccines don’t work and are killing people. I just don’t understand why this particular disease and vaccine is eliciting such pushback. Would you refuse all drugs?

      37. It’s NOT a “vaccine” – it’s mRNA Gene Therapy – an ENTIRELY NEW technology, with 0 animal testing, for this wave of biological products. When there were tests of veterinary versions – they killed an unacceptable number of ferrets. Some died from the injections themselves – but many died from paradoxical enhancement effects of the mRNA inoculation, when re-exposed to the virus – like Antibody Dependent Enhancement.

        I find it very hard to believe that a pharmacist is actually finding substantial errors, in the work of a leading physician and researcher, like Dr. McCullough… But his unwillingness to speak accurately about the lethal injection jabs, and in some other respects, shows me that he isn’t perfect. So what do YOU think, that he got wrong, exactly?

        Your reliance on NIH as your only source is a weakness in your work. Ivermectin is a WHO essential medicine. It sells for 6¢ a pill, through them. The patents are expired. There’s no profit motive to promote it’s use – though the primary motivation behind the jabs is political and geostrategic, not health or wealth, at the levels where these decisions were made (that happened before the initial BioWeapon was released, in Davos, Geneva, Langley, DC, City of London, etc..). The goals are a drastic reduction in global populations, combined with an increasingly Totalitarian Technocratic Police State, using the jabs and Covid as an EXCUSE – to roll out the Agenda ID2020 “passports”. That idea’s public unveiling predates Covid’s release, by at a minimum, almost 4 years.

        There IS a profit motive at NIH, CDC and the FDA – because they own lots of the patents being used, for the mRNA jabs. And the FDA is now largely funded by the drug manufacturers, that they’re supposed to oversee. It’s a structural conflict of interest, created by Congress.

        Every drug ever recalled by the FDA – was first APPROVED by the FDA…And there’s been lots of those. It’s a systemic problem. You really should RFK Jr.’s new book – “The Real Anthony Fauci”. He goes into the corruption and Corporatist Capture, that explains the failures that we’re seeing. There is no such motivation for the denial of Ivermectin – which HAS been shown to work, as both prophylaxis and treatment. The clinical studies have shown this, repeatedly – including in large population studies, in places like, Uttar Pradesh, Japan, and now, Southern Brazil. The inability of Covid to take root in Africa, may also owe to this.

        At the very least, it is a benign medicine, with a few minimal side effects, at the recommended dosages … People do fine with it in Africa. So why NOT let patients and Doctors use it? It’s safer than aspirin – which ALSO has some off-label uses. It’s truly unconscionable that the Medical/Big Pfharma establishment has conspired to murder patients, by denying it to them.

        Contrary to the publications of the NIH – it has been proven to be highly effective, and safety has never been in doubt (it has a more than 40 year track record of safety). You really should look for better sources of information on the several safe and effective early treatment protocols. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko had great success with his Protocol. So too, with Dr.s Fareed and Tyson…7000+ patients, 2 hospitalizations, 0 deaths. The FLCCC have the I-MATH+ and I-MASK protocols. Inhaled Budesonide, and Fluvoxamine as well, have been shown to be highly effective. But if that were acknowledged – then the mRNA Jabs that were already being prepared in November of 2019, couldn’t go forward under EUA, and with 0 liability for the manufacturers, for all of the deaths and injuries.

        You asked for the Scotland data – look closely at the last graphic in this meme that I made. The source is right there.


        This other meme has some places for you to look for better information, as well.


      38. I’ll look at what you sent but everything that people are sending me and that are out there against vaccines are riddled with falsehoods and inaccuracies. Ivermectin is a good drug just no good evidence it is efficacious for Covid. I agree FDA has been influenced by big pharma. Still the fact that the vaccine results have been reproduced in many nations is a basic tenet of the scientific method. Here are some thoughts on Mccullough’s presentation: I listened to Dr. McCullough’s Texas presentation. Here are some of my thoughts.

        1. I agree that patients testing positive should be followed up on and that is a great reason for passing Medicare For All legislation so we have a robust public health system like most other countries. Tens of thousands could have been saved if we all had free health care.
        2. I agree that the monoclonal antibody treatments are underutilized (but that is outpatient hospital service not “home” treatment).
        3. He stated that no one under 50 should be vaccinated since they are not at risk. While the risk is much lower for younger people the risk is very evident, even younger patients without comorbidities have died, and those infected can transmit the virus to others at higher risk. He also said there is no evidence of asymptomatic transmission and that is false https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/coronavirus-disease-covid-19-how-is-it-transmitted. Those two statements alone should be grounds for the revocation of his medical license. He also claimed that Texas was at herd immunity (>80%) back in March. There is no evidence for this level of immunity and Texas continues to have a high level of disease activity.
        4. He said the reason the placebo controlled randomized trials of the drugs he recommends (to date) have not shown efficacy is that they were tested individually and not together. I am not aware of any drug or drugs (for any disease) not showing efficacy individually yet demonstrating efficacy in combination.
        5. I agree that the two biggest concerns are thrombosis and immune response (cytokine storm) and that anticoagulants and corticosteroids are appropriate and necessary. The medical community is well aware of this and numerous treatment guidelines incorporate their use, so he is not adding to the discussion.
        6. I read the AAPS treatment guidelines he helped write (see below). With the exceptions I listed, none of the other drugs listed have shown reproducible efficacy in large, well controlled trials (ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, doxycycline, azithromycin, colchicine, vitamins D and C).

        Inline image

      39. And lastly – this blog is a written by a very thoughtful, insightful and intelligent PhD, James Lyons-Weiler… popularrationalism(dot) substack(dot)com/p/whats-behind-the-live-with-covid

        I suggest you try this sophistry, and these bromides of yours, with him… It should be good for a chuckle. Go ahead and come @him, in his comments. See how that goes for you.

        And yes… I reserve the RIGHT to refuse ANY DRUG – without qualification. I don’t surrender my bodily autonomy to anyone, no matter how presumably expert, or professing to be well-intended.

        You should KNOW, as a pharmacist, that medicine isn’t one size fits all. That patients have varying levels of risks from adverse reactions, cross-reactions and pre-existing conditions. And in the case of Covid – the actual risk in some groups of patients is literally 0. For everyone under 70, and without 4 or more co-morbidities – it’s less than one percent – significantly so, the younger the cohort. By contrast, the jabs are killing and seriously injuring people, in all age groups – at unacceptable rates. In the newest batch of victims, the 5-11 year olds – you will kill 117, with the jabs, for every child you save from Covid.

        But then there’s also the question of what kind of fascistic, Technocratic Totalitarian Panopticon Dystopia, you’re going to be building, from this world, to imprison those who are ‘lucky’ enough to survive in it.


      40. One major flaw in your argument is the fact that this is a highly communicable disease so that having as many people as possible be vaccinated, even if at very low risk themselves, protects those at higher risk such as those with multiple comorbidities or immunocompromised. This is a threat to the entire community and requires a community effort. No one is putting a gun to your head or threatening you with imprisonment if you’re not vaccinated. That’s a straw horse. My recommendation would be to get infected on purpose with as many strains as possible while staying away from anyone that could possibly get a severe infection. But that is sometimes hard to predict unless you query everyone e you come in contact with. Do what you want but not if it affects others. Why is that hard to understand?

      41. These are bogus talking points – based on fraudulent premises. The risks are extreme, the benefits are negative. Quit lying.
        https://www.rokfin.com/stream/13532 – at about 27 minutes you’ll hear from a lawyer who has been representing whistleblowers, about the Jab injuries, speaking to a US Senate committee, talking about the unconscionable injuries that you’re dishonestly minimizing. At about 38 minutes Dr. Peter McCullough speaks about the dangers of Myocarditis, and how the jabs are causing it amongst young healthy people.

        How much are you getting paid to push this Disinformation on the internet?

      42. I saw the video and the myocarditis is extremely rare and almost always self limiting. I just listed a few of his flat out lies-can you respond to any of them? I am strongly against big pharma profiting off these vaccines. If Biden wasn’t owned by the corporate overlords he’d license the proton to any country on earth that wished to make them. In the end, the overwhelming preponderance of evidence supports the safety and efficacy of the vaccines but we do need new ones to properly immunize against the variants.

      43. He’s not lying. You are. And have been found doing so, in this comments section repeatedly and by multiple parties.

        Dr. McCullough lists MULTIPLE STUDIES which support his position – and he was hardly being exhaustive on the subject. Far from being “self-limiting” – the upper limit is a death by cardiac arrest… And the Soccer fields of Europe have already shown the truth. The same can be said for the tennis courts, and ???. I know of 14 heart attacks suffered by LA County Lifeguards, over just this past Summer – all within 2 weeks of an mRNA Jab. That’s an unheard of number, from a tiny population, of some of the fittest and most active people in this county. There is no historical precedent for this.


        Is this just a new, VERY ODD Hobby… Or do you get paid by the dishonest narrative management post?

      44. I’ve been going back and forth with my sisters on this issue but they disagree with the strong consensus in the medical/scientific community, as do you. Nothing I say to you will change your mind so it is a waste of time to continue. And my wife tells me I’m wasting my time as well. I have tried to refute each of your assertions but you think this tiny minority of physicians are correct and i think the 99.9% of physicians are correct so that’s where we’ll have to leave it. I wish you well.

      45. One ONLY needs to look at the History of Medicine – to see that the bulk of that herd, are FREQUENTLY wrong. For decades the kind of concerns about diet and nutrition, raised by folks like Gary Null (PhD), were dismissed entirely by the FDA/CDC/NIH and AMA… IN FACT, like the fine doctors being persecuted in the present moment – they went to great efforts to falsely impugn his name and attack his reputation. And now – many doctors know what he was arguing works – and it has become accepted as canon.

        The history of either typhoid or cholera (forgive me, I’m not going to delve through the histories to determine which it was, right now) in London has a SIMILAR trajectory of ignorance and malpractice, masquerading as “science”. For an unacceptably long interval, the prevailing “wisdom”, was that the disease in question was cause by “humours” in the air… that’s vapors, and not contaminated water supplies, as we now know. In that case it was because of the failure of a hidden belief system, that all of the Doctors were relying upon. They believed that the water and sewer systems were sound, and didn’t lead to contamination. Because ….”SCIENCE!” – and an unjustifiable trust in their society’s level of advancement, modernity and refinement. But it turned out that crap was getting into the water – and hence an easily preventable illness was allowed to spread, while various formulas of quakery were prescribed in vain, to prevent infection.

        The basis of your arguments is the BANDWAGON Fallacy. More people believing something, doesn’t make it so. Gallileo and Copernicus were quite lonely in their respect for the truth, and science. It didn’t make the Earth the center of the universe.

        You’re conveniently ignoring the several reasons why some people are ACTIVELY LYING to promote these Deadly Injections, and denigrate much safer and more effective alternatives. Profits and career prospects are both strong influences, on many. Fear of retaliation (for telling the truth) is clearly guiding others … And lots of Doctors and Scientists and Pharmacists are probably just being lazy…or going along with the Mass Formation Psychosis, because that’s how cognitive dissonance works, in real life…

        But Bill Gates – whose funds underwrite much of the Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Industries… What’s HIS EXCUSE? This is a Megalomaniac who has publicly expressed his desire to wipe out 90% or more of the world’s population. And who is in close contact with Davos’ Sith Lord – who has devised a plan to virtually ENSLAVE all of the survivors. Neither is a Doctor. And this plan, has been provably afoot, for several years prior to this PLANDEMIC. Peter Dazack, a veterinarian, who paid plenty of DARPA’s money, for eerily similar “Gain of Function” coronavirus research, spoke openly of the plan to get this technology into place, long before the Greenspring Outbreak ( https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2019/07/17/third-person-has-died-after-respiratory-illness-outbreak-greenspring-village-fairfax-officials-say/ )
        and “Mysterious Vaping Illness” signalled the ACTUAL, DELIBERATE release of this US AMRIID BioWeapon.


      46. Nope … The CDC itself has acknowledged that the shots prevent neither infection nor transmission, and do not prevent viral replication, which means they do not reduce viral load and shedding. Rochelle Walensky has stated all this publicly, herself, on air. A recent comment by her is that we need to protect the vulnerable. That’s EXACTLY what we’ve been saying all along. Protect the vulnerable and leave the rest of us to get on with our lives.

        So yes: prevent hospitalizations and deaths by all means. Early, outpatient treatment is cheap, and effective. And the risks or side effects are minimal. The injectable biologics are not vaccines, and people having got the shots are as likely to spread it as those who haven’t.

        My own triple jabbed family members (the youngsters only double jabbed) passed Omicron on to one another over the holiday season. They ALL got it. Even the other grandparents. The adults boosted to the hilt. Sure, that’s anecdotal, but nevertheless, they’re not the exception. So it’s completely inaccurate to state that the shots “prevent the likelihood of infection.”

        That’s a myth, and it’s been KNOWN to not be the case for months. And Pfizer and Modern knew it at the outset. Preventing infections and transmission was never the endpoint of their trials. They were satisfied with preventing severe disease and death, which any number of other medications can achieve.

        In fact the whole sorry edifice is slowly starting to crack and crumble. But there remain people who are so sold on the “get vaccinated to protect the community and protect Grandma” fiction that nothing will induce them to see through the lies and fallacies we’ve been sold. And Pfizer and Moderna are not going to relinquish this golden egg voluntarily. They will keep producing “studies” (never made public) that show these benefits, even though ti must be obvious to anyone with half a brain that the cocktails developed for the ancestral strain are now producing antibodies chasing the wrong targets.

        Israel, known as Pfizrael, is starting to understand that it can’t boost its way out of this pandemic. The UK is lifting restrictions. South Africa has got over Omicron very well, with a much lower vaccination rate than in the US. Which means the shots were irrelevant to the course of the disease.

      47. Wow. Boom. There’s nothing left to target now…that narrative has been laid flat like over 100 N. Korean cities and towns were, back in the 1950’s, like Iraq, or like Afghanistan was, until recently.

        Well done.

      48. You keep pointing to the contradictory statements of known liars – and inferring from them, your preferred “truth”, as opposed to obvious lies. Even Wallensky Bourla and Fauci have acknowledged the facts, now. Also – I sent you a graphic from Scotland, which PROVES the Negative Effectiveness. Lack of Safety appears to be well established. RIP Bob Saget.

      49. George:

        “Public CDC statements that contradict what you posted” ??

        Good Lord, why on earth do you keep quoting public statements by the CDC, FDA, NIH, Fauci, Walensky, and the White House?

        These people have been totally discredited. It’s all propaganda, it’s all about messaging. Look at the reality instead. Skyrocketing Omicron cases regardless of vaccination status. High rate of hospitalizations owing mostly to the numbers, not the severity of the illness, because people aren’t being treated at home with easily available drugs and supplements; deaths very likely concentrated among older patients or those with comorbidities — who ALSO should have received early treatment, starting on the first day of symptoms, regardless of test results.

        Let’s look at someone (Dr Mobeen Syed in his YouTube Medical Lectures Series) who doesn’t have a dog in this fight. He’s not anti-vaccine, and has had the Moderna shots himself, but he’s completely open minded, driven by the data, which he reads, analyzes and explains very well.

        Look at charts of 70,000 vaccinated and unvaccinated patients from a CDC-sponsored Kaiser medical system study in California (Jan 11th) for both Omicron & Delta which are co-existing still in California. Starts at about 14:00 minutes to the end at 34 minutes.

        In the first half of the following video, you see how the CDC are making things up as they go. They’re all over the place. The language being used is sheer marketing (changing definitions to suit the message), with signs of coaching of Walensky by media consultants. (28 minutes)

        SARS immunity 18 years on: https://youtu.be/C3qoR4uFH7g

        Death rate in the unvaccinated by age: https://youtu.be/WSEtnDh5MxU

  5. For many, this piece is a simple exercise in logic. For others, not so much. I suspect some of my fellow readers will be moved to spill their secret sauce on this comment board by: Smart toilets as one of the infinite markers of the new biofascist regime (if you don’t see it you’re a sheeple ya know), the lies lies lies (and also damn) lies about the vaccine, and of course hope being for suckers.

    Maybe some of the pathological doomsdayers will cede that the pandemic may end–but that’s only because “they” planned it that way to warm us up for the next one (because now climate change is a massive hoax and based on weather manipulation ya know… the evidence is all over… if you don’t know you’re a sheeple).

    If you think about “they” for any measurable amount of time daily and ‘they’ is dark shadowy cadre of rich people, you may be suffering from a disease called paranoid selfish delusion masquerading as heroic comment blaster syndrome. There is only one cure: Kindness.

    (Of course, the kindness cure has been around for centuries, but “they” don’t talk about it because if everyone stopped bickering on comment boards and stood up, walked out of their houses, and started being charitable to those in need, “their” regime would fall over instantly.

    If you don’t believe it you’re a sheeple…)

  6. This is utter BS, apples & oranges. Small pox is a stable virus, COVID-19- is an unstable virus. That’s a fundamental difference that informs how effective the vaccines will be.

  7. Wow. Oh well.

    Record mortality in Gibraltar, champion of Astra Zeneca injections

    Gibraltar (34,000 inhabitants) started vaccination in December 2020 when the health agency counted only 1040 confirmed cases and 5 deaths attributed to covid19 in this country. After a very comprehensive vaccination blitz, achieving 115% coverage (vaccination was extended to many Spanish visitors), the number of new infections increased fivefold (to 5314) and the number of deaths increased 19fold. The number of deaths increased 19-fold, reaching 97, i.e. 2853 deaths per million inhabitants, which is one of the European mortality records. But those responsible for the vaccination deny any causal link without proposing any other plausible etiology. And after a few months of calm, the epidemic resumed, confirming that 115% vaccination coverage does not protect against the disease.

  8. How ODD that there NO CITATION or statistic, to support the statement “Consistently, hospitalization, ICU admission and death rates are higher in unvaccinated people. Fully vaccinated people have on average twenty times less chance of symptomatic illness, hospitalization, or dying and if hospitalized have shorter stays. ” Could it be that the Doctor is relying upon outdated information, or worse yet, cleverly crafted press releases from parties with profit (or other, even more malign) motives – to push the proliferation of these brand new, mRNA Gene Therapy injections, which have no longterm tests completed, serious issues raised with the accuracy and integrity of their initial studies – and which appear to be associated with increases in all cause mortality? Scotland and Gibraltar seem to argue in the exact opposite direction.



    Honest and ethical doctors, like Pierre Kory, Peter McCullough and Robert Malone urge caution and consideration of safe and effective prophylactic measures and Early Treatment – and don’t $hill quite this hard for Big Pfharma, for some reason… I wonder how it is that Pfizer, the FDA and CDC could MISS the CLEAR WARNING SIGNAL – when 21 people (that they’re now willing to admit) died during the Pfizer trials, in the non control group… Meanwhile the NON-INERT “Placebo” group only had 15 deaths. Perhaps it’s because Pfizer LIED in their initial reports, and somehow undercounted the number of non-control group deaths by 1/3 rd? Perhaps it has something to do with the poorly conducted trials, and lack of independent oversight.

    1. Not statistically significant difference. People really need an understanding of how to analyze medical studies and at least a basic knowledge of statistics, otherwise they are at the mercy of quacks. I agree that big pharma is evil but most of the scientists that develop the drugs and vaccines are responsible and smart. I worked there for 35 years.

      1. Ivermectin is a WHO essential medicine… Safe and effective – especially in the early stages of illness. Dr.s Tyson and Fareed have a very successful treatment protocol, that with 7000+ patients treated, resulted in 2 hospitalizations, and zero deaths.

        Blind faith, and relying on INTERESTED parties, Fauci, Collins, Pfizer and Moderna – is likely to end poorly for you, or anyone else. Bill Gates isn’t an MD… He’s a GLOBAL DEPOPULATION advocate – a megalomaniac, who’s into Eugenics. Klaus Schwab is a Sith Lord of some kind, and the son of a Nazi… I’ll take medical advice from Dr.s like Fareed, Tyson, Kory, McCullough et al – before I sign up for anything recommended Fauci, Gates, Collins or Schwab.

        And YES – the difference between 14 or 15 killed in trials vs. 21 is very significant. The “Placebo” itself wasn’t “inert” like saline. It was another highly problematic injectable…and mRNA killed more people than that, even… And the CDC and the crooked trials company, conveniently stopped looking into medical outcomes of trial participants after a short interval, based upon the FLAWED ASSUMPTION that after a couple of weeks all side effects/adverse events would have been observed already. That’s untrue.

        The Trials were scheduled to run 3 years. FAUCI ended them at 6 months (right when the benefits were known to wane) – and then INJECTED the control arm – to destroy any possiblity of collecting long term data. He’s a mass murder of highest order. AZT, REMDESIVIR, and now with mRNA – he consistently finds ways to profit, off of dead bodies.

        Dr.s like Robert Malone and Peter McCullough and Pierre Kory know how to read research and evaluate the numbers. It’s more than a little disrespectful to assume you know better. James Lyons-Weiler is a PhD – he writes a good blog on substack. You should address these kinds of arguments to folks like that… but prepare to be corrected.

      2. I feel the need to point out several inaccuracies in your reply. Ivermectin is safe and effective for other diseases, just not Covid-19. See my other reply listing the pbo controlled trials of ivermectin, all of which showed no efficacy. The vaccine trials were not designed to run three years, just until there were sufficient infections to prove efficacy, in the attached trial, over 151 cases. So median patient in trial for 63 days. First interim analysis showed efficacy so trial was halted, not by Fauci but by the IRB. The placebo injection WAS saline, not some dangerous, unidentified ingredient as you stated. Read trial paper. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2035389

      3. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Reports differently, on the initial length set for the trials. Why don’t you go write a nasty review, making these claims.

        Also, Fauci arbitrarily cut them, at exactly the point where the diminimous effectiveness was known to wane (and then start to go negative)…and if you listened closely, you could have heard him reveal that “boosters” were always the plan.

        He then destroyed the longterm studies by jabbing the control group. To my mind that’s killing any longterm studies and destroying evidence. We already know, from the British Medical Journal’s whistleblower from inside the Pfizer trials, that they were cheating… And the bar for them was already artificially lowered, by comparing to a different toxic injection instead of saline… Oh and they have rigorously selected for a test group without the infirm or people with their known contraindications, like heart problems, etc.

        Fauci did this same kind of thing, to jam the known toxin AZT, into use


        So there you go, on Ivermectin. Proven benefit. NIH is lying and now more than ever, relying on them is simply an appeal to authority.

        And the good news for all of us – is that doctors like Fareed and Tyson, Zelenko, the FLCCC(dot net) McCullough et al all have proven, working, and successful clinical formulas for cheap, safe and effective early treatment, with complex regimens and Protocols . If you wanted to spend your time that way, you could be trying to convince THEM – that Ivermectin is a dangerous and useless medication, that should be dropped from their current standards of care and courses of treatment. I’m sure that they’ll be amused by you. BUT, they’re the ones who swore an oath of Hippocrates, and are also currently licensed and certified to practice Medicine… You, less so I’m guessing. How about you AVOID KILLING PEOPLE for stupid reasons, and fill the damn prescription, like it was for a bottle of Oxycodone, and not try to hard when second guessing the Doctors. If the country were awash in Ivermectin, like we are in opioids and Fentanyl – there would be no need for these ‘leaky’ (non-sterilizing), dangerous New Technologies like mRNA Spike Protein injections, to be allowed to avoid Animal Testing and Longterm studies on safety.

      4. I used to really respect Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for his environmental work until he started pushing his unfounded assertions about vaccines causing autism, after he had an autistic child. The study he referenced was subsequently found to have been bogus and was retracted. All available evidence clearly shows study length determined by number of infection events. The IRBs and study authors make that determination not Fauci. The FDA provides guidance for what they will accept and approve, that is it. It is standard ethical practice to offer the active drug to the placebo group after the study is terminated if the benefit outweighs the risks. To do otherwise is unethical. The placebo injection in all cases was saline. Just because you heard or read it online doesn’t make it true. If some unidentified toxic substance was used you’d have to believe in some vast conspiracy of silence among the medical community, that no one would ever figure out something was wrong. I’ve run clinical trials and that just would not be possible.
        The researchers actually went out of their way to include as many high risk patients as possible. Take some time to read each trial inclusion and exclusion criteria.

        Fauci is a jerk and has a sordid past and lied about utility of masks.
        Observational studies cannot definitively demonstrate efficacy of drugs due to so many confounders and biases, a more controlled experiment is required to isolate effectiveness.
        The NIH is 8 months into a multimillion dollar 15,000 patient study of ivermectin fotr Covid that will definitively show any efficacy if it exists. The onus is on those positing a hypothesis that ivermectin treats Covid, not on me or anyone else to disprove it. To date the controlled trisls sho no efficacy. I really would have little problem dispensing ivermectin but I might explain to the patient that there is no good evidence it works.

      5. No need to get rude. I think a lot of the anti-valuers are making money off their videos, talks, and podcasts. In this instance the mainstream media is correct. Btw, do you frequent Scheerpost or just trolling?

      6. I read Sheerpost lots, and am a subscriber. You’re the one who appears to be trolling. And I no longer believe that it’s just innocent or accidental. https://www.salon.com/2010/01/15/sunstein_2/

        As for RFK Jr. – the guy is a successful lawyer – who’s already won in several cases against BigPfharma, related to vaccine injuries thar willfully allowed to occur, and tried to cover-up…much in the same fashion, that you’re doing now.

        His book is selling well, because it’s full of powerful and suppressed information. As far as I’m aware, the proceeds are going to his organization, Children’s Health Defense, which is doing important political work and spearheading lawsuits against this Genocidal program. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/rfk-jr-defender-chd-cia-totalitarianism-us-constitution/

      7. Thanks for answering the question about reading progressive independent media like Scheerpost. I am really shocked that you are a subscriber so we must agree on almost every other issue. I can live with that. I just don’t understand why a progressive would fight vaccinations. I think big pharma is a cancer on public health but their scientists are for the most part smart and want to contribute to people’s health. I am not sure about RFK suing pharma over vaccines since they have special liability protection in that area. He has an autistic child and BLAMED vaccines for it but the paper he cited was withdrawn due to fraud. Hopefully we’ll have no/fewer variants and we can get past this. Many more existetential issues the world faces to spend more time on this. Thanks for supporting Scheerpost!

      8. You REALLY should do your research about RFK Jr.. Read his damn book already. He beat the drug companies – because liability protection ends as soon as you prove deliberate fraud and malfeasance.

        And that paper that you claim was retracted… Was correct. One of the things that RFK Jr. covers admirably is the lack of real placebos in Vaccine Trials. They only compare against other vaccines, which all use dangerous adjuvants.

        And they don’t do studies on the cumulative effects of repeated batteries of vaccination, particularly on vulnerable populations, kike young children… They just pretend that things like mercury and aluminum don’t have a cumulative effect, or build up in tissues, over time. And RFK Jr., is frankly, much smarter than you are. Which is why he won against BigPfharma…

        Even setting aside the questions of autism – there are literally dozens of potentially severe injuries, that vaccines can cause. Covering up the facts, is malicious and fraudulent, and it invalidates the legal loophole crafted by lobbyists and enacted by Congress.

        And he points to a specific meeting, more than a decade back(, that’s not readily available off the top of my head) – where the US’ HHS/NIH/CDC/FDA Bureaucrats and spin doctors came to the conclusion that there was no way to hide the correlation between vaccines and autism. So they just began a deliberate campaign of cheating and malfeasance, and character assassinations, just as they’ve provably continued to, in the current moment, relative to HCq, Ivermectin, The Great Barrington Declaration, Dr. Robert Malone…and on and on.

        So it isn’t hard for me to take the TRULY PROGRESSIVE position on Vaccines of all kinds. People MUST be allowed to excercise FULLY INFORMED CONSENT – which includes the right to reject the treatment. Bodily autonomy is an unenumerated RIGHT, covered by the 9th Amendment, the common law, and State Constitutions… It was known as “Natural Liberty” at one point. The Supreme Court’s opinion in Roe vs. Wade – explicitly refers to this. So it’s the truly left position. Anything else is Totalitarian and Authoritarian in orientation. I fundamentally reject the notion, that either orientation is in any ways “left” or “progressive”. It’s MENGELE MEDICINE – and I believe in letting such Nazis dance from the end of a rope.

        And let’s be clear – RFK Jr. isn’t the only Vaccine Injury Aware figure in this world. Nor is he the only Vaccine skeptic, who can speak compellingly on this subject.


      9. Sorry, it is just hard to converse with someone that is convinced that anything besides saline is used as the pbo. How would big pharma keep that quiet? I believe they are evil but the scientists, researchers, and other health professionals would definitely say something if that were true. Things aren’t that bad yet, except for those on the receiving end of our “freedom” drones, missiles, bombs, sanctions, etc.

      10. The FDA was forced to admit this to be the case – by RFK Jr. himself. He has a whole graphic that shows how it works. It’s called the Vaccine Placebo Pyramid scheme… If you tested versus saline – you’d have a clear indication of negative health effects… They only care about whether it meets critical minimum thresholds for prevention of a specific infection.

        But hey… You think that you’re so smart. Go ask for an INTERVIEW with RFK Jr. or at least his substantiation for the claim… I mean you appear to want to “debunk” and discredit him, so badly… Why not actually do the work needed to conclusively achieve that. I have no faith in your judgement… Make me a believer. Go prove RFK Jr. to be a liar and a fraud. He claims to have been in meetings with FDA people during the Trump Administration. Prove that he’s a liar, and never received the information that he claims that the gave him…

      11. Another+Worldview …

        This was certainly the case with the Oxford/AstraZenica product: they used a meningitis vaccine for the placebo, which effectively masked side effects common to both products.

      12. @George Prudent
        “I believe [the pharmaceutical industry is] evil but the scientists, researchers, and other health professionals would definitely say something if that were true.”

        No they wouldn’t. As Upton Sinclair wisely noted, it’s impossible to convince someone that something is evil if they’re living depends on them participating in it. You may worship “the scientists, researchers, and other health professionals,” but they’re just people who are as fallible as anyone else, and they’re not going to risk their livings to speak against their own industry.

      13. Observational trials can not be utilized to determine efficacy of any drug which is why the FDA requires a minimum of two, large, placebo controlled, randomized trials in the target population in order to be approved. This is so because of all the potential confounders and biases inherent in observational studies. So such a study can suggest further research including controlled studies such as the 15,000 patient NIH-funded ivermectin trial that is in its 8th month of recruiting. See clintrials.gov

      14. Nope. The CDC approved Remdesivir after ONE trial, that didn’t show any actual benefit. The Ebola trial showed it kills people through Kidney or multiple organ failure – rand so they halted its use in that one.

        Your entire rationale appears to be a game of ‘Fauci sez”… Doctors are entitled to prescribe off label, without seeking approval from you or the CDC, or any particular corporate entity – and without having to undergo neurological examination, or having their licenses threatened. Quit trying to Murder people, for Corporatist and Bureaucratic orthodoxy and profit.

      15. Even in an emergency situation the FDA won’t approve a drug without RCTs. Remdesivir has very weak efficacy but that was EUA. Come on, do you really think I want to kill people? I want lives saved and the vast preponderance of studies show that vaccines do just that. You have to believe that the entire medical establishment and all these researchers and physicians are conspiring just to make big pharma more profits and they’ve all kept quiet. Please!!

      16. I can’t read your mind. But Fauci appears to have 0 problems with killing people – and you appear to be $hilling for him. It’s also possible that you’re just REALLY BAD at your job, get things wrong constantly – and always in the direction which harms patients, while protecting BigPfharma profits, and unconstitutional emergency powers for Government.

        Ivermectin could EASILY be given the same kind of EUA as Remdesivir was. Hell, it could just have it’s approval extended to Covid. There’s no good reason not to do so. At least one American State appears poised to allow it to be dispensed without a prescription. And since it’s clearly working that way, already, around the world – it makes sense to follow suit.

        The ONLY benefit, shown in one study, for Remdesivir, was a decrease in Hospitalization length – with no decrease in mortality. Of course, if you kill people through multiple organ failure and pulmonary edema – they tend to lerave the hospital sooner. When used in a trial versus Ebola – it was discontinued, because it killed ebola patients, too. Aside from Pfauci’s ties to the drug industry, political and profit motives – I can see reason why Remdesivir was ever given any kind of approval. It makes no sense. It helps no one, and kills more than 40%. Of course those were all listed as “Covid Deaths” – so it does help to maintain the illusion of the “Emergency”, that was being exploited for various purposes.

      17. I agree remdesivir shouldn’t have been approved but you lose me when you throw around allegations like “killed 40% of patients”. There are proven, effective early use treatments like the new oral Pfizer drug and the lone monoclonal antibody. We just need a large RCT for ivermectin to recommend it like the one under way by the NIH. Still it’s best to vaccinate as a baseline preventive even though it sends profits to the big pharma aholes.

      18. Again – you’re $HILLING way too hard, for BigPfharma, to be taken seriously… The 40% number is directly from the studies that were done on that toxic crap. There are ALREADY several SAFE and EFFECTIVE Medications available, outside of Patent dates – that work much BETTER than the new BigPfharma offerings. You and they and the FDA/CDC/NIH just have to pull your heads out – evaluate the studies, and then issue the APPROPRIATE APPROVALS. Problems solved – just like they have been in India and Japan and Mexico, and throughout Africa and the developing world.

      19. George:

        I think the practice of medicine has been pushed off the rails by the “evidence-based medicine” paradigm which insists on randomized controlled trials for everything. There is so much information already out there about the value of Ivermectin in treating Covid, that it’s just pointless to insist on yet another major RCT when so many people could benefit from it right now. It’s just a delaying tactic.

        Why not let doctors be doctors? They’re never going to propose a course of treatment without first knowing that the mechanisms of action of an off-label drug are plausible when applied to a new disease or condition. This was determined for Ivermectin, and demonstrated. It has four mechanisms of action, three of which inhibit viral replication and docking. The fourth is its anti-inflammatory effects.

        RCTs may be of scientific interest, but doctors at the bedside are the best judge of how to treat a patient. The physicians who first proposed Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (many of them in different parts of the world coming to the same conclusions) didn’t just suck this out of the air. They either already had experience with them (working on tropical diseases for example), or delved into the literature, or hit upon them through lucky accidents (Fluvoxamine).

        The best trial in the midst of a pandemic is the success rate of the physicians who actually treat Covid patients.

      20. If you’re convinced they work have your doctor order and stock and dispense directly to you. Hope the best for you. For me, I’ll take the approved drug route, it’s my health you know. Dont want to mess around.

      21. George:

        I did.

        I did masses of research and started stocking up on supplies of all kinds as far back as March 2020. Both my husband and I got prescriptions for Ivermectin and Fluvoxamine in 2021, before we became infected. We wanted to be ready. Initially we could get these prescriptions filled by chain pharmacies, but eventually had to look further afield when pharmacists started to take matters into their own hands.

        Both my husband and I got Covid last October. We don’t for one minute regret not getting the shots. We had a plan, a doctor who was very experienced treating Covid patients with a high success rate, and we executed our plan. And my plan before we even involved a doctor who wouldn’t be intimidated, was to have a variety of drugs and nutraceuticals with anti-viral effects (including furin and TMPRSS2 protease inhibitors); anti-inflammatories of various kinds to work synergistically, and of course anticoagulants including Nattokinase and DHA/EPA. High dose liposomal vitamin C in the fridge. Vitamin D levels at high (but safe) levels. Zinc balanced with copper 15:1 and taken with quercetin. Higher doses of melatonin once symptoms appeared. And of course we started with topical treatments: povidone-based nasal spray and gargle to catch the virus in the nasopharynx before it replicates and goes down to the lungs. Etc, etc.

        Looks like the propaganda is working, and “they” really have terrified you. I’m way more frightened of the shots than of Covid. I’m not looking for a second infection, but I’ll deal with it if it comes. If I’m concerned about the spike protein from any source, I’ll do my darndest to prevent viral replication and docking — not add to the risk by having the spikes manufactured in my own body. At least I can attack the virus in my nasopharynx. Once it’s in my deltoid muscle, there’s nothing to be done.

        Also, I can stop any drug or supplement if I experience side-effects. The vaccines are irreversible. The risk/benefit to me couldn’t be clearer.

      22. George:

        Another point about RCTs. The FDA doesn’t HAVE to approve Ivermectin or any other existing drugs to treat Covid. It only ever approves the LABEL for the original indication. Once it’s approved, the drug can be USED off-label for something else, but can’t be MARKETED for that new indication. Once it’s off-patent, the generics have to use the exact same label. None of this has any relevance for further FDA approval.

        One wonders how Remdesivir, which failed so miserably for Ebola, was “approved” as a treatment for Covid. I suppose if you drown a virus in a toxic stew, it will eventually be killed. Though of course that toxic stew is liable to kill the patient first.

      23. You’re right, no need to do a trial just have your doctor order it, stock it and dispense directly to you. However dr does have an ethical obligation to prescribe drugs he believes are effective so go for it. Best of luck. Just stay away from other community members so you don’t bring them down with you.

      24. Yup … they have an ethical obligation to treat their patients, not watch them die or pump them full of toxic cocktails. And for repurposed drugs, they have to inform you of all the risks and benefits and get your informed consent. Done.

      25. Above post should have read *”no reason”.

        There’s AMPLE reason being demonstrated as to why some Doctors are remaining silent – despite what they know. Those who speak up are receiving ALL KINDS of negative consequences. People are being fired, having their Medical Licenses revoked, without any good cause…hell, one Doctor was recently ordered to undergo a neurological exam – for simply trying to use safe and effective medicines for her patients. Not since the days of Gallileo and Copernicus, has science been so threatened by a cult-like Religious Orthodoxy.

        I no longer believe that you are simply this obtuse or innocently misled and misleading. Everything about your posts here points to willful ignorance and malicious intent to protect a deadly fraud being perpetrated upon the American people, and the people of the world.

      26. I think you have it backwards. You are on the side of the anti-science group since the preponderance of evidence and medical community recognizes the utility of vaccines. I just don’t understand where all this pushback comes from. This isn’t the 15th century.

      27. Science isn’t a religion George. It’s a method of determination of the truth. It involves people in disagreement being allowed to state their cases, even if they never come to agree. Fauci hides behind this Faux-Religion called “Science” or better understood “Scientism” – and attacks his critics as heretics and profaners of the sacred… He even personifies himself into an infallible diety, of this fake religion. Considering the number of people that he has killed… It is an unconscionable conspiracy to commit mass murder and terrorism, wrapped up in a polite confidence scheme and a protection racket. He is a murderous, psychopathic gangster, on a scale that no ‘Goodfella’ could ever even envision.

        What you were doing there is known as the “How Dare You” Gambit … you’ll find it here, along with several others that you’ve used in this comments section… http://whale.to/m/disin.html

        From: Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation (Includes The 8 Traits of A Disinformationalist)
        by H. Michael Sweeney

        “2. Become incredulous and indignant. Avoid discussing key issues and instead focus on side issues which can be used show the topic as being critical of some otherwise sacrosanct group or theme. This is also known as the ‘How dare you!’ gambit.
        3. Create rumor mongers. Avoid discussing issues by describing all charges, regardless of venue or evidence, as mere rumors and wild accusations. Other derogatory terms mutually exclusive of truth may work as well. This method which works especially well with a silent press, because the only way the public can learn of the facts are through such ‘arguable rumors’. If you can associate the material with the Internet, use this fact to certify it a ‘wild rumor’ from a ‘bunch of kids on the Internet’ which can have no basis in fact.
        4. Use a straw man. Find or create a seeming element of your opponent’s argument which you can easily knock down to make yourself look good and the opponent to look bad. Either make up an issue you may safely imply exists based on your interpretation of the opponent/opponent arguments/situation, or select the weakest aspect of the weakest charges. Amplify their significance and destroy them in a way which appears to debunk all the charges, real and fabricated alike, while actually avoiding discussion of the real issues.
        5. Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule. …”

      28. A good working definition of religion or “faith” is belief in super powerful “gods” despite no evidence of their existence or super powers. In science, you make observations, create an hypothesis, and then test it in controlled experiments. If it passes reproducible tests, then it is usually viewed as a fact or theory until new evidence shows otherwise. A very common defense of ivermectin, for example, is that it is very safe and won a Nobel price for treatment of parasitic infections. That is a distraction and doesn’t prove it works. The 800 pound gorilla is the fact that the scientific and medical community consensus is that vaccines are safe and effective based on overwhelming evidence. All you can say is Fauci is a Nazi. Yes, he has lied, but I believe he does want to save lives not end them. I don’t put much stock in him, as I’ve mentioned, yet you keep bringing him up. The vast majority of epidemiologists believe as I do so you must think you know better than physicians who have studied communicable diseases their entire life. NOTHING I SAY WILL DISSUADE YOU SO LET’S MOVE ON.

      29. Fauci has been actively killing people since he pushed AZT, back in the 1980’s – a Cancer Drug that killed people, and therefore had no market value. RFK Jr. details EXACTLY how Fauci rigged the trials – keeping the earliest AZT victims alive just ling enough to issue an EUA. AGAIN – read the RFK Jr. book. Lots of us know about this. My late friend Christine Maggiore and brave folks like Peter Duesberg, and Kary Mullis were talking about all of this decades ago, now.

        You keep arguing that Ivermectin doesn’t work – citing a RIGGED to fail study, here or there. Uttar Pradesh and Japan and Mexico all argue to the contrary. That’s reproduced SCIENCE.


        But there’s some more, too. The most recent work. There’s plenty of physicians who’ve had great results with it. The ONLY downside to using it (assuming you’re not pregnant, or under a certain age, according to Dr. Syed -because of blood brain barrier issues, check with him, if you have questions) – is that works so well, that it stops people from relying upon the deadly, toxic, experimental mRNA jabs. The same can be said for MAbs. The FDA rescinded their EUA on that, based ENTIRELY upon conjecture. There was no study involved. But they DID remind everyone to take the shots that don’t help anyone. As Jimmy Dore would say … “I’m not a math surgeon…”. But something doesn’t add in any of that.

      30. George:

        “A very common defense of ivermectin, for example, is that it is very safe and won a Nobel price for treatment of parasitic infections. That is a distraction and doesn’t prove it works. The 800 pound gorilla is the fact that the scientific and medical community consensus is that vaccines are safe and effective based on overwhelming evidence.”

        Couple of points:

        The purpose of mentioning the Nobel prize awarded to the two discoverers/developers of Ivermectin in 2015 (not to the drug itself), and the fact that Ivermectin is one of the WHO’s 15 essential medicines, is not to PROVE that it’s effective for Covid. It does, however, point to the drug’s remarkable safety profile in and of itself. It’s safer than Tylenol, so that’s a good start.

        How effective it is as a Covid-19 treatment doesn’t depend on any “consensus” in the scientific community, but on the success rate of the physicians who use it daily, and the success rate of 22 governments and local entities (and counting) that distribute Ivermectin broadly as a prophylaxis and for early at home treatment or make it widely available.

        In India, after the devastating surge of last May (which launched the Delta variant), several states and localities, notably including Uttar Pradesh, India’s largest state, distributed it widely (some localities distributed automatically to all adults). In fact, they developed a “kit” — known as a Ziverdo kit — which includes three products: Zinc, Ivermectin, and Doxycycline.

        Combination therapies are typically more effective than using just one drug on its own. And RCTs don’t always take that into account. Personally I wouldn’t rely on the kits because one can’t customize the dosages, and the FLCCC determined that the advent of the Delta variant required a higher dosage of Ivermectin than these kits would provide.

      31. George:

        Some examples of localities distributing and surveilling Ivermectin use:

        * In Mexico City, the IMSSS Health Agency compared a population of 50,000 using Ivermectin with a population of 70,000 not using it, and found a 75% reduction in hospitalizations.

        * La Misiones in Argentina: the Health Ministry analyzed the first 800 of 4,000 of Ivermectin-treated patients, and found a 75% reduction in hospitalizations and 88% reduction in death compared with the rest of the population over the same period.

        * Uttar Pradesh in India used a close surveillance system to monitor Ivermectin for at home treatment of Covid-infected patients, and for prophylaxis for family and close contacts. As of September 10, 2021, there were only 11 cases and no deaths out of a population of 241 million.

        * The Brazilian city of Itajai offered the entire population Ivermectin for prevention. 133,051 people, representing 60% of the population, agreed to take it every two weeks for 6 months. Ivermectin users had a 70% lower mortality rate, and a 67% lower hospitalization rate. The citywide mortality rate fell from 6.8% to 1.8% during that period.

        You need to get over your obsession with RCTs and ivory-tower epidemiologists, and look at the reality on the ground.

      32. It’s not an “obsession” it is the scientific method. Observational studies can suggest future research but are unable to prove effectiveness of a drug, just a fact. Too many confounders and biases.

      33. It doesn’t matter George. Ultimately the only thing that matters is how well patients are doing that are treated with repurposed drugs. So yes, it does to me look like an obsession.

        What is one to DO with the information from an RCT? Withhold treatments which on the ground are having great success? How will you explain that to patients, or the families of those allowed to die or to become disabled?

        What do you think doctors were doing throughout 2020 before the gene transfer shots and other drugs came online at the end of the year? Waiting for permission? Are you going to let an auto accident victim bleed to death because you don’t have permission to stop the bleeding?

        RCTs are only one aspect of the scientific method in medicine because they’ve been declared to be necessary. But observational studies have their own value. And since it’s not required for the FDA to approve specific therapies for Covid using repurposed drugs that have already gone through a prior approval process, then further RCTs just become an academic exercise, and NOTHING has to be resubmitted to the FDA. You keep glossing over that fact. Too inconvenient to your argument?

        If justice delayed is justice denied, the same applies to the treatment of disease. It’s unconscionable to withhold these treatments because there’s no money to be made by the pharmaceutical industry, which isn’t able to profit from them. So they put out Molnuvirapir and Paxlovid and Remdesivir, which have restrictions and contraindications and issues of toxicity and cost a bundle. How does this make any sense?

        If you were in an isolated location far from a hospital and couldn’t get what you consider to be “Covid-approved” medications and infusions, I have no doubt you would jump at the chance to try such a safe drug as Ivermectin.

        So what I’m seeing is absolutely an obsession. You are too obtuse to be willing to reconsider your position because you’ve boxed yourself in. Time to think outside the box, outside your ivory tower of unwarranted certitude. This is not about the scientific method (which you don’t really care about because you’re not willing to consider any data and arguments that don’t support your position); it’s about acknowledging that there are a host of compassionate and highly qualified human beings who want to save lives, not turn into pencil-pushers. As I said previously, they didn’t suck these treatment options out of thin air. Let doctors be doctors.

        I’d rather be treated by a doctor with imagination, experience and compassion than a by-the-book technocrat.

      34. It doesn’t matter? Then science can be ignored. Let doctors be doctors? A meaningless platitude. What I’ve learned is that anti-vaxxers are many on the left, I never would have thought that.

      35. You have no AUTHORITY to prevent doctors from practicing medicine. Refusing to fill a valid prescription from an MD, based upon your irrational opinions and rejection of competent evidence – oversteps your level of training, knowledge, and authority.

        Calling people NEBULOUS and perjorative thought terminating cliche’s like “anti-vaxxer” serves the caused of propaganda and NewSpeak thought control.

        When you say “anti-vaxxer” – are you conflating those who are “Vaccine Injure Aware”, and who reject the assessment that vaccinations are medically beneficial and support Health Freedom on that issue, with those who reject the completely new and unique mRNA gene therapy injections, base on the same sorts of considerations? Websters recently had to ‘update’ the definition of “vaccine” to include those Human Medical Experimentation mRNA Gene Therapies, in keeping with the NewSpeak Diktats from the Ministry of Truth, in order for that nomenclature to even apply. Likewise, that propaganda and mind control term “anti-vaxxer” , was ALSO ‘updated’ to include those who oppose the UNLAWFUL mandates which are requiring everyone to accept the experimental medical procedures.

        In fact – many who’ve been CALLED “anti-vaxxers” – are vaccinated and mRNA injected themselves. Dr. Robert Malone, for instance, falls into this category.

        Like everything else you’ve been doing here…the use of that nebulous and perjorative term simply obfuscates and misleads, conflates and confuses. It is of no value in a meaningful discussion. I’d ask you to quit using it.

      36. It’s unclear if this reply went through on the first attempt … So here’s attempt #2.

        You have no AUTHORITY to prevent doctors from practicing medicine. They have the relevant training, experience, and credentials to practice medicine consistent with their Hippocratic Oaths… You…do not.

        Refusing to fill a valid prescription from an MD, based upon your irrational opinions and rejection of competent evidence – oversteps your level of training, knowledge, and authority.

        Calling people NEBULOUS and perjorative thought terminating cliche’s like “anti-vaxxer” serves the caused of propaganda and NewSpeak thought control.

        When you say “anti-vaxxer” – are you conflating those who are “Vaccine Injure Aware”, and who reject the assessment that vaccinations are medically beneficial and support Health Freedom on that issue, with those who reject the completely new and unique mRNA gene therapy injections, base on the same sorts of considerations? Websters recently had to ‘update’ the definition of “vaccine” to include those Human Medical Experimentation mRNA Gene Therapies, in keeping with the NewSpeak Diktats from the Ministry of Truth, in order for that nomenclature to even apply. Likewise, that propaganda and mind control term “anti-vaxxer” , was ALSO ‘updated’ to include those who oppose the UNLAWFUL mandates which are requiring everyone to accept the experimental medical procedures.

        In fact – many who’ve been CALLED “anti-vaxxers” – are vaccinated and mRNA injected themselves. Dr. Robert Malone, for instance, falls into this category.

        Like everything else you’ve been doing here…the use of that nebulous and perjorative term simply obfuscates and misleads, conflates and confuses. It is of no value in a meaningful discussion. I’d ask you to quit using it.

      37. YOUR science, George. Your poor, limited, myopic, boxed-in science, as embodied by Mr Science Fauci himself. Let’s forget the advances humanity made in the healing arts over millennia. Or even just the last couple of centuries before the technocrats took over. Technocrats with serious conflicts of interest and a profit motive.

        When Lister proposed sterilizing surgical instruments with carbolic acid (phenol), and using alcohol among other things as an antiseptic on wounds, he was an outlier. He didn’t wait for an RCT. When Ignaz Semmelweis in Vienna proposed a handwashing protocol using chlorinated lime solutions for physicians before they delivered babies, he, too, was an outlier.

        From Wikipedia:

        “Despite various publications of results where hand washing reduced mortality to below 1%, Semmelweis’s observations conflicted with the established scientific and medical opinions of the time and his ideas were rejected by the medical community. He could offer no acceptable scientific explanation for his findings, and some doctors were offended at the suggestion that they should wash their hands and mocked him for it.”

        Semmelweiss’s “observations,” note — not an RCT. Prior to publishing anything, he’d OBSERVED that rates of mortality from puerperal fever in physicians’ wards were three times higher than in midwives’ wards — the physicians had been delivering babies often coming straight from conducting autopsies. The midwives, on the other hand, were under stricter rules and were more hygienic.

        And also from Wikipedia:

        “From a technical viewpoint, Lister was not an exceptional surgeon,[2] but his research into bacteriology and infection in wounds, raised his operative technique to a new plane where his observations, deductions and practices revolutionised surgery throughout the world.[4]”

        Oh … and he also figure out that he had to wash his hands. Without being told by any public health agency on the basis of an RCT.

        Observations, deductions and practices. Observations, deductions and practices.

      38. But AGAIN – you’re just IGNORING the multiple successful RCTs that demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of Ivermectin. And you appear to be ignoring all of the obvious conflicts of interests in the HHS bureacracies, that would clearly militate against their accepting the evidence that has long been right in front of them.

        There are two RCTs that prove the effectiveness of Fluvoxamine, that CDC REFUSES to look at. Dr.s Fareed and Tyson have a protocol that has successfully treated more than 10,000 patients. (When they were at 7,000 patients, their record was 2 Hospitalizations and 0 deaths). CDC won’t return their phone calls, or emails. James Lyons-Weiler Phd, and the inventor of your mouse, Steve Kirsch have been publicly calling out the CDC/FDA/NIH, and their functionaries, publicly, for months. Kirsch offered a $Million to anyone in a public position of authority, who would come onto his podcast, to debate him. The issue isn’t “confounders” – but the deliberate confounding of science and the public discourse.

      39. Another-Worldview …

        It’s great to have these insights from people like James Lyons-Weiler. But I haven’t seen him correct his assertion that Italy reduced its Covid death rate from 130,000+ to just under 4,000. This meme floating about the internet is based on a misunderstanding of what the original Italian magazine was reporting.

        It’s not that there were only 4,000 (for the sake of argument) deaths FROM Covid. It’s that only 4,000 were from Covid and ONLY Covid, with no contributing factors. The question is how to characterize the other 126,000 deaths. They probably fall into two categories:

        Those whose deaths had nothing to do with Covid per se — people who tested positive upon admission to the hospital because of those lousy PCR tests run at 45 cycle threshold values (in the US anyway). People who died of head injuries following a car crash, for example. Or whose cancer had already made them terminally ill. These should absolutely be removed from the Covid death count.

        It’s the third group one has to look at. People with comorbidities that contributed to their bad outcomes FROM Covid. Diabetes, hypertension, etc. It’s unlikely that most or even many of these people simply and coincidentally fell critically ill (or died) from hypertension at the very time the virus started circulating in Italy. And their symptoms and lab values would surely be a strong indicator of what in fact was killing them.

        As floated about, this meme truly is misinformation, and it hits at the credibility of all of us who are trying to be as honest and as transparent as possible.

      40. Another+Worldview …

        I should clarify that there may be a fourth group:

        People with Covid-like illness who tested positive on a PCR test (which was maybe also a false positive) but were actually infected by something else. Since they were unlikely to be tested for anything else, there’s no way to know what actually happened, and they’ve been dumped into the Covid bucket. Could be flu, bacterial or viral pneumonia, RCV.

        The situation is much more complicated than the sound bites people find so convenient to their larger argument about how badly PCR tests have performed and how case counts and deaths have been inflated, feeding the fearmongering.

      41. My bad, I meant to say RSV, respiratory syncytial virus (not RCV), in reference to Covid-like illnesses that have been attributed to Covid as a result of faulty PCR tests.

        And among Covid deaths, the question is also how many people died from the inappropriate use of ventilators and intubation, as opposed to the actual immune response to the virus itself. Or the use of highly toxic drugs like Remdesivir.

        Lots of things to think about.

      42. I think that those are ALL great points that you’ve raised… I’ll add another to the Iatrogenocide category – all those who were refused access, to the safe and effective early treatment that would have prevented disease progression and death from Covid – because the political goal coming from the Davos WEF on down through Gates/GAVI, the WHO, European agenicies, the CDC, FDA and Fauci, etc., was to GENERATE a huge pile of dishonest numbers for the body counts, and the Mass Formation Psychosis that the media Fear Porn then created.

        My colleague, Professor Emeritus (Economics) Michel Chossoudovsky has been hammering this point from the start. He knew about the various agendas and plans – and got reports from the January 2020 Davos Meeting directly – where the “Global Pandemic” was declared, at a time when the case numbers outside of China were negligible.


        Ryan Cristian of TheLastAmericanVagabond (dot com) has also been pointing out the dishonesty of the whole numbers and deaths racket, as well… He notes the direct political benefits that Governments and Totalitarian Plutocrats (Neo-Feudalists) have long seen in this scheme.

        James Lyons-Weiler is pretty meticulous in his research and methodology, and I tend to believe that what he prints and says is actually correct. If you have critiques and peer-review for him – by all means, I would suggest that you contact him directly with your notes. He seems to be quite reasonable, and willing to correct any errors that he makes, or might have made. But posting critiques hear – where it is quite unlikely that he’ll see them, seems more than a bit unfair.

        First, it relies upon your having been accurate in your reporting about what he said. Secondly it relies upon your criticism of his work to be accurate. I don’t see how we can accurately make those judgements here, without a bunch of links to substantiate both elements. I’d suggest that you make these points in the comments of his substack – or to him directly, in a email. If what you say is truly “misinformation”, then I’m positive that he would acknowledge his error, and correct his positions.

      43. Another+Worldview …

        I agree that Covid deaths have been hugely inflated. Absolutely. The PCR tests completely distorted the picture (exacerbated by policies that required “testing” of anyone who turns up at a hospital for any reason).

        It’s not that I disagree with James Lyons-Weiler’s numbers regarding deaths FROM Covid in Italy. What I thought was unfortunate was that he provided no context, and didn’t explain what happened to the other 126,000 people listed as “Covid deaths,” or WHY they were included in the overall count.

        Here are two of his tweets (look closely at the language used):

        “Italian Department of Health has revised all-time Covid deaths down from 130,000+ to 3783”

        “PCR Proven An Unmitigated Disaster: Italy Reduces its COVID-19 Death Number by 97%. We Tried to Warn You”

        More follows …

      44. And from Lyons-Weiler’s paper:

        “Given the use of high threshold values for ‘diagnosis’ of COVID-19, the rates of cases and deaths have been grossly exaggerated. The evidence is so overwhelming – and coming in from all sources (except the US CDC) that Italy has revised its estimated number of deaths from COVID-19 from over 130,000* to less than 4,000 – overnight.”

        AS WRITTEN, these statements are terribly misleading. They leave one to infer that the other 126,000 were made-up numbers involving no real human beings. He should have specified that these 4000 were deaths FROM COVID WITH NO OTHER CONTRIBUTING FACTORS (if we ignore for now the criminal failure to actually treat infections). There were plenty of deaths related to Covid-19, including people who had multiple comorbidities. One can’t simply pretend that they never existed, that the number came from nowhere. So this is a form of paltering.

        Dr John Campbell explains the same phenomenon in the UK, from data obtained through a FOI request. Total deaths from COVID without any contributory factors amount to some 17,000 people, averaging 81.5 years of age (this may have been for England and Wales, not the whole United Kingdom). But he doesn’t just make a misleading statement, asking us to infer something that is untrue, and leave us all in limbo.

        It was sloppy language on Lyons-Weiler’s part, and he should clarify his point.

      45. Looking to tweets, for complex arguments is always a mistake. Also – YOU are making inferences as to his meaning. He’s simply quoting the official source. Since we KNOW that the use of Iatrogenic death producing protocols – like Remdesivir and ventilators -were the real killers here in a large number of cases – and that safe effective early treatment like that of the Fareed-Tyson protocol (7000+ patients, 2 Hospitalizations and 0 deaths, at last report), or the Zelenko Protocol (4000 patients, 7 hospitalizations, 4 deaths) – we can assume that those were real people, killed either by unrelated pre-existing conditions, or just by poor care for what were recoverable cases.

        Here in the USA – there was no statistically significant increase in deaths, over the first officially acknowledged 9 months of the outbreak.


      46. Another+Worldview …

        You can’t have it both ways. Either Lyons-Weiler is a meticulous researcher and makes sure that his “complex” arguments are not ambiguous — open to interpretation or to misconception — or he’s just a tweeter contributing to the spread of misleading memes on the internet. It would have taken just a few more words in each tweet and in his paper to clarify that he was extrapolating from a 9-page report, and talking about just the Covid deaths that involved no underlying health conditions and therefore excluding all the others from that count.

        You say he was quoting official sources. Well I’ve just looked at the ISS report from Italy, and it says nothing of the kind. The report’s heading was “Characteristics of SARS-CoV-2 patients dying in Italy” produced by the SARS-CoV-2-positive surveillance group. And had he even seen the report (primary sources are the gold standard, right?) or was he quoting a translation of an article in an Italian magazine?

        Lyons-Weiler was either being lazy, or disingenuous — WANTING us to take his words at face value: “COVID deaths.” They were ALL “Covid deaths” in one way or another. It’s the ages, diagnoses, false positives, killer treatments or absence of treatment, kind and number of comorbidities and death certificates we’re talking about, right?

        I completely get his point, and I’m not disputing that the whole picture has been hugely distorted. But I doubt there’s anything like a pure Covid death. There are multiple factors that determine clinical outcomes, including sheer bad luck.

        But he has a responsibility to not be misleading, even inadvertently. This is what discredits all of us who are fighting dishonesty from official sources. It feeds into the “misinformation” narrative that results in our not being taken seriously.

      47. Lyons-Weiler has a SUBSTACK Blog – where all of his analysis is posted. He then summarizes things on Twitter, consistent with character limits. If you have a valid critique – then leave it in. Comment on the appropriate tweet or blog post…I bet he’ll answer you. If you don’t get a response for some reason – then send an email – since he might have missed a comment.

        But this is a guy who cover DOZENS and dozens of topics every month. What you’re doing here is called Cherry-picking, or perhaps even erecting and knocking over a strawman. I see no links in your post here… Those would be helpful for anyone, to follow what you’re alleging here – even James Lyons-Weiler… But AGAIN – posting what could well be defamatory assertions about the man, and the quality of his work – in places that he’s unlikely to see it and be able to respond, or make a correction… It’s not fair, and it isn’t constructive or helpful, either.

        You want to bring a claim or a complaint – then go ahead and serve it properly. Until then I’m going to dismiss it without prejudice. Right now, it’s an Ex Parte action, that lacks standing and credibility.

      48. Another+Worldview …

        “You want to bring a claim or a complaint – then go ahead and serve it properly. Until then I’m going to dismiss it without prejudice. Right now, it’s an Ex Parte action, that lacks standing and credibility.””

        Oh please … this is silly. We criticize other people’s work all the time. You’re very critical of all kinds of people and sources. Are you going to file a complaint against Bellingcat?

        It’s par for the course in these comments sections. You raised James Lyons-Weiler’s name and work, and I’m free to express and opinion.

        If you’re interested in taking this further, I mentioned Italy’s ISS report which is the primary source I consulted. It’s a PDF, so no hotlink. You’re welcome to Google it and read it. If I found it, you can. I also mentioned Dr John Campbell who did a similar analysis a couple of days ago of UK data relating to deaths from Covid — with ONLY Covid on the death certificates. That was a YouTube presentation.

        It’s not my job to correct Lyons-Weiler, however many papers he writes.

      49. So yes you’re free to critique and criticize – but if that were the issue, then you’d be helping him and the movement, by giving him the opportunity to respond to you. You don’t link to his work – which is available – but you claim to be in a position to attack it … Odd.

        And aside from what seems to be a trifling quibble, based on your characterization of how he referred to a public retraction of previously issued fraudulent official Covid death numbers… What are you saying the James Lyons-Weiler got wrong, from the tonnes of his material that you chose NOT to cherry-pick?

        Bellingcat have already had the opportunity to respond to the well-known fact that they’re a NATO PSYOP, when those charges were leveled by the Grayzone, Blumenthal, Mate’ et al. Their responses are dishonest and unconvincing. So instead they just do fluff piece “documentaries” now, on The BBC, National Pentagon Radio, and Pentagon’s Broadcasting System.

        Yeah…I understand why you don’t want talk about Syria or Ukraine, too. There’s no way that the NATO propaganda survives even the gentlest of scrutiny.

      50. But that’s precisely the point: the Italians did not publicly retract anything, nor did they call anything fraudulent. They produced a breakdown of the characteristics of Covid patients who had died in Italy. Lyons-Weiler INTERPRETS this to mean that they retracted their Covid death numbers, but that’s not what they did. It is of course possible to extrapolate certain things from their breakdown, meaning that only something under 4,000 patients died from Covid without any underlying health conditions contributing to the cause of death. Dying FROM Covid as opposed to WITH Covid.

        But that wasn’t the point of the 9-page report, and it’s dishonest to say that they had “reduced their Covid death numbers by 97%” or that they had “retracted” anything. This was a more granular presentation of data which broke out the different kinds of comorbidities that contributed to bad Covid outcomes.

        It’s fine to make an analysis of their data and present conclusions, namely that a very small percentage of patients would have had only “Covid” on their death certificates. But that’s not what Lyons-Weiler did. He chose to put words into their mouths. If we’re going to accuse officials, the media and public health agencies of dishonesty, then we had better be squeaky clean ourselves. He could have reframed his argument so as to accurately present the Italian report and its findings, and provide context for his own conclusions as to the implications of the data presented, namely that the vast majority of patients who died had multiple comorbidities, and were of advanced age. Words matter. Any academic should know that.

        I think you should stop trying to defend Lyons-Weiler and accept that he could have done a better job, which would have given him greater credibility.

      51. They made their statement – which, if it has anything in common, with every other statement by a US or European source since Event201, would be entirely subject much needed peer review and re-appraisal. He is as credentialed and entitled, to say what he thinks the numbers indicate, as they are. But it doesn’t seem that you agree.

        If that’s a problem for you – do the honorable thing and make your criticisms known to him.
        This – and your defense of NATO Propaganda, and NATO Propaganda Fountains – make me question YOUR JUDGEMENT, not his.

      52. They did NOT make that statement. You will not find such a statement anywhere in the Italian report. It’s YOUR interpretation (based on the extrapolation of the data by JL-W, set out in tables). I doubt you even looked at the report. You’re content to run with headlines and soundbites, just like the mainstream media, even if you go to a different place for your information. This is how things get distorted: the failure to investigate PRIMARY sources. It’s the prime failure of journalism we’ve seen throughout this pandemic.

        If you want to bring my suggested need for clarification to Lyons-Weiler’s attention, be my guest. I’m not starting a whole new exchange on this matter.

        By the way, I never defended NATO in any comment related to this thread, so please don’t put words into MY mouth either.

        I’m done with this conversation.

      53. Nope. It’s your bullshit assessment and nitpicking – YOU need to bring it to him, or STFU. I’d recommend the latter. We’ve known that the death counts are highly inflated, the world over, all along. I’m not narrowly focused on Italy – nor exhibiting OCD about one statement from a guy who knows his science and statistics – and is perfectly entitled to come to his own conclusions about what a report indicates. You want to challenge him – show some character, and do so.

        And yes…you have been acting DIRECTLY in support of NATO – by lying about their involvement in the Syrian dirty war/Jihad… I’ve yet to really suss-out what your position is relative to the UnLawful NATO/NAZI Coup Government in Ukraine – but it sounds like your takes are bad enough that you don’t want to out them into print. That’s wise. Glad we’re done with this, now.

      54. I should also point out that an Economist from no less than Johns Hopkins U, has ALSO criticized the over-reported death statistics, which were kept everpresent in the public mind until at least January 2021, with the onscreen CNN/MSDNCIA Death and Case Counters. While JHU CENSORED and suppressed the study – they did so not through rigorous peer-review and academic or scientific criticism…they just removed it from their website (in keeping with the Event201 narrative management goals, to which JHU is a full partner), and replaced it with some non-specific criticism, and a note that while factually correct – it was giving people the wrong ideas (because it worked against the official narratives).


      55. George:

        Here’s something about the scientific method as it applies to medicine: A 2005 essay written by John Ioannidis, a professor at the Stanford School of Medicine, and published in PLOS Medicine. It is considered foundational to the field of meta-science.

        Why Most Published Research Findings Are False.

        Here it is as a PDF

        Perhaps if he’d published his essay during the Covid era he would have been vilified as spreading disinformation, undermining “public health” by reducing trust in public health agencies and notably “The Science” with its fraudulent studies and suspect data.

      56. @George
        “A very common defense of ivermectin, for example, is that it is very safe and won a Nobel price for treatment of parasitic infections. That is a distraction and doesn’t prove it works.”

        That’s a DEFENSE, as you admit. What was it a defense against? Against the BIG LIE that ivermectin is an livestock dewormer. This lie was pushed by the corporate/establishment media in service to the pharmaceutical industry. Again, why? Because ivermectin is generic and the industry can’t make any money off of it, while the industry is making an absolute fortune off of its vaccines. Simple as that really. As my father taught me when I was very young, always follow the money. ALWAYS. It might not always provide the answer or reason, but it does so in the overwhelming percentage of instances, just like it does here.

  9. Bravo for spreading biological reality. Nature may be cutting us a gigantic break, but the lemmings droning the pharma message seem like they’ll never accept it graciously.

  10. It is so odd that a website that is critical of corporate interests and actions so heavily promotes the vaccine AND boosters (forever?) unquestioningly. You’re 100% sure everything is all good and boosters to infinity is the way to go? Big pharma couldn’t be up to anything nefarious could they? It’s not like they have a track record for that or anything…

    Perhaps if you took a more nuanced approach to the increasingly ineffective covid vaccines instead of acting as if everything about the vaccines and their roll out was above board then readers would not view you as pushing a narrative.

    What a terrible way to end an article.

  11. You get vaccinated. You get boosted. You wear a mask. You social distance. I will not comply.

    1. I support your right to refuse to receive an injection of some cocktail of dubious value.
      And, I don’t know what the value of wearing a mask over my face is, given the horse$hit peddled by official sources.
      Social distancing, whatever that means, is another story.
      Until I am confident that this corona virus isn’t going to kill or debilitate me, I have been avoiding social mingling.
      I believe that this approach is a reasonable response to the possible risks posed by Covid-19.
      So I endorse your right to your bodily autonomy.
      But, I believe that I am entitled to the same consideration when it comes to my personal space.
      So you will social distance from me, or you will need medical attention.
      You pickin’ up, what I’m puttin’ down sonny boy?
      I’m an old m*th*rf*ck*r.
      But, the US military taught me enough to f*ck up your world.
      Fair enough?

      1. Thanks for saying what a lot of us were thinking Lefty… I don’t get it. Bodily autonomy is one thing. Complete de-realization is quite another… talk about needing the Kindness cure.

  12. Good writing here — https://dissidentvoice.org/2022/01/the-last-days-of-the-covidian-cult/

    This isn’t going to be pretty, folks. The downfall of a death cult rarely is. There is going to be wailing and gnashing of teeth, incoherent fanatical jabbering, mass deleting of embarrassing tweets. There’s going to be a veritable tsunami of desperate rationalizing, strenuous denying, shameless blame-shifting, and other forms of ass-covering, as suddenly former Covidian Cult members make a last-minute break for the jungle before the fully-vaxxed-and-boosted “Safe and Effective Kool-Aid” servers get to them.

    Yes, that’s right, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, the official Covid narrative is finally falling apart, or is being hastily disassembled, or historically revised, right before our eyes. The “experts” and “authorities” are finally acknowledging that the “Covid deaths” and “hospitalization” statistics are artificially inflated and totally unreliable (which they have been from the very beginning), and they are admitting that their miracle “vaccines” don’t work (unless you change the definition of the word “vaccine”), and that they have killed a few people, or maybe more than a few people, and that lockdowns were probably “a serious mistake.”

    I am not going to bother with further citations. You can surf the Internet as well as I can. The point is, the “Apocalyptic Pandemic” PSYOP has reached its expiration date. After almost two years of mass hysteria over a virus that causes mild-to-moderate common-cold or flu-like symptoms (or absolutely no symptoms whatsoever) in about 95% of the infected and the overall infection fatality rate of which is approximately 0.1% to 0.5%, people’s nerves are shot. We are all exhausted. Even the Covidian cultists are exhausted. And they are starting to abandon the cult en masse.

    It was always mostly just a matter of time. As Klaus Schwab said, “the pandemic represent[ed] a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.”

      1. Because up to a quarter of the Physicians and nurses have been fired, forcec yo resign, ir eorse yet, been cancelled, for exercising their right to fully informed consent and right of refusal for HUMAN MEDICAL EXPERIMENTATION. This combined with many Dr.s and Nurses incapacitated or quarantined, by vaccine failure, or vaccine injuries…that the already prevalent lack of capacity in our profit driven Healthcare systems, has now caught up with us. It’s not always a lack of beds, it’s often a lack of Doctors and Nurses…because some terrorists, or perhaps some very incompetent, or very corrupt or treasonous politicians, decided to fire a quarter of our available professionals – during a “MEDICAL EMERGENCY”.

      2. Larry:

        Here are a couple of answers to consider:

        (1) The federal government’s pandemic stimulus bills provided incentives for hospitals to diagnose, admit, treat (or more accurately NOT treat), then ventilate Covid patients, and watch them die. Now the intent may have been, as claimed, to defray hospitals’ pandemic-related costs through the public purse in view of the surges, but that provided a perverse opportunity to over-test, over-diagnose, and admit patients to capacity, providing supportive care (which I’ve already stated is no care at all), and also pump them full of Remdesivir once that came along in October/November 2020. All very lucrative.

        Now I’ve no doubt that ordinary hospital staff were overwhelmed by all this, emotionally drained as they watched the carnage, meanwhile running out of ICU beds, and tearing their hair out because of the belief that only “vaccination” would turn the tap off.

        But hospital administrators knew precisely what they were doing. They WANTED a pipeline of patients generating so much income. A windfall of massive proportions. The estimate is an average of $100,000 per patient who ends up on a ventilator or dead. Oh, and the coroner gets a bonus as well for any death certificate that states “Covid-19” — even if the patient died of cancer or a car crash but INCIDENTALLY tested positive for Covid-19 on admission.

        And hospitals get an additional bonus if they require Remdesivir and only Remdesivir as the “anti-viral” of choice, despite its toxicity and horrific death rate. That’s why they issue directives prohibiting a variety of drugs and nutraceuticals that doctors at the bedside know will improve outcomes for patients. This is corruption pure and simple.

        Note that there is no money to be made on this scale for at home treatments with repurposed drugs that actually DO keep people out of the hospital. Even comparatively modest outpatient infusions of monoclonal antibodies don’t help to fill ICU beds to capacity, and are rationed by the government.

        (2) The second point to consider, is that reports of overwhelmed hospitals and exhausted staff fuel the narrative that only the injectable biologics could solve this situation and eventually get us back to normal, which of course turned out to be a lie. The more people in hospital, the more one could stoke the fear-porn and terrorize the population into compliance. Especially when the “unvaccinated” can be scapegoated. All this BS about a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Why aren’t these people being treated at home BEFORE they ever need to show up at the ER? Because doctors who prescribe at home treatments, especially with drugs that have been conveniently vilified, are at risk of losing their licenses or hospital privileges, or being sanctioned by their corporate masters in large medical systems.

        Again, cheap, repurposed drugs would have given people another option to prevent or mitigate the effects of an infection. But that would have defeated the purpose of pouring billions of dollars into drug development, especially for the shots. Even today, we are STILL being told by people like George Prudent that the shots are beneficial. The risk/benefit ratio of the shots MAY be favorable for just a few of the most vulnerable people. But even then, the shots are not the only option. Critical Care physicians were using many different strategies before the injectable biologics came online in late December 2020. Those who at that time were still allowed to truly TREAT patients, and not sit around wringing their hands.

        If you never get a real (as opposed to a fake PCR) infection, why would you want to risk getting serial shots of a product whose long term effects cannot be known for years? And if you do get infected with Omicron (or even Delta, as I was), why would you not treat it with a drug like Ivermectin that’s been on the market for 40 years and whose safety profile is very well known?

        And it’s not the only one. There are several repurposed drugs and nutraceuticals that are enormously beneficial, including Hydroxychloroquine (or Quercetin) taken early on with zinc, nigella sativa with honey (no, not an old wife’s tale, but widely used in North Africa, the Middle East and SE Asia); Fluvoxamine (especially good for Long Covid); melatonin to protect the lungs; steroids, NAC and other anti-inflammatories; heparin, nattokinase, aspirin and other anti-coagulants; as well as high dose vitamin C and optimized blood serum levels of vitamin D. These are just some of them. There are multiple combinations possible, which are being used variously by doctors treating actual patients, some for outpatient care, and some for hospitalized patients. And that’s because Covid symptoms vary so much from one patient to the next.

        Follow the money.

      3. I picked out just a single agent from your list (although none of them have evidence to support use) and that is nattokinase as an anticoagulant. While anticoagulants are very useful in treating serious Covid-19 patients, an enzyme given orally could not possibly have any utility since proteolytic gastric and intestinal enzymes and hydrochloric acid degrade proteins into their constituent amino acids which are then absorbed and used to build need proteins. The enzyme could never be absorbed systemically and thus could never have any systemic effect. Leave science to the scientists unless you want to educate yourself.

      4. George:

        “… While anticoagulants are very useful in treating serious Covid-19 patients, an enzyme given orally could not possibly have any utility since proteolytic gastric and intestinal enzymes and hydrochloric acid degrade proteins into their constituent amino acids which are then absorbed and used to build need proteins. The enzyme could never be absorbed systemically and thus could never have any systemic effect. Leave science to the scientists unless you want to educate yourself.”

        Careful — your prejudices are showing.

        One doesn’t have to be a scientist to be able to read the literature. Maybe YOU could educate yourself with the following:

        Nattokinase for Covid-19: https://www.drugdiscoverytrends.com/study-tests-proven-blood-clot-buster-against-covid-19/



        Natto/Nattokinase & other nutraceuticals: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/articles/PMC8273380/



        Mechanism of Action:
        In vitro studies show that nattokinase decreases clot formation by cleaving and inactivating the plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI) via proteolysis at P1-P1’ peptide bond. PAI is a key inhibitor of tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) that converts plasminogen to plasmin. PAI inactivation allows for greater tPA activity and increased lysis of clots (10) (11). In the absence of PAI, nattokinase affects direct proteolysis of fibrin; however, this effect is less than the protelysis achieved by the PAI-mediated pathway (2). The fibrinolytic activity of nattokinase is estimated to be four-fold that of plasmin (12).

        Nattokinase is currently being evaluated for its potential as an amyloid plaque-degrading agent. Low doses of nattokinase have been shown to increase expression of the ADAM10 gene, which belongs to a family of proteinases that degrade the amyloid precursor protein. Upregulation of ADAM10 may shift the amyloidogenic pathway to the non-amyloidogenic pathway. This activity may prevent amyloid plaque accumulation that characterizes Alzheimer’s disease (9).

      5. Maybe YOU could educate yourself and actually read the papers your referenced. A number have nothing to do with nattokinase, a couple discuss the IN VITRO effects on various coagulation cascade proteins, and none address the issue I raised. I did find one paper with a tinay number of patients that purported to show some oral bioavailability but none of the papers demonstrated anticoagulant efficacy via oral administration. A number of the papers specifically stated that further studies are necessary to show efficacy in humans and to date NO studies have proven that. Just more “it’s natural” nonsense. Your anti-science stance is going to get people killed. I call you an anti-vaxxer since you’re claiming the vaccince doesn’t work and kills people, the standard definition of an anti-vaxxer.

      6. It’s not a “Vaccine” – it HUMAN MEDICAL EXPERIMENTATION GENE THERAPY. It has absolutely nothing in common with the attenuated virus/mercury/aluminum concoctions, that have been proliferating to unacceptable levels during my lifetime. There are no truly inert placebo trials for ANY of these CDC/FDA/BigPfharma sponsored injections, either.

        But it’s YOU who are killing people George, with you inability to acknowledge the warning signals, right in front of you.

        Senator Ron Johnson held a hearing this week where the Pentagon’s DMED data was presented – showing EXACTLY what people have been telling you about, for weeks. 1000+% increases in neurological problems, just for starters – in a young and healthy population cohort. 300+% increased incidences of cancers. These are the kinds of injuries and deaths that Long Term studies are designed to find and prevent. But as we’ve seen – the trials for Pfizer, Moderna and J&J – were designed to push them to markets, into the arms of victims…not to adequately study safety or effectiveness. And now we see not just increased ‘all cause’ mortality amongst the injected – but NEGATIVE EFFECTIVENESS. Israel is on their fourth shot. They’ve NEVER had more Covid deaths than now. This is almost certainly Antibody Dependent Enhancement, and other paradoxical effects. Just like Vaccinologists like Geert Vanden Bosche, and Dr. Robert Malone were predicting – more than a year ago.

        Strawmanning and Cherry-picking your way around which preventatives amd early treatments are or aren’t effective, is a poor use of your time. We have ample evidence about what has been working. Dr.s like Fareed and Tyson have treated more than 7000 Covid patients, without a single death. They’re up to 10,000 now … And they still haven’t lost a patient, that got to them early in the disease’ progression.

      7. George,

        Why would anyone investigate the ORAL use of Nattokinase, for ANY condition, if by definition it couldn’t be absorbed ? Regardless of where or how or why any in vitro studies were conducted (or in animals), it would be pointless to pursue this line of inquiry if oral Nattokinase could never have any effect on humans or was degraded in the digestive system.

        (1) Nattokinase: An ORAL Antithrombotic Agent for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (2017) — https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28264497/

        (2) Nattokinase improves blood flow by inhibiting platelet aggregation and thrombus formation (2013). “Rats were ORALLY administered with nattokinase for 1 week, and their carotid arteries were exposed” — https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24396387/

        (3) Nutraceutical Approach to Preventing Coronavirus Disease 2019 and Related Complications (2021) — https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/articles/PMC8273380/
        “… nattokinase has been the subject of a considerable amount of research conducted in both Asian countries (Japan, China, Korea) and the United States. … Not only does nattokinase possess potent fibrinolytic/antithrombotic activity (62–64), but nattokinase has also been shown to exert antihypertensive, anti-atherosclerotic, lipid-lowering, antiplatelet/anticoagulant, and neuroprotective effects in both animal and HUMAN studies (65–72). All of these pharmacologic actions of nattokinase are relevant to the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. For example, SUPPLEMENTATION with nattokinase enhanced markers of fibrinolysis and anticoagulation in human subjects, along with decreasing blood pressure and atherosclerosis (73–75)”

        (4) A single-dose of oral nattokinase potentiates thrombolysis and anti-coagulation profiles (2015) — https://www.nature.com/articles/srep11601
        “Following the baseline blood draw, each subject was randomized to receive either a single-dose of 2,000 FU NK in a soft gel capsule form (NSK-SD, Japan Bio Science Laboratory Co., Ltd, Osaka, Japan) or soft gel capsule containing the placebo (P).”

        (5) 8 Nattokinase Benefits + Dosage, Dangers, Side Effects (updated 9 Sept 2021) — https://supplements.selfdecode.com/blog/nattokinase/
        Medically reviewed by Jonathan Ritter, PharmD, PhD (Pharmacology), Puya Yazdi, MD.
        “MECHANISMS OF ACTION: Despite its name, nattokinase is not a kinase enzyme but instead belongs to the serine protease family of enzymes, which work to break down other proteins. The mechanisms of action studied in animals or human cells, are as follows. In cell studies, nattokinase [1, 5, 6]:

        * Directly dissolves cross-linked fibrin, a protein that forms blood clots.
        * Increases release of tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) from cells, which also breaks down fibrin.
        * Increases urokinase levels by converting internal prourokinase to urokinase. Increased urokinase activity leads to increased plasmin in the blood; plasmin is responsible for degrading fibrin.
        * Inactivates plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1). PAI-1 inhibits plasmin formation, which, as mentioned above, degrades fibrin.
        * Inhibits platelet aggregation by blocking thromboxane (a substance released from platelets that causes blood clotting and blood vessel constriction) formation.”

        Time to move on.

  13. The pandemic may or may not end, but the plandemic will continue. Or more precisely, the relentless pandemic propaganda may end (or take a break), since any real-world pandemic never got started. As with previous flu frauds, especially since the 9/11 coup for institutionalizing the war on/of (bio)terror, most notably the 2009 swine flu, it’s been a plague of corruption among private-public health agencies like the WHO and CDC spreading lies and fear to push product for profit and power by the pharmafia and its partners in crime like the MSM. (The Covid-19 Pandemic Does Not Exist:

    As for the plandemic, the virus crisis has been that window of opportunity for implementing conditions of the biosecurity state and ushering us into the new (ab)normal of transnational capital’s Great Reset and 4th industrial revolution. Its coordinated coup among controlling interests of the fascist corporate state (e.g., Finance, Tech, Medical-Military Industrial Complex) in colonizing global populations to biodigital interventions in our lives, not least of all conquering bodily autonomy, has already achieved a quantum leap forward in radically re-engineering humans and our social relations. Further strategic gains for the ruling class’ techno-totalitarian new world order remain, unless we resist.

    This propaganda piece demonstrates just that with its treatment of sewage. As the (context-free) lead photo might suggest from its picture of pollution, since when did authorities show such scrupulous surveillance of any of the shit in our wastewater? ‘Public health’ is again being inovoked for literal underground rolllout of such technological means as 5G internet of things as this science of engineering incorporates, establishing under our noses infratsructure for predictive policing of populations in the biosecurity state, and permitting predictable population control via more declarations of emergency.

    The omicron storyline regarding immunity, still evading natural immunity in favor of (non-)’vaccine’ immunity, could indicate nothing more than a temporary suspension of panic porn in the face of present pushback and setback, particularly to create a false sense of returning to normality with more shock-doctrine disaster capitalism waiting in the wings, as from climate change, supply chain, financial or cyberterrorist emergency ops if not another pandemic (of the ‘vaccinated’?), predictively programmed just like covid.

    1. You hoaxers must be robots trolling any site with stories on pandemic since the article referred to is just complete fabrication. One can always find a few to refute established science, like man-made global warming, but the overwhelming evidence is clear. Someone must be paying these guys.

      1. No, George… The Article was written by a PhD … And I can vouch for Professor Michel Chossoudovsky, and state unequivocally that you comment is a fabrication, as was an early reply, to me. If you wish to offer constructive peer-review – then by all means – do so in a fair, and specific fashion. What you just did there was a failed attempt at a Jedi Mind Trick, complete with the wave of your hand.

        But YOU ARE the droid that we’re actually looking for. You lack even basic Jedi skills. That’s a FAIL.

  14. Wastewater? US military sees all waters of the people as waste water . . . . Under the cover of pre-dawn darkness, Native Hawaiians surprised the gates of the US Navy Command with a civil disobedience action over the #RedHill fuel leak. Empire Files producer Mike Prysner was on the ground.


  15. The “good” doctor Lunde is clearly an unrepentant proponent of Big Pharma Crapology.

    Even as another “good” doctor Walensky is U-turning her behind off & finally admitting on January 10, 2022, that the COVID shots cannot prevent transmission, and who “…recently admitted about 40% of “COVID patients” tested positive but do not have symptoms and are hospitalized for something else. She has also promised to deliver data on how many people have actually died “from” COVID and how many died “with” it.”

    And, unable anymore to reign in her need to come clean, on January 9, 2022, she stated, “We must protect people with comorbidities from severe COVID -19.” Indeed, focused protection, eh, what!? Exactly what 60,000 world class doctors & scientists have been calling for since they signed The Great Barrington Declaration in Oct. 2020.

    Another 16,000 signatories to The Physicians’ declaration at the Rome Covid Summit told Big Pharma to get the fuck off their backs . These professionals who had received career threats, character assassination, papers and research censored, social accounts blocked, search results manipulated, clinical trials and patient observations banned, and their professional history and accomplishments altered or omitted in academic and mainstream media.

    “The Physicians’ Declaration was first read at the Rome COVID Summit, catalyzing an explosion of active support from medical scientists and physicians around the globe.

    The Declaration states:

    “Thousands have died from COVID as a result of being denied life-saving early treatment. The Declaration is a battle cry from physicians who are daily fighting for the right to treat their patients, and the right of patients to receive those treatments — without fear of interference, retribution or censorship by government, pharmacies, pharmaceutical corporations, and big tech.”
    The signatories created a “doctor – and scientists-only” COVID information platform so citizens can make informed decisions for their families “without interruption, manipulation, politicization or profiteering from external forces outside of the doctor-patient relationship.”

    WTF! thousands of well documented & researched articles by reputable scientists & physicians exist exposing Fauci’s, et.al. plandemic, but, instead, Scheerpost blesses its dedicated readers with Dr. Lundes’ damnable nonsense set off in Bold print:


    Both myself & my wife, who are in our 70’s, remain unvaccinated & had contracted Delta virus last October. We had a plan for early treatment following the FLCCC Alliance protocol based with Ivermectin & a number of vitamins & repurposed drugs.
    Within 4 days, we were asymptomatic & are currently free & clear.

    That’s our truth! What’s your’s?


    1. Proof positive that ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamins C and D effectively treat Covid-19! N=2 study results should get you published in NEJM. All the other large, randomized, placebo-controlled studies should be ignored because you are a medical genius! These types of observations would be extremely laughable if it were not for the serious nature of this virus. Yes, most people will have little to no problem with Covid but others will. It is not just about the individual it is about the entire community. Polio seriously affects a smaller percentage but only morons consider that virus to be trivial.

      1. Good grief, not-so-prudent George:

        Is that the best you can do to challenge Gerald Chorba? You didn’t even identify all those “large randomized, placebo-controlled studies” that you think put Ivermectin to shame. Studies of what? Where? Who?

        There have been myriad studies of Ivermectin as a therapeutic for Covid-19 (compared with only 1 for Remdesivir for approval purposes, which involved just 1,063 patients — not exactly anything to brag about).

        Considering that nobody wants to pony up millions of dollars to set up a major trial for an off-patent medication that costs pennies per tablet, the showing on Ivermectin is very respectable, and your comment doesn’t invalidate the findings. Even when the problematic Elgazzar study was eliminated, this did not change the preponderance of the evidence favoring the use of Ivermectin for pre-exposure prevention, post-exposure prophylaxis, and early treatment. (It’s also used later in disease progression, and for Long Covid, as well as for side effects of the jabs).

        Ivermectin COVID-19 studies: 143 studies, 94 peer reviewed, 76 with results comparing treatment and control groups involving 57,647 patients, 718 scientists, in 26 countries. (22 countries use it systematically for early treatment, and their hospitalizations and deaths have plummeted.)

        A meta-analysis of these trials (THAT is the gold standard) determined an average 66% improvement for early treatment, 83% efficacy for prophylaxis, averaging 75% efficacy overall (compared with just 31% improvement for Remdesivir). Updated January 2022.

        So go on, take a look and laugh.


        The SARS-CoV-2 virus is only “serious” for people at high risk of severe disease, typically people who are elderly, immuno-compromised, or have multiple commorbidities, though obviously there are fluke situations. And with Omicron, we’re in entirely different territory anyway, yet Dr Londe was STILL urging people, in bold, all caps! to get “vaccinated.” Huh?

        Comparing it to polio is a red herring, and completely silly in the context of this discussion.

        And yes, it IS about the entire community — but not in the way you think. The “entire community” has been devastated by the ill-considered lockdowns, the masking theatre, and the injectable biologics that are not sterilizing vaccines, as they prevent neither infection nor transmission, and do not reduce viral load either.

        All those children at such very low risk of complications, who’ve had their schooling disrupted for two years already, with a loss of learning and socialization that will be hard to make-up. This is a lost generation that will have been traumatized by the huge disruptions.

        (This was precisely what the Great Barrington Declaration was addressing, in offering alternatives to total lockdowns and the circus that ensued at the CDC which is making things up as it goes.

        The community has been further devastated by the hidden adverse events that nobody wants to talk about. Including tens of thousands of deaths.

        The standard for assigning cause for adverse events and deaths occurring during the experimental phases of drug development (and until these are formally approved by the FDA and the long term effects are known, they REMAIN experimental, which is why legally they CANNOT be mandated) is that incidents MUST be attributed to the intervention. So any talk about not being able to link terrible side effects and deaths with the vaccine is hogwash. By definition they are caused by the shots and are not just coincidence.

        And these situations extend beyond just the shots themselves. A car crash that kills a driver who suffered brain fog or a stroke after getting jabbed DIED AS A RESULT OF THE JAB.

        As reported last week by the CDC, there were 1,033,994 reports of adverse events in VAERS, 170,446 SEAs (serious adverse events) and 21,745 deaths. And no, they’re not fake reports: there are penalties for filing false reports, and the process of reporting is so arduous for both doctors and patients or survivors’ family members, that this results in serious under-reporting. (Check out the findings of Jessica Rose, PhD, Biologist with strong experience in R and bench experience in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Mathematical Modeling, Anisotropic Network Modeling and Statistical Analysis — at least when her work is not being suppressed as happened recently with a paper on myocarditis reporting through VAERS, suddenly withdrawn without comment when it was about to be published).

        The CEO of AmericaOne, a life insurance company in Indiana, reported that excess deaths (all cause mortality) increased by 40% at a time when Covid deaths were falling. Now what could have caused that do you suppose? What’s the ONE thing that changed for about 70% of the population last year? In India, a similar analysis revealed a 41% increase in deaths. These numbers are unheard of. Ten percent would be a lot, yet here we are.

        So please … go ahead and laugh at those who highlight the other side of this sordid story.

      2. Hi Jeff, thanks for not attacking me personally. You seem to really believe that the vaccines are just a big pharma ruse to make profits. No one hates big pharma more than me yet the researchers and scientists working for them, in my experience, are dedicated and not sociopaths. They mostly really do want to save lives. The NIH has a large ivermectin trial underway but to date, no well controlled trial for ivermectin has shown benefit. Please don’t rely on a few doctors on the internet. The vast majority of medical specialists worldwide agree. Here’s the panel’s review of studies to date. Another large trial including an ivermectin arm was halted due to lack of efficacy. https://www.covid19treatmentguidelines.nih.gov/tables/ivermectin-data/

      3. George:

        The NIH trial has been in progress for eight months; preliminary end date is December 2022, and final completion expected in March 2023? Gee, they’re not in a hurry to save lives, are they?

        The FLCCC’s Dr Pierre Kory testified before a US Senate committee in December 2020, presenting compelling evidence of the efficacy of Ivermectin in individual patients and its effectiveness as a public health strategy. This was followed by a meeting with the NIH itself on January 6, 2020, after which the NIH changed its “not recommended” position to neither for nor against. Which means that Ivermectin became an option, though one has to remember that NIH recommendations are guidelines, not mandates.

        Wow … let’s not correct the media’s misrepresentation of Ivermectin as nothing more than horse dewormer.

        For its part, the FDA, that upstanding institution and guardian of public health, compounded the suppression of information about the value of Ivermectin by telling folks in a tweet “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.”

        Here we were, in the midst of a pandemic, and the NIH — with its massive budget — took another six months to set up a trial that will not be completed until March 2023.

        What does this tell you? It’s a diversion, a way of saying they’re doing SOMETHING about Ivermectin even as they make it almost impossible for most people to get it, or to complete the trial in any kind of meaningful time frame in the midst of an emergency they claim to be so worried about.

        Oh, and it’s pharmacists like you who turned us away from the chain pharmacies when my husband and I tried to fill legitimate doctors’ prescriptions for Ivermectin (no, we weren’t shopping at Tractor Supply). All kinds of BS excuses were given, all of them untrue.

        * There was no shortage in the US, and only in rare circumstances could a pharmacist not get an order in within 24-48 hours;

        * there were no corporate policies prohibiting the dispensing of Ivermectin by pharmacists in chain pharmacies and grocery store pharmacies;

        * state pharmacy boards had not prohibited pharmacies from dispensing Ivermectin;

        * The FDA is not required to “approve Ivermectin for Covid-19” and pharmacists would not be putting their licenses at risk by filling legitimate prescriptions.

        No, it was busybody pharmacists who stepped in between physicians and their patients to make the determination that Ivermectin should not be used for Covid. That’s not their role as well you know. They are supposed to look out for drug interactions for individual patients (and physicians do that already — ours did) or excessively high doses (dosage recommendations could be confirmed by pharmacists willing to do a bit of homework on best practices for the use of Ivermectin for Covid).

        Covid was, and still is, a moving target. Nothing is dispositive. New information comes out all the time, and people who’ve developed effective protocols refine them all the time. The information is out there!

        Pharmacists were essentially practicing medicine without a license. We had to turn to independent compounding pharmacies, which increased the cost for us quite a bit. Meanwhile $3,000 Remdesivir, that toxic horror, was being dispensed free to patients.

        A large, peer reviewed 150,000 patient study conducted in Brazil has just come out, showing the benefits of Ivermectin use for prophylaxis as well as treatment. Obviously no drug or strategy will work for every patient. The authors are completely transparent about the study’s limitations, as they should be. I wish Pfizer and Moderna and Merck were that transparent!


        How long did it take to get the Molnuvirapir “trial” done, or Paxlovid, for emergency use purposes?

        So much the idea that the NIH is the place to go to for any action. I’ll trust the FLCCC physicians any day over our public health masters. The former, at least, do not have any conflicts of interest, insalubrious partnerships with pandemic profiteers, and in fact do not profit financially from their stellar work. These eminent members of their profession had everything to lose from pursuing their mission with such dedication. The FLCCC should be nominated for a Nobel Prize in Medicine.

      4. Hi Lyr, thanks for not swearing at me or resorting to name calling as others have done. I just got tired of refuting the train load of disinformation and thus got a little snippy. I think the problem is that these physicians who know better are misleading credulous readers/viewers who have scant science/medical knowledge. Some of this stuff requires insight and understanding of terms. First example, a number have sent me the same link without realizing that no observational study can be used to obtain FDA approval. At least two RCTs must be submitted. Observational data can suggest follow up studies but by themselves cannot be used to make claims of efficacy due to biases and confounders. I agree that the NIH should speed up the ivermectin trial but it is complicated with many arms and most 15,000 patient studies take even longer. The vaccine trials were done quicker due to easier inclusion/exclusion criteria and simple end points plus there was no vaccine at that point. I would have no problem dispensing ivermectin as long as the patient and physician understood that efficacy is not proven yet and the best trials to date show zero efficacy. Every physician has the ability to order and dispense ivermectin in their office if they wish. It is simple to do. So you should ask your doctor why they aren’t doing that. Lastly, no one yet has answered this question. Do you frequent independent progressive media sites or did you just come across Scheerpost during a search? Just curious.

      5. George:

        I’m a dyed-in-the-wool ultra progressive. Call me a democratic socialist. My husband and I read lots of independent progressive media. Somebody in this column section suggested that people like us just read the headlines. Surely it’s become obvious by now that the exact opposite is true. I’ve lived on three continents, I have an advanced degree, and I spent a large chunk of my professional life as a grantwriter in the medical, social, legal and environmental fields, where research was a major component of the job. I brought in millions of dollars.

        My husband (also a writer) and I are not shallow people. Quite the contrary. I in particular am an avid reader of the medical literature. I have an analytical mind: I know how to connect the dots. I know a fallacy when I see one, or a specious argument.

        So imagine our dismay at the group think that has taken over so many of the people and organizations we once admired. Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! Noam Chomsky, The Intercept, Common Dreams, … Ugh, and the other day it was Neil Young blathering on about Joe Rogan and Spotify. Did he bother to watch that terrifically informative interview with Dr Robert Malone before he determined that it was misinformation? I did — all three and a half hours of it. Or Chris Masterjohn’s conversation with Dr Jessica Rose, regarding her analysis of the VAERS reporting system (the CDC’s own data!). Also three hours long.

      6. To continue with my progressive credentials:

        The sanctimony and self-righteousness are nauseating. What prigs progressives have become! What arrogance to think we can be persuaded that the vaccines are “safe and effective” (those bromides), and if persuasion doesn’t work, well that’s alright, we’ll simply be bullied into compliance at the risk of losing our jobs or being marginalized.

        I grew up under the Apartheid regime in South Africa. I know what segregation and heavy-handed government look like. You have no idea! There were passes for Non-White people, and an equivalent “Book of Life” for us Whites. Now we’ll have different regimens for the Vaccinated and the Non-Vaccinated, essentially defining us not by what we are as human beings and fellow citizens, but by what we’re not, which implicitly positions the Whites and the Vaccinated as the norms, conferring privileges accordingly.

        I’m sure that many people who don’t think like me are very well intentioned, but I’m appalled at the lack of critical thinking, the mass psychosis that has overtaken this country — indeed much of the world — based on very effective fearmongering. You know, I’m way more scared of the shots than I am of Covid. I’ve had it once already (Delta) and I’ll simply deal with a second infection if it occurs. I have my supplies, and know exactly what to do.

      7. More — can’t get the full response to upload

        Opposition to mandates has created strange bedfellows. Here I am rooting for Canadian truckers in their convoy as they make their way to Ottawa to protest mandatory vaccination or 14 day quarantines at the US border for people who spend most of their day alone in their trucks. There’s absolutely no data showing that truck drivers are vectors of infection.

        So why? Ah, because one can’t carve out exceptions — that’s the slippery slope. And we who have natural immunity cannot be exceptions either, or young children. NOTHING can be allowed to dilute the vaccine message. So we’re all swept up in this utter madness.

        The policies adopted have had catastrophic consequences. I’m talking about the whole mismanagement of the pandemic: the lockdowns; the closing of businesses, some permanently; children’s loss of learning and opportunities for socialization; denial of early treatment options; injecting us instead with biologically active spike proteins, or at least generating them artificially; the ridiculous mask theatre where one wears a mask for 30 seconds entering a restaurant and then takes it off for an hour and a half while eating and talking; smothering children in masks all day long, when the little ones are still learning to read facial expressions; injecting children whose risks of bad outcomes from Covid are so incredibly small (statistically zero) on the grotesque pretext of “protecting Grandma” even though we know the shots don’t prevent transmission; the lack of recognition of natural immunity, even if it is somewhat less effective against Omicron, but nevertheless far superior to “vaccines” chasing the wrong targets, though you wonder how all those medical experts forgot their basic courses in immunology … and so on.

      8. More …

        All these things have become so clear to my husband and me over time (we didn’t start there, and were diligent about social distancing and wearing masks, sanitizing our hands etc — we even briefly considered getting “vaccinated”), that we are baffled by the unwillingness of public health agencies, public officials, and the media — both mainstream and independent outfits — to learn from the horrors of the last two years. To admit finally that the vaccines were a very imperfect solution, and may yet have devastating health consequences for the next generations: our children and grandchildren. How to explain that 40% increase in excess deaths last year, which did not include deaths from Covid? Coincidence? How many more athletes are going to collapse on European soccer fields? Coincidence? Young men in peak physical condition.

        One doesn’t keep banging one’s head against a wall and expect a different outcome. Doesn’t a pilot correct his course when faced with an immovable object like a mountain?

        But of course there’s an explanation, and that is that the forces pushing the pandemic narratives and solutions are so powerful, so well endowed, so entrenched, that it didn’t take much to overwhelm the media landscape and swallow 60% of the population.

      9. So George:

        Have you heard of the Trusted News Initiative set up by the BBC around the time the injectables were rolled out? Its purpose was to propagate the vaccine narrative to the exclusion of all other information, specifically labeling anything that wasn’t pro-vaccine as “misinformation” — anything that didn’t completely conform to WHO pronouncements, or those of our own agencies. So if the CDC says that the earth is flat, it’s FLAT. If white is the new black, so be it. End of discussion.

        The Trusted News Initiative served as a template for all the censorship going on worldwide. How do you fight that? Doesn’t science thrive and progress when there is vigorous debate? When hypotheses and studies can be verified, replicated, and falsified (proven true or proven false)? Instead we get science by press release and public pronouncement, by Mr THE SCIENCE himself Fauci. Hence my revulsion at seeing people endlessly quoting our public health agencies and so-called experts who have lied to us, manipulated data, created fraudulent studies (demonizing Hydroxichloroquine), pressed medical journals to withdraw papers that would once have been highly regarded — papers by esteemed scientists and physicians who have since been ridiculed and sidelined and lost their positions in universities and medical establishments.

        What happened?

        I absolutely believe in social solidarity, in protecting family, friends and neighbors, and the vulnerable. I just don’t have any reason to believe in the success of the “vaccines.” And once we go down the road of mandates and the merry-go-round of boosters, we’ll be stuck there forever. A popular revolt is necessary. Isn’t that what Thomas Jefferson said? “A little rebellion is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.”

        For some reason there’s this paternalistic attitude that if only one could get some “trusted messenger” (like you?) to steer people in the right direction, or if one mandates vaccination, they can be led to comply. Like so many sheep. And everyone is hooping with joy at increased vaccine uptake, as though that trickery were something to celebrate.

        In all the media shaming of anti-vaxxers, do these so-called fact-checkers ever wonder what it is exactly that our opposition is based on? Do they ever scrutinize primary sources? Why are they satisfied with simply parroting whatever Fauci or Walensky say? Isn’t the role of the media to question government officials and policies? To INVESTIGATE?

        We don’t have to be right-wing kooks to be virulently opposed to what’s happening everywhere. This is not political for me.

      10. To finish this screed …

        George, you had an exchange with Jeff I believe about the spike protein. Well it’s biologically active, not inert (Salk Institute). In that sense, it can be described as toxic. And it doesn’t matter whether it comes from the virus itself or from the shots. Either way, it’s responsible for vascular problems which are seen in both Covid-infected people and vaccine recipients. I DON’T WANT OR NEED a spike coursing through my veins, ending up in my organs or bone marrow, or getting lodged in the finest capillaries, where it would induce inflammation and clotting or cause a stroke.

        Underlying all this is the idea that the vaccines are benign and that we Refuseniks are just being bloody-minded for no reason.

        This is neither political nor philosophical for me. It’s science! All those bald assertions that the vaccines are safe and effective, when the evidence is mounting by the day that they’re anything but. So for the authorities to “encourage” vaccine uptake through coercion by threatening people’s livelihoods and ability to participate in society is monstrous. Especially as other solutions exist that can achieve the same level of protection without the risks. What’s wrong with taking that approach?

        * As long as the shots don’t prevent transmission, what’s the point of a mandate?

        * If the vaccines are safe and effective, the vaccinated are supposedly protected, right? So what’s the point of a mandate?

        * If the vaccines are not safe or effective, what’s the point of a mandate?

        Since vaccination doesn’t in fact protect anyone else, it should be a personal choice for one’s own protection, but only with full disclosure so that “informed consent” is truly informed. Yet the harms are being hidden and the vaccine injured are ignored in the most callous way.

        Where there is risk, there must be choice.

    1. There are some suggestions that the Omicron variant could well end “the pandemic”. And that is a problem. It is a problem on two fronts. First, a variant that not only defeats the “vaccines,” but that also reduces the pandemic to a minor endemic phenomenon, is not one that can be exploited to generate profits for a transnational pharmaceutical giant like Pfizer, which has effectively captured the Canadian market and enjoys a near monopoly, plus a free sales-force (consisting of politicians, civil servants, academics, journalists, and many others). Second, any scaling down of illness removes the thin cover used by the state to centralize and maximize political power, under the pretext of an endless “state of emergency”.

      First, what do we know about Omicron? Medical authorities in South Africa have already explained, and emphasized repeatedly, that the virus is following its normal course of evolution towards a strain that spreads easily and is far less lethal—indeed, its symptoms are very mild. Scientists elsewhere have concurred. In South Africa, Omicron has been accompanied by a reduction in hospitalizations, and deaths. Mild symptoms have been the worst of the Omicron experience there, and elsewhere. As of December 12, the WHO reported not a single death anywhere could be attributed to Omicron—after months of circulation in Africa. While fanning the flames of fear about overwhelmed hospitals in Canada and the US, in South Africa a published study found that persons with Omicron were 80% less likely to be hospitalized than if they caught another variant; compared to Delta infections, Omicron infections are associated with a 70% lower risk of severe disease. South African authorities are still wondering why Europe and North America are freaking out. (Answer: the freak out is calculated.)1

      South Africa reminded us of some very important facts that are overlooked too often: Africa, with a negligible percentage of people being “vaccinated,” has evaded the worst of the “pandemic,” a fact that somehow baffled First World scientists. There simply has been no pandemic in Africa, by any long-standing definition of a pandemic. This has brought forth another fact: the worst of the Covid experience has been primarily centred in First World countries, which had the strictest measures, states of emergency, lockdowns, and mass “vaccination” that has approached between 75% and 100% of their populations. More than that, countries that imposed or enforced few or no restrictions, have fared the best—in the Caribbean region, that was Haiti, which rejected the importation of “vaccines” and which could not or did not impose or enforce masking and social distancing. Haiti has fared the best in the Caribbean under Covid; it has done better than nearby Cuba (which has developed two vaccines of its own), but it has even done better than its next door neighbour, the Dominican Republic, where incomes are higher, the injection rate is higher, and serious restrictions were imposed and enforced. Sweden, Florida, and Texas might occupy attention in Western-fixated media, obsessively concerned with their immediate experience, but none of these are the real test cases of what happens when places adopt diverse responses. The really important cases are instead to be found in Haiti and the African continent.


  16. There is only one measure to go by in this here circle jerk of comments about Covid-19:

    How many people have died and how many are still dying from it?

    And no, “Many deaths were not really from Covid-19,” is not a correct answer.

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