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Lee Camp and Roger Waters on Assange, Human Rights, & More

Lee Camp & Roger Water sat down together for a wide-ranging conversation on the most important human rights issues of today.

Lee Camp
Lee Camp

Lee Camp is the host of the hit comedy news show “Redacted Tonight.” His new book “Bullet Points and Punch Lines” is available at and his stand-up comedy special can be streamed for free at


  1. Lee Camp and Roger Waters. What a great team.
    Free Julian Assange Now!

    “Without a Free Press, there can be No Democracy”
    Thomas Jefferson

  2. Mr Scheer-The people you present on this post and all that you publish are conformists, those with views that are not radical or extreme, none having authentically original freethinking knowledge or opinions, none like my works, or other authors or journalists that introduce a new way of thinking, other avenues not already in the mainstream of thought and exposure. I am well known and have many millions who have read my works, but no establishment avenue will publish me, as the alphabets who run it all have blacklisted me, and they are afraid to give me exposure. In addition, my radical views combined with my knowledge and my outside-of-the-box solutions usually put them to shame, making them appear inadequate. But most of you will allow my comments. Both Camp and Waters fall into that category- liberal and moderate, not authentic free-thinking original views. Like usual, I learned nothing new. gallery and contact page any others is fine

    1. @MIchael Lewis Kahn
      Meritless insults and bragging are not the way to get people to pay attention to your work or publish you. Nor are your silly and childish “I’m more radical than you” attitude and comments. I strongly suggest that you rethink your attitude and words. Start with some empathy with those you want to convince to pay attention to you and/or publish your work.

      Additionally, you make no relevant or meaningful comments on this site, but instead just insult people and claim that you’re better than everyone. If you think that someone, say Lee Camp and/or Roger Waters, is just repeating establishment BS, then quote their comments and explain why they’re just establishment talking points. All you’re doing is name-calling, and attacking two very well-regarded progressives at that.

  3. Assange and WikiLeaks were arteries for the life blood of truth to be distributed to the body politic. That blood was supplied by many brave people including Pvt. Manning. Timing is telling. An interview with Assange was published Nov. 29, 2010 by Forbes.
    In it he states that documents WikiLeaks has could take down a large bank or two. He says they will be published in early 2011. Dec. 1, 2010 WikiLeaks is deplatformed on Amazon. Dec. 2 PayPal stops service. Dec. 3 Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Western Union stop service. WikiLeaks has been financially strangled within days of the interview. Related: In August, WikiLeaks published inside info on Kaupthieg Bank in Iceland. It was nationalized and some to the directors actually went to jail. It is nice to know that somewhere the rule of law still exists. That caused some justifiable concern on Wall Street. The international banksters would not want to have to be subjected to the rule of law.
    Assange is being silenced, isolated and tortured to protect banksters not the US military. There are many more references to support this assertion but just a little exploration with that in mind will support that idea. What I find interesting is that nobody in the alternative press has followed that line of evidence and written about it.

    1. @Antisandman
      If you expose the establishment, they will attack you with everything they’ve got. That’s what they did to Assange, simple as that. We have to realize that this is war and act accordingly, even if we’re pacifists.

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