1. i am an independent journalist, and that does not apply to me. I kick down the bathroom door and flush the conforming sheep down the toilet, and urinate on them. We need to be strong and courageous. I urge others to join the work, especially if you have some income or savings to allow you to be independent. I am a rare breed, a lone wolf of a truther, and invite others to join the pack. Heroes sometimes wear black.

    1. I want to start an online web newspaper to give my community the information they need for the coming changes in our county particularly. However, I have no skills in website building, lots of skills in journalistic research and reporting. We have a university in our small town whose local newspaper lost local owners and now our county and city news is way underreported and our county sits at the headwaters of the Cascade Range in Washington State. Any advice in this endeavor would be greatly appreciated. I am like you. I also do not fear death in doing what needs to be done.

      1. if you are willing to pay a stipend, the computer science students usually can use a project for different classes
        contact the department to inquire

      2. Paula,
        Take a note from the Newhouse family’s model for their Business Journals. No wait, they have one common platform for hundreds of cities, counties, etc. Your community is not alone. A huge percentage of American small towns have no local news outlet. A huge market and who’s going after it? The right platform could be used to supply everyone’s needs. As Horatio suggested, talk to your schools CSc Dept about development projects.

  2. Well, give the left credit for trying to inform liberals that Democrats have been the leading right wing party since the 1990s. We noticed censorship quietly increasing since Biden took office, and then it came down like a hammer last week. It’s going to get much worse.

    1. I agree, which is why MIchael Lewis Kahn’s comment is important and I hope he finds more like me on this comment link.

  3. Why do I know that? Why do I continue to know that? White people tell me to work with a system that doesn’t work for me: show honey when all I see is green washing and lies anytime I confront them with my research. Yeah. I am ready to die as a no body like so many Somalians and serbs and Iranians and Iraqs. Their lives never mattered to white people. What are we missing?

      1. So like the US “Justice” Department…you don’t realize that Julian Assange isn’t an “American Journalist”… (Hence he has no duty to adhere to US Laws, while living in far off places). He’s an Australian Journalist/Publisher…

  4. From this insanity will be born a new Humanity. One that will recognize itself as one being, worldwide, committed to universal peace and compassion for all, and equality without exception.
    What we have experienced will be relegated to the dark ages section of history.

    1. The glass may be half full Edward, the question is ; Half full of what ?

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