1. Oh yes. And, we all have those guys and gals with stethoscopes and mouse pads and billions for junk space machines and the biolabs and the virus bioweapons, all those forced “abortions,” i.e. M. Albrights and Blinkens and Obamas and Clintons and Trumps and Bidens, et al, perfectly fine with structural violence, another form of aborted lives. I see in the UK, poor people refuse good old potatoes in their food boxes because they can’t afford to boil them, i.e., natural gas prices. These people on so many levels are the reason women and children are mutilated by both GOP and DNC, Libertarians. You know, the Kamala Harris saying, “Well, we (YOU) have to pull in your belts and suffer some for those UkoNazis, and think of the starving Ukrainian babies.”

    This is the highest level of intelligence in THAT room, so seeing GOP shackling doctors on this one procedure — abortion — is not news, boy, it is not news! Baby formula recall cuz it has toxins in it. Baby car restraint seats that don’t work. Oh, the evil of the politicians and, gulp, those scientists.

    Or, these —

    “An investment firm connected to US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden has been implicated in the financing of the Pentagon’s military biological programme in Ukraine, the head of Russia’s Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defence Troops has announced, citing fresh documents.”


  2. Does anyone know why Republicans hate women and girls?….Why are they so keen on torturing them?

    1. Their misogyny is rationalized by a perverse interpretation of scripture. Though not a practicing Christian, I’m fairly certain Jesus would be vomiting if he were here to witness such sanctimonious hypocrisy. Clearly the “Pro-Life Movement” doesn’t care about a life once it enters this world; if it happens to be non-white, non-Christian, ect. “You’re 14 and got pregnant because your father raped you? Too bad.” The mother’s life is endangered by bringing the pregnancy to term? Our God only cares about your prescious child.

      1. @Adam Gorelick
        In addition to what you wrote, religious arguments like this against abortion make no sense outside of an insane anthropocentric world. If you’re so concerned about a mere fetus, then you shouldn’t be able to kill cancer cells or bacteria in people’s bodies either, because they are also indisputably life.

  3. Mr. Fish, please read Christopher Ryan’s ‘Civilized to Death: The Price of Progress’ as you’ll come to learn that 10s of thousands of years ago, when we were hunter/gatherers, we had life spans into the 70s, everything was shared for the common good, there were no “renters” and people worked a few hours a day while telling stories to one another at night: Living the good life. I enjoy your work, but you can be so condescending to those who don’t “appreciate” your “science” and where it has gotten us. And where you might ask? On the very edge of global collapse, quite the accomplishment don’t you think! “Science” the 21st century’s new idol, on tour, taking names and kicking ASS!

    1. Don’t really see how we disagree. I’ve often quoted Emerson who said that, “The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization.” I am by not means a sycophant for a life-saving scientific paradigm capable of saving us all. Not what the cartoon is about. More about reaching back beyond the enlightenment period to a time when certain mythologies were weaponized against our own better natures as a way to justify certain myopic worldviews and prejudices. Much of the wisdom that could be learned from the original hunter/gatherer communities, which were framed on the anarchic model, succeeded beautifully largely because of population sizes and limited migratory practices. Once the species began to expand, the opportunity for maintaining such familial groupings diminished and abstract justifications for segmentation flourished. Again, not sure what “my science” means – I certainly wasn’t advocating for the discipline en masse with the cartoon I posted.

      1. @boothdw
        I was going to reply to Mark+Oglesby, but your reply said what I was going to say. As a radical environmentalist, I advocate for returning to living as hunter-gatherers, though it would take thousands of years to get back to that point. Humans should be focusing on expanding our consciousness, and should leave the natural/physical world alone as much as possible. More important than the fact that civilization is killing us is that it’s killing the planet and all the life on it.

  4. I find much to appreciate about Scheerpost. You can castigate the GOP policy, and those that support it. But much of this cartoon is below the belt. Jesus can take the mocking nails, and so can some of his superstitious nincompoop followers such as me. But for an organization that portends to be against bigotry, as this post tries to do, Scheerpost has itself stepped into the muck and mire of bigotry.

    1. sat·ire
      1: the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

      1. @boothdw, I agree that this cartoon is a satire to expose lack of compassion and religious hubris tied into the GOP and religion.
        I would suggest that there are boundaries in civil society that do not hit below the belt. For example, would Scheerpost run a cartoon using derogatory racist stereotypes on former President Obama or VP Harris? Of course not! Personally I am not offended a bit, just feel sorry that Scheerpost would run this cartoon in order to elicit sneers through a broad derogatory stereotyping of all people who hold belief in God.

      2. @Allen Johnson
        What’ worse, forcing a woman to carry an unwanted pregnancy to birth, or making fun of the evil jerks who do that? I think that you need to check your priorities here.

    2. @Allen Johnson
      Oh please! You’re exactly the kind of person the cartoon is about.

      Religion should have to be practiced in private. It’s one of the most harmful things that exists on the planet, and objections to abortion are a perfect example of that.

      1. @Jeff (last name withheld),
        Your arrogant and pompous response to my recommendation of civility indicates that your brilliant insight and wit and peaceful sentiments are sufficient in your mind to replace God.
        You do not know me (I live in Dunmore, WV), but at least acknowledge that I read Scheer Post (e.g. I have collaborated on a project with Chris Hedges), and do know that I am active and well-known in environmental and peace and anti-war movements, and spent a considerable amount of my career working with teens who are in difficult circumstances analogous to “Sweetcheeks.” I’m a long-time member of the Colloquium On Violence and Religion, founded by Rene Girard, that deals with the nexus of religion, culture, violence.

        Would you advocate for public policy for religion to be practiced in private? Would you be able to make a strong documented case that societies that do not practice religion, and even hostile to religion are more humane and have better quality of life? Finally, I did not say in my remarks anything about the cartoon’s abortion theme, only the bigotry of a demeaning mockery of those who hold belief in God. My feelings are not hurt one bit. I only feel sorry for the cartoonist and the ScheerPost for stooping into the gutter to get a sneer.

      2. @Allen Johnson
        Jesus would agree with the cartoon. Christianity became perverted shortly after Jesus was killed, and is one of the most evil forces on the planet. People like Chris Hedges actually try to follow what Jesus taught, but this is a very small percentage of Christians. I have traditional Native friends who were kidnapped off their reservations as children by Christians, so in addition to ideological problems with Christians, this is also personal for me.

        You ask for civility in discourse on the abortion issue, but where’ the civility from abortion opponents when they force women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term? That is nothing less than torture, and it’s infinitely worse than any cartoon. Not to mention that opposing abortion just adds to human overpopulation, the biggest problem on the planet. I think that your perspective here is way off.

  5. Politically I am to the left of the Democratic Party, but I still find this cartoon offense.

  6. Sweetcheeks. That sums up the paternalism, rather creepily, of too many doctors (and dicks). Like all the drug pushers presently pushing gene editing as a vaccine to uninformed if not brainwashed patients in the name of science – which it is, if you mean by that social science engineering populations into lines of injections violating basic human health and rights from the Hippocratic Oath to the Nuremberg Code.

    I suppose that makes me suspect of similar caricature as contained in this cartoon. Which is laughable for me, too, when I think of those “In This House…” lawn signs proudly proclaiming among other sales slogans that Science Is Real. What a great way to sum up the nature of Newspeak that has come to define corporate state controlled Science!

    Abortion should be recalled, in no small part, in the context of population control. For one, it’s been a great wedge issue ever since Republicrats came to Jesus for a voting base and televangelism invaded living rooms of moral majorities, contributing to that two-party game of single issue appeal useful to divide-and-rule polarization of ‘the people’ so plutocrats can keep laughing all the way to the bank. But it’s also been a means of extending population control via industrial medicine recalling eugenics, particularly aimed at the usual disadvantaged, underprivileged, underserved (blah, blah, blah) experimental subjects, as with the example of Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood.

    There’s more than meets the eyes and ears in the images and words waged against us with the sciences of psychological warfare. We would do well to realize how thoroughly programmed into black-and-white reactions we can be in a propaganda system all about population control, now moving into a more carceral society of the digital panopticon, a la Foucalt. It is being accomplished in the name of science to suit the techno-totalitarian slavery awaiting us should we fail to fight this struggle for humanity, and any controversy over abortion is made moot in a biosecure brave new world where our species will be bred from machines.

  7. I have said many times, forcing a woman to keep something in her body that she doesn’t want there is tantamount to rape (AND torture).

  8. Funny. In the last 200 years as Europe ditched its religion and forcibly spread its culture around the world, we’ve brought life to the brink of extinction through global warming, nuclear weapons and have had the most gigantic wars in history. But I’m glad to know Mr Fish thinks that medicine only came about in modern times and people before industrialized Europe were scientific nincompoops. Thank you for teaching us religious nincompoops how to care for the earth and science oh European colonists!

    1. @Tee
      Monotheistic religions, especially Christianity, are responsible for much of the big evil on the Earth. Christianity promotes a human supremacist view of the world, which gives people license to kill other species and destroy the natural environment at will. (The admonishment about being stewards of the Earth is lost in all that, and is human supremacist BS anyway.) Religions are actually ANTI-SPIRITUAL, because instead of promoting oneness, they promote false dualities, such as body & soul and heaven & hell, to list just two examples.

      Environmental and ecological problems in Europe began thousands of years ago. Industrial society began under full-fledged Christianity. So your BS about the lack of religion being the reason for these problems is absolutely ridiculous and has no basis in reality.

  9. The three major Ibramimic religions represent a radical evil that “otherizes” those not in the favored group. They “otherize” anyone who places love and service to others above religious differences as enemies. Until we recognise that our common humanity triumphs religious ideology and sectarianism, our religous otherism wil continue to destroy the human species.

  10. What I find so fascinating is all of the debate concerning a theology predicated on the supposed existence of a person, ‘Jesus Christ,” of which there is exactly zero historical proof that he, she, it ever existed in the first place. Ditto for Moses, Noah, and the rest of that gang. Folks, you don’t need some imaginary deity to guide you through life. Wisdom, like virtue, is in all of us if we just take the time to find it.

    1. @Tom B
      I look at all this figuratively. It doesn’t matter whether Jesus or any of the rest actually existed, just like it doesn’t matter whether Don Juan existed. Just take the lessons of the stories.

      And to be clear, I hate organized religions, especially the monotheistic crap that came out of the Middle East (fanatics who believe in one god).

  11. The amount of dialog elicited by one simple cartoon says a lot about its power.

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