1. Colleges and universities across the country are systematically paring down or outright eliminating the teaching of languages, history, literature, philosophy, art, music by closing down departments of the liberal arts. At the University of Florida, professors were told by the administration (led at the time by Governor Rick Scott) that the liberal arts were an “anachronism.” These are the courses which encourage rational thought, the imagination, and a curiosity about the world beyond our borders. Can anyone seriously believe that we will be better off if we are even more ignorant?!

  2. I GREW up listening to the music of the day. MY DAY started in the ( luckily ) 50’s, 60’s with rock+roll – the beat, and really evolved with the Beatles, Stones, Dylan on and on. The beat evolved and I with it listening more closely to the lyrics. The lyrics said it all about attitudes of the times – then. IT formed the politics of the day. It was/is more important than political leaders of the day.
    Luckily I now live in a small town where there is a radio station owned/run by a former grip/equipment manager of a former rock band. And I am so lucky that for the past 30 years It played nothing but the music of the 50’s. 60’s, and 70’s All the day long! It helped keep me in that era as times changed. Now a days there are all sorts of different music out there I find on the radio as I drive to other small towns. I mostly drive without the radio on as I find it hard to listen to country, today’s pop, and least of all rap. I cannot understand or relate to this kind of music. Anyway, yes this ‘art’ has influenced me and my life. Though rock is no longer ‘popular’ and it’s exponents have aged, like me, I can see the newer generations all develop different tastes of the times as it’s commercial promoters choose who plays and who doesn’t. But the vibe of today’s popular music is totally different and so are the public attitudes and activities / as I just listen to NPR reporting on ‘gun fire’ on “school break” in Miami ! The violence of today’s time aint all caused by the musics but music in reflected or the times reacts to the music.
    We’ve also got more issues today threatening us now from ova population, pollution, global glomming and now another damned war. So much strife out there. Am so glad I listened to that earlier music and let it set my life. Allowed that ‘art’ to enter my life and influence me. The beauty I’m allowed to experience today in being away from the general population and live in the country and still listen and remember those times has influenced me. Am loving art more as I can appreciate more the beauty more. Art is important as it Can express what’s important in life.
    Rock on and hopefully love on.

  3. Best hearts in art are as hard to find as best minds in anything. It’s not just a dumbed down society, but a desensitized one, or more so what Henry Giroux calls a culture of cruelty – even when he’s helping it along with mindless identity politics and heartless support for the plandemic police state.

    Empathy, the compassionate understanding of a suffering world transcending egoism and narcissism, is in danger of extinction in an institutional system of social organization – what used to be more broadly opposed as rule of the Machine, for instance – that long ago left behind human-scaled community enabling the teaching and learning, the acculturation, of such virtue.

    Particularly instrumental to the colonization of consciousness upon the collapse of community has been professional class managers of the general population, from universities and think tanks to ad agencies and nonprofits, who are more than willing to sell their art to suit agenda of the technological complex, who are more than happy to profit from entertaining to death dumbed-down, desensitized subjects, or objects, in the Matrix or Metaverse.

    It is people still carrying a common character of humanity rooted in respect and reverence for others in whatever walk of life they may be found who help us heal and become whole. Who more than ever need to come together to fight the future.

  4. Couldn’t agree more with this. Humans went on the wrong path thousands of years ago by focusing on ego, intellect, and unnaturally and very harmfully manipulating the physical/natural world. What we should be focused on is wisdom, empathy, and expanding our consciousness. This cartoon is just another way of saying that.

  5. There are little profits to be extracted by the parasites in wavering away from raw mercantilism. All relationships are solely mercantile transactional.

  6. When we live a life based on love and caring for others creativity explodes and the beauty of this world is magnified. When our lives our based on fear, greed and exploitation of each other as well as our environment then this reality we are now seeing is the result – wars and death with the potential for ending everything we know.

  7. A list of Ghandi’s seven deadly sins: Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Science without humanity, Knowledge without character, Politics without principle, Commerce without morality, Worship without sacrifice.”

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