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Hedges: On Being Disappeared

The entire archive of six years of my show On Contact has been removed by YouTube.
Censored by Mr. Fish

By Chris Hedges / Original to ScheerPost

The entire archive of On Contact, the Emmy-nominated show I hosted for six years for RT America and RT International, has been disappeared from YouTube. Gone is the interview with Nathaniel Philbrick on his book about George Washington. Gone is the discussion with Kai Bird on his biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Gone is my exploration with Professor Sam Slote from Trinity College Dublin of James Joyce’s “Ulysses.” Gone is the show with Benjamin Moser on his biography of Susan Sontag. Gone is the show with Stephen Kinzer on his book on John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles. Gone are the interviews with the social critics Cornel West, Tariq Ali, Noam Chomsky, Gerald Horne, Wendy Brown, Paul Street, Gabriel Rockhill, Naomi Wolff and Slavoj Zizek. Gone are the interviews with the novelists Russell Banks and Salar Abdoh. Gone is the interview with Kevin Sharp, a former federal judge, on the case of Leonard Peltier. Gone are the interviews with economists David Harvey and Richard Wolff. Gone are the interviews with the combat veterans and West Point graduates Danny Sjursen and Eric Edstrom about our wars in the Middle East. Gone are the discussions with the journalists Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi. Gone are the voices of those who are being persecuted and marginalized, including the human rights attorney Steven Donziger and the political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal. None of the shows I did on mass incarceration, where I interviewed those released from our prisons, are any longer on YouTube. Gone are the shows with the cartoonists Joe Sacco and Dwayne Booth. Melted into thin air, leaving not a rack behind.

I received no inquiry or notice from YouTube. I vanished. In totalitarian systems you exist, then you don’t. I suppose this was done in the name of censoring Russian propaganda, although I have a hard time seeing how a detailed discussion of “Ulysses” or the biographies of Susan Sontag and J. Robert Oppenheimer had any connection in the eyes of the most obtuse censors in Silicon Valley with Vladimir Putin. Indeed, there is not one show that dealt with Russia. I was on RT because, as a vocal critic of US imperialism, militarism, the corporate control of the two ruling parties, and especially because I support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel, I was blacklisted. I was on RT for the same reason the dissident Vaclav Havel, who I knew, was on Voice of America during the communist regime in Czechoslovakia. It was that or not be heard. Havel had no more love for the policies of Washington than I have for those of Moscow. 

Are we a more informed and better society because of this wholesale censorship? Is this a world we want to inhabit where those who know everything about us and about whom we know nothing can instantly erase us? If this happens to me, it can happen to you, to any critic anywhere who challenges the dominant narrative. And that is where we are headed as the ruling elites refuse to respond to the disenfranchisement and suffering of the working class, opting not for social and political change or the curbing of the rapacious power and obscene wealth of our oligarchic rulers, but instead imposing iron control over information, as if that will solve the mounting social unrest and vast political and social divides. 

The most vocal cheerleaders for this censorship are the liberal class. Terrified of the enraged crowds of QAnon conspiracy theorists, Christian fascists, gun-toting militias, and cult-like Trump supporters that grew out of the distortions of neoliberalism, austerity, deindustrialization, and the collapse of social programs, they plead with the digital monopolies to make it all go away. They blame anyone but themselves. Democrats in Congress have held hearings with the CEOs of social media companies pressuring them to do more to censor content. Banish the troglodytes. Then we will have social cohesion. Then life will go back to normal. Fake news. Harm reduction model. Information pollution. Information disorder. They have all sorts of Orwellian phrases to justify censorship. Meanwhile, they peddle their own fantasy that Russia was responsible for the election of Donald Trump. It is a stunning inability to be remotely self-reflective or self-critical, and it is ominous as we move deeper and deeper into a state of political and social dysfunction. 

What were my sins? I did not, like my former employer, The New York Times, sell you the lie of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, peddle conspiracy theories about Donald Trump being a Russian asset, put out a 10-part podcast called the Caliphate that was a hoax, or tell you that the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop was “disinformation.” I did not prophesize that Joe Biden was the next FDR or that Hillary Clinton was going to win the election. 

This censorship is about supporting what, as I.F Stone reminded us, governments always do – lie. Challenge the official lie, as I often did, and you will soon become a nonperson on digital media. Julian Assange and Edward Snowden exposed the truth about the criminal inner workings of power. Look where they are now. This censorship is one step removed from Joseph Stalin’s airbrushing of nonpersons such as Leon Trotsky out of official photographs. It is a destruction of our collective memory. It removes those moments in the media when we attempted to examine our reality in ways the ruling class did not appreciate. The goal is to foster historical amnesia. If we don’t know what happened in the past, we cannot make sense of the present. 

“The moment we no longer have a free press, anything can happen,” Hannah Arendt warned. “What makes it possible for a totalitarian or any other dictatorship to rule is that people are not informed; how can you have an opinion if you are not informed? If everybody always lies to you, the consequence is not that you believe the lies, but rather that nobody believes anything any longer. This is because lies, by their very nature, have to be changed, and a lying government has constantly to rewrite its own history. On the receiving end you get not only one lie—a lie which you could go on for the rest of your days—but you get a great number of lies, depending on how the political wind blows. And a people that no longer can believe anything cannot make up its mind. It is deprived not only of its capacity to act but also of its capacity to think and to judge. And with such a people you can then do what you please.” 

I am not alone. YouTube regularly removes or demonetizes channels, which happened to Progressive Soapbox, without warning, usually by arguing that the content contained videos that violated YouTube’s community guidelines. Status Coup, which filmed the January 6 storming of the Capitol, was suspended from YouTube for “advancing the false claims of election fraud.” My video content, by the way, primarily consisted of book covers, quotes from passages of books and author photos, but it got disappeared anyway. 

The deplatforming of voices like mine, already blocked by commercial media and marginalized with algorithms, is coupled with the pernicious campaign to funnel people back into the arms of the “establishment” media such as CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. In the US, as Dorothy Parker once said about Katharine Hepburn’s emotional range as an actress, any policy discussion ranges from A to B. Step outside those lines and you are an outcast. 

The Ukraine war, which I denounced as a “criminal war of aggression” when it began, is a sterling example. Any effort to put it into historical context, to suggest that the betrayal of agreements by the West with Moscow, which I covered as a reporter in Eastern Europe during the collapse of the Soviet Union, along with the expansion of NATO might have baited Russia into the conflict, is dismissed. Nuance. Complexity. Ambiguity. Historical context. Self-criticism. All are banished. 

My show, dedicated primarily to authors and their books, should have been, if we had a functioning system of public broadcasting, on PBS or NPR. But public broadcasting is as captive to corporations and the wealthy as the commercial media, indeed PBS and NPR run commercials in the guise of sponsorship acknowledgements. The last show on public broadcasting that examined power was Moyers & Company. Once Bill Moyers went off the air in 2015, no one took his place. 

A few decades ago, you could hear independent voices on public broadcasting, including Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Howard Zinn, Ralph Nader, Angela Davis, James Baldwin, and Noam Chomsky. No more. A few decades ago, there were a variety of alternative weeklies and magazines. A few decades ago, we still had a press that, however flawed, had not rendered whole segments of the population, especially the poor and social critics, invisible. It is perhaps telling that our greatest investigative journalist, Sy Hersh, who exposed the massacre of 500 unarmed Vietnamese civilians by US soldiers at My Lai and the torture at Abu Ghraib, has trouble publishing in the United States. I would direct you to the interview I did with Sy about the decayed state of the American media, but it no longer exists on YouTube.

NOTE TO SCHEERPOST READERS : There is now no way left for me to continue to write a weekly column for ScheerPost and produce my weekly television show without your help. The walls are closing in, with startling rapidity, on independent journalism, with the elites, including the Democratic Party elites, clamoring for more and more censorship. Bob Scheer, who runs ScheerPost on a shoestr​​ing budget, and I will not waiver in our commitment to independent and honest journalism, and we will never put ScheerPost behind a paywall, charge a subscription for it, sell your data or accept advertising. Please, if you can, sign up at chrishedges.substack.com so I can continue to post my Monday column on ScheerPost and produce my weekly television show, The Chris Hedges Report.

Thank you, 


Chris Hedges
Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist who was a foreign correspondent for fifteen years for The New York Times, where he served as the Middle East Bureau Chief and Balkan Bureau Chief for the paper. He previously worked overseas for The Dallas Morning NewsThe Christian Science Monitor, and NPR. He is the host of show The Chris Hedges Report.

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  1. In south africa, due to sensorship, the only news available, apart from the two parroting local news, is from cnn and the bbc. South Africa, not having a great on line population, hasn’t even noticed that RT and all it’s programs have dissapeared, and the only news they get, is pure propaganda, yet they are unaware of it. Cnn and the bbc are the most trusted news in the world. Scary that all yours and Lee Camps programs have all dissapeared from youtube. People are now hackable, and thats what is happening to the general population

    1. Erasing all Hedges On Contact utubes smacks of Woodrow Wilson’s Palmer Raids during WW1- internet style. Hope you have at least some audio files of the interviews that can be reposted as a library on ScheerPost. Hedges Days of Revolt and On Contact interviews were my weekly classroom to learn from the best scholars and journalists of a true progressive intelligentsia – correcting all that was censored or suppressed from my public school and college education. Let me know if you achieve getting this done! Censorship demands a response….

      1. Hi, come on over and start a streaming channel on the Theta Network at Theta TV. It is decentralised streaming.

    2. Western news media and corporate advertising are a major source of misinformation and racist “fashion” on the planet.

      This is not a small thing.

      I still don’t understand why the PRC allows those “Westernizing” eye surgeries. Millions of brown people, mostly women, slather skin-lightening creams on their bodies — trying to imitate the versions of attractiveness presented to them on their cellphones and computers.

      Worst of all, these sources spread the anti-social “individualist”notions of a dying, decaying neoliberal walking corpse everywhere.

      Me first, selfies are the new art.

      I think the Chinese population is partially protected, but most other places get this insidious poison full-strength.

      1. @BabaYaga
        The entire concept of selfies tells you all you need to know about anyone who takes them. Baby Boomers and their parents are the worst generations in modern America, not the “greatest” as has been claimed. Instead of focusing on good things like empathy, wisdom, and expanding consciousness, they obsessed on money and material things, to the detriment of the entire planet. The kids of the Baby Boomers are bad because since the Boomers are so self-centered, they had the attitudes that their kids could do whatever they wanted, so their kids were not adequately if at all disciplined. (“Discipline” means control, not punishment.) A generation of self-centered individualists is about as bad as it gets for humans, and that’s what we’re stuck in. Some young people today seem to be breaking out of this horrible syndrome, but unfortunately they also seem to be a minority.

      2. Where to begin with this… first of all, “The Greatest Generation” is NOT the “Baby Boomers” but the parents of the Baby Boomers, the ones who were adults during WWII. Since every generation is raised by the previous one, presumably we can take this blame game back to the caves? Or maybe conditions changed?

      3. @Moderator
        I said, “Baby Boomers and their parents …” I’m fully aware that it’s the parents of the Baby Boomers who are called the greatest generation. That said, you are correct and I was wrong; it’s the Baby Boomers, of which I’m a member, that started this problem. Our parents disciplined us adequately; it’s our generation that spoiled its kids.

        The lack of parental discipline is an end result of humans obsessing on ego (among other wrongful things). As to the Baby Boomers, I think it’s also the boomerang effect, because many of us think that our parents were TOO strict (I know that I do). But if you’re self-centered, you think that your kids are the center of the world and can do no wrong, and that was the general Baby Boomer attitude toward their own kids. Ask any teacher about this (if they still remember). When I was a kid, if a teacher told our parents that we did something wrong, the teacher wasn’t questioned and we were punished, even if we were allowed to give our side of the story. But when Baby Boomers’ kids went to school, this got turned on its head, with parents taking their kids’ sides and opposing teachers. This kind of thing is absurd and produces a generation of people who care only about themselves and think that the world revolves around them.

      4. @Jeff: CLASS PREJUDICE

        You sound like the kids who were Bernie supporters not seeing the irony of blaming all Boomers. Not to mention the explicit prejudice of characterizing an entire group as all the same.

        How about the actions we were involved with that actually changed the country? Like civil rights, anti-war, women’s liberation, ecology, LGBT rights, and alternative spiritualities. For which the right wing blamed us as the reasons why the country went to hell.

        You, like the Zs and younger Millennials, overlook the huge issue of class. Only 24% of Boomers have 4 year college degrees, and that’s from anywhere in any subject. Thus the vast majority of us have (or had) JOBS, not cah-reers. How many retirements were lost to the machinations of corporations offloading their “burden” to subsidiaries that then went broke? How many more lost in the crash of ’08? The Wall St. vultures were bailed out while we commoners were as usual left to fend for ourselves.

        Blaming the victim is okay if they’re those declasse, intellectually deficient, non-Ivy, dirty-handed types who aspire to a middle class life. How laughable they are to countercultures. But don’t you have to have material goods in order to renounce them?

        As for these alleged legions of spoiled children of Boomers, where?!! If this exists at all, the 75-80% who weren’t in the econ elite can be eliminated for the most part. So then the 20% who are–the administrators and professional elite, the group who usurped the D party. Whose kids and now grandkids dominate the campuses of the better universities.

        I was a blue collar worker for 20+ years; going back to college in my early 50s. One big tell I noticed was the teeth of young people on campus. Few had crooked teeth, and those who did betrayed their class origins. Read HEARTLAND: A Memoir of Being Broke in the Richest Country on Earth by Sarah Smarsh (2019.) She talks about this.

        Both as an undergrad and particularly as a grad student, it floored me that so many of my classmates believed that a large majority of Americans had 4 year degrees. IMO, because so few of them were ever around people who didn’t. Is that true of you, Jeff?

        An assumption that has the implication that non-college people are losers who deserve nothing. A belief not just among the fans of predatory capitalism. The Ivy league products who run the D party speak of a meritocracy. Of course meaning themselves while justifying the exclusion of us lessers.

        So if there is any truth to your claim that Boomer parents ruined schools, just which group do you think they belonged to?! Econ and educated elites or the invisible working class majority? And who had the time to interfere? The overworked and underpaid class with their long commutes? Sure.

        Just one more way the reality of the class divide is ignored. Or deliberately suppressed.

      5. Oh, so you are the queen of all sociology and psychology of Z and millenial generations. Leave your ageism alone, and adding another bunch of ageist stuff into the mix, belies your prejudging and, hmm, prejudices.

      6. @Rafi Simonton
        As to your first paragraph, it’s called generalization. That means that it’s generally true, but there are exceptions.

        As to your second paragraph, irrelevant. I’m talking about a specific problem that was started by the Baby Boomers. I too protested for civil rights — I was even lucky enough to have parents who took my brother and I to see MLK speak — and protested against the Vietnam war, including walking out of high school for a week after the Kent State massacre. So what? That has absolutely nothing to do with what I’m talking about. You’re so defensive that you thought I said that Baby Boomers are all evil or something to that effect. In reality, what I said is that Boomers failed to adequately discipline their children.

        As to the rest, again totally irrelevant. You don’t address my point at all except for one paragraph, but instead just talk about how downtrodden Boomers are. Even this point is absurd, as Boomers are better off than any generation on Earth, and the future generations have no chance of having it as good as they did. (I would argue that they had and have it far too good, but that’s another issue.)

        As to your one paragraph where you actually address the issue: I first noticed this when I saw people bringing babies and very small children to places where people used to have the decency to not bring them in order to not disturb others, like restaurants, airplanes, etc. Then I started reading of and hearing from teachers, who said they were having an extremely hard time maintaining any discipline in the classroom, because parents had started siding with the children instead of the teachers. Finally, I started noticing that parents stopped saying “no” to their children, except when doing so was a matter of protecting them (no, don’t run into the street). All of this is the result of oversized egos and being self-centered. Parents see their kids as reflections of themselves, so elevating their kids to some divine level boosted their own egos. And self-centered parents don’t care if their kids disturb other people, so you get the selfish idea that “my kid belongs anywhere.”

        Of course all parents want their kids to survive and wants the best for them. But in addition to that, and especially in such an overpopulated society, it’s vital that kids are taught to respect others and treat them as they would like to be treated, to list just one example. If parents’ idea of discipline is just making sure that their kids don’t get hit by cars and get good grades, those parents are failures as parents, because they have an obligation to the entire society as well as to their children.

      7. @Jeff; It IS about CLASS PREJUDICE! (and race)

        “Generally true” isn’t true at all. It’s an attempt to use a vague qualifier to get away with what is by definition prejudice–that members of a group are the same. Seen one, seen ’em all. Are you talking about 20% 50% 90%? How about some statistics from a reputable source?

        Apparently you believe that when you make a generalization, it’s okay. Try substituting another category…oh I don’t know, perhaps Native Americans. Then see how your words read. As someone raised on reservation land, I have some experience with this attitude.

        My 2nd paragraph is TOO relevant. It is evidence that not all of us, or even a majority, were (and are) unconcerned with anyone else. In your own words “self-centered” and “obsessed on money and material things” a blanket condemnation that does seem to be precisely about what your reply to me denies: “all evil or something to that effect.” If you were there, you must know how dominant activism for social causes was and the numbers of people involved.

        I didn’t specifically address your point because, as should be clear with all I’ve presented, I don’t think you have one! You offer no substance at all. And lump everyone of an entire generation together. There’s a ’70s joke where the Lone Ranger and Tonto are surrounded by hostile Indians. The Lone Ranger says “we have to fight them, Tonto.” To which Tonto replies: “What’s this ‘we’, white man?” Few BIPOC would be stupid enough to diss their own elders. The young not only are raised to respect elders, they know what we all went through. I’m asking you, Jeff. What’s this “we”?

        There’s another tell. “Boomers are better off than any other generation on earth.” You mean old people, who’ve worked their entire lives, house paid off, and who have always had more than young people starting out? You want to brush aside my very relevant point that many working class people, the class into which the vast majority of Boomers fall, has been hit by the loss of pensions for reasons I already listed. Are they among the “better off’?

        The class prejudice and race ignorance shows in another way. “I would argue they had and have it far too good…” To whom exactly are you referring? Do you think demographic variables like race, income, or education are irrelevant? Or do you resent what organized labor and union wages brought to the lives of the working class majority? Wages that also made it possible for infrastructure, support for local businesses, and a tax base that made good schools available to far more than the (allegedly) spoiled and overprivileged upper middle class kids you seem to think are typical of us all.

      8. @Rafi Simonton
        Wow, you may have been raised on a rez, but you’re certainly totally different than any of my Native friends, who were AIM and American Indian Treaty Council. Unlike you, I won’t get into personal attacks, but I totally reject your attempt at presenting yourself as some spokesperson for Natives or even using your Native heritage as some sort of authority here. If you can’t understand or properly process generalizations, that’s on you. Generalizations certainly CAN be true, as the ones that I presented are. And since you don’t seem to know, “generally true” means true for at least more than half of the group.

        Finally, I suggest you check yourself regarding your insults. You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about and obviously know nothing about me, yet you accuse me of class and race prejudice. Nothing could be further from the truth, but I’m not going to list my credentials for you. Suffice to say that this exchange started over my comments about Baby Boomers, which is about a GENERATION of humans in the U.S., not about race or class. I’m sorry that you’re so overly sensitive that the truth hurts you to the extent that it clearly does, maybe you should work on that.

      9. I don’t know what I’m talking about?! Notice that two other people called you out, too. I made point after point all of which you simply ignored. You just assume and then keep insisting that that generation is enough, that nuances like class or race are irrelevant. The advantage of the net over a face to face debate–the use of evasions, deflections, ad hominems. Look up a list of what is in philosophy called logical fallacies–they’re easy to find on line. Then you’d understand how and why I presented my set of arguments.

        And you’d see that in no way am I making an argument by authority. That’s when someone who has expertise in one field, say geology, insists they then know all about human immunity. Or they argue from dogma. Try re-reading what I wrote in the last piece; in no way do I claim to speak for my entire group. I brought up the Tonto joke as an analogy. One that, yet again, calls into question the whole idea of assuming one can speak for others!

        Then you bull your way into very, very ugly territory. Accusing me of being “overly sensitive.” Are you actually that unaware of what a huge issue this is for people of color? ! Plus trotting out that claim “some of my friends are…” Another huge sore sport for people of color.

        If you really still believe either are at all legitimate, you need to read “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk about Racism” by Robin DiAngelo (2019.) A well researched book in which she specifically discusses why both of those comments, as well as sever others of a similar form, are so aggravating. Or at least check out the abridged material from the short courses. Consider carefully what she says.

    3. With respect, and as a British citizen, the BBC is certainly not to be trusted. It’s stated purpose to inform and entertain the population with impartiality is a complete distortion of the reality. In fact, the BBC is highly partisan and is not remotely interested in shining a light on the corruption, exploitation and malfeasance of the most powerful in society. Its recent coverage of the Ukrainian conflict is woefully one-sided and amounts to little more than UK government propaganda. Today BBC journalists along with the overwhelming majority of their global counterparts are no better than shills for their corporate paymasters. For example, any objective analysis of the BBC’s coverage of the Israel/Palestine conflict would amply demonstrate the extent to which the BBC follows rather than challenges the status quo and the prevailing western orthodoxy.

    4. Cry me a river. This is more about a bruised ego than genuine concern for free speech or journalistic integrity. Shit happens. Suck it up.

    5. For the record, I’ve seen both Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky, questioned about their opinions about the not IMPLAUSiBLE, but IMPOSSIBLE collapse of World Trade Center 7…. Noam demurred on the basis of not possessing a formal university education to the routine laws of physics we all encounter on a daily basis; while Chris’s uncomfortable side-stepping response was enough to turn his surname into an adjective.

      JAYSUS #%@*ing CHRIST…. If you’re gonna report the truth, try to summon the courage to tell ALL of it.

      Initially, some of us may have been giddy about all the “hope and change” that Obama was sure to deliver after the lying #@$%-sucker from Midland Texas was replaced…. Hope and change?… Not so much.

      Look for JUST one moment at history, and what’s currently playing out in Ukraine.
      Does Putin’s view of the west as an existential threat spring from an overactive imagination; or has it been patiently taught over DECADES of cold war horse-shit; who’s first heaping bowlful was ladled out by the Dulles brothers…. HISTORY MATTERS.

      My sincerest apologies for the all-caps, but seriously wake the #%@& up!

      Here’s a video of Lucky Larry Silverstein bragging at a business luncheon about how quickly he was able to turn WTC7’s smoldering wreckage back into leasable office space…trouble is, he carelessly lets slip that the blueprints for the doomed tower’s REPLACEMENT were initiated A FULL 17 MONTHS BEFORE IT NEATLY CRASHED INTO IT’S OWN FOOTPRINT.

      Might the world be a safer place once we’ve solved the riddle of what it takes to jail a billionaire?….
      We all await with baited breath.

      Please enjoy the video, but be warned Silverstein’s gum-chewing style of oration is nothing short of nauseating…. If your gastric stamina begins to fold like one of Larry’s buildings, you can skip ahead to minute 59:00 , where the man hangs himself neatly out to dry.

  2. I agree it’s very disturbing, but did no one foresee the possibility of YouTube/the US Government disappearing the RT America channel and its entire archive of more than 30,000 videos?

    Did no one involved with Chris Hedges’ show and all the other shows bother to retain copies of the RT America videos?

    Why hasn’t the archive of Chris Hedges’ interviews, as well as the archive of every other RT America show, simply been moved to Internet Archive https://archive.org/ or some other platform?

    1. “…did no one foresee the possibility of YouTube/the US Government disappearing the RT America channel and its entire archive of more than 30,000 videos? ”

      Yes, I did, years ago, in fact around 1995-6, I commented that if Youtube achieved effective monopoly over video sources, all it took was the flick of a switch, so-to-speak to silence views not acceptable to the powers that be and I’m no prophet. At the time, I pointed out that only very large IT corps with lashings of bandwidth/storage were bound to monopolize the WWW, who can compete? You want to get seen, get on Youtube, why doncha!

      And this process is not limited to video, and it doesn’t even require switching off/deleting unacceptable views, all it takes is the same kind of monopolisation of information sources as the so-called legacy media, that dominates the print medium. If any medium is swamped by the same message, it drowns out everything else. ‘The go-to source for information!’

      Damn! It ain’t rocket science, anybody with half a brain could see this coming, once the capitalist class and its dimwit servants figured out what was going on with digital media! But left/progressives, such as it was, was too busy feeling self-righteous about computers are ‘the tools of the devil, computers are only for rich people!’ Meanwhile, I and others were busy working with liberation movements in C. America and Southern Africa, supplying hardware and software and training people!

      So much for the ‘advanced countries’!

      1. You commented on the effects of a YouTube monopoly almost 10 years before YouTube existed? That is true prescience.

      2. Ahh, the gotcha guy. So, YouTube fouded in 2005. But, we, older folks, knew the www would be destroyed by US government (CIA) and the dirty advertisers and corrupt profiteers, and you know the deal about net neutrality. These are monsters, whether we are in 1995 at the start of the big commercializing of the Internet, or now, when every eye movement is tracked for these “coke” distributers. Dopamine hits, man.

      3. Youtube (a for profit company, not a govt. agency) was wrong to delete their copies of Mr. Hedges videos. I hope he kept the original files in a secure location. It baffles me that time after time some folks expect commercial media entities to act as a platform for views, opinions, beliefs, and so on, that they don’t support. Youtube looks like a nice place to set up one’s soapbox, but it isn’t. Otherwise seemingly intelligent, thoughtful people should know this.

        Btw, Youtube was launched Feb. 14, 2005.

      4. hmmm – youtube started Valentine’s Day 2005. And you commented on it in 1995-6? Any reason I should believe anything else you say?

      5. All I did was get my date wrong, you can believe or not but it doesn’t alter what I said about the corporate nature of Youtube. But it seems you’d rather have an argument about a date rather than debate the substance of my comment, but suit yourself.

  3. Chris:

    I hope you have saved those podcasts. I suspect you probably have, but I know I would have. If not I also expect that many of your listeners have saved some of them and you probably can retrieve them by putting out a request to have them sent to you.

    1. Thanks, Tom, for pointing out the true power of the www. Chris, I just subscribed to your substack. Keep up the good work.

  4. Wow! Whatever happened to the “land of the free”????
    You are now a police state, not nominally, but in effect.
    Chris, I am reading your books: you exsist in them.
    I have seen many of your interviews: they exsist in my mind!
    Te mando un abrazo, compañero! ( I assume you understand)
    Regards from Argentina.
    Daniel Johnson.

    1. The only thing ‘free’ here now is ‘buy one get one free’…

  5. Disgusting. I really hope you had a backup and will be able to republish

  6. I think this censuring of all your ‘On Contact’ shows from TouTube, and many more videos since the invasion of Ukraine, like Oliver Stone’s documentaries on Ukraine clearly ask for a concerted protest towards Alphabet/ Google and the YouTube management. This is instantly converting this country into a totalitarian nation overruling Constitutional rights of free speech, opinion and expression.

  7. I hope you saved copies.
    you now join many of your contemporaries.

    USA – Uninformed Saps of America..

  8. “On the receiving end you get not only one lie—a lie which you could go on for the rest of your days”
    One such lie, a very basic, pernicious and destructive one – “3rd parties can’t win”

    And to ensure that they “can’t” they are kept off ballots, out of debates, deprived of Fed’l funds such that, in Arendt’s words, the populace “.. is deprived not only of its capacity to act but also of its capacity to think and to judge.”

    Ironically, Hedges, when he was told that, as a “foreign agent”, he couldn’t run for office in response to his brief, very brief, announcement that he was running for Congress from NJ on a Green ticket, pulled out, choosing his digital platform over of a run for office – a platform now pulled out from under him. That run, or at least an attempt to run, is still open to him – it is a much harder slog than sitting in a studio interviewing folks – but if he had wanted to keep his platform because he believed he had a wider audience, an audience his viewers and readers would support him on, why not appeal to that audience to contribute to a political campaign …

    Why not use such a campaign to point out that “.. any policy discussion ranges from A to B.” Likewise any electoral choice ranges from A (D) to (B) “Step outside those lines and you are an outcast”, as evidenced by the trashing of 3rd party candidates. Was he afraid that what happened to Nader would happen to him? But here, as he outlines, it already has, so what has he got to lose … It seems to me that anyone who would refuse to support him because he might “spoil” it for a D hasn’t been reading his stuff …

  9. Not sure what is going on but I was able to pull up all of your files and On Contact RT just now…

    1. “pull up” where? Can you provide a link to the On Contact archive, or the archive of any of the other RT America shows?

      The videos show up in a Google search of “On Contact RT”, but when you click on the links, you get the “Video unavailable” message on YouTube.

      1. Taibbi —

        Chris Hedges: Yeah. That’s how it works. They push you to the margins and then, they demonize those spaces on the margins. This has long been the habit of the dominant ruling elites. So for instance, Robert Scheer, whose website I write for, Scheerpost — and of course, we were all fired from Truthdig, this is just a never ending saga — but he ran Ramparts. I think it was Spiro Agnew said, “It’s a magazine with a bomb in every issue.” We could never get advertisers.

        So they push you into a space that they then demonize, and then use it as an excuse to shut you down. But they’ve already in essence created the space in which you exist.

        I have a couple strikes against me. One, I was pushed out of the New York Times, because I spent so many years in the Middle East, and many years in Gaza. And of course, I was the Middle East Bureau Chief for the New York Times. I’m very outspoken about Israel, and I’m a very strong supporter of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement. Which alone is enough — I just saw my friend, Cornel West, denied tenure at Harvard over this. And I’m also a fierce critic, as you are, of the Democratic party. Those are all flags that will get you locked out of even the quote- unquote “liberal media” like MSNBC.

  10. RT seems to be broadcasting on Odysee now, Any information if the people fired can still work for RT there?
    Maybe their are backups for your show “On Contact” stored somewhere at HQs ?

  11. This is good reminder to double record for archives and not depend on parent company for archives. maybe some of this in “out there” in another forum.

  12. Hedges had dedicated his authorship to condemnation rather than to examination, and not of “the ruling class”, but specifically and (almost exclusively) to the US’s. Even in that, through a bizarre conflation of liberal and conservative worldviews and actions (which in reality have been growing so far apart in recent years that they can no longer be considered as emanating from the same country), as well as the failure to ever mention global political/economic/military conditions in which the US operates, Hedges had created a fraudulent country and geopolitical state of affairs that do not really exist outside his (and similar Neo Progressive demagogues and propaganda buffs’) narrative.

    The text above is a case in point.

    The ban on RT – a Russian state media outlet dedicated to the spread of anti-west, anti-liberal, anti-American and anti-democratic false and/or falsified narratives – has nothing to do with the content produced by Hedges. Rather, it is a response to Putin’s war on Ukraine, and specifically to his closure of western media outlets (as well as anyone who doesn’t follow his reporting dictates) in Russia.

    Further, there is something quizzy about political authors like Hedges, who dedicate their entire authorship to the denigration of corporate bodies, complain whenever they are deprived of the services those bodies provide. Their fraudulent usage of ‘censorship’ is yet another case in point. His On Contact broadcasts exists in RT archives, so the pretext in his text as if they are gone is either ignorant or intentionally fraudulent. These broadcasts can be placed on the internet in any video service provider that had not ban RT or, with some minor editing of the videos themselves (to eliminate references to RT) their content can be put ‘as is’ even on YouTube, subject to the restrictions any and all videos are required to adhere to. In short, the inconvenient temporary deprivation of a Russian state outlet of western services as a response to Russia legislating against anyone publishing texts not sanctioned by the state is not censorship at all, have nothing to do with Hedges’ content, and can be put back on the internet with little to no effort at all.

  13. I see numerous people inquiring if Chris has backups of these programs. I believe they seem to miss the entire point. If no one can see the videos, having backups becomes a mute point.

    We live in a dystopian world now but take heart, at this pace we should reach mutual annihilation by years end and the entire subject itself will become a mute point, as will we….

  14. Chris Hedges is a prolific thinker, thought provoking, a terrific writer, avoiding cliches always at every turn. It’s an awful misfortune to be deplatformed by a tech company as he is but like any person that is silenced by this colossal mammoth called internet censorship, it’s just a signal to move on to the next medium of information and he knows that too well.

  15. Poor Chris.

    He just can’t bring himself to admit how wrong he’s been in not only denying (still, as here) the systematic censorship and thought control deployed over the past two years of the covid coup, but also particpating in propaganda narrative around conspiracy theory and all those fascist threats from the right to advance the progressive police state of the left or liberal class, minus his own complicity.

    Now when he himself reaps what he has helped sow, he cries foul, even as he’s been bending over backwards to stage his balancing act between being a “vocal critic of US imperialism and militarism” and dutifully denouncing Russia’s reaction with intervention in Ukraine as a “criminal war of aggression.”

    Just goes to show again how so many professional pundits take notice of injustice as a matter of career interests.

  16. Oh, someone mentioned South Africa? Facebook has encircled all of Africa. The next big market for the poison of Eff You Book, and the flood of rot that comes from that un-Social Media Censorship Central Criminal Enterprise.

    You know, there is a study of this — AGNOTOLOGY. The erasing of knowledge through many means and systems. Having any hope or faith in these PT Barnum Marketers and the Money Grubers and these Experts in Lying is like hoping for rain in the California desert. Hope, a terrible thing, so read Jensen’s “Beyond Hope” in Orion Magazine.

    Any number of canceling and erasings. Here, on MintPress, emblematic of the racist state of “Israel” and their racist acolyte Zionists in the Western world.

    Michael Malarkey, Styles P, Wretch32 & FredWreck among stars condemning Israel Lobby’s Attempt to Cancel Lowkey

    Among the signatories denouncing the Israel Lobby’s attack as a crude attempt to silence him include “Vampire Diaries” star Michael Malarkey, rappers Styles P and Wretch 32, rock legend Roger Waters and Grammy award-winning producer FredWreck.



    I just saw the paperbox for USA Today, and it is again both comedy and lies and lies and lies, all run through that propaganda shock box:


    These people, man, bizarre humans.

  17. The Portable.tv app is still available on iPhone App Store. It has “On Contact” there.

    1. Portable.tv appears to have the On Contact series archive as well as archives of the Lee Camp, Jesse Ventura and other RT America shows. For some odd reason, a “No segment available!” message appears below the player, but when you hit the play button, the videos seem to work.

      The portable.tv site works on any laptop or desktop. No need to download an i-phone app.

  18. “What were my sins? I did not, like my former employer, The New York Times, sell you the lie..”

    ‘Free Speech’ has devolved into NO speech.

    From a ‘Constitutional Republic’… to total-Woke Mob Rule.

    ‘Truth’… to Lies.

    ‘Justice’ and a ‘ Government of Laws, Not Men’… to codified Falsehoods and men and woman who giggle at and live above the Law with no chance of ever being subject to it or held accountable for their actions.

    ‘The American Way’… to what today’s ‘America’s Way’ now has devolved in to.

    Mr. Hedges, you may have started out a journalist but what you’ve been for some time now is a Prophet. And as you very well know, prophets by their very nature are NOT going to be very popular with The Predatory Elitists or much of the general public. Saying the unpopular things that must be said. Foretelling an unpleasant future. Not a way to gain friends or riches.

    Prophets must be prophets or they risk losing their soul. And a true prophet never does that.

    But even a prophet sometimes comes face-to-face with the stark reality that no special actions or choice of magic words will make a damn bit of difference. We seem to be quickly entering that kind of dark zone.

    Keep walking the Prophet’s Path if you choose to carry on with that. But Life is short and precious… and be sure to fully live yours and not just walk the unpleasant rocky path that you have taken on.

    Sometimes just living well is the best way to give all of Them the finger.

    1. “If you can feel that staying human is worthwhile, even when it can’t have any result whatever, you’ve beaten them.”
      George Orwell

      1. Klaus, I read 1984, but do not recall that quote, and I really should have. From elsewhere?
        In any case, it’s stunning, bracing, and I thank you for giving it.
        On the other hand, the quote is the very definition of a moral victory… and there isn’t too much in moral victories.
        And yet, if moral victories are the only possible victories, perhaps they’ll register in some kind of transcendental realm or account.

  19. I’m very sorry to read this but not surprised. I’ve kept up with your programs and articles for quite a few years, and I’ve always felt that history will remember you as our “… voice crying in the wilderness ….” It’s tragic that the space for hearing that voice has contracted once again. Censorship has its roots in fear and, even more so, in ignorance. That ignorance will be the ultimate downfall of this nation.

  20. Other people have uploaded On Contact to their accounts. The official account hosting the show is no longer available.
    It seems some people are missing the point.

  21. I hope someone has copies of your very insightful and revealing shows you and others have done. THE TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL! SOONER THAN LATER I HOPE.

  22. On this issue we are unreservedly supportive of Hedges.

    For he is one of the visionaries who saw this coming as empire collapses.

    For us, it is impossible not to think that this historical moment, and worse, could have been avoided for empire has for centuries denied ANY structural changes, killed the messengers.

    And when they appeared to be transformations the oligarchs were able, every time, to reverse all social, political and economic changes.

    This American project wss flawed from jump street. And only its speedy end offers any hope.

      1. @george simmel
        America wasn’t a “mistake.” Mistakes are accidental. The genocide, colonialism, and slavery here were done quite on purpose. Immoral, yes. Foolish, yes. But not a mistake.

      2. And, alas, Freud, hmm, and his nephew, Edward Bernays, another huge mistake. Yikes, calling the Kettle Black when bringing up elites and Generation Judaism, that is the question.

  23. I don’t understand why critics of the establishment continue to use YouTube or Google or Facebook???
    There are numerous alternatives: Bitchute and Rumble being the most prominent

    We should all boycott these CIA collaborating formats. Yes your exposure may reduced temporarily but people will find you in time.

    I do appreciate Chris Hedges. The fact that they censored
    Hedges is a compliment in a way. They are afraid.

    I have come to the conclusion that psychopaths are all cowards. I wish our bloggers would point that out to the people. psychopaths never take responsibility for their actions. they will lie and if they get caught. Will lie again to cover themselves.

    I want to say to Robert that I appreciate that you send out the whole article rather than a link. Links can be broken.
    When I receive your email. I have it, and I save it in my files.

    In conclusion

    Back up. back up, back up and back up

    Two or three copies on portable hard drives stored in fire proof containers in different locations.

    P.S don’t use the Cloud!!!!

  24. You didn’t create a backup account on Rumble? I”m pretty sure they will never delete your videos. I sure hope you had these backed up.

  25. I get being upset at Youtube. But is there a reason why so many people want to empower them even more but not using viable alternatives?

    RT is still on Rumble and Odysee. Why has Chris or anyone else not mentioned that?

    You also have Bitchute, Gab.tv, Brigteon, and decentralized hosting platforms: D.Tube and Peertube.

    Did you know that Rumble started back in 2013 !!? So why are people so focused on giving monopoly powers to Youtube? Is it because some people want uniform, regulated (un-free) speech codes? Mark Zuckerburg has explicitly advocated for regulating internet and having uniform global codes even though at first glance, you might think it negatively affects Facebook/Meta, but looking deeper, it’s because if that occurs, there will be no rationale for alternatives, and a legal way to cut off the competition!

    1. @zeroz
      Jimmy Dore said that YouTube is by far the best for publishing podcasts. YouTube is so big and has so much money that it’s been able to build a really good platform. That would be good if it didn’t censor, but since it does, it turns out to be a bad thing because using other platforms like Rumble doesn’t get your podcast out to a lot of people relatively.

    2. Zeros

      We all have to be careful about the White and Black liberals. For historically they have a central tendency to be sheep dogs for the very establishment.

      1. @Pachamama
        Because YouTube is by far the best platform for podcasters. Just ask Jimmy Dore. I agree that we should build a viable alternative that can’t be censored, but YouTube has been at this for a long time, and has a lot of money to hire software engineers, even more so since Google acquired it. Just like the financial markets, it’s a rigged system.

  26. This is like book burning but doing it with nukes. The books don’t burn and turn to ash, they vaporize, vanish. And all Amazon has to do is take down any and all books they (or the deep state) don’t like. That’s especially true for books that are in digital format only (I’m assuming they exist, that is).

    Now we live in a social state in which all that has been learned can all too easily be destroyed. Which would, in time, set the human race back by millennia. Assuming climate change doesn’t get us first.

  27. I just went to Youtube & was able to find all your interviews – ok, I didn’t check to see if they’re all there, but I did check for at least five of those you mention above.

    Methinks you spoke too soon?

    Regardless, as others have said, I hope you have copies you can re-share with your many fans if they ever do disappear off this platform.

    1. Or maybe you are talking about all interviews OF Chris on other challens, not BY him?

      1. My mistake, sorry.

        Chris must have interviewed many of the folks mentioned above more than once; I didn’t look specifically for RT “on contact” interviews. For example,


        …& lots more, with folks mentioned in this piece.

        Those RT interviews were excellent not only because of the conversations were so intelligent & articulate but also because Chris is such a great interviewer = no nodding along, no grimacing, no interrupting; just allowing his interviewees to express themselves in full paragraphs.

  28. ‘The really frightening thing about totalitarianism is not that it commits ‘atrocities’ but that it attacks the concept of objective truth; it claims to control the past as well as the future.’
    George Orwell

  29. I don’t remember ever seeing censorship in the U.S. anywhere near this level. The virtual monopolization of media platforms has allowed this. For now, there are still some podcasts that are not censored, but I assume the ones who challenge the establishment will be shut down also at some point. If that happens, it would be better to just ignore all of the fake news that’s propagated and just realize that we don’t know what’s going on. To paraphrase Mark Twain, it’s better to be uninformed than to be misinformed. Some sort of underground media would be good at that point, but with 330 million people in the U.S., it’s highly unlikely that underground media would reach anywhere near a substantial number of people.

    Dark days indeed.

    1. Jeff,
      How old are you? Were you ever involved in speaking or promulgating dissent in the days before the internet? Do you remember how it was done? Does it ever occur to you that many of the things that we have achieved were achieved without “benefit” of it? I was and I do …

  30. The paranoia of parasites is pathetic.
    They stand condemned by their actions.
    Guilty as hell.

  31. Don’t despair Chris, I’m sure you can find another autocratic dictator to fund your show!

    1. Sorry Vic, Jo’s too busy covering his son’s business ‘dealings’ in Ukraine and genuflecting to the MIC.

  32. Actually most physicists agree, information cannot be destroyed-infact it may take on a greater gestalt meaning strobing out as Hawking radiation from a black hole. Nonchalant.

  33. Doesn’t Christian character derive from the same institutional religious resource as Christian fascism?
    “Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultra-nationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society… ” Does not all institutional religion meet these criteria? — Wikipedia
    Supposedly not, given the rampant, universal hypocritical character afoot these days.
    Are the good character believers not one and the same; of the whole, of blind-faith believers?
    Actions speak louder than words and tend to tarnish the character of all.
    “It was Sir Thomas Browne who has first used the expression (in the present form, as we use it today) in Religio Medici published in 1642”:

    Charity begins at home!
    „But how shall we expect charity towards others, when we are uncharitable to ourselves? Charity begins at home, is the voice of the world, yet is every man his greatest enemy, and as it were, his own executioner. “
    Fascists are but the opposite side of the same coin of Christian character.
    Source: https://quotepark.com/quotes/1894571-thomas-browne-but-how-shall-we-expect-charity-towards-others-wh/
    “Charity begins at home, is the voice of the world: yet is every man his greatest enemy”.

  34. Chris, thanks from Overhere n Aotearoa-NZ for gr8 analyses. Like Israeli retention of ’48 archives for 90 yrs this is flagrant censorship. Time to pressure Facebook to shift to a subscriber ran than advertiser-driven model and exploring use of ‘information credits’ allowing purchase of news services with clear guidelines to prevent them from being used for fake news sites or conspiracy-focused producers of news. (As an example, a person could choose a couple of websites with the credits used to pay subs?) Upwards,

  35. “I know of no nation where there is no independence of mind nor any real freedom of debate except amerika,,,the least reproach offends Americans: the slightest sharp sting of truth turns them fierce”. Tocqueville
    “United States is not a nation for dissidents”. Richard Hofstadter
    “amerikan academia is far more effectively censored than was Soviet academia”. Georgi Derlugian
    After Geoffrey Gorer examined the curriculum in Soviet schools and Soviet media he described the censorship in US schools and media as “ludicrous”

  36. Oh man, ignorance rules in most of these keyboard strokes by Scheer warriors.

    Here’s, Pepe Escobar…

    Mariupol, the strategic Sea of Azov port, remains in the eye of the storm in Ukraine.

    The NATO narrative is that Azovstal – one of Europe’s biggest iron and steel works – was nearly destroyed by the Russian Army and its allied Donetsk forces who “lay siege” to Mariupol.

    The true story is that the neo-Nazi Azov battalion took scores of Mariupol civilians as human shields since the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, and retreated to Azovstal as a last stand. After an ultimatum delivered last week, they are now being completely exterminated by the Russian and Donetsk forces and Chechen Spetsnaz.

    Azovstal, part of the Metinvest group controlled by Ukraine’s wealthiest oligarch, Rinat Akhmetov, is indeed one of the biggest metallurgic plants in Europe, self-described as a “high-performance integrated metallurgical enterprise that produces coke and sinter, steel as well as high-quality rolled products, bars and shapes.”

    Amidst a flurry of testimonials detailing the horrors inflicted by the Azov neo-Nazis on Mariupol’s civilian population, a way more auspicious, invisible story bodes well for the immediate future.

  37. There has to come a time when Americans and North Eastern Asians or popularly known by the misnomer “Europeans”, as populations, pay a price for falling to contract the excesses of at least 500 years.

    No notions that the people, generally, are somehow innocent and that blame for all social maladies are located with misguided elite forces are wearing thin.

    Just a matter of time before an overt feudalism or slavery are centred. Therefore, the duly is are the people to overthrow existing regimes.

  38. Chris made a deal with the devil when he joined up with RT and, he, of all people, should have known better. Whining about being “cancelled” now is just avoiding the consequences of his own decision. Disappointing.

  39. To cope with intractable problems you need strong critical thinking and diverse, independent journalism to help see reality more clearly. The success of the US gov’t in co-opting the media and marginalizing critics means it’s that much harder to resolve social and economic conflict, heal the environment or prevent an escalation to nuclear war.

    I don’t think it’s enough to comment on the situation; if we stop at offering our opinions, but do not act to try to change ourselves and how we contribute to a dystopian future, how can we expect a different outcome for ourselves, or for others? How we keep critical thinking alive, such as preserving access to Hedge’s RT interviews, is part of it, but if we stop at watching and commenting, what do we achieve?

  40. Is there any way we tax-payers can force Youtube to restore Chris Hedges archive?

  41. “If everybody always lies to you, the consequence is not that you believe the lies, but rather that nobody believes anything any longer.”

    If you buy into the mainstream ideologies you are blind, but if you don’t – you are made to be nothing – disparaged by all those who group-think their way through life. Best of luck, Mr. Hedges – we are all indebted to your selfless pursuit of the truth.

    “beware those who are quick to censor
    they are afraid of what they do not know” – Charles Bukowski, The Genius of The Crowd

  42. On the plus side Chris, all your content is available on RT if you are accessing RT in the UK or one would presume, via a VPN.

  43. There’s another form of “disappearing” going on — the ending of comment sections by online news/political publications.

    The Hill just dropped its comment section — it has been a lively area where all sorts of views surfaced, and one could post fill-ins for important details the infotainment outlets and other “news”services leave out, including The Hill.

    The Atlantic did this after Steve Job’s billionaire widow took over: several people left but I’m not sure if that’s why. This was another place you could engage in thoughtful exchanges and post valuable information. This was after CNN dropped its comment section.

    The New York Times has a moderated comment section that’s like kissing your sibling. No real exchanges, although posting progressive ideas and information is possible. But likely few people are reading.

    For sure government types monitor these comment outlets, and have not been happy with some of what they read.

    During a discussion about Iran, for example, one could post urls about the CIA admission that it removed Iran’s first-elected president.

    POOF! Disappear THAT!

    This parallels the paywall eclipse –REUTERS just put one up.

    Yeah, a wire service.

    Americans have to pay for medical care, so why shouldn’t we need to pay for information we need to make informed decisions? This is called “the marketplace of ideas.”

    Ever since the Alien and sedition Acts, the US has had a very spotty “free speech” record.

    The pattern has been “crush it now, apologize later.”

  44. With all my intense dislike of CH opinions as presented here , in his rabid “progressive” apocalyptical, rants, nothing in them justifies removal of his content from any channel.
    But at least he is not liable to spend up to 15 years in prison for not toeing the Party line, as in the Putinstan he serves with such dedication.

    1. And, thus, you are so inarticulate, and trying to get a sucker punch in at the end, what’s your point? Hmm, let’s see:

      +you have never been a teacher
      +you have never been a writer
      +you have never been a journalist
      +you have never marched or protested in the streets
      +you have never understood history = propaganda
      +you have never had a radio show
      +you have never been arrested for your beliefs
      +you have never been to a country where USA policies are killing simple peasants and farmers and teachers
      +you have no direct work with the school to prison pipeline
      +you have never studied or protested around or written about true sustainability and social justice

      Well, I could put a bunch of other points here, but why bother. Oh, I also am that person, with those points listed above, and many more not listed because alas, my suspicion is you are, well, Wide Shut Eyes Awake!

    2. “Amerika is gigantic–a gigantic mistake”. S Freud
      another nazi lie–far more freedom of press no censorship in Russia–as anyone that has read Novaya gazette, lenta.ru, US funded Moscow times is fully aware

    3. Hey alte;

      If that 48 is your birth year, then we’re the same age. Therefore you should know better by experience. A vague defense of free speech in the abstract does not justify the smear tactic of guilt by association. How McCarthyesque: I have in my hand a list of known associates of Communists–strike that–Russians…

      As for “not liable to spend time,” how about the 175 years Julian Assange faces? And that for someone not an American and for information released outside of the US. But someone whom Chris Hedges defends for what have always been sold as good ol’ American values. Freedoms Russkies and them other foreigners and their devil religions are jealous of, right?

      How about refuting the points Paul H. made? Especially regarding the CH “rants” about what US policies of empire have done in other countries and what domestic econ policies have done to the US working class. Especially to the de facto internal colonies in poor rural areas, ghettos, and reservations. But I guess mentioning those uncomfortable realities is just “rabid,” huh?

      Paul H. also noted that CH works directly in prison with the people who have been caught up in that school to prison pipeline. So much more difficult than just voicing concern from a comfortable upper middle class intellectual armchair.

      1. @ Rafi Simonton

        I do not think CH is a bad human person and I am also sure that he is a very intelligent one.
        I am also convinced that his criticism of American foreign and internal policies is at least partially justified. My issue is with the blatant one-sidedness of his positions, especially around the war in Ukraine where he uncritically parrots the Kremlin talking points.
        I also disagree with his “paint it black” description of life in America, which reminds me of 50’s and early 60’s descriptions of the West in the communist propaganda outlets, before of the advent of TV and relative liberalization of the media on the other side of the Iron Curtain.
        I still think that the liberty of opinion in the US is much higher than in Russia , notwithstanding the Assange case , in which the accusation is not expressing an opinion but providing classified information.
        Regarding P+H points, he is mostly right about what I have not done or been, except that I have been in countries where USSR policies have been killing simple peasants and workers and teachers, so it is hard for me to accept , as I said, CH ignoring that the other side is not so angelic as he makes it.

    4. alte:

      Quite frankly, I think you have a point about CH. He’s a bit too dark and dour for me, too. But then that’s characteristic of a Presbyterian heritage. Even so, his criticisms of US behavior towards “the least among us” as appalling is a very necessary balance to all the cheerleading about greatest country. Similar for foreign policy. A war reporter giving us a much needed slap to the face; forcing us to look at reality. The actual effects of nukes, firebombings, “precision” strikes that have all the finesse of dull chisels, countries left in ruins and chaos.

      I don’t see where he’s such a fan of Russia, though. Merely explaining that the issues are way more complex than re-casting Russians as boogeymen who are all bad while we are all good. if you want to criticize the old Left as naive for being sympathetic to the USSR, you have a point. Some of us didn’t want to see how bad it was.

      I have a book Small Fires: Letters to Ogonyok (a magazine, name means little fires) written between 1987-90 when average people felt secure enough about glasnost’ to write about their experiences in the old USSR. They are flat out horrifying. And a bit prescient; several mention that they felt it might be a small window of time when they could speak the truth before the curtain came down again.

      Of course such stories show the ugly, brutal truth about the USSR/ Russia. But they also show a people resilient, faithful, and brave. And who have incredible individual stories. They aren’t the very embodiment of evil, some collective monster like a golem to be turned off and on by the words life and death. Despite being currently cast in that role by the one-sided propaganda we are hearing from our own government and MSM.

      1. @Rafi Simonton

        CH is very intelligent and his line of argumentation is not “Putin good US bad ” or even “Putin bad, US bad “. It is “US very, very bad so Putin was forced to be bad”, which is excusing his behavior as something along the lines “The Devil made me do it”.
        What is especially galling from somebody with CH experience and knowledge are the sins of omission and the way that inconvenient facts are totally ignored.
        Just a few examples : nowhere does he mention the 1994 Budapest Memorandum and Russia guarantee of Ukraine borders, including Crimea and Donbass, the 1997 NATO-Russia founding Act and Russia acceptance of East ward extension of NATO under certain conditions ( no nukes, no permanent bases in the new members- conditions that have been fulfilled by NATO).
        He also mentions the MIC only in respect to the US and ignores that the main technological export of Russia is weapons, as the second largest arms exporters. Losing all those markets in Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Baltic States etc. wasn’t a pleasure I expect.

  45. Not to niggle, but has Hedges come clean about the narrative he spun on the former Yugoslavia when an NYT reporter or am I just mistaken about the Milosovic-second-coming-of-Hi7ler story?

    Sometimes Hedges is decent, like when he exposed the insider trading around Yine-Wun-Wun and when he called the plague narrative a pretext for an oligarchic putsch that seeks to render humanity a part of “the internet of things.”

    Yeah, Hedges has never been one sky about tackling the important issues of the day.

  46. It’s very funny to see this happen to a flaming anti-semetic left wing fascist/communist. Conservatives have known for years now that the cancel culture and anti-1st amendment pundits would eventually be silenced as well. Maybe your side should have seen this coming when you attacked conservative.

  47. Letter to Tom Burgis (author of Kleptopia: How Dirty Money Is Conquering the World) and to Paul Craig Roberts

    Dear Mr. Burgis and Roberts,

    You said on CBS Sunday Morning, March 27, 2022, Mr. Burgis, that the Russian oligarch, Mikhail Fridman, complaining of lack of due process in recent sanctions has a point.

    “There are civil servants and politicians writing names on lists. What you really want is a criminal process. If someone is guilty of corruption you can prosecute them for that. The danger with sanctions is that they create this system outside the rule of law where people are targeted with very little due process.”

    Systems outside the rule of law? That’s the very definition of our age from extrajudicial killings to attacks on free speech and assembly, whether East or West, North or South, wouldn’t you say?

    After 72 years in time from the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, wasn’t it likely that the lengthy repression was canon fodder for transformed Soviet Communists’ following up their new-found freedoms by engorgement, emoluments and unfettered, unrestrained accumulation of ill-gotten gains?

    Their oligarchs climbed the exploitation ladder of achievement through plunder converging with the West’s model of mischief at the top of a pre-enlightenment, camouflaged, realm of retrograde reversals.

    Russian oligarchs’ mega-yachts impounded? Multi-million-dollar floating pads like Iran-Contra weapon supplier Adnan Khashoggi’s “Nabila”, uncle of Jamal Khashoggi, bought by Donald Trump and renamed “The Princess” for daughter Ivanka? Leaving no question about Lewis Lapham’s evaluation of America’s growing amnesia after 2016—The Wish for Kings: Democracy at Bay.

    China? The CCP is similar in this regard, is it not?

    Weren’t Ukraine’s leaders a pin ball for the Russian and American pin ball wizards banking slap shots off Ukraine’s position as a hard-walled, potential NATO border nation?

    A UN sponsored demilitarized buffer nation-state doesn’t possess the same banking shot value for war profiteers and usurists does it? With the USA, Russia and China holding veto power over UN decisions it’s a moot point anyway, isn’t it?

    Putin, Trump, Biden didn’t have personal ambitions invested in Ukraine’s loyalty? Beyond their questionable selfless desire to extend government control—Western hegemony based on rejection of totalitarianism or Russian avoidance of Fascists on their border or a renewed land grab of “we’ll bury you”? And so it endlessly goes in a world where Kratos is god.

    One doesn’t need a lecture by John Miersheimer, nor to read John Perkins’ Confessions of An Economic Hit Man, nor listen to British culture critic, Russell Brand, quoting Heidi Chow on World Bank abuses to get it!

    America’s oligarchs have had longer to disguise their excesses and their deep seated criminality was not significantly disrobed until the 1980’s Guilded Age’s repeated era of “greed is good” followed by the 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall followed in 2000 by the arrival of the Bush NeoCons’ beholding to the Clintons unlocking the gates to the raging Wall Street-Enron-WorldCom horde accompanied after September 11, 2001 by the NeoCon/NeoLib assemblage of unending-war-on-terror-racketeering based on the tried and true business dialectic of munitions and pain killers.

    Leading the 30,000 foot bird’s eye view of the world’s battlefields were the American-Israeli aeronautical engineers of George W. Bush’s frat brother’s, Neal and Linden Blue’s General Atomic’s, Inc., whose Predators and Reapers reveal the true nature of all empires regardless of the rhetoric. The Blue’s brothers banana business partner in Nicaragua, Anastosio Samoza, would have used their deadly toys on ABC’s Bill Stewart back in 1979 had they existed!

    Mr. Burgis, the British legal attack on Rachael Enrenfeld’s book on Al Qaeda’s funding by Saudi royal banker, Khalid Bin Mahfouz, (Funding Evil) and his leading state-side financier of Al Qaeda, founder of PTECH, Yassin Al Qadi/Kadi, YAQ-YAK, who funded in 2002 Canadian stock fraud, Imagis, Inc., with vetting by Imagis board chairman, Oliver “Buck” Revell, the FBI Deputy Director, in violation of GWB’s 2001 EO #13224, severely challenges your idealism about any genuine recourse in rule of law. The 2002 vetting of terrorist listed YAQ-YAK undermines the Official 911 Report narrative and explains Putin’s assignment of Maria Butina to dig up dirt on American’s most damning evidence of betrayal—evidence that fueled Republican fears of Trump’s apparent Kremlin connections spun by the FBI whose Deputy Director became Imagis’ founder in Canada the special interest of Trump insiders Patrick Byrne and Jared Kushner’s New York Observer reporter, Christopher Byron.

    YAQ-YAK was more protected from criminal investigation after 911 than Reinhard Gehlen after WWII! He was removed from his 2001 terrorist listing a decade later by Robert Mueller’s chief-of-staff, John Carlin.

    Sadly, humans aren’t capable of such high ideals as creating impartial, honest and just legal systems. We create Potemkin Villages and Trojan Horses in a world where camouflage is the leading mechanism of defense and offense.

    I am sure that Paul Craig Roberts will concur as economist, Adam Smith, hyper-spins in his tomb and the ghost of John Calvin chants—“I told you so!”

    Come Chicxulub II,


    William H. Carr
    Corpus Christi, Texas

  48. Hale Bop comet’s wannabe stowaways, the Heaven’s Gate Cult committed their self-castrated bodies to the spatial deep with the sip of a life sucking cocktail in 1997 the year that the First Presbyterian Church of Corpus Christi, Texas with pressure from the Mission Presbytery’s Executive Presbyter, Sylvia Washer, and her aide de camp, Elder A.M. “Red” Olander, chief geologist for Exxon-Mobile whose father-in-law was the personal chauffeur for Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone, led the commission that removed me from my pulpit for “no fault”. Washer said “you have an anger problem and are a blamer.” My church Elder, lawyer DeWitt Alsup, said “What? You don’t get inappropriately angry at anything! Ask why ‘Red’ Olander was tagged with his nickname besides his red hair!”

    She was right. I was educated at a seminary where Dietrick Bonhoeffer, author of The Cost of Discipleship and Ethics was scorned as being “too legalistic”, where Hitler’s German National Church theologian, Leonard Goppelt, was consider the gold standard and on whose Board of Trustees was the Hill & Knowlton CEO serving even after it was shown beyond doubt that this McKinzie & Company or Young & Rubicam modeled myth spinner had coached the daughter of Kuwait’s Ambassador to bold-face lie to Congress about Saddam Hussein’s war crimes in order to justify ours.

    I should have known! Alas, we go into battle with the education we have and not the one we wished we had. CIA Director Alan Dulles was Presbyterian and “mainline” just like Marshall Applewhite!

    Dulles paper-clipped our national identity to a creepy Nazi brain trust that Smedley Butler, Louis Nizer, O. John Rogge, and Edwin Black convincingly argued had a solid core of Axis sympathizers in America. His cousin, Avery Dulles, had converted to Roman Catholicism, became the first U.S. priest to skip the office of Bishop to become Cardinal just as the conduit out of Germany passed through the Italian Alps, thus continuing the secret alliance that the Jesuits had shared in exploiting China for the New England Brahmins’ opium trade, circumventing, replicating really, the British East India Company’s David Sassoon induced opioid crisis like the one in the USA eclipsed by the 2019 Covid-19 pandemic.

    By Y2K, 2000, just after Bill Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall inviting a larger replay of the 1980’s S&L crisis and all hell broke loose, but that’s another story about which I have written extensively. Y2K was an ugly, ugly year, the mother of things to come.

    On January 1, 2022 I received a clear directive. Not a vision per se, but a clear visualized plan. A calling? Perhaps one could call it that.

    I had just watched on December 31st the new film Don’t Look Up! The story of a 10 kilometer comet that ends all life on earth with the Bill Gates, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos character skulking off in some limited seated space vehicle they hoped burns something better than fossil fuels—leaving everyone else on earth with their prayers or pain killers.

    “Don’t look up?” How uplifting on top of our two year mischegoss of the unexpected Covid migrations and mask mandates. Yesterday at the department store I was asked to step further back in the checkout line. It was Larry my CVS clerk who didn’t recognize me with my mask on—or perhaps he did. “Hey, Larry, the only reason I wear this mask is so I won’t smell Dr. Fauci when he’s burned at the stake.”

    “That’s NOT funny,” snapped Larry. “I believe in vaccines.”

    “So do I,” I said, “I’ve been double Moderna jabbed and Pfizer boosted, I’m a loyal, faithful, compliant guinea pig who didn’t know that Mr. Hoge, Moderna’s $750,000,000 a year President was a partner of McKenzie & Company that strategized the Purdue Pharma/Sackler brothers opioid attack on America.”

    Did we need to digest a Hollywood Dr. Strangelove spoof? Now? This story had really happened a few years ago!

    Well, Einstein said time is relative. Okay, a long, long time ago, about 65 million years they say, and very close to home. At Chicxulub, Mexico. Chicxulub from the Mayan language meaning “the tail of the dragon or Devil.” Chicxulub—Think “lube a chic”!

    Well, if it was the Devil’s doing he forced the extinction of Steven Spielberg’s envisioned first Jurassic Park and made way for Moses, Jesse, David, Jesus who said “be gone Satan”—without encouraging his disciples to cut off their nuts!

    If the Chicxulub comet was the Devil’s doing he even cleared the way for Confucius, Mohammed and every other religious leader as well as a planet filled with skeptics and weirdos—Marshall Applewhites or Del Rio’s Dr. Brinkley who spun the myth of a new Viagra.

    Sadly, there was no Gort. You know the interplanetary agent of enlightened living that in The Day The Earth Stood Still did intergalactic police patrolling when the cosmos needed a peace keeper.

    It occurred to me that if Planet Earth is on a short time clock and capable of self-annihilation anyway, by nuclear radiation or “gain of function” bio-weapon leaks or intentional Mengele-like “gain of function”Nazi death science experimentation, why not ask the Almighty for not another flood, but a new “fire next time” of proportions equal to Chicxulub!

    And since with God “all things are possible” and since lightning is said (wrongly) never to strike in the same place twice, I have created Orden U Crater le Cometa—“Order of the Comet’s Crater” in Chicxulub, Mexico. It’s an international order of ecumenical praying people —people who sincerely pray— who ask for an intervention from the one of whom it was said “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble. Therefore, we shall not fear though the earth moves, though the mountains shake in the midst of the sea.”

    And boy are they gonna shake when prayers are answered!

    Suddenly, gun control, arms races, nuclear proliferation agreements between obviously nationalistic criminal cabals, bioweapon bans are tiny, little, itty, bitty, narcistic, meglamoniacal, impotent pissing pooters compared to the big Mover and Shaker.

    Don’t Look Up! Come on, de Caprio, Streep! Give us the whole truth! Not like Redford and Blanchett and Vanderbilt gave us in their 2015 propaganda piece for Jeb!

    Don’t look up? Oh, hell, look up! Look way up! And invoke the supreme dialectic of embracing life (keep your lovely testicles and ovaries) while asking God to drop—once again—the big one, because, frankly, human hubris deserves to go away more than the meat munching or vegetarian dinosaurs. They were just big amateurs in the game of life and death compared to us. And if we have to wait for technology to match the first Chicxulub? There’ll be a lot of unnecessary and inhumane suffering. Think “Old Yeller” with rabies!

    Okay, so no one knows the time—only God. But why not sooner rather than later? If we can ask Santa for a gift why not the really big fellow?

    Orden U Creata le Cometa- “Praying For Another Proper Passing”

    Letter to PLC written 1/1/2022

    Dear PLC,

    My apologies—1997–the year the First Presbyterian Church in Corpus Christi canned me after five years for “no fault” (the city named for “The Body of Christ” for which a newest USA atomic attack submarine was to be gloriously named and which in 2000 with the “election” of GWB saw a $320 million EPA fine for a massive benzine release shrinking the Koch Brother’s Flint Hills refinery penalty into a $20 million fine). Through the Washington , D.C. filter it would never have reached the victims anyway.

    Interesting place. A Presbyterian comet catcher, Marshall Applewhite, grew up here about the same time Frances “Sissy” Farenthold was unpacking the Iran-Contra and BCCI connection to Reagan/Bush and Sterling Seagraves was preparing to write The Soong Dynasty and The Gold Warriors. Both Farenthold and Seagraves shared enduring interest in endless wars and what fuels them.

    From Wikipedia—this time accurate—
    “Marshall Herff Applewhite Jr., also known as Do, among other names, was an American cult leader who co-founded what became known as the Heaven’s Gate religious group and organized their mass suicide in 1997, claiming the lives of 39 people.

    Born: May 17, 1931, Spur, TX
    Died: March 26, 1997, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

    Spouse: Ann Pearce (m. ?–1968)
    Other names: Do, Tiddly, Nincom, Guinea
    Children: Mark Applewhite
    Parents: Marshall Herff Applewhite Sr., Louise Applewhite
    Education: Roy Miller High School (Corpus Christi) , Austin College (Sherman, Texas)

    How would a man with a nickname “Nincom” get followers to self-mutilate before drinking the Koolaide? Or, as Donald Rumsfeld said to Dick Cheney over dinner at Misery Plantation—“Now that’s the kind of motivational skill all of my people need!”

  49. Chris Hedges “Disappeared”?

    In March 2022 the guest appearances of Pulitzer Prize winning American war correspondent Chris Hedges, on RT were inexplicably removed from YouTube. RT is Russian television and Hedges’ archives where his programs appeared were removed following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Former U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary in the Reagan/Bush administration has been on RT like Hedges. Presumably his archives are missing from YouTube, too.

    Mr. Hedges, perhaps Mr. Roberts, outspoken critics of US foreign policy and the endless war on terrorism following September 11, 2001 are described as “disappeared”.

    It’s not an accurate adjective in this context. Any parent who has ever lost a child to kidnapping knows the accuracy of the term and having one’s journal records removed from a database isn’t the same thing.

    “‘Disappeared’ is normally reserved for murdered journalists and political critics targeted by provocateurs,” said myth-busting critic of American history, Lowell P. Wigglesworth. “ABC reporter in Nicaragua, Bill Stewart, was ‘disappeared’ by Anastosio Samoza’s men in 1979 along with his cameraman. Charles Edgar Lazar Horman who reported for Nation and The Christian Science Monitor was ‘disappeared’ by Augusto Pinochet’s military in Chili while Pinochet’s Washington DC bank, Palmer National Bank, employed both CIA mole in Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign, the bank of Billy ‘grab ‘em by the pussy’ Bush’s father. Halper’s name appeared with Black, Manafort and Stone law firm attorney, Christopher Lehman, on the last page of Oliver North’s White House diary according to Houston Post reporter Peter Brewton on page 173-74 of his 1992 book, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush,” sad Wigglesworth.

    I have compiled my personal list of those who, walking on the cusp of America’s power elite encroachments, knowingly or unknowingly, likely got them “disappeared”—killed!

    Barry Seal, the Iran-Contra CIA operative who ran the Mena, Arkansas CIA Iran-Contra supply post was disappeared on February 19, 1986 as he awaited his court appearance in Baton Rouge. His executioners, Colombian aliens were supplied their machine guns by Miami Cuban pawn shop owner, Jose Coutin.

    It’s too long to unpack here. United Press International did that back in 1987. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.upi.com/amp/Archives/1987/05/12/Defense-to-present-case-in-Seal-murder-trial/8621547790400/

    August 23, 1987, the bodies of 16-year-old Don Henry and 17-year-old Kevin Ives from Alexander, Arkansas whose bodies were found on the railroad tracks near Mena, Arkansas were “disappeared”.

    Their sad history became part of the Clinton’s Arkansas body count. Arkansas Attorney General Asa Hutchinson who later became U.S. DEA Director, as Arkansas AG, was responsible for providing security for prisoner, Barry Seal. The Ives and Henry deaths brought more spotlights on Arkansas’ dark underbelly.

    British historian, John Simkin, summarized Seal’s story—“Until now, the ‘official version of events’ retailed the popular legend of Barry Seal’s assassination, with Seal being gunned down by Colombians on a Medellin cartel hit. Three Colombians were convicted of his murder, and while their cartel connections have been revealed to the world, their connection to Oliver North’s Enterprise has not. The ‘shooter team’ was armed by somebody with long experience with shooter teams, Miami CIA asset Jose Coutin, whose Miami gun shop also supplied weapons to the Contras.”

    Saudi billionaire, Adnan Khashoggi, was an Iran-Contra weapon supplier and uncle of the quintessential “disappeared” journalist, the Washington Post’s Jamal
    Khashoggi, who found himself caught between Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and Turkey’s Recep Erdogan who had offered undeclared Saudi/Turkish foreign agent, Trump National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn, $15 million to disappear Erdogan’s Pennsylvania-based opposition leader back to Istanbul.

    Disappeared in 1988 was Saudi/Yemini building company heir, elder brother of Osama Bin Laden, Salem Bin Laden, widely reported to have used his British Air Company BAC-111 jet to ferry to Paris, France participants in the Reagan/Bush “October Surprise” that denied in 1980 the release of the Iran hostages until after the Reagan-Bush victory.

    Salem’s bizarre death was never adequately investigated and CBS 60 Minutes reporter, Lowell Bergman, initially misreported the Cibolo, Texas crash as happening as Salem piloted his BAC-111, and not a borrowed ultra-light that inexplicably ascended into a high power line in an 8 mph wind at the Field of Dreams Ultralight airport owned by Earl Mayfield, father-in-law of General Bruce Carlson, head of the National Reconnaissance Office whose war games on 911 confounded NORAD’s defensive measures. It was months before the story was corrected.

    That same year, 1988, Pam 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland with all souls “disappeared” including CIA agent Matthew Gannon, son-in-law of CIA Deputy Director of Operations, Thomas Tweeton.

    Matt Gannon, whose last name matched the name of the 2004 White House journalist from Fort Bend County, Texas newspaper of dubious origins, Talon News, James “Jeff Gannon” Guckert, was reportedly returning to Langley to question CIA brass on just why rank and file agents had nothing significant in their files on Al Qaeda.

    If the Saudis were looking to vilify the Yemini Bin Laden clan as pretext for justification for the annexation of Yemen, it worked!

    Scheduled to fly back on Pan Am 103 was son of FBI Deputy Director, Oliver “Buck” Revell, who in 2002 vetted for a Canadian stock fraud, Imagis, Inc., Yassin Al/El Qadi/Kadi (YAQ-YAK) founder of PTECH that was embroiled in the Inslaw/PROMIS case and who in 2001 was added to two international terrorist lists. The vetting was a direct violation to GWB’s 2001 Executive Order #13224.

    Oliver Revell sued reporters for libel who claimed his FBI agent son had been scheduled to fly on the plane with Gannon and the others. Revell lost.

    YAQ-YAK, the target of three investigations (FINCEN, Vulgar Betrayal and the Holy Land Foundation cases) was Al Qaeda’s top state-side financier. YAQ-YAK was also named as a defendant in FBI terrorism expert, John P. O’Neill’s estate’s wrongful death suit from the WTC attack on 911. There are more disappearances of significantly more concern than removal of RT programming, but silencing the messengers is an ancient practice.

    In 2000, Washington Post Metro Editor Vernon Loeb, who would later edit the consent-for-war farcical accounts of Pat Tillman and Jesica Lynch, would write a WAPO story linking Tweeton to the CIA agent who after 911 joined Richard Helms at Abraxis Corporation. Abraxis had contracted with key Arabic speaking Central Intelligence Agency officers and supplied them back to the CIA at a premium.

    Loeb wrote of Richard Calder, Helm’s right hand man at Abraxas after 911: “His chief of base at the time was Thomas Tweeten, who rose to become deputy director for operations–and always seemed to have time to listen to what Calder had to say.
    By the early 1990s, Calder–having earned two college degrees, studied Arabic and completed eight overseas tours–found himself back at CIA headquarters, writing a strategic plan for the all-powerful Directorate of Operations. It was a radical plan that went nowhere. But it didn’t go unnoticed.”

    From: https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/2000/02/04/ex-spys-mission-at-cia-burying-the-bureaucracy/93d6621a-e41a-429a-995c-080b5e937ecf/

    The LA Times was critical of the Helms/ Calder/Abraxis marriage:
    “Several former officials questioned the arrangement, saying that whatever talent Abraxas had assembled, outsourcing any work in such a sensitive program posed an inherent security risk. But others were more sanguine, saying that the CIA’s failures to penetrate Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups underscored the need for fresh ideas and a more experimental approach.”

    From: https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-2006-sep-17-na-abraxas17-story.html

    This is “disappearing” on a whole other level than that described by removal by YouTube of RT programs by American journalists. Is RT propaganda? Of course, but along the same lines as that produced by American spinmeisters who after WWII imported Reinhard Gehlen’s Nazi paper clippers to American cities, towns and villages. Who asked “why did Stanford University’s Hoover Institute acquire the personal diary of Joseph Goebbels?”
    Hoover Institute’s exiled researcher, Anthony C. Sutton, who questioned the institutes’ interest in Fascist mind-science manipulations as was the case for rocket science and bio-weapon research.

    Sutton’s assessment of Western funding of Soviet technology was verified by National Security Advisor to multiple U.S. Presidents, Zbigniew Brzezinski. This demonic dialectic of munitions and pain killers, the brick and mortar of the Spanish and British Empires, justified runaway Cold War weapons profiteering under the new hegemony of the USA as it steered the Western world’s mission after WWII.

    “For impressive evidence of Western participation in the early phase of Soviet economic growth, see Antony C. Sutton’s Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, 1917-1930 (Stanford, Calif., 1968), which argues that ‘Soviet economic development for 1917-1930 was essentially dependent on Western technological aid’ (p. 283), and that ‘at least 95 per cent of the industrial structure received this assistance’ (p. 348).” (fn. 135) —Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, 1970, Viking Press, New York.

    Vernon Loeb would move to The Houston Chronicle as Managing Editor. He arrived there after Iran-Contra Prosecutor, Michael Bromwich, arrived after irregularities at the Harris County Medical Examiners Office triggered his investigation. His services received over $7 million paid from confiscated drug money.

    Loeb oversaw the work of reporter, Lise Olsen, who had researched serial killer, Edward Harold Bell, who had worked for CIA front company, Great Western, Inc., in both Houston and Terlingua, Texas where Houston Post reporter, Peter Brewton, had uncovered a sister CIA airport to Mena between Terlingua and Lijitas, Texas and covered extensively in his 1992 book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush.

    I asked Olsen why Vernon Loeb, co-author with Paula Broadwell of All In: The Education of General David Petraeus, had not asked her to file a complete report on Bell’s CIA connections. After all, Bell, a cold blooded psychopathic murderer had jumped an uncharacteristically low bail, fled to Panama where his father was a regular face at the US Embassy, returning fourteen years later to be captured while the man convicted of 11 murders to which Bell later confessed, Michael Lloyd Self, died in prison in 2000.

    Self, a mentally challenged man whose forced confession was taken by two police detectives later convicted of bank robbery, was supposedly championed by Reagan appointed Houston District Judge, David Hittner, who earlier was to have a received like Barry Seal in Baton Rouge, the testimony of Robert Corson, son-in-law of Walter Mischer, a key figure in Brewton’s 1992 book who Brewton identified as the key CIA front man for the CIA’s secret airport between Lijitas and Terlingua.

    Self and Corson like Seal were “disappeared”, but in 2000 so was Houstonian Mark Lombardi. Lombardi, had graphically laid out the Houston connections to Iran-Contra and he had been hired along with Peter Brewton to assist anti-war activist, Frances “Sissy” Fahrenthold, with Bush family opposition research. Lombardi’s life and struggles were the subject of Patricia Goldstone’s 2015 book by Counterpoint Press, Interlock.

    Disappearing in 2004 was San Jose Mercury News reporter, Gary Webb, who in 1996 published Dark Alliance, resigned on December 10, 1997 and died from a two shot to the head suicide on December 10, 2004. Webb had consulted with Peter Brewton in Houston, the center of Saudi oil influence in America, home to ARAMCO and conjoined with Saudi banker Khalid Bin Mahfouz and YAQ-YAK.

    Mahfouz and GWB associate, James R. Bath, were both mired in the Iran-Contra BCCI, Bank of Commerce and Credit International, scandal and both Mahfouz and Bath assisted in OBL’s older brother Salem Bin Laden’s purchase the Houston Gulf Manor Airport near Ellington Field. Salem’s airport was razed after 911.

    In 2005 after a heated confrontation with General David Petraeus in Iraq’s Green Zone, Colonel Theodore “Ted” Westhusing, the University of Texas PhD in Greek Classics, a “Just War” scholar and ethics professor at West Point, supposedly killed himself.

    Westhusing had been sullied by contractor corruption as he stepped into a position previously held by Bernie Kerik, the NYPD police superintendent once employed by the Saudi royal family. The beloved Westhusing was dead four hours after his meeting with Petraeus. His story was the first chapter, Man of Honor, in Christian T. Miller’s book Blood Money: Wasted Billions, Corporate Greed and Lost Lives in Iraq.

    Westhusing essentially disappeared, his story like that of Pat Tillman, the SEAL Team Six soldiers who died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, reporter Michael Hastings who car crash was equally inexplicable, are kept alive by family and friends.

    On December 10, 2000 the anniversary of Gary Webb’s resignation from the San Jose Mercury News, Patrick Carr, bearing the exact name of the son of the woman who typed GWB’s Texas Air National Guard memos of Colonel Jerry Killian, Marion Carr Knox, died near Ellington Field, Houston.

    He was my son. In Corpus Christi, Texas he had long dated a member of the Fahrenthold family circle. We lived a block from the Ocean Drive home where James Hatfield, author of the 1999 book, Fortunate Son, that recounted GWB’s 1972 Texas Air Guard hiatus to have been
    partially lived out with Corpus Christi friend of Bush, Mark McKinnon, whose father owned the Corpus Christi ABC television affiliate and whose uncle was a celebrated CIA official.

    Hatfield, disappeared in 2001, but on Monday, December 11, 2000, the day after Patrick Carr died in Houston, two days before the SCOTUS decision that advanced the arrival of the NeoCon’s endless war agenda that merged after 911 with the NeoLib agenda, the grandson of Oliver Revell “disappeared” in Dallas where I had been FBI Deputy Director Revell’s pastor. Showing no signs of depression his car was found two blocks from his house on the side of the road with the car door open. He was found in his father’s closet with a gunshot wound.

    When RT archives by Pulitzer Prize winning journalists disappear from
    YouTube, that’s one thing, but it’s not anywhere close to the disappearance of voices snuffed out far from the war zones where death is a given and in the heart of the homeland where disappearances are more closely managed for their denial ability. —WHC

  50. Considering marginalization and traffic bottlenecks are things Hedges has voiced concerns over for at least 3 years, and considering the obvious aversion to RT in the US since 2016, it seems as though this event should have been planned for and alternatives should have been put into place. How does a serious broadcaster not have any backups of his work, particularly a broadcaster like Hedges who views his work as critical to challenging power, provoking important thought, and one of few bastions which could save the open society?

    I mostly agree with Hedges’ diagnoses of American media and the disintegration of US politics into dangerous totalitarianism. But seeing this self-righteous pity party is a little embarrassing given all the opportunity and time to safeguard against it. How poignant could his prescriptions for revolutionary democratic change be if he failed to think ahead and make a plan to handle something like this which was predictable to anyone paying attention for almost 5 years?

    Why speak if the horrors of YouTube monopolization if you do not take the basic steps to protect your work? Why go on Jimmy Dore or any of the other amateurish YouTube infotainment shows and not talk about building alternatives? Why not talk to these people, whose sole income is talking on the platforms for ad rev/audience donations, and encourage them to gird themselves against the tyrannical force they rely on to live?

    There’s plenty of value to waking people up and motivating them to think about changing their worlds. But imagine someone tells you that eventually every paper copy of The Bible will be confiscated and how devastating it would be to lose tbd texts, and yet when the State shows up 3 years later that same person hasn’t done anything to preserve the texts (despite having ample notebooks and pens, typewriters, an advanced understanding of multiple languages the agents likely will not know, as well as a scanner next to his computer and a digital copy of the Bible on a USB drive his friend gave him but that he just left sit on the desk. And instead of doing self-reflection on how he came to these desperate straits, and instead of saving what he claimed to cherish most he simply waited for the agents to leave and then told you how right he was about Bible confiscation.

    Is that admirable?

    1. Ahh, blame the victim. Why couldn’t he have anticipated x or y? Give us a break. No one, except the Money Changers and their Prostitutes, can anticipate the barrage of canceling and censoring and agnotolgy and deplatforming and erasing.

      Uhh, duh, how can we complain about the WWW when we use it now, writing this shit?

      Uhh, wow, we should have anticipated how corrupt and thieving and murderous the capitalists are and have been in every sector of life . . . and we should have just made adjustments.

      Shitttt, and well, Hedges’ work is in books, and no one reads books, more or less, and how the hell can six years of You Tube or any-tube or Sound Cloud mean shit in the scheme of things anyways? This is the nanosecond culture, and while you might feel educated for that moment with Hedges interviewing folk, but the lasting value of anything, especially on social media and bullshit DARPA web, it’s just going in one ear and out the others.

      Get on on with the pitchforks. Molotov lessons for UkiNazi’s? Well, maybe we need a few of those by the thousands for Gen Z and Gen X. “Time to burn this shit hole down”, I suppose is a song out there on Spotify, or a Netflix bubbling moment called TV or Movies.

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