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My father, who was an army sergeant in North Africa in World War II, was active in the Vietnam antiwar movement, a decision that angered many in his Presbyterian congregation in the farm town in upstate New York where we lived. He was a vocal supporter of the civil rights movement at a time when, in rural white enclaves, Martin Luther King was one of the most hated men in America. Finally, he was an outspoken advocate for gay rights — his youngest brother, my uncle, was gay — which infuriated the Presbyterian Church that finally pushed him out.

You cannot teach morality. You can only show it. In 2003, I was in the office of an assistant managing editor of The New York Times, where I was handed a written reprimand demanding that I cease speaking out in opposition to George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq; I had been the paper’s Middle East Bureau Chief, spent seven years in the region and was an Arabic speaker. I knew the guild rules: You give the employee the reprimand. If they violate the prohibition a second time, the company has grounds to fire you. I had a choice. I could pay fealty to my career and remain silent, but to do so would be to betray my father. I would resign. I walked out of the building on 229 West 43rd Street and articulated, for the first time, the real gift my father had given me. Freedom. I did not need the imprimatur of The New York Times to tell me who I was. I knew who I was. I was my father’s son.

There would be other confrontations with institutions, which, as the theologian Paul Tillich wrote, are always demonic, unable to achieve the morality of the individual because their primary concern is with perpetuating themselves. When the publisher of Truthdig decided to fire the Editor-in-Chief Robert Scheer and refused to address a series of labor violations, I organized the staff to go on strike. We were all fired.

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When the invasion of Ukraine began, I publicly denounced Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine as a “criminal war of aggression” in a column titled “War is the Greatest Evil,” published on ScheerPost, Salon and many other sites. I expected this to set me on another collision course with authority. My show “On Contact” was on RT America and RT International, which received significant funding from the Russian government. A future confrontation was preempted by the swift deplatforming of the network and its decision to cease broadcasting, long the aim of the U.S. government. The result was the same. My show had gone dark.

And this brings me to Substack, or really, to you, my viewers, and readers. When I first began writing at Truthdig in 2006, there were all sorts of conventions about writing on digital platforms. Keep it short. Keep it simple. Keep it entertaining. Don’t get bogged down in complex ideas or nuance. I ignored all these rules. I posted columns that were four or five thousand words. I peppered my writing with quotes and observations, as I do in my books, from Karl Marx, Max Weber, Rosa Luxemburg, W.E.B. Du Bois, Reinhold Niebuhr, Walter Benjamin, Sheldon Wolin, Hannah Arendt, Antonio Gramsci, Sigmund Freud, George Orwell, and James Baldwin. I drew on drama, poetry, and literature, turning to William Shakespeare, Herman Melville, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Anton Chekhov, George Eliot, William Faulkner, Flannery O’Connor, Alice Walker, August Wilson, Amiri Baraka, Toni Morrison, W. H. Auden, and Lorraine Hansberry. I reached back to classical Greece and ancient Rome, the Crusades, the European conquest of the Americas, the colonial settler projects by the British and later Israel, Weimar Germany, and the Cold War. In short, I filled my work with the canon, now being lost in an age where images replace words, the subject of my book Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle. And I refused to blog, often spending four or five days crafting my words.   

I have never tried to reach a broad public. I write for those like myself, grounded in the world of ideas, uncomfortable with the easy cant that infects public discourse, searching for the right questions, able to cope with complexity, nuance, and ambiguity, distrustful of dominant narratives, willing to do the hard labor of trying to understand how those in other cultures and societies see us. Outsiders. Searchers. Not easily labeled. And over the years, I have had the honor of meeting many of you. Not only have you always made me feel that what I do is worthwhile, but I always see myself in you. Ironic points of light flashing out wherever the just exchange their messages.

I was a journalist for many years. But as my friend Stephen Kinzer once said, “You are not really a journalist. You are a preacher pretending to be a journalist.” This is true, for the best journalists, like the best preachers, are concerned with truth. As a reporter, my job was to manipulate facts. I could spin those facts to placate the powerful and bolster my own career, to obscure what really happened, or I could use them to impart the truth, a truth many did not want exposed. This is also the task of the preacher, to speak the hard and difficult truth. You can be attacked for this truth. My father was. So was I. The message system in my phone at The New York Times was daily filled with death threats for my denunciation of the Iraq War.

My fate is now in your hands. By subscribing to Substack, you make it possible for me to continue my show, called “Days of Revolt” when it was on TeleSur, and “On Contact” when it was on RT, where I interview writers and dissidents, including Noam Chomsky, Cornel West, David Harvey, Heather Ann Thompson, Gerald Horne, Wendy Brown, Glenn Greenwald, and Matt Taibbi, as well as write my columns. I will produce a show and a column a week. Those on the subscriber list will receive these links a day or two before they go public. There will be space for more intimate conversations on Substack — I am hoping once a month. There will be bonus material on Substack that follows the half-hour interviews with guests to discuss points we should have raised and missed. And there will be, as there has been through the years, us, our community, separated from the herd, striving to march to the beat of a different drummer.  

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Chris Hedges
Chris HedgesChris Hedges is a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist who was a foreign correspondent for fifteen years for The New York Times, where he served as the Middle East Bureau Chief and Balkan Bureau Chief for the paper. He previously worked overseas for The Dallas Morning NewsThe Christian Science Monitor, and NPR. He was the host of the Emmy Award-nominated show On Contact.  You can find his columns on ScheerPost and his new show at Author Link

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  1. The censorship is even reaching the southern tip of Africa, gone is the only alternative network RT. The same darkness that drives the democrats and big tech, is world wide. I wish I could afford to support your work, but i’m a pensioner trying to survive on a very poor state pension in a bankrupt country

    1. Unfortunately, I too am in the same boat here in Nova Scotia, Canada. I concur with what Neil has just written and was saddened when RT folded their DC operation. As a pensioner here, only receiving the gov handouts, with no private source of funding, I have seen the allotment of $$ rise by $20 from 2019-2021. Yes, $20. Thank you Just-Inn-Thyme, Mr. True-Dough Jr. Like after like son.

    2. I respect Chris Hedges very much and I have learned a lot from watching/reading his work over the years. The current economic situation leaves many of us struggling to cover even the basics in life – rent, utilities, food, gas. And the price of all of these will continue to rise [even if the war ends tomorrow], making it harder and harder.

      I like to support people in need, even though I have little.

      But is Chris Hedges someone who is in need? According to this report, his net worth is $14 million.

      I don’t know the accuracy of this report, but I do know that someone who was born in 1956 in America could acquire property when it was really cheap (and I would expect that would now be fully paid, hence no rent/mortgage payments), and they must also have a 401k pension pot that has benefitted from the massive growth in stocks since the 1980s. And of course book royalties – which could be considerable. And speaking fees.

      There are food banks in America and in the UK [where I live]. I earn very little but what I can I will share with those who are worse off than me. I also have done plenty of work for communities and individuals for free, because I want to make a contribution where I can.

      It’s absolutely Chris’s right to ask for contributions and I do hope he receives what he wants. But sorry Chris, as you far more financially comfortable than me, I won’t be contributing right now.

      1. I have no idea of his econ status … but you are citing a really terrible source…that is just a bot-fed clickbait site for celebrity obsessives.

  2. Thankyou for all that you are doing in showing the truth ,given that nowadays the truth has less value than ever before ,what you do becomes more important ,even if you feel isolated ,like the water is rising and you climb ever higher and end up not where you want ,your clear reasoning in these darkening days I like to still read what you write and thanks ,I will get your book for my Christmas prezzy

  3. In the neo-McCarthy Era we now dwell in, Mr. Hedges stands out like a candle in the darkness.

    There are so very few, truly independent voices with the insight and wisdom that Hedges possesses.

    They are coming for voices like his, to turn off minds like yours and mine, to keep us fixated on the spectacle-du-jour, or staring down at our feet in hopelessness or fear.

    DO NOT LET THEM WIN. I for one will be subscribing at Substack!

  4. I never missed ON CONTACT but this is the first time I’ve heard of “my weekly television show, The Chris Hedges Report.”

    Please let me know how I can find it. Thanks for everything!

  5. I bring enthusiastic support for your intellectual independence—it is a fountain from which this undernourished intellect is so very pleased to drink. The searchers among us will continue on our journey for truth!

  6. I’ve followed Chris very closely for the past ten years and read all of books … and I’ve seen him change, especially since the lockdown was declared two years ago … IMHO, he has unwittingly played a role in contributing to the divisiveness in our society by the topics the chooses to comment on and by granting interviews only to those people affiliated with a very narrow segment of the informed left, of which I am also a part … several months ago, he coined the term “organic intellectual” to describe highly educated persons who have not allowed their words, their writings or their publicly-stated philosophy to be corrupted by corporate power and money … but I believe Chris has actually allowed corporate operatives to buy his “selective silence” over the past two years and that really infuriates me … he has seen it all and his work in the area of prison reform has been terrific … but at THE most critical time in our country’s history, he has deserted us … and because he has also publicly admitted he lives in Princeton NJ, in which the average household income is $118k per year, he could do a better job of making the case for our support … for these reasons, he is no longer on my list of fearless independent progressive journalists.

    1. Not sure where you live, but in NY NJ metro area $118k is barely middle class due to the high cost of living. You can disagree with someone, but residency is a trivial issue

      1. Anyone who can still purchase a house is absolutely among the much better off.

      1. Ha! … did I burst your little love-bubble with your false god Chris?

    2. Since he once taught at Princeton, would it not follow that he live there, too?

    3. Are you implying that Chris is a sellout because he lives in Princeton? Would you rather he live in a slum? Would that satisfy your sense of authenticity and integrity?

      1. First, “independent media” is no longer independent and Chris Hedges regression into silence is a good case in point … a number of issues have occurred since the lockdowns were declared in MAR 2020 that serve as excellent benchmarks for measuring his journalistic independence, and he chose to deal with these topics by hiding his head … also, I did some research after quoting him that the avg household income in Princeton NJ was $118k in 2020 … current median income levels in Princeton and some sources are now actually significantly higher … lastly, don’t put words in my mouth … clearly I did not take issue with his decision to live in Princeton … but I must tell you, I have a big, big problem with him asking us to financially support his work after he has abandoned us these last two years … and finally, the members of his flock here generally strike me as passive types who are incapable of finding the slightest fault with him … Chris now comports himself as a cherry-picking elitist who chooses to only comment on topics that tend preserve his place in the economic food chain while his followers comport themselves as cult members.

    4. This is a curious comment–you say you have followed Hedges closely for years, can you be so kind as to elaborate how he deserted this country’s ordinary progressives? When you say his guests have fit into narrow segment, which segments did he leave out? Honestly asking.

      1. Don’t you dare put words in my mouth …
        I did not say he “deserted progressives” … go back and read my comment …
        A few major stories on which he did not and WOULD not comment were:
        1) the Canadian truckers convoy,
        2) the US Convoy,
        3) the vax mandates and
        4) the concept of vax passports …
        There were also aspects of each of these topics that spawned an endless stream of issues that were just begging for regular political clarification and commentary that he obviously viewed as being beneath him … and in so doing, he essentially followed the “do not cover” standard set by the MSM. But to your point, he did give the “passive majority wing” of the progressive movement just what they crave – eloquent prose to describe the duplicity of the elites … I swear, Chris has a seemingly hypnotic spell over his followers … except for contrarians like me of course, who never lose sight of the fact that the quality of our actions are ultimately much more important than our prose … now let me share a few more personal reasons why I am so disappointed in his “silent stance” on the issues that divide us …
        1) After a 2020 interview, he said he told indigenous pipeline protesters to “park your cars in their path, remove the engines and walk away” … so although there at least had to be a special place in his heart for the tactics of the truckers, he chose to not to say a MOTHER-F*CKING WORD!
        2) As you must certainly know, on many occasions he urged us to resist tyranny even when things look bleak, but he stubbornly refused to voice his support for those opposing the mandates.
        3) After a 2014 speech he was asked to comment on 9/11 and he insulted our collective intelligence by blowing it off and saying “Bush was probably just asleep at the wheel.”
        I could go on … eagerly awaiting your reply …

      2. @Max Johnson
        I think that people who say things like this about Chris Hedges have changed themselves. Hedges has been very consistent over the years that I’ve read, heard, and seen him, and I don’t see any substantial changes. And there’s always the possibility of these commenters being CIA and/or right wing trolls, so we have to consider that also.

        I’m totally skeptical of any comments denigrating people who are strongly anti-establishment; those commenters have to provide very credible evidence for what they say, or I just write their comments off as BS.

    5. Seriously? I’ve heard this argument before, and it hasn’t gotten any better. You’re going to give Hedges the heave- ho because he lives in the wrong neighborhood? You write that he “publicly admitted” to living where he lives, as if he’d confessed. What a world.

      1. Never said that …
        As I mentioned above, I take exception to him asking for financial support in light of the fact that he lives in a town/city in which the avg household income is now greater than $118k … and I take exception to YOU categorizing him as an anti-establishment journalist when it appears that over the past two years he has permitted corporate powers to buy his silence on key working class issues that are protected by constitutional law …

    6. You criticize CH for being selective about which evils he chooses to shine the light of discourse on, that’s hardly fair, the guy has to sleep too you know! there is more than enough evil to keep 100 Hedges busy.
      And where a guy lives is hardly pertinent, tho indeed he might be able to claim moral superiority if he lived in homeless shelters or couchsurfed with friends. If you know his address you could have easily googlemapviewed the actual residence, maybe its in the other half of the bell curve.
      And I will most certainly be supporting CH via substack, and generously so.

      1. The “he doesn’t have the time” argument just doesn’t hold up here …
        How long does it take to do an occasional 10m interview?
        He has gone silent on mandates, among other issues … hasn’t said a word!
        The mandates affect everybody and at a time when the true inflation rate is at least 12%, his economic status is actually quite relevant … be aware that he is asking for your support as he resides in a town with the following profile:
        1) Avg Princeton, NJ home price: $665,000 … source: Redfin, February 2022
        2) Median Household Income $133,774 … source: NJ Gazetteer, July 2021
        3) Average Household Income $200,994 … source: NJ Gazetteer, July 2021

      1. .Good for you …
        And I will not support anyone who abandons his publicly-stated principles …
        Here’s one of his more damning quotes:
        “Let us stand up and resist so future generations will at least say ‘they tried.’ We cannot do this alone. Truthdig needs your solidarity and support. Together we have a chance” … and in a 2020 interview he said he told indigenous pipeline protesters to “park your cars in their path, remove the engines and walk away” … but about two weeks into the Canadian protests, I noticed something – Chris Hedges was nowhere to be found … he did not say a word about these courageous people, some of which are still in jail and/or have had their personal bank accounts frozen … they followed his advice, practiced his principles and paid the price … he has repeatedly urged protesters to walk the plank and when they did, he disappeared and has still not said A SINGLE MOTHER-F***ING WORD … The trucker convoy was formed to oppose tyrannical VAX mandates and the VAX passports … these are issues primarily aimed at the working class … but his silence on these issues really made it clear that it was all beneath him …

    7. From: Douglas G Carlson, “several months ago, he coined the term “organic intellectual” to describe highly educated persons who have not allowed their words, their writings or their publicly-stated philosophy to be corrupted by corporate power and money … but I believe Chris has actually allowed corporate operatives to buy his “selective silence” over the past two years and that really infuriates me “.
      Please consider providing facts as evidence to back up your assertions as these examples are usually required in adequate writing. Thank you

      1. Here ‘ya go … I hope you will now find my writing “adequate” … I’ve now dwelled in the presence of his followers since 2010 … I’ve seen him change – not for the better … I have not only read 11 of his 12 books, but unlike you, I also remember the snide, off-color remarks he’s made during Q&A after his speaking engagements which tend to expose his true feelings … it isn’t that I want him to comment specifically on 9/11 or the truckers convoy … I just want him to stand behind his words and his principles, but he insists on playing a very cynical game with his followers, who generally are not inclined to hold him to account … once the lockdowns were declared in 2020, Hedges broke his many implicit promises to be there for the working class and allowed himself to be coerced into selective silence … issues have arose these past two years that actually serve as excellent benchmarks for measuring his journalistic independence … he has still not publicly commented on:
        1) the vax mandates
        2) vax passports
        3) the Canadian trucker convoy
        4) the U.S. trucker convoy
        All of these stories severely impacted or sought redress for the working class … and don’t forget that many times he has urged us to resist tyranny even when things look bleak … he has actually claimed that we “become free” by resisting tyranny … here’s one of his more damning quotes:
        “Let us stand up and resist so future generations will at least say ‘they tried.’ We cannot do this alone. Truthdig needs your solidarity and support. Together we have a chance” … in a 2020 interview, he said he told indigenous pipeline protesters to “park your cars in their path, remove the engines and walk away” … he has also chosen not to publicly comment on the World Economic Forum and the book THE FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION … I find this unforgiveable! … after a 2014 speech he was asked to comment on 9/11 and insulted our collective intelligence by saying “Bush was probably just asleep at the wheel” …. I once admired him but now I despise him for deserting us at a most critical moment in history … about two weeks into the Canadian protests, I noticed something – Chris Hedges was nowhere to be found … these people followed his advice, practiced his principles and paid the price … he urged us to walk the plank and when we did, he disappeared and has still not said A SINGLE MOTHER-F***ING WORD … one good thing about the pandemic – it really exposed those who lacked the moral backbone to stand behind their words! … Chris has now morphed into a cherry-picking intellectual elitist who comments only on those issues that tend to preserve his place in the economic food chain …

      2. @Douglas G Carlson
        I think that Hedges is simply concerned about different issues than you are, and that you’re upset that he isn’t concerned with, or at least doesn’t prioritize, your issues. I too have been reading, watching, and listening to him for years, and I seen no backsliding from him.

      3. Ha! … of course you see no backsliding with him …
        You’re a member of the Chris Hedges cult … he can do no wrong in your world … and he knows it …
        As I said in my comment, I don’t care so much about the specifics of the issues, but I do expect him to consistently stand behind his words and principles … and your belief that his priorities are different is spot on – he’s obviously made a decision to cherry-pick issues that do not jeopardize his self-interests … we live in the age of deception, betrayal and the sell-out … and now he only answers to two principles: 1) primacy of profit, and 2) primacy of self … we’ve lost him, he’s gone … I realize it, you don’t …

  7. So much for the USA being a “beacon of democracy.” Of course it never was. It’s all a myth. The USA is an outright totalitarian corporate police state. The USA is now the Fourth Reich. And now it is shutting down as many voices that articulate such truth. And Chris Hedges is one of the few remaining. I watch in horror at the speed the USA is devolving into complete madness and mass hysteria. Even the so-called left has lost its sanity as it obediently yells out in what amounts to 1984’s two minutes of hate against the latest evil enemy, namely Russia today. Everything Russia is doing in Ukraine is small potatoes to what the USA has done around the world since WWII. And no, I am not condoning Russia’s illegal invasion. I am simply pointing out the hysterical hypocrisy of calling out Russia for their latest action compared to all the USA has wrought. It is pure insanity. The USA is the world’s largest terrorist nation and its own citizens are so god damned willfully blind to such a thing. The USA is leading the charge back to the dark ages as the right wing of the two-headed corporate political party is passing laws against women, gays, education, etc. all the while the left wing enables them along the way. There is only one political party with two brand names. And both of them bend over backwards to fund the military with obscene amounts of money to destroy the world. And neither party can be bothered to deal with exponential climate catastrophe in any meaningful manner that in all likelihood will lead to extinction of most life on Earth. But what else would you expect from a nation that is the largest purveyor of weapons and death in the world. If it wasn’t for Chris Hedges and his commitment to morality and truth I would go completely insane myself. It’s getting harder and harder to hold on to sanity with each passing day. Hedges is a beacon of light as things are getting darker and darker day by day. I will support him as long as I am able and encourage everyone who cares about hearing such truth spoken in this ever increasing censorship to do the same. Thank you Chris for having the integrity and fortitude to keep on going in this ever increasing dystopian state.

    1. I agree with your assessment of our current predicament … but I disagree with your view of Chris as a “beacon of light” … corporate interests have bought his silence on a range of topics … IMHO, he now comports himself as an intellectual elitist … and I must tell you, he uses this space above to humbly request financial assistance to keep his work going, but my research strongly suggests he does not need it … in a 2020 interview he openly admitted that he resides in Princeton NJ and that the avg household income is $118k … but upon checking this figure again this morning, I was shocked to discover that the median income in Princeton NJ is actually twice that amount – $234k!

      1. I still don’t see what his income has to do with anything. This is the same smear used against Glenn Greenwald. Rather than addressing the facts of the Greenwald/Intercept split and Greenwald’s reporting, the Intercept attacked him for his income and employed other ad hominem attacks. I don’t see it as a fault that Hedges doesn’t directly address the COVID crisis in his writings. That’s not his beat. His beat is entrenched socio-political-economic power in the hands of an oligarchic elite. Others, including Russell Brand, have done good commentary on COVID and the associated vaccine and lockdown issues. Brand also talks about entrenched power but only in a more general way. Brand has his bag; Hedges has his.

      2. I share your concerns about Chris Hedges refusal to make any substantive comments about the events of September 11th, 2001.
        It’s been twenty years.
        I don’t know why he judiciously avoids this subject.
        But, it’s too big of an issue for anyone of Chris’s stature to run away from, without raising the question of why, in my mind.
        Covid, and related events are relatively current, so I can accept reserving judgment until more facts are revealed.
        But, a twenty year old story, and no statement from Chris, doesn’t smell right to me.

    2. @Schrodinger’sCat
      There are still a few of us sane ones left. Maybe we could start our own country. Just sayin’.

    3. Thanks you, Schrodinger’sCat, That was very well put! Just what I was thinking. S

  8. Hello Chris. I’ve read your articles for years, since I was a young man, and shared them with friends and family. We’re from Berlin, a decaying mill town in Northern NH. Thank you for not abandoning the working class- you’re writing has helped stop the slide into right wing reactionary populism, at least for a few in my orbit.. As you’ve often pointed out the contempt for the liberal elite is visceral at this point. The moral clarity that informs your work is a refuge of sanity for those of us without political representation. I will sign up for your substack, and pass it along. Thank you for your work and your exemplifying moral courage.

  9. HEDGES, it is precisely because you limit yourself to the Greeks and the Romans as the fountainhead of knowledge which acts to nullify yours and the Western projects.

    You by your own admission, have Judea-Christian central tendencies. Neither the Greeks nor the Romans gave philpsophy to the world. You should try to go past this tapestry of lies so widely accepted and enquire into where the Greeks and the Romans learnt everything you seem to think they knew. Where are their techno-complexes? Whose alphabet did they borrow and from whom they first borrowed It? Where are their institutions of higher learning going back to 10,000 years? On what basis, except a Whiteness constructionism, could the mythology of Greek and Roman primacy be still so fervently accepted by your ilk?

    Most importantly, your Greco-Roman moorings gave the world the Catholic Church and a jesus for whom there is absolutely no evidence to support he ever existed beyond the eponymous writings of the criminal Piso family of Catholic popes. From Genesis to revelations just a pack of lies.

    Within Ancient Afrikan philosophical constructions there are no, what those who support structural Whiteness, refer to as demons. This misnomer that there are demons is Eurocentric and has no ancient foundations connected to civilization.

    We have read you for years and have long wondered when you will ever relinquish the foundational ideas on which Whiteness is constructed. Ask the deeper questions as to where these ideas came from. See the world that was before there were White people on earth.

    Failure to approach such a reconstruction must naturally lead to a sixth extinction event as Pachamama’s way of reneval.

    1. To Pachamama,

      “Before there were White people on earth” – so how did the white people get here? Where did they come from? Is there a difference between White people and white people? And would the world’s troubles disappear if the White people did?

      1. SH
        These “questions” you consistently posit merely reveal the libraries yet unread.

      2. They came from beyond the stars maybe, or were the feral offspring of dogs and chimps. Something like that. There’s jut no tellin’ sometimes.

      3. @SH
        Actually, a lot of the world’s troubles WOULD disappear if white people did, and I say that as a white person. White people are the main colonizers and hyperconsumers on the planet, to give just two examples. They are also the dominant group on the planet and have the most wealth (all ill-gotten).

        Humans in general are very often pretty rotten, and I wouldn’t say that white people are the only problem, because they’re clearly not. But they’re certainly a bigger problem than any other color of people.

      4. To Jeff,
        So are you going to volunteer to disappear to reduce the white burden on the earth?

      5. @SH
        That’s the same nonsensical response I get from overpopulation deniers when I point out that problem. No one said anyone should be killed, we were just commenting on the obvious fact that white people are the worst of humans. This of course is a gross generalization, but it’s also generally true. The solution is for white people to change their attitudes and behaviors. Killing is never a solution to anything except for killing food to eat unless you’re so much more evolved and powerful than a human that you could eliminate the entire problem without harming anything else, and that doesn’t exist in reality.

    2. This seems like a fair comment and criticism of (both me) and Chris Hedges and others brought up in the white western canon …

      but I would extend the critique from the Africa canon to also include the India and Chinese and Indigenous Peoples canons.

      The new book by David Graeber and David Wingrow: The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity is a welcome respite and correction of much of the simply wrong history of humanity we learned in school, college, film and The History Channel lol. And adds to all the canons noted above, particular Kandiaronk of the Huron/Wendat peoples of the Eaatern Woodlands of North America.

      They synthesize the vast new archeological and anthropological discoveries of the past 30 years to correct what we all have learned by rote about humanity back to 40,000 years ago or more. Ancient societies weren’t always ruled by kings and women had a greater role and it also appears some “complex” societies were governed by neighborhood associations. Plus I had heard of Minoan Crete, of course, but mirabile dictu, no kings!

      Nevertheless Hedges repeatedly scores Total Bullseyes every time he uses the Western White Canon to obliterate the hypocrisies, illusions, fabulist dementias, absurdist obsessions, total contradictions and demonizing witch hunting proclivities of the of White Western White Capitalist Christian Empires.

      I am so grateful for the work of Chris Hedges and I will contribute to his substack.

      In 1914, the British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey said that “The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time”,

      The lamps are going out *Right Now* – rank censorship — in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and England and all of Europe and “The West” right now.

      It is crucial that the Chris Hedges’ light be brilliantly and permanently lit — a lighthouse warning signal to all of dangerous, suicidal rocky coasts in a dark, dark night filled with vast stormy seas, human denial and human dread.

      Please contribute now.

  10. I am truly sorry, but as a pensioner whose pension in no way keeps up with inflation, I am unable to contribute. I do hope that as many others who are able to do so can and will support your work.

    1. @JustAMaverick
      Yeah, pretty creepy to say the least. I’m outraged that for the past at least 10-12,000 years, humans have wasted their great gifts on ego, materialism, selfishness, and greed, instead of focusing solely on expanding their consciousness. The species that should have been the shining light on this planet is instead a cancerous tumor on it.

    2. Not quite but we’re rapidly getting there.

      You and I have floated around the same comments sections for years, you posted a lot more than me (I prefer to lurk and chime in on occasion) but you usually say things I’m thinking anyway so I didn’t have to bother. So thanks for that.

      I’ve noticed you post far less frequently, shorter and darker. I’d say you’ve given up, as have I. We’re gonna crash hard, probably sooner than later, and apocalyptically so. Just a matter of time.

  11. I have followed Chris Hedges from the time of having first heard him. I appreciated his early history with the Harvard School of Divinity and his outreach with youth in the Roxbury area of Boston. He as become the source to whom I turn when I need grounding on an issue and I need him now more than ever….we all do.

    I have retired from teaching in a state ranked 47th in the nation for teacher salary so my income is limited – but if funds go anywhere I want them to be of benefit to society and what I believe to be the greater good.

  12. Light in the dark madness of contemporary society. Much needed, much appreciated.

  13. I tried to subscribe, but the Subscribe button at the bottom of the Choose a subscription plan page doesn’t work.

    This development is both sad and disgusting, though unfortunately not too surprising. If it gets to the point where all that’s available is corporate/establishment propaganda, which it’s quickly getting to, people will resort to talking among themselves. If you think that crazy, unfounded conspiracy theories are happening now, just wait until we’re shut off from any real news or honest & knowledgeable commentary. I’m surprised that Jimmy Dore is still allowed on YouTube, though of course they demonetize many if not most of his posts, and YouTube’s algorithm makes his show harder to find (for people searching for that kind of thing) than it should be.

  14. There seems to be some information missing from the article and its related notes:
    * Chris Hedges is a registered foreign agent.
    * Russia Today (RT) aired his show On Contact.
    * RT has been banned in the United States because it is viewed as a propaganda outlet for the Russian government.

    1. He was nominated for an Emmy. Should we be fearful of all Emmy related media?
      Please enlighten us further.

    2. Why is cnn, the new york times, cbs, npr, the washington post, time and legacy mainstream corporate capitalist media not considered by the commenter as De Facto State CIA Media Propaganda Outlets?

      The registered foreign agent thing is a stupid US technicality to shut out and demonize oppositional voices / journalists, pastors like Hedges, the Bonhoefer out Our Age — incompetently used by the commenter.

      You are either FOR the Nazis or AGAINST the Nazis.

      Time to choose.

      Besides RT seemed to me, apart from the white Britishness of some of its columnists, to be closer to the Walter Cronkite journalism model than, say, cnn or npr — repeatedly taking a rather distanced and nuanced objective journalism approach to news reporting — as well as reporting much news about the US empire that didn’t make it into the US De Facto State Corporate CIA Media Propaganda Outlets like pbs and abc and msDNC and Fox.

      That said, it would never take on Putin or the Oligarchs or bankers or the current Russian system any more than the De Facto State Media CIA Propaganda Outlets would take on Black Rock, Davos, the Fortune 500, CEOs, Wall Street, CHase, Citi, City of London, State Street, or the current American system.

      RT seemed more about policy; the US Corpo CIA state media is more about personality. Meaning demonization and “Two Minutes of Hate.” (Orwell).

      Time to choose. Nazis. Or not?

    3. RT was a registered foreign agent. How do you know that he was or is? What’s your proof that Hedges is a foreign agent?

    4. rt today–you mean the channel where we could see not only hedges but also thom hartmann, jesse ventura, and all the others who the mainstream manufacturers of consent deem to be outside what the u.s public should be exposed to ?

    5. “the men Americans most admire dare to tell them the most extravagant lies; the men they most despise try to tell them the truth”. HL Menkhen

  15. I’m very happy to subscribe to your substack work Chris. To me it’s extremely important that your voice has a secure platform and it seems right that we who value your work and its integrity have the opportunity to support you. With much appreciation. Tony

  16. So Chris, now that you are no longer a “foreign agent”, will you renew your quest as a GP candidate for Congress from NJ?

  17. “You cannot teach morality. You can only show it.”

    Good parents ‘try’ to teach morality. It is a betrayal of good parenting not to do so.

    Maybe some good teachers tried to teach morality (at least in the past when they were allowed to do so by the Education Industrial Complex). Religious leaders used to teach morality before organized religion became nothing but feel-good prosperity lessons and social gathering spots for congregations of virtue signalers.

    But no one can transmit morality to another. Yes, you must show it. But then what? Morality must be sown in good ground to take root. A person must have whatever mysterious qualities they need to take in and foster moral behavior. And there has not yet been found a way to crack the code of growing morality outside one’s self.

    Morality is taboo today. Morality does not serve the Power Elitists with delusions of godhood. Morality is a quaint notion from the distant past. Something to toss aside with yesterday like playing fair, working hard, and being kind to each other. Or so they would like us to believe.

    “I would resign… I did not need the imprimatur of The New York Times to tell me who I was. I knew who I was. I was my father’s son.”

    From the movie, ‘Star Trek III: The Search for Spock’:

    ‘Kirk : What I have done, I had to do.’

    ‘Sarek : But at what cost? Your ship. Your son.’

    ‘Kirk : If I hadn’t tried, the cost would have been my soul.’

    Captain Kirk? Fictional. What he said? God’s honest truth.

    Each and every one of us confronts situations in our lives where our Soul is tested. Our soul is defined by how we respond to these challenges put before us.

    “But as my friend Stephen Kinzer once said, ‘You are not really a journalist. You are a preacher pretending to be a journalist.’”

    Chris, you are an ascended spirit pretending to be a human. As such, you know that you didn’t come to this World expecting Paradise. It was specifically set up NOT to be such.

    We don’t ask for many of the trials that we become destined to come face-to-face with in our lives. But it is in these trials that we define OURSELVES. And each of us is our own judge and jury as to how we handled them. No one else gets that right. All they can do is offer outside opinions or snap judgments.

    You are not on trial here. Good journalism is not on trial here. Morality is not on trial here.

    What is on trial? We are. We are all deciding right now with our words, thoughts, and deeds if we are worthy of those souls still in this World who believe it can still be salvaged the clutches of the Universal Garbage Dump of failed creatures and failed Planets.

    And if we don’t meet this challenge the right way… the cost would be our SOULS.

    This will either be a new chapter for Humanity or it will be Lights Out. And the polls are open right now.

  18. I can see by some of the replies here that we are building better backwards faster and faster. I respect Mr. Hedges because he has been on the front lines, is a diligent, in depth researcher and reports the facts. Others of us have been on the front lines of different kinds of battles and have suffered various kinds of abuse as well. We need to fight against the marginalization we receive for having the integrity to report the facts if we are to survive.

    I believe that we should use the paradigm of union organization to circle the the wagons for factual reporting. We are in desperate need of a real public, non corporate network that will not sell us out.

    The truth will set us free but oligarchs will imprison us.

  19. I support Russia’s decision to put a stop to Western powers efforts to strategically plan to take over Russia again. So glad after countless years of the NeoCons pundits cheering on use of low-level nukes in conjunction with drama queen special forces it was a relief that mutual self destruction returned as a operant reality with the arrival of supersonic missile technology and neo con shutting their war criminal mouths for at least a year, The decision by Russia to stop the endless bombing of Donbass and Lugansk and intention to de-nazify and military disarm Ukraine is a correct must do, since it was clear the West would not negotiate or for that matter alone keep agreements. My father jumped out of a plane landing in Morocco to fight the Nazis but as is well known our efforts all along was to bleed the Russians as we, the biggest Nazis wanted to get the biggest prize – Russia- for our richtards or oligarchs if you will. The time was right for Russia to do what it is doing. I know your background includes that as being a preacher but thankfully religions come and go as should be seeing that each and every religion is bogus oligarchic drivel. We were once better then that back when civilizations were civilized.

    I just don’t think Russia has any other choice then put a stop to imperialist aims of our oligarchs, though it would admittedly be nicer if Russia didn’t too have a problem of being oligarchic, but maybe that too will end.

    that stated I do appreciate your many views and look forward to hearing your voice

    1. what you say may be true but Russia’s internal politic is “somewhat” flawed

  20. I have followed Chris Hedges for more than 5 years. I think he’s great! I will subscribe to him on Substack.

    1. I plan to cancel my monthly donation to WNYC, because of Bob Garfield’s baseless attacks and smears of Julian Assange. I used to find “On the Media” informative but now find it boring and pedestrian and hypocritical.

      1. And will donate that money to Hedges. I am truly scared for the future of this nation.

  21. Hello Chris,
    Earlier in the evening I was deeply depressed and wrote the following to a friend:
    “I realized how true the old saying that it is in times of adversity that one’s true character shows, is.
    I am quite amazed at the number of people, whom I liked and even respected, have jumped hook, line and sinker on the popular bandwagon and become completely partisan on this Ukrainian crisis. I am deeply disappointed in humanity. How can the sheer hypocrisy, as Peter Orborne exposes here (and many others have elsewhere, few of which I have been posting) has no effect in making them at least question the substance of what is being presented in Western media.
    And the funny thing is that I am being attacked as a Putin supporter showing shocking moral lapse, when I have repeatedly clarified my position, which is that I abhor violence and what Putin is doing to the innocent Ukrainian people. I go further in saying that the ultimate responsibility for the Ukrainian crisis is American and NATO’s. To clearly understand that one has to know the factual history, not only of Europe but of the post Cold war period, specially the German reunification and the promises made to Russia by Bush Sr.
    Too much to ask? Too much work or sheer indifference to the truth? I can’t understand.
    Are most humans prone to side with the most popular, the broader principle of Upton Sinclair’s “It’s difficult getting a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it” – salary here being representative of anything and everything that serves one’s interest. That would be true in evolutionary terms, wouldn’t it? I am very confused and deeply disappointed. Perhaps, that is the reason truth seekers traditionally leave human society and become hermits…”

    As though by miracle, I came across your page less than an hour later, and my depression completely vanished.
    Like your father and like his son, I believe in pursuing the truth, no matter where it takes me, no matter at what cost.
    Thank you Chris. Keep on with the good work.

    1. Part of the problem is that one must first confess that they really abhor Putin and what he’s done before one can proceed to condemn the US for what it’s done. I feel no need for the preemptive confession that will then allow me to speak to the truth. If people can’t figure out the basic moral viewpoint in declaring that war is wrong and then make the necessary logical inferences from that, then they’re not being honest. The Confession is part of the ugly and stupid discourse that surrounds the ongoing imperial enterprise on this planet, unequivocally led by the US and its followers. Enough!

      1. I have to agree the thing that scares me is the MSM swamping everything with the polarised opinion manipulation, reason is squeezed to a squeak in the darkness, if this carries on in its currant manner it will hasten the WWIII that we all fear

      2. @TimN
        So true! Everyone seems to have to bend the knee to U.S./NATO brainwashing before condemning the U.S. and NATO. I find this abhorrent, despite being opposed to the invasion.

  22. Hey Chris,

    Now that you have more freedom, maybe you can talk 911 truth.
    What is your opinion of the 3500+ Architects & Engineers for 911 truth?

      1. He will not touch ANY issue that has been stigmatized as a “conspiracy theory” … on the one hand, I understand his position, but on several occasions he’s made snide remarks that really shed light on his disdain for anyone expressing outrage and demanding justice for these heinous crimes.

  23. You Da Man Chris! I just signed up! I read all your articles on truth dig and since. You’re always a damn good read!

  24. I subscribed/made a year’s donation via Substack, as Chris Hedges has long been one of my favorite authors/commentators. His integrity is without peer. However, I was not surprised to find that Substack itself is subpar, as I am unable to access anything of Mr. Hedges’s work via that system. Their automated/link Help is of no help, and there is never a person to reply. I’m telling you this just so someone realizes that Substack is subpar, not a good system at all. Mr. Hedges deserves a better system from which to operate and present his work. Best wishes.

  25. I will subscribe on substack! Am very distressed to no longer have access to
    RT. Read On Contact & many other shows for more than a decade.
    Thank you for continuing to Stand Up,
    Stand Up.

  26. Dear Chris,
    I’ve followed your work since the early-mid 2000’s when G. W. Bush awoke my political consciouness with his overt evils against the world. Your voice was the most powerful and compelling one I found among all the reading I’ve done since that time. It certainly spoke to my moral core. I’ve read all your books (save the newest), countless articles, and watched countless youtube speeches. I’ve tried to watch all your TV shows, but fell behind some time ago. If they are still available, I’ll seek them out. I’ve seen you speak in person several times and even got to say “thank you” to you once. You’ve inspired me to be better, and do better and do my part to turn this world into what it was meant to be. More importantly, you’ve given me clarity in those things. So, of course I will follow you to Substack and support you there. So in the words of the great 31st century philosopher Philip J. Fry, I say to you “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!”

  27. I know that Hedges’ RT stuff is not on YouTube any more, but there is a way to view this. Download the RT or Portable.TV apps. You will find the RT videos there. His writings on Truthdig are still up, even though the was shuttered by the owner. Good luck. This is good stuff! Next to Muhammad and Jesus, Chris is my hero!

  28. Chris, I signed up as a founding member of your endeavor on Substack. For my money, you, Bob Scheer, Matt Taibbi, Dwayne Booth (Mr. Fish), Ralph Nader, and all the regular writers that appear on Scheerpost are the best in the business. Like a slew of people commented on Substack, after you posted your piece, “I couldn’t get to my credit card fast enough.” I always joke with Mr. Fish that when I hit the big prize in the Publishers Clearing House, fear of financial stress will disappear for the Scheerpost enterprise, but don’t hold your breath; the odds are one in 6.2 billion!

  29. I’ve followed Hedges for many years and read all his books and columns and may speeches on YouTube. I was disgusted and angered to learn that RT had been cancelled by the censors.

    Now, learning that a man and writer of Chris Hedges’ integrity, quality writing, and learning has to basically beg for a living, I’m over the edge.

    IF Stone was forced to set up shop in his basement – not Chris Hedges takes to Substack. And Julian Assange is in prison.

    Hedges has been radicalized by a corrupt system and corrupt institutions. He’s seen through the veil. He understands what Havel meant by “living in truth”. His work is of vital importance.

    Sign up and contribute NOW. As others here have noted, the lights are going out.

  30. Much is going to paid subscription now. On my budget, I can either pay the high cost of Internet services OR purchase subscriptions, but not both.

  31. Mr. Hedges – I’m sorry that you, now, and many other journalists, have to beg for spare change. I’ve always learned from what I read, but I don’t have the means to support all of the writers, websites and radio stations that need support now that the corporate capitalists that have been running the news business have tanked (debt mainly I’ve heard). Additionally, I’m not keen on having a portion of the money I might give to you, or Greenwald, or Taibi (for example) go to some rich fucking silicone valley corporate capitalist sleaze. You’re a smart guy – talk to your fellow journalists and work on a model that works for all of us and I’m in (hint look at cooperative models 😉

  32. Someone’s complaining that hedges ignores certain issues. More to do with journalistic integrity I suspect, as far as some of the issues he is neglecting. Regarding mandates for example Hedges can legitimately claim to have a lot of experience and expertise in certain areas like war and authoritarianism or geopolitics in certain parts of the world. But I’ve never heard him claim to be an epidemiologist or medical expert. I have seen him consistently sympathize with those who may be struggling economically and prone to “trumpisms” who may struggle with economic collapse and the fallout from the pandemic. But why should he take a stand on truckers against mandates, when that’s not his specialty?

    1. Yup … another member of his cult stands on his head to defend him …
      He has railed against corporate over-reach for some time now … but things changed when the lockdown was declared in 2020 … he promptly went into hiding on all things vax and to my knowledge has still not commented on any related issues since … I have followed him probably as closely as anyone on this blog and I’ve taken exception to his selective silence because I like the guy so much! … he’s said many awesome, memorable things that have helped me understand and accept our current predicament … but since the war is now dominating the news, our govt’s response to the pandemic has been pushed to the sidelines and is now passe … and Chris can now dwell on”politically safer” issues … Chris has morphed into a cherry-picking intellectual elitist who comments only on issues that tend to appeal to his bookish followers …

      1. You seem to have a lot more time on your hands than I do and I can’t be bothered entering into an online debate with what I would classify as mostly dubious and misinformed and possibly specious claims about the choices of someone neither of us knows in person. Especially when u start throwing insults like “cult member.” I disagree with hedges in significant ways (I see Freud as badly flawed and am not remotely inclined to socialism) but acknowledge his brilliance, and value and enjoy and benefit from his work and admire him greatly. If you or I want to address issues he “neglects” we can. I’m assuming u can accept he’s not our leader, nor is he accountable to us in any way. Ick. Already feel sullied bothering with this ridiculous little exchange. you are welcome to have the last word!

      2. J*sus Chr*st!
        Read my other comments here … I’ve made at least 6 other posts which lay out my issues with him in detail … can you do that? … take a few minutes to review other comments and then get back to me …
        Eagerly awaiting your reply ….

    2. Just one more thing …
      Chris has been remiss to not comment on the convoy because it is ultimately about the threats posed by the tyrannical vax mandates and passports that have crippled the working class and essentially killed small business here in the U.S. … these are iron-clad working class issues and I expect Chris to lead with his chin here rather than hide his head!

    3. Good for you …
      And I will not support anyone who abandons his publicly-stated principles …
      Here’s one of his more damning quotes:
      “Let us stand up and resist so future generations will at least say ‘they tried.’ We cannot do this alone. Truthdig needs your solidarity and support. Together we have a chance” … and in a 2020 interview he said he told indigenous pipeline protesters to “park your cars in their path, remove the engines and walk away” … but about two weeks into the Canadian protests, I noticed something – Chris Hedges was nowhere to be found … he did not say a word about these courageous people, some of which are still in jail and/or have had their personal bank accounts frozen … they followed his advice, practiced his principles and paid the price … he has repeatedly urged protesters to walk the plank and when they did, he disappeared and has still not said A SINGLE MOTHER-F***ING WORD … The trucker convoy was formed to oppose tyrannical VAX mandates and the VAX passports … these are issues primarily aimed at the working class … but his silence on these issues really made it clear that it was all beneath him …

  33. Interesting experience”: when I subscribed to Chris Hedges’ newsletter, AMEX declined and sent me an “alarm” note, asking me to verify. This never happened with other publications, I take it as a sign of “we’re watching you.”

    1. I also received a notice from Citibank questioning (a) charge. When I looked at my credit card account online, there were probably fifteen to twenty attempts to charge $55 as well as the authorized $6/month. Citibank closed that account and new card is on the way.

    1. I used to love this guy, but he changed when the lockdown was declared 2 years ago …
      The following issues arose that served as excellent benchmarks to measure his journalistic independence:
      1) Vax mandate
      2) Vax passports
      3) Canadian truckers convoy
      4) US truckers convoy
      These issues struck at the heart of the working class, but Chris went into hiding and has still not offered a word of support for the protesters … he let corporate influences coerce him into selective silence on these issues …
      He chose to NOT stand behind his words … here’s one of his more damning quotes:
      “Let us stand up and resist so future generations will at least say ‘they tried.’ We cannot do this alone. Truthdig needs your solidarity and support. Together we have a chance” …
      In a 2020 interview he said he told indigenous pipeline protesters to “park your cars in their path, remove the engines and walk away” … but about two weeks into the Canadian protests, I noticed something – Chris Hedges was nowhere to be found … he did not say a word about these courageous people, some of which are still in jail and/or have had their personal bank accounts frozen … they followed his advice, practiced his principles and paid the price … he has repeatedly urged protesters to walk the plank and when they did, he disappeared and has still not said A SINGLE MOTHER-F***ING WORD … The trucker convoy was formed to oppose tyrannical VAX mandates and the VAX passports … these are issues primarily aimed at the working class … but his silence on these issues really made it clear that it was all beneath him …

  34. I believe Chris when he says “the walls are closing in on independent media” …
    But as the walls also close in on the American working class, leveraging history to call out Biden, Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney et al for war crimes is just all too easy and opportunistic … I’ve followed Chris for quite a few years now and I’ve seen him change since the lockdown was declared in 2020 … a number of stories broke in the past two years that serve as excellent benchmarks for measuring his journalistic independence:
    1) vax mandates,
    2) vax passports,
    3) the Canadian trucker convoy, and
    4) the U.S. trucker convoy
    But like CNN, MSNBC and other MSM outlets, Chris chose to completely ignore these stories with no public commentary and in so doing, sent a message to the working class that we are no longer worth his time …

    1. Chris mentioned all these topics in his interview with Jimmy Dore on Jimmy’s livestream (03/30/2022)

      1. I haven’t watched his interview with Jimmy yet …
        But he’s done enough these last two years to really change my opinion of him …

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