1. Not sure why the Star of “David” is not emblazoned on that yellow stripe. This is sick, and oh, I know Scheer Report will not cover this angle. Sort, the Nazi enabler, ZioLenskyy, is getting the Apartheid Surveillence Military Industrial “State” of “Israel” to colonize the place.

    Ukraine will be a ‘big Israel’ – Zelensky

    President predicts that soldiers will police public spaces in Ukraine after conflict with Russia ends
    Ukraine will be a ‘big Israel’ – Zelensky

    President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned that Ukraine will look to Israel for inspiration concerning its future security arrangements, arguing that an “absolutely liberal” Kiev is now “impossible” after Moscow’s attack in late February.

    Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, the president said security would be the “number one” issue for Ukrainians for the next decade, even going so far as to forecast a lasting armed military presence in the streets.

    “Ukraine will definitely not be what we wanted it to be from the beginning. It is impossible. Absolutely liberal, European – it will not be like that,” he said. “We will become a ‘big Israel’ with its own face. We will not be surprised if we have representatives of the Armed Forces or the National Guard in cinemas, supermarkets, and people with weapons.”

    Reached by Haaretz following Zelensky’s comments, Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel Yevgen Korniychuk said that “no matter what happens next, [things] in Ukraine will be similar to the security situation in Israel,” also adding that “you will see more armed people in the streets, even when things become more peaceful than they are now.”

    Former Russian presidential candidate seeks Israeli citizenship – mediaREAD MORE: Former Russian presidential candidate seeks Israeli citizenship – media
    “Israelis have lived surrounded by enemies for all of their history and Ukraine will be doing the same,” he continued.

    Despite a brief spat between Zelensky and Israeli lawmakers last month after the president compared Ukraine’s situation to the Holocaust, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has made several offers to mediate negotiations between Kiev and Moscow, saying he feels obligated to help bring an end to the fighting. Turkey has played a similar role, holding multiple high-level talks on its soil in recent weeks.

    Zelensky was openly critical of Tel Aviv in comments to the Knesset in March, accusing the government of “apathy” and “mediation without taking a side” while demanding military support for Ukraine. He later scaled back those comments, however, acknowledging that “Israel has its interests” and a “strategy to protect its citizens.”

  2. I worry that the Ukrainians will suffer at the hands of both Russia and the West. It may be sacrificed to “avoid” a third world war. Seems like history is filled with similar situations.

  3. Thank you for this humorous look at US hypocrisy at its finest. Here is a question for all those bleeding hearts who are waving their Ukrainian flags and shouting about “Russian aggression”: Where have you been for the last eight years while the US/Ukrainian Nazi thugs were murdering thousands of innocent civilians in the Donbass? A related question is why have those eight years been disappeared down the memory hole by the Empire of Lies, aka the US?

    1. “US murdering thousands in Donbas?”

      Bad news for you once your meds wear off. Putin will now paying you for your screeds in rubles. Sorry Comrade.

      1. He y C. G.:

        J.T. may not have provided evidence for a solid connection between the US and the Ukrainian neo-Nazi troops. But there have been well-researched pieces by credible journalists about the funding by Ukrainian oligarchs, the same who support Zelinskyy, of the Azov Battalion in Odessa. Several have been re-posted on this site.

        You don’t bother with any counter argument; merely indulge in an ad hominem. Silly, smug, if not outright Russian-baiting ala ’50s Red baiting.

        Do look up a list of logical fallacies. There are many put up by university depts of philosophy due to the prevalence of this sort of on-line rude (or ignorant) behavior.

        I’m assuming this was deliberate. On the slim chance it wasn’t, consider this: just because someone you don’t like says something, perhaps Jim, or actually loathe–Putin or any other aggressive dictator, does not make it automatically untrue. Nor does associating with bad people make someone automatically guilty. Especially when no connection, other than an opinion you don’t like, has been established at all.

        That’s un-American.

      2. Hello Rafi,

        Thanks for your post. I have learned that it is not worthwhile to post credible sources unless someone actually has contrary information. It is well documented that the US has, since it carried out its violent coup which overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine armed and trained the most radical right wing elements of the Ukrainian military, including neo-Nazis such as those which were later incorporated into the military as the Azov Battalion. Those thugs are the ones which the US/Ukrainian government then used to spearhead the vicious attack on the ethnic Russians in the Donbass who refused to recognize the illegitimate government installed by the US. The UN has recognized that approximately 13,000 to 14,000 Ukrianian citizens of the Donbass were murdered by these thugs, most of them civilians. All that history has been flushed down the Memory Hole by the Empire of Lies. The ignorant and brainwashed “USA, USA” crowd do not care about facts. They accept whatever lies the US is telling..every single time. It is useless to try to educate these people. They do not want to know the facts.

      3. Yes, those are the facts. To learn them one must seek information from sources other than the MSM, which serve as propaganda agents for the Empire of Lies. Take a look. You might learn something.

      4. JT;
        Thanks for the more detailed info. I knew about some of this; I’ve followed USSR/Russian politics for many decades, albeit not always closely.
        BTW, I invoked the city of Odessa deliberately. I’m well aware of the long, long history of deadly anti-Semitism in the region.

      5. O.K. HERE IT IS, THE TRUTH ABOUT BUCHA: This was presented by the anti-war group, UNAC (United National AntiWar Coalition)
        Hi Rob Roy,
        Thank you for attending Ukraine with Scott Ritter. We hope you enjoyed our event. Please submit your questions or comments to: unacpeace@gmail.com.
        Below is a LINK TO THE VIDEO of the webinar and below that a link to the char from the webinar. Please feel free to circulate the video widely.

    2. Jim+Thomas,
      Thanks for your on-the-mark comment. That’s exactly what happened. MSM run with the “dominant narrative” every time. Be sure to find the panel with Scott Ritter put on by the anti-war organization UNAC today. It was recorded. By the time it’s over, you will have all the facts regarding Ukraine/Russia.

      1. Jim+Thomas,
        Please see my comment above about the UNAC webinar I saw yesterday. It’s what you will like, I’m pretty sure. Let me know. It’s a bit long for some but gets better all along to the very end. Rob

    3. Apparently your medication has already wore off it would appear you misquoted and are still under the illusion that Russia is communist.
      And yes, going forward it would look like ruples might be a currency to having one’s portfolio.
      Just saying

      1. Maxxx:
        I presume you’re referring to CG and not JT. In which case “snark” is an appropriate response. So is the nyah-nyah-nyah that the ruble just might be worth having. I’d bet this has all been way more savvy on the part of the Russians than the west (the US and UK, anyway) want to admit. Including that it’s more than just a desperate response by a claustrophobic Russia.

        The old saying “phony as a 3 dollar bill” doesn’t apply to USSR currency. I still have a 3 ruble note. A joke then, it might now be prescient.

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