1. I understand the point, but the Easter Bunny definitely wasn’t there either. I respect Mr. Booth’s works, inappropriate or not, and I don’t presume to read into these works too much – but come on.

      We can all appreciate Christianity’s co-opting of pagan holidays, right?

  1. Mr. Fish,
    (I apologize for the pun) You always nail it! Your skeptical take on the failures of society and pop-culture always provoke thought.

  2. Yes, the poor Animals and Mother Nature (which is what the Easter Bunny really represents) always suffer for the sins of Man.

    It seems that humans just can’t stand the fact that Mother Earth is more powerful than they are, with all their stupid technology, and bombs and pollution, now they seem to want to go off to another planet where they can control everything.
    Good Riddance.
    Then maybe Mother Nature can take over and save the Earth’s Environment, and things can be the way they are Supposed to be.

    Happy Easter.

    1. @Nylene13
      Yes, good riddance, but condolences to whatever poor planet these a-holes colonize. Though don’t worry, all this fantasizing about colonizing other planets is just that. The logistical problems alone for doing that can’t be overcome.

  3. Destruction of the natural world and the killing of all who live there, including rabbits, is the main thing wrong with Christianity. Actually, all of the monotheistic religions are evil. From an Ancient Egyptian view, these are fanatics who believe in one god. This is theocratic authoritarianism!

  4. I like the Rabbit, she’s got attitude.

    Reminds me of an 70 year old woman in Donetsk who has been bombed by the Ukrop for eight years, but still goes out in her yard to tend her veggies with her finger stuck up to the Ukrop who are sponsored by the current Roman like Empire the good old USA.

  5. Since you claim to speak truth to power, I would think you would appreciate the story of Jesus. Are the unsuspecting dupes on Twitter really that much different from the Jews that cried, “give us Barabas”? Modern wrong-thinkers should appreciate that Jesus knew exactly what was going to happen to him.

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