1. Oh, the strange bedfellows of Bernays, Thomas Friedman, all those rabbi-trained PR masters, all of them, from the daily newspapers, to the Netflix perversions, to the war porn, to ZioLensky, to the United States of Israel as a brand, this is how a diabolical group of people who see not just money and power as the end goals, but dominion over the un-Chosen People get their greasy fingers into the pie.

  2. Yikes! One of the best political cartoons I’ve ever seen. Submit it to the New York Times…then hide in a bunker.

    1. Yeah Jim,
      Missing the jazz already now that I arrived back in NY on Easter Sunday.

    1. condemn the needless aggression by Putin’s army, mebbe? just guessing….

      1. Oh, Jesus (sic) The god who wasn’t there.

        Putin is going after the perverted, violent, Nazi-bred ZioLensky. Take them all out. What a sick society under “Ukraine” trash like ZioLensky.

        Go Russia, old WWJD, bumper sticker for that magic white guy in the sky.

  3. I simply want to be the first to point out that “those PR men wouldn’t have been white”

    1. Come on. Jews Identify as White: Upwards of 93 percent see themselves as the Chosen People, and they of course, see themselves as liver-spots and all White, and hence, when we talk about priviledge, these elites are again, in their minds and in the minds of their bankers, White Minority Elites.

      The majority of U.S. Jews identify as White. But in recent years, journalists, scholars and Jewish community leaders have wondered about the percentage of U.S. Jews who are “Jews of color,” “people of color” or “BIPOC” (an acronym for Black, Indigenous and people of color), and who should be included in these groups.33 The new Pew Research Center survey did not contain questions using those terms, and therefore cannot determine how many U.S. Jews consider themselves to be people of color. However, the survey included several other questions that can be used to explore the overlapping connections between race, ethnicity, heritage and geographic origin among Jewish Americans.

      Two-thirds of U.S. Jews say they are Ashkenazi; 3% describe themselves as Sephardic and 1% as Mizrahi, although an additional 6% identify with some mixture of these or other categories. (However, some of the 6% identify with unclear categories or do not specify their mixture. A total of 7% of the Jewish adults in the survey clearly identify as Sephardic or Mizrahi, either alone or in combination with other categories.) In addition, 17% say these labels either do not apply to them or that they are just Jewish, while 8% say they follow some other set of Jewish customs, indicate that they are unsure (5%) or otherwise did not answer the question (2%).

      1. I am disappointed in the readers who blame Jews for the evils in Christianity. It is familiar- I prove in ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH that the Vatican was behind Hitler, and in THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY that the New Testament was penned by pharisee Josephus for the Romans to have easier rule over their citizens by employing teachings that promote slavery and submissiveness. But hey don’t blame the Vatican for the evil done by the US, it is all Israel’s fault. I am not by any means giving Israel any credit for doing good. I am born ashkenazi, i cannot help that, and do condemn Israel apartheid and US imperialism and militarism, but the US is also a pawn of the Vatican, and I bury all with a ton of evidence of their dirt in my books.

        By the way, i identify as black, not Jewish. My principles lead me to abandon affiliation with oppressors. I had been Christian for over ten years, taught bible for eight of them, then I woke up. I am awake and aware, and certainly NOT “woke”

    2. Sure they were white; only white people would think of such an elaborate scheme.

    3. @Paul Azzario
      How exactly do you identify “white” people?
      Is there a set of rules as the Nuremberg laws for Arians?

  4. It’s quite obvious that Christians have, for the most part — rejected what Jesus taught as too expensive, impractical or not a good career move.

    If they had actually embraced Jesus’ ideology — war would have rapidly ceased in Europe and enemies would have been greeted and treated with forgiveness and love.

    Instead the Christians converted “pagans” by force, persecuted Jews for centuries and eventually killed each other over things that can’t be proven or even demonstrated in reality. Religious authorities happily blessed armies sent out to butcher fellow Christians. Just like the related monotheism of Islam, divided into Sunni and Shia mutual murder societies.

    Jesus overturned the merchants’ tables at the Hebrew Temple (probably the last straw for the incensed Pharisees) and condemned the rich as selfish and unlikely to avoid Hell.

    When the Catholic Church started charging fees to get out of Purgatory (a total theological fabrication) Luther and his associates rebelled (Germans may have tired of sending large sums to the Italians).

    Segue to the slaughters over metaphysics.

    The arrival of capitalism and colonialism shined a gigantic light on Christianity.

    Billions of people had to be declared racially inferior (how else to evade Christianity’s obvious call for human unity? Slavery was OK, because — one theological magic trick after another — black people were the sons of Ham, the Bible accepted slavery and sanctified all rulers as agents of God. If they did unmerciful, greedy things — sent people to die so they could stay in power — well, somehow that nullified what Jesus said about loving each other.

    The Calvinism that sits at the heart of American religiosity conveniently declared the rich to be God’s obvious choices, his elect. The capitalist Protestants and Catholics of Europe happily ran colonies, killed and enslaved the fortunately/sometimes baptized recipients of the “White Man’s Burden” and spent money on cathedrals and other monuments to their piety.

    The religious authorities blessed them.

    Frankly — if Jesus reappeared — these forces would have to get him killed again.

  5. the money changers won…. and destroyed the world with their

  6. @Paul Azzario
    How exactly do you identify “white” people?
    Is there a set of rules as the Nuremberg laws for Arians?

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