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Michael Moore: The Forced Birth Ruling

An entire gender was degraded, the fertilized egg was declared a human being, and all citizens are now conscripted to follow a vicious edict of the Catholic Church.

By Michael Moore / Substack

One hundred seventy million American women and girls were suddenly informed on Monday that they have been removed from the ranks of full citizenship, and that their rights are now diminished so severely they will heretofore be commanded to give birth, whether they want to or not. 

Once pregnant, the government will now make all women prisoners of their wombs, automatically forced for the full nine months to carry the fetus inside them to term, whether they intended to be pregnant or not, a 21st century version of house arrest. 

And when it’s time to give birth, the woman who didn’t want to be pregnant in the first place is either virtually or physically held down until that fetus is forcibly removed from the incarcerated vessel that was ordered to carry it. 

This Order by the Supreme Rulers gleefully violates the very first pronouncement of our Constitution’s First Amendment which clearly states, without equivocation, that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”  The Ruling this week forces all Americans to now follow the strict religious beliefs of the Catholic Church and much of Christianity which has concocted a fantasy that a fertilized egg is a human being — even though their own founder and God, Jesus Christ, never said any such thing. In fact, the word “abortion” appears absolutely nowhere in the New Testament. This Supreme Ruling, from a Court consisting of a majority of Catholic Justices, has ordered the citizens of the United States of America to now obey a major tenet of the Catholic Church — or be found guilty of a crime. 

This Supreme Ruling removes the right of all women to be equal citizens to men — men who will retain full 100% control over their own reproductive organs. Both men and women have five main bodily systems. Women will now be allowed to maintain control of only four of their top five bodily systems: their circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system and their muscular/skeletal system. But not their reproductive system. That power now belongs to the government. Which makes women 4/5 of a citizen. The State of course exercises no legal control over whatever it is men want to do with their bodies, and no man is forced to reproduce or deal with any of its consequences as women are.

Our Supreme Robed Rulers have relegated women and girls to permanent second-class citizenship. The pretending that women are legally “equal” can now thankfully stop. The truth is they were always 2nd class citizens, thanks to unequal pay, no paid maternity leave, domestic abuse, etc. The fake mask of our American system of “equality” has been ripped off, no more pretending now, because the real slippery slope has begun. This Forced Birth decision is only the beginning. If these fascists are not removed from office, as President Biden has warned us this week, they will be emboldened and they will be on a rampage to undo other freedoms that are an affront to the State Religion they have now shoved down our throats in the Dobbs Case.

Next up: ending same sex marriage. After that: the removal of the Plan B pill, aka “the morning after pill.” They have already eliminated the Violence Against Women Act and they will make that permanent. They have invaded school board meetings with threats of violence if the schools continue to teach that white Americans kidnapped, raped, lynched and enslaved Black Africans to build this country. They will continue to gerrymander, suppress the vote, and keep Black Americans on the lowest rung of the economic ladder. Your child will be forced to start the school day, every day, by standing and praying aloud to this Christian God Jesus Christ who never once condemned homosexuality, never once forced anyone to pray. They have made up this fake god to suit their totalitarian political agenda, to force women into the maternity ward, to send Black Americans to the back of the new bus where they are imprisoned by the millions along with other people of color. 

Welcome to the New America. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, only the new boss no longer has to fake-sing his praises for “Democracy!” and “Freedom!” and “Equality!”

The New America is about to become a much scarier place. The Supreme Wealthy are going to take everything from you and they believe they’re going to get away with it. Only November stands in their way. Only November has a chance of stopping them. And that’s on you and me.  





Then we might have a chance. 

And I believe we do. Because there’s more of us than there are of them. 

(Note: The ABC News poll this week showed 70% of Americans believe “abortion is a private decision between a woman and her doctor.” Only 27% of the country supports what the Trump Court is about to rule! C’mon people — let’s beat these traitorous bastards once and for all.)

Michael Moore

Michael Moore is an American documentary filmmaker, author, and left-wing activist. His works frequently address the topics of globalization and capitalism. 


  1. Thank you Mike.
    I assume outlawing Freedom of Speech will be next.

    1. Already done. Have you not followed the Julian Assange case? Have you not heard that we not have our own Ministry of Truth? Have you not noticed that the laughingly misnamed “progressive wing” of the Democratic Party has demanded more censorship by the Silicon Valley oligarchs? Have you not noticed that all commentary on the US war of aggression, this time a proxy war in Ukraine, must be in conformity with the US lie machine? Anyone with any ability to reach a substantial audience who does not toe the establishment line will be disappeared – first from the press and airwaves, then, if necessary, by other means. We now live in an autocracy which is sucking the very life blood out of the people and transferring it to the thieves. This has been going on for a half century, accelerated greatly by Reagan, then turbocharged by Clinton. The war is over. The people lost. Without revolt, we are finished.

    2. Already happening all over the media. Facebook said it’s praise Nazi Azov Battalion, even though we know they’re Nazis, because they are killing Russians.
      Russiagate was a hoax. It’s disgusting that the SCOTUS has turned into the Catholic Inquisition.

    3. I was shocked when Popular Resistance called my editorial spam and censored it:
      This decision is structural violence against women. It happens at a time when material deprivation is increasing for more than half of Americans. And it also happens at a time when discrimination against adults not in a nuclear family under a man-woman marriage is increasing. It is doubtful that the pressure to conform can change the demographic, but it will harshen the way authorities and employers treat poorer people. It will happen the same way as the necessity of abortion. The procedure itself will continue but be more often illegal and there will be a sadistic circus of law enforcement surrounding it. The privileged class of women will suffer nothing more than a minor inconvenience of crossing state and national borders for treatment. And some of the rest will deliver unwanted and unaffordable children that will be a detriment and burden generally. See, we already fail to provide for more than half of children.
      The question is why the Supreme Court has been commanded to make a moral abstraction active law at this time. My take is that our wealthy oppressors expect to reap a general obedience and fatalistic response. It’s just another lash of the whip when our human rights are already on the gallis pole and bleeding. It’s a noose rope to strangle labor, and a solicitation of tribute. Leadbelly knew:
      Hangman, hangman, hold it a little while,
      Think I see my friends coming, Riding a many mile.
      Friends, did you get some silver?
      Did you get a little gold?
      What did you bring me, my dear friends, To keep me from the Gallows Pole?
      What did you bring me to keep me from the Gallows Pole?
      I couldn’t get no silver, I couldn’t get no gold,
      You know that we’re too damn poor to keep you from the Gallows Pole.
      Hangman, hangman, hold it a little while,
      I think I see my brother coming, riding a many mile.
      Brother, did you get me some silver?
      Did you get a little gold?
      What did you bring me, my brother, to keep me from the Gallows Pole?
      Brother, I brought you some silver,
      I brought a little gold, I brought a little of everything
      To keep you from the Gallows Pole.
      Yes, I brought you to keep you from the Gallows Pole.
      Hangman, hangman, turn your head awhile,
      I think I see my sister coming, riding a many mile, mile, mile.
      Sister, I implore you, take him by the hand,
      Take him to some shady bower, save me from the wrath of this man,
      Please take him, save me from the wrath of this man, man.
      Hangman, hangman, upon your face a smile,
      Pray tell me that I’m free to ride,
      Ride for many mile, mile, mile.
      Oh, yes, you got a fine sister, She warmed my blood from cold,
      Brought my blood to boiling hot To keep you from the Gallows Pole,
      Your brother brought me silver, Your sister warmed my soul,
      But now I laugh and pull so hard And see you swinging on the Gallows Pole
      Swingin’ on the gallows pole!

      And I don’t see the Democrats sharing any of their silver or patronage to save the majority from this and other myriad persecutions. If you know you’re being affected why don’t you at leas cry out?
      We have received your request for review Really? Detected as spam @ Popular Resistance 5/5/2022 “Democrats, The Ukraine War I Over, Let’s Talk Abortion Rights”

  2. I agree, but Moore has always said that you have to vote for Democrats to prevent this kind of thing, and opposed those of us who advocated voting Green or for some other actually progressive party (don’t know whether the Green Party is still progressive, it has degenerated quite a bit).

    The fact is that during both the Obama and Biden administrations, the Democrats held majorities in both houses of Congress along with the presidency. Yet they never attempted to make the right to abortion federal law, which they could have done. Sure, Republicans and Christians who try to force their fanatic views on us are evil, that goes without saying. But the Democrats are as much to blame here as anyone, and urging people to vote for them to fix this problem is as wrong-headed and just plain stupid as it gets. Even Ana Kasparian has sworn off Democrats after this latest debacle, realizing that THEY WON’T DO ANYTHING FOR YOU.

  3. Only November can stop this?? When another anrti-abortionist democrat like Tim Kaine runs for office? when an Obama or Biden promise on the first day of office to codify women’s rights to their reproductive system and then never ever ever follow up on it? As long as I have been alive women with money can find a doctor to help them with anything they want, while poor women have to bend to the will of these pro-lifers or face risky practices. We cannot solve this with an election.

    1. @Louise+Hoff
      You meant that just because Democrats haven’t done anything about this for decades, we shouldn’t vote for them and hope that they’ll do something now? What are ya, a Putin apologist?

      1. Republicans are full-fledged Fascists….Democrats, somewhat less so….Abortion is no politician’s business….Putin has nothing to do with this.

      2. @maxine
        That was a joke, I was being sarcastic and making fun of the brainless idiots who counter every bit of information showing how the Ukraine war is ultimately the fault of the U.S. by responding that the person providing the information is a Putin apologist. I was concerned that people might not know it was a joke, but I didn’t want to ruin it with a smiley face.

      3. Thanks for the explanation….I get it.
        Brainless idiots, as gobbels said, will believe anything (“Putin did it”) if you repeat it enought times.

  4. I love Michael Moore, but this rant is hooey. Lead, for starters, is real disinformation: “One hundred seventy million American women and girls were suddenly informed on Monday that they have been removed from the ranks of full citizenship, and that their rights are now diminished so severely they will heretofore be commanded to give birth, whether they want to or not.” Not what happened – at all. C’mon, Michael, get your facts straight! Your pal, Steve

  5. We have what amounts to a situation of some talk about rumors of proposals in some states to do something about abortion. In other words, 2022 is a midterm election year, and Democrats are desperate for an issue to arouse their middle class base.

    On “forced births,” check the costs of an abortion. Obviously, the poor can’t afford them. If a woman has Medicaid, some states will provide limited abortion coverage (i.e., if the pregnancy endangers the woman’s life). Some don’t. I don’t recall ever hearing any liberal concern about this.

  6. Michael Moore makes several errors in his bombast. 170 million women and girls cannot get pregnant, that is an overstatement that gloms in post-menstrual women.
    Second, unless tragically raped, women do have control over their reproductive organs. They can say “No.”
    And then Moore rants into a falling dominoes scenario that will end with a Christian fascist government.

    Having said this, I do not support coercive criminal laws against desperate women and their medical helpers. However, persuasion toward a society that is sexually responsible, for peace rather than war, and for a clean sustainable environment, is an ethos I suggest to support.

    1. “Just say no” ????….This is the equivilant of backing “abstinism” as the way to avoid pregnancy….Wasn’t it that idiot wife of Ronald reagan who sponsered this nonsense?

      1. @maxine
        How anyone can be anti-abortion on a planet so grossly overpopulated with humans is beyond me. Allen Johnson must be writing from thousands of years ago, when human rights weren’t a thing and there were far fewer people on Earth.

  7. This is no surprise. The US is a cruel, puritanical, right-wing country, and it has been since its inception. The current “Democratic” party values , “Survival of the successful”, reflects this, only now it’s “inclusive”. You no longer have to be a WASP; even minorities can join the CIA and kill people. The American narrative is “Good vs Evil”, and we’re “good” .

  8. Dear Michael, I hope that you read Glenn Greenwald’s column on this same topic. He has a lot of good points.

  9. too bad that honesty isn’t a value in the US.
    It’s not about “life”. It’s not about “choice”.
    It’s not really even about a woman’s right to control her body. Why? Because everyone can agree that this right exists and the issue remains. Some feel that the fetus is a human being with a right to live that’s in conflict with the woman’s acknowledged right to control her body. I can’t control my body to kill another person. I can’t control my genitals to rape.
    (Speaking of which, the idea that there should be an exception in the case(s) of rape and incest is terrible. Rape and incest are strong, legitimate reasons why a woman would seek an abortion, but not excuses for an exception.
    Is the fetus a human being (and if so, at what stage) deserving protection, or not?!
    It’s a matter of chosen definition. It’s also just as bizarre to suggest that a fetus at 7 or 8 months ISN’T a human being, as it is to believe that a fertilized egg IS.
    Although flawed in law, the original Roe decision had it essentially correct.
    Abortion should be safe, affordable to all, and readily available in the first 15 weeks,
    no questions asked.
    Somewhat restricted in weeks 15 -20, and only available after 20 weeks if health of the woman is significantly threatened (and therefore justified as self-defense which is legitimate even if the person threatening would be considered incompetent and NCR)
    The pro abortion access side needs to stop using dishonest illogical arguments.
    You can’t kill your children because you’re poor or live in an area with poor services.
    We don’t scrap the homicide laws because it will happen anyway.
    We don’t legalize bank robbery because the thief may be harmed or killed in the act.
    And finally (drum roll) abortion is not health care. A normal pregnancy with a viable fetus is not a disease, and is welcome (and sometimes desperately wanted) in most cases.
    The closest analogy is (pure) cosmetic surgery, which requires medical skill but is not health care.
    Perhaps promote honesty in your country, and someday the idea of electing a despicable asshole like Trump will become unthinkable. (Oddly, the first time I was shocked by how acceptable dishonesty is in the US was decades ago when Phil Donahue was interviewing Trump. He described how he (legally) conned someone out of a large sum of money in a transaction and everybody clapped. I’ve been reminded of this in the last couple of weeks, watching the late show, as a few guests describe lying and cheating to get things… and still, no push back from the host and everybody claps. There are things I still like about the US, but not this)

    1. @Dwayne Crowe
      A fetus is just part of a woman’s body until it’s born into a baby. If you think it’s OK to ban or restrict abortions at any time of a pregnancy, then you should also oppose things like antibiotics and removing cancer cells, because they’re life too.

      1. NO
        A fetus is not “just a part of a woman’s body until it’s born”.
        In fact a fetus is technically external to the woman’s body – thus the umbilical cord and placenta – just as the food passing through your gut is technically external to the body.
        I also suggested that it is ridiculous to consider cells or clumps of cells human beings.
        It is dishonest and willfully blind to not consider a viable fetus a human being in the second half of pregnancy.

      2. @Dwayne Crowe
        We have no basis for agreement because you’re a human supremacist — in fact, based on your comments, I’d say you’re a human worshiper — and I’m biocentric and a deep ecologist, meaning that I value all life equally and that I strongly believe that all life has its own intrinsic value whether it seems to provide any value to humans or not.

        You’re so blinded by your immoral worship of humans that you deliusionally said that I claimed that cells or groups of cells are human. I said nothing of the kind. What I said was that they’re also LIFE, but if you think that humans are the only life that matters, then you make asinine statements like that one.

    1. For all his love of fetuses, Dwayne Crow above, seems to be equating them with SHIT.

  10. Thank you, indeed, Michael Moore: spot on. The Catholic Church and much of Christianity as well as Congress have a lot to answer for: two sexual predators and more than a few misogynists sheltered in SCOTUS with official blessings. What has become of the country to which I used to pledge allegiance? The fascists – I don’t know how else to categorize them – tolerated and encouraged, hiding behind those robes in the Supreme Court, are a disgrace to the entire concept of justice for all. And Alito’s abuse of the English language to distort history and law is shameful: English teachers will be able to cite him to illustrate propaganda and educated Trumpspeak for generations to come. Orwell was right: the degradation of language is the most obvious mark of a totalitarian state.

  11. And when we “vote the fascists out” we get the Democrats.

  12. I salute Mr. Moore for his courageous and daringly accurately portrait of the perpe-traitors our Masters have chosen to complete the forcible conversion of the United States to official Christonazi theocracy.

    Too bad our 99.999-to-.001 percent Working Class numerical advantage upon which Mr. Moore would depend for liberation is forever nullified by the terminal combination of the criminal moral imbecility that defines the patriarchal Ruling Class with the impregnable, ultimately ecogenocidal technological supremacy by which it eternally sustains and relentlessly maximizes its tyranny.

    But given its fanatically murderous misogynistic and racist bigotry, I respectfully submit the resultant ethos is better described as “nazism” rather than fascism – this “nazism” distinguished by its lower-case “n.”

    While the nazism already exterminating us today is not necessarily identical to the officially German N.S.D.A.P. original, the skyrocketing acceptability of its ignorance-fueled (and therefore “existential”) lower-case variant is certainly no less potentially deadly.

    Hence the increasing vernacular use of “nazi” and “nazism” to depict a now globally generic ideology which – especially by its gleeful legitimization of the murderous hatred expressed by another “n” word – would define the dominant white Christian ethos of our Masters even as it defines the role of today’s United States as the Third Reich’s de facto successor.

    Based on post-Katrina poll results, for which google, we can authoritatively conclude approximately 73 percent of the white USian electorate is (incurably) racist – and that it is therefore potentially (at least) as violently supportive of any would-be USian genocide as its N.S.D.A.P. predecessor was of its actual German predecessors.

    (Why “USian”? Because I refuse to countenance the unforgivable combination of threat and slander brandished by this empire’s misappropriation of the names of two entire continents.)

    In any case it should not have surprised me when I happened to overhear an influential, exceptionally well-educated, avowedly anti-racist, fiercely pro-choice white D-Party activist resort to historical revisionism in an attempt to discredit an equally Roe-supporting colleague’s entirely correct citation of the German Nazi precedent for the looming U.S. abortion ban — a prohibition we already know to be but the opening assault in a war to re-subjugate women by imposing a birth-control ban of Third-Reich totality.

    But now suddenly in an assertively pro-choice context I was hearing a hitherto credible ally voice a Nazi-apologist claim I knew to be untrue, that the German measure so cited was “imposed merely to recruit Catholics” and was therefore “never enforced.”

    As I thought at the time, tell that to the ghosts and surviving kin of all the women — I cannot find an exact number — who suffered the Third Reich’s mandatory death penalty for illegal abortion.

    Coincidentally, because I am genuinely terrified by the many credible disclosures Hitler is Trump’s ideological messiah, I am about two-thirds through a notably arduous re-reading of “Mein Kampf,” which I had previously read as a ‘50s adolescent responding to my father’s know-our-enemy encouragement. That volume was long ago reduced to compost with most of the rest of my father’s extensive home library; my present-day edition of Hitler’s numbingly atrocious writing – the only affordable version I could find online – is the 2010-copyright “Ford Translation” published by Elite Minds Inc. It vividly reaffirms, especially on pages 337-338, my hitherto dim recollection of the breed-more-Aryans mandate behind the Third Reich’s zero-tolerance ban not just of abortion but of any and all forms of birth control.

    Hearing what I heard – I was part of an immediately adjacent pro-Roe conversation — I cannot but wonder if we are about to witness yet another expression of what is apparently the primary post-JFK function of the (clandestinely) nazified “Democratic” (sic) Party: serving the (brazenly) nazified Republican Party as its Fifth Column.

    To restate the premise with which I began this piece, having nothing more to protect us than the Democrats’ ever-more undeniably bogus opposition to our Masters’ looming fulfillment of their longstanding schemes for re-enslaving the Working Class — that is, with no Soviet Union to threaten the Ruling Class on Working Class behalf — our vastly superior numbers are reduced to insignificance by our Masters’ inescapably superior technology and weapons.

    For the truth – the ultimate truth I fear is our species’ most horribly terminal truth ever – is our Masters’ inescapable surveillance and their chemical, biological and thermonuclear supremacy have made them as real-world omnipotent as the imaginary divine sadist they dutifully worship as their god.

    But at least – and for this I underscore my gratitude – the influential Mr. Moore is finally awakening to the truly apocalyptic magnitude of our Masters’ Hitler-with-thermonuclear-arsenal-caliber evil, and – of equal importance – how our Masters’ terminally ecogenocidal hatred and contempt for us, the Working Class, is again perpetuated by decree.

    Perhaps now Mr. Moore will also at long last recognize the preparations for the final enslavement of the Working Class are as much implicit in the forcible disarmament of the proletariat as they are in its forcible impregnation and compulsory pregnancy. In the latter case, the entire female population is condemned to reproductive slavery; in the former, an entire people is deceptively reduced to defenselessness in Trojan-Horse response to ever-more brazen depredations by roving bands of nazis attackers.

    Thus – thanks to the same judicial perversion we witness in the nullification of Roe v. Wade – the nazis are sure to remain legally armed even as the rest of us are forced to kneel in abjectly slavish degradation, forever subjugated by mandatory pacifism and compulsory victimhood.

  13. As I see it, the potential for a multitude of different standards will exist from state to state thereby denying the women equal protection under the law. How can there be equal protection if the rules differ from state to state. Roe set forth a standard of Equal Protection in that every woman as a Sovereign Being, could decide for herself on the issue of whether to carry a fetus to term. It is far better to leave the decision to the individual than give it to a State Legislature to impose an arbitrary standard. Let’s face it the Catholic Church and others have been opposed to abortion stating that life begins at conception. But when does a conscious being come into existence, and what is consciousness, and therefore we have a the problem of splitting hairs to achieve an untenable solution. No woman should have to give up her God given right to determine how best to address pregnancy.

  14. Just as powerful as the Catholic Church : the fundamentalist Christian movement.

    1. @BabaYaga
      No difference on this issue, they’re both anti-abortion.

  15. A) I’m glad that you’re calling them “forced-birthers,” that’s what I’ve been calling them for years.
    B) The United States is 35th out of 50 nations in maternal morbidity and mortality. Going full-term and delivering is now much more dangerous than a clean, legal abortion.
    C) We’re not going to vote our way out of this. Watch How to Start a Revolution DVD documentary and read From Dictatorship to Democracy the book. I know it’s a different documentary from your own, but we will have to stand up. There’s no other way.
    The only reason that any changes were made for the good of the people was when the oppressed stood up and demanded them.

  16. This is hog wash Micheal. Radical Left hogwash. Designed to raise inappropriate alarm. All the ruling does is put the matter in the hands of the voters. I find it incredible, that in your article, nowhere do I see a measure or means for male accountability for their ‘fun’. Now do I see measure of accountability for male dominated paychecks, who make 25% more for the same work and much of female work is ‘free’, housework, nurturing.
    I am all for people’s choice to do what they want with their bodies, and I am all for a peaceful and sustainable and fair society for all, and I am all for women feeling safe and secure to give birth and all children honored. I am not for fetus use for vaccines, fetus use, or full term babies being aborted for organ harvest. I think you truly miss the mark. I wonder where you stand on trans people taking over women’s sports? All for it?

    1. So, in your view, some impersonal “voters” should have the right to decide what stays in or out of a woman’s private parts?m

    2. Many states have “trigger laws” in place that would immediate ban abortion if/when Roe v Wade is overturned. How does that put it in the hands of the voters?

      1. I cannot comprehend what this guy means by “in the hands of the voters”….WHAT voters?….Certainly not those who want sadistic politians to keep their hands out of womens’ or girls’ bodies….In any case, abortion should not be left in the hands of voters….It’s a private issue, not a political one.

      2. @Michelle
        The whole idea of the Bill of Rights is that you DON’T put certain rights in the hands of voters, because those rights are inalienable. Furthermore, the right to abortion wouldn’t be in the hands of voters anyway, because people don’t get to vote on that directly. Representatives are elected or not based on many issues, so even though a strong majority of people support abortion rights, representatives who oppose them will nevertheless get elected based on other issues.

  17. AMEN to this hypocracy and American corporatacy once and for all.

  18. Thank you Michael, for pointing out the utter hypocrisy of the Christian fascists who no more care for the authentic teachings of Jesus than they care to stop the racist death penalty, abolish nuclear weapons, or engage genuine peace based on the authentic teaching of Jesus regarding nonviolence.

  19. It is really quite disgusting that politicians (mainly men) have the power to force things to stay in womens’ bodies that they don’t want there….Remind you of rape?

  20. To paint over the American Made abortion fight with a phrase “ vicious edict of the Catholic Church is too funny. The Catholic church is in Canada and deep witching its large Catholic province of Quebec. No talk about banning abortion there. This is made in America by Americans and for Americans.


    for Kish Wyfe

    One mad man makes many madmen:
    many madmen make madness.
    Gypsy Proverb

    Ah, macho men—
    machismo shrunken
    by day-to-day to-dos; exposed
    butts of ridicule; fatigued
    with disabuse—hell-bent on
    re-arousal flock to wannabe tyrants
    who harangue & bloviate &
    absolve corrupt & corrupting
    intrigues with pointed fingerings.
    Macho men who squirm
    with peculiar delite &
    masturbatory tickle, when
    climate-crisis deniers
    & corpo-powerbrokers


    Macho men,
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    But, sure as
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    for dirty works, Gypsy Poets
    pooh-pooh oligarchy’s stooges
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    deadly weapons for later
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    And shrewdly
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    —to consult, consort,
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    in pursuit of mutual pleasure,
    reveling in carnal acts
    of earthly congress.

  22. “The State of course exercises no legal control over whatever it is men want to do with their bodies…”

    Not True. Obviously, Michael Moore, who has condoned–yea, even supported–2 plus years of illegal mandates & passports for an experimental, pseudo vaccine forced on men & women & (monstrously) even young boys & girls, by da Govt of Big Pharma & Corpo-Fascists.

  23. “The State of course exercises no legal control over whatever it is men want to do with their bodies…”

    Not True. Obviously, Michael Moore, who has condoned–yea, even supported–2 plus years of illegal mandates & passports for an experimental, pseudo vaccine forced on men & women & (monstrously) even young boys & girls, by da Govt of Big Pharma & Corpo-Fascists, does not want to admit that vaccine mandates & passports are, in fact, acts of State “legal” control imposed on men’s (all our) bodies.

  24. 1. The Hippocratic Oath, long before Jesus, and even longer before the RC Church, condemned abortion and euthanasia as practices barbarians do. THe First Amendment says nothing in re medical ethics.
    2. Women can have the same control over their reproduction system as men, abstention, self control, birth control pill, abortifacient up to 20 weeks in, and tubal ligation.

    Your rant is sophomoric. If women wish to forfeit their biological destiny, the gov.’t has really no way of stopping them; but, a problem arises when you ask me to perform a desecration.

    1. You don’t belon hereg ….You’ll be far more comfortable and welcomed at an evangelical site where your sadistic women-hating language will be well understood.

    2. @robert scheetz
      You’re a perfect example of why men should have no say on this subject. If men got pregnant, people like you would demand that abortion is your god-given right and you would defend it to your cold dead fingers just like the gun nuts.

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