1. Great cartoon… However, one of the ‘judges’ should have been a blond female (ACB).

  2. Gotta get some of those female reproductive planners in the image, Mr. Fish. Whew, when I was helping women get services in El Paso for reproductive issues (no abortions at that clinic back then), well, I was screamed at and hit in the groin with “protest” signs by women.

    And, the big ones in the pro-war/pro-bomb/pro-toxify women’s club, hell, they should be called out, too:

    Marillyn Hewson, the CEO of Lockheed Martin; Phebe Novakovic, the CEO of General Dynamics; and Leanne Caret, the CEO of Boeing Defense, Space, and Security. Chairman and CEO of Northrop Grumman, Wes Bush, announced that he was stepping down and would be succeeded by Kathy Warden, Northrop’s current president and chief operating officer who has been with the company since 2008.

    Hewson, Novakovic, and Caret were all named in Fortune’s 2017 “Most Powerful Women” ranking, listed as 3, 9, and 30, respectively. Hewson was named “2018 CEO of the Year” by Chief Executive Magazine.

    For and by the Female People!

  3. Roe v. Wade empowered the cultural conservative base.
    As Glenn Greenwald’s analysis correctly observes,decisions
    Like this are best left to the citizens of each state.
    Democracy works best when citizens have a voice.
    Roe was wrongly decided and should be reversed.
    Most states will enact pro abortion statutes.
    Those states that ban abortion will be a small minority
    Of states.
    We need a matrilineal society but not a fascist state as we have now.

    1. They were virtually silent about Roe for the first 25 years and then when they came upon the wedge issue/culture war strategy, there it was.
      I do disagree with your states’ rights slant. American citizens deserve federal protection of civil rights. Where would we be without it?
      Oh, the answer to that is, “Even more deprived and oppressed.”

    2. Oh no, not Greenwald. Fools. So, it’s the fixed document, uh? Sundown laws, fine with Greenwald, as long as states say it’s kosher?

      Dottering Greenwald fans!

      Abortion laws in Texas and Georgia went against the US Constitution because they infringed a woman’s right to privacy.

      By a vote of seven to two, the court justices ruled that governments lacked the power to prohibit abortions.

      They judged that a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy was protected by the US constitution.

    3. That small minority of people, in the states that ban abortion, will be abandoned. That, obviously is of no concern to you. I also have a horrible feeling that your comment that we now live in a fascist state is, in your mind, related to the Roe decision. That makes no sense whatsoever. The US is moving in the opposite direction of almost all the world’s so-called democracies. We should all be ashamed.

  4. Hard to see on a phone but did I miss the reference to the complicity of the Democrat Party?

  5. The forced birth of unwanted babies will only place a burden on financially struggling women and the children that result, but on this country and our democratic freedoms as a whole. Would that those who stridently advocate anti-abortion policies seem equally willing to champion family policies with the same intensity, such as affordable day care and health care, especially for women of the shrinking middle class and the poor.

    It is also curious that no laws in this country have been advanced to limit how many children a woman, be she rich, of modest means, or poor can bare. Better to put taxpayer dollars towards improving the “safety net” and promoting realistic “sex education” in our public school system, as is the case, for instance, in Sweden. where teenage pregnancies are far lower than in many regions of this country.

    Forcing pregnant women to carry an unwanted conception to term is likely to prove a social disaster for America. as well as for the concept of “freedom of choice.” It is anti-democratic and socially regressive.

    1. Got to grasp the nettle don’t we? Don’t we?

      A woman has the right to kill any part of her own self if she wishes. We all do don’t we?

      You’d arrest me and lock me up for ‘self harming’ I guess if I tried to hack my arm off. But if I volunteered for surgical removal on some acceptable ground you’d accept it.

      And some people – me for instance – actually argue we’ve got every right to kill ourselves if we wish.

      And others argue nearly the same but in disguise: i.e. they argue we have not just a right but a duty to report to the military when called upon and commit suicide in the front lines. Coming back into fashion right now.

      Accept all that and all I see that is left is whether or not the fetus is part of the woman or not.

      If it is not then removing it should be okay. If it is then see above.

      Leaving the question of responsibility for hosting an alien thing.

      We’re entirely in the void there which is where the witch hunters and such love to be.

      My stance is that we have no right to insist someone else host this or that, no matter what it is, a bacterium, a virus, a doctrine, a thought.

      So in short my attitude is that a woman has a right to kill any part of herself she wishes to kill.

      Which isn’t to say that I think she should. Case by case.

      How about if you were hosting an organism, growing like a cancer, and we told you we didn’t want you to remove it because we’re fascinated by it and need to study it and want to see what will happen if it is allowed to come to ‘full term’?

      There’s millions of people in our childishly sick society are pathologically afraid of hosting a tiny micro-organism so tiny it cannot be said to have any life at all and which in any case is ubiquitous, always was and always will be – to where in fact that it is present in our very genome – a virus.

      And some of those poor uncomprehending people will walk up sporting their ridiculous masks and demand a woman bring a fetus to full term?

      I’d say that’s a scene from a horror movie.

  6. Grandmaster Flash had more judicial temperament than Alito, Kavanaugh , Thomas and Barrett.

  7. back in the day, women could get a DNC to take care of any “little problem” w/ the understanding of patient/physician confidentiality – but you needed to be in-the-know

    DNC: dilation and curettage

  8. Louisiana leads the way for all god-fearing Americans with a proposed bill to make abortion a homicide crime upon “unborn children from the moment of fertilization.” (Will the male sperm be taken into account in assessing guilt?)

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