1. If you give a man a fish
    He will love you
    If you teach a man to fish
    He will fly to the heavens

  2. In order for the vast majority of people to not have sh*t jobs, humans have to live a lot more naturally. Jobs in industrial society suck, and they suck even in agricultural society.

  3. Keyboard warriors versus keyboard worriers ?
    The latter far outnumber the former.

  4. If you want this life of seemingly unending consumption and convenience you will kneel, you will bow to your Corporate Masters and their pets in the media and government and do their bidding.

    So it is written, so it shall be done.

    1. @Russell+Paul
      You nailed it! The vast majority if not all leftists blame the rich for everything, as if everyone else is pure as the driven snow. The fact is that people get the government and society that they deserve. If you are an unevolved materialist, which describes the vast majority in this country, this is exactly the government and society that one would expect here.

  5. @NeoliberalSmartass
    The problem isn’t whatever god you created, it’s lack of spirituality. Religion is a big part of the problem, because all the major ones in this country are anti-spiritual.

  6. I don’t know what to say. I’m thinking you are describing an Amazon distribution worker, yet the drawing is a person on a computer. I can’t figure out what the real person is doing-is his wrist being cut or is he chained to his desk?

    I do get the idea of making it thru the day and keeping one’s mind off the existential world we are living in on line and in the news and on TV.

    1. Looks to me like he’s drinking coffee while wearing a mask which defeats both the purpose of the mask and the purpose of drinking a cup of coffee.

      1. Thank you for helping me see that there was a mask and a cup of coffee. My eyesight isn’t that good. I thought it was a guy with a beard (his nose wasn’t covered so I didn’t see the mask and didn’t identify the cup of coffee!

        He also has hair and is a totally different person than the others that look like bald clones. Is he a representation of someone just taking a break from the herd?

        Mr. Fish is hard for me to decipher. I’m 75 and I’m poor at getting info from drawings. My late husband used to interpret jokes in the funny papers for me when I didn’t get them. I miss him, thanks for responding!

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