1. forgive me for being thick, but uh… is an asterisk a literary symbol of sphincter, of an actual anus, for a biological butthole?

    1. I must be thick too. I don’t get this. I don’t know what the significance of the asterik is either.

      1. Glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t get the meaning of the asterick……………….

    2. Bush II was also depicted by Doonesbury as an asterisk because of being elected by less than a majority of the popular vote

  2. 8% inflation.
    $4.50 gallon gas.
    Poor babies starving because of a lack of formula.
    Other babies still in jail at the border.
    Marijuana still illegal
    Abortion now as well.
    (More) proxy war with the evil russkies.
    Medicare still at 65, and still going broke
    No fix for social security.
    Infrastructure still falling apart
    Under these conditions Biden will be laughed out of DC (laughed out if he’s lucky:) and Donald Trump, or someone much worse, will be in the big chair.
    Good times.

  3. Have no fear my friends, because there is no way we make it to 2024 before the nukes start to fly.

  4. Another political cartoon about a cartoon character right off Reality TV, no less a host who’s done a stint hosting the shitshow in Washington. Another illustration of how public opinion has been made so clueless as to fall for the shoddiest entertainment to put people to sleep.

    1. ☝️THIS! Niko on point like a mf

      i get the bankman & robber dc comics reference but i don’t get the meaning of an asterisk unless its an a$$hole which both don & joe unequivocally are & dovetails nicely with Niko’s astute observation of dc shitshow motif.

  5. Can and do you thin Dark Maga is a sexuality and if so how pink are its nipples?

  6. Take your pick Folks:
    (From the Merriam Webster):

    ‘Someone or something considered too minor for prominent mention’

    ‘the character * thought of as being appended to something (such as an athletic accomplishment included in a /
    record book) typically in order to indicate that there is a limiting fact or consideration which makes that thing less important or impressive than it would otherwise be’

  7. An asterisk is the how Kurt Vonnegut illustrated an asshole in Breakfast of Champions.

    1. I’d really like an explanation of this cartoon. Thanks for the Vonnegut reference, but I’d like Mr. Fish to chime in on this one…which i know cartoonist are loath to do…

      1. Sure – the Bat signal is an Asshole signal, calling our “hero” back to Washington D.C. for 2024.

      2. i am truly grateful. i am a loyal fan of your work…i’m half way through “nobody left”… getting a reply deepens my appreciation.

      3. Always happy to explain myself, Alma. Hope you’re digging NOBODY LEFT. I just turned in the files for a 2nd printing of the book – the newer version will have 2 additional chapters! Thrilling.

      4. definitely digging! i especially like the dedication and drawing of Chris Hedges. i just suggested buying a copy to my public library, when i finished your interview with Lily Tomlin. i got to see her do “in search of intelligent life in the universe” in L.A., one of the best theatrical experiences of my life…and that’s the truth!

  8. Insane theological ideology of the extreme ‘Christian’ right for 2024z. Trump and capital r lit up by a different light than the one from the sky/heavens: both ‘star’ in the sky leading the ‘wisemen’ to birth of Jesus, symbolizing Christian extreme right notion of Trump bringing the apocalypse? So it’s perhaps also a supersonic maybe nuclear jet targeting America — part of their ideological insanity of destruction and war that they advocate for arguing it will bring Jesus back to earth? (Their reference to King James Bible: Corinthians ‘till the last trump has sounded)

    1. trump will have an astrteric in the history books as twice impeached. and he and the GOP see that as a badge of honor.

      1. The impeachments were fake….Just opportunities to make it look like the Democrats gave a S.

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