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ScheerPost Is Finalist for 8 SoCal Journalism Awards, Including Best News Website

The site is honored to announce our editor in chief, columnist, cartoonist and entire editorial team are finalists for several Southern California Journalism Awards.

The Los Angeles Press Club published the list of finalists for the 64th annual Southern California Journalism Awards on Monday, and ScheerPost’s staff are thrilled to announce they are in the running for eight prizes. The list honors work by ScheerPost’s editor in chief Robert Scheer, columnist Chris Hedges, cartoonist Mr. Fish, and the website’s editorial staff including Victoria Valenzuela, Diego Ramos, and Natasha Hakimi Zapata.

ScheerPost, which got its start in 2020 just as the Covid-19 pandemic began, is nominated under best news organization exclusive to the internet. Chris Hedges is nominated for best online columnist for his unmissable weekly columns, which you can read  here

ScheerPost Editor in Chief is a finalist for audio journalist of the year for his KCRW-hosted podcast “Scheer Intelligence.” Three episodes of the award-winning podcast, produced by Executive Producer Joshua Scheer, have also been nominated in several radio show categories, including personality interview and public affairs. The episodes being honored are Scheer’s interviews with activist Prof. Melina Abdullah “Black Lives Matter: ‘When We Fight, We Win’” in which the two discuss the incredible rise of BLM, “MLK/ FBI” director Sam Pollard “The FBI’s Crusade Against MLK Was Darker Than You Think,” and scholar Tony Platt on how “California’s Grim Genocidal Past Implicates the University of California.”

Mr. Fish has been nominated for his editorial cartoon, “Happy Indigenous People’s Day From Those Who Made It Possible,” which you can see in full below. 

Natasha Hakimi Zapata is nominated in the Foreign Correspondent category for her Nation piece “COVID-19 Is a Boon for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Buds” about the many ways Britain’s Conservative officials and their connections profited financially from the mass death event.

The winners of this year’s Southern California Journalism awards will be announced at a gala on June 25 at the Sheraton Universal Hotel. 


  1. Robert Scheer is a throwback to a bygone era of investigative reporting. He is a journalist. Period. The guest journalist, like Chris Hedges, are also journalists.
    So much of what passes as journalism is just garbage. Corporate propaganda.
    Most Americans ignored the major news outlets because they have been totally compromised.
    The old dogs, like Robert Scheer, Seymour Hersh, John Pilger and Brian Toohey, and younger avatars of journalism like Glenn Greenwald, Aaron Mate and Max Blumenthal, are still reporting stories that need to be read because the corporate media has abdicated its role in publishing them.
    This is what happens when billionaires begin buying the newspapers and radio stations in America..!!..
    This is what happens when equity companies begin buying newspapers and lay off most of the staff..!!..
    Let’s us thank god that Robert Scheer and his staff are still fighting the good fight.
    America needs Scheer and all the rest of the excellent “journalists” who refuse to sell out..!!…

    1. and the real problem is, we have 2 generations of Americans who have been fed this pablum – much to the detriment of the nation as well as to the corporate fools

  2. Fantastic. Scheer is the best. I read Scheer Posts daily and pass them on to family & friends…


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