1. I totally hate guns, period. But the problem in the U.S. is this: If a-holes like cops, the military, and organized criminals can have guns, then regular people should be able to have them also. We need to repeal the Second Amendment and take EVERYONE’s guns away, including cops (the military is more complicated for obvious reasons, but what I’d really like to do is to get all explosive weapons like guns off the planet).

  2. Yep, take away the guns if you like, if you can.
    But the problem is a sick America without a leadership.
    Instead it has a Mafia type structure and head is all.
    And that permeates the whole nation.
    Without guns to express their hatred, sickness, insanity they’ll have to do what? Arson? Contaminate foods in supermarkets? Gas? Bombs? Suicide bombs? Hijacks?
    The problem is sick people in a sick society.
    A sick society because of a sick ‘leadership’ which is no leadership at all.

  3. The second most poisonous soup on the planet, after the Bombs, Bombs, Bombs EVIL of the Military Industrial Complex.

  4. Talking to a gun lover about regulation is like talking to an addict about meth or heroin. Not long into the therapy session you realize you are not having a conversation with a person, but with the addictive substance itself. The idea of talking into a muzzle is hopeless. No matter what you say or offer, the only possible response is, “Pow-pow, you’re dead.”

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