1. 1. Even if Peltier killed the cop, which he didn’t, he would still have been in the right. The FBI were invaders on Native land and deserved whatever they got.

    2. Peltier is innocent and has been framed and railroaded by the FBI.

    I was advocating for this in the 1980s. I won’t say it’s too late, because any release before Peltier dies is better than him dying in prison, but this is becoming less meaningful by the second.

  2. Well done Bernie;
    even as an Australian I am aware of Leonard’s persecution.

    But persecution of those who exercise their democratic rights and responsibilities seems to be something that US administrations – and my own is no exception to this rule – specialise in.

    Today, the rejection of Roe v Wade now sets countless American women in the cross-hairs of dubious lawmakers and enforcers.

  3. the sheepdog fascist that described a real socialist, Hugo Chavez as a “dictator”….your corrupt irrelevance obvious….another fake gesture…no accident the fascist says nothing about Assange

  4. Way to go Bernie.
    Free Leonard Peltier Now!
    And Julian Assange too!

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