1. If you need to explain that much for us to understand the image we have a failure. Also using and age old and unrelated symbol very confusing. Another more successful try perhaps?

    1. The image behind that of DaVinci’s man was the symbol for female. Now you get it?

  2. It’s not just women’s rights , it’s everyones’ rights ( all of us that are not Elites and face the realities of day -to-day existence) and with massive hikes in fuel prices, and the cost of living, this is literally true. A decline into a new dark age.

  3. That’s just really insightful as well as terribly foreboding. It’s a great piece, Dwayne.

    1-Abortion reversal
    2-Anyone can pack a weapon now, re NY gun reversal
    3-Reversal of Miranda rights

    This court is moving fast and bringing on the bullets.
    If you’re an investor, put your money into prisons, holsters and emergency medicine

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