1. Ahh . . .

    Seeing lots of posts about Roe v Wade saying, “I’m so horrified with what this country has become! This has gone too far!”

    Really? When was it better?

    In the 10s, when we bombed 8 countries, annihilated Libya, armed fascist Ukraine and tried to do the same in Syria?

    In the 00s, when we killed 1 million Iraqis, let Wall Street off scott-free for robbing a generation of their livelihood, tried to destroy Venezuela, and suspended all due process for anyone a fed thought might be a “terrorist?”

    In the 90s, when we passed the laws that created the worst incarceration state in human history, locked Haitian refugees in concentration camps in Florida, initiated broken windows policing, bombed Belgrade into oblivion, and illegally dismantled the USSR/Eastern Bloc, leaving economic and social wreckage which remains to this day?

    Or maybe it was the 80s, when we shipped crack into the hood to create a drug war, armed right-wing death squads in Nicaragua, and ignored AIDS?

    The 70s, when we were still in Vietnam, armed and trained Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, and the FBI eliminated all meaningful political dissent for good by assassination, imprisonment or deportation?

    Or did you mean the 60s, when we invaded Southeast Asia and waged war on man and nature for a decade, had a deeply co-opted Civil Rights movement which met violent resistance, before women’s rights were even on the table?

    No? Then the 50s? When we initiated a nuclear arms race, committed genocide in Korea, and built a culture of mass consumerism on a foundation of racism and patriarchy?

    Why is *this* the breaking point for so many? Why are we so deeply lost in petit bourgeois individualism that nothing means anything until it could affect us ourselves, or our prevailing causes celebres?

    The reaction of the white petite bourgeoisie (for those unfamiliar with the term, I’m basically talking about the liberal middle class) to Roe and to Covid, placed next to their total indifference to global and domestic rape and plunder for generations, tells us all we need to know about who is on the side of humanity on earth.

    America has always been a hyper-individualist death cult.

    Join a revolutionary organization today, or if you can, leave this shithole and build power elsewhere on earth.

    By JFC

    …. Or read, Jim “Fergie” Chambers,


    1. It is all of a piece. There is no way that the violence, perversion, and insanity characterized by Empire cannot return to the homeland. There is no way the violence done to working class people cannot affect their minds and make them vulnerable to the first demagogue coming along who offers them relief from their suffering: it is the Blacks, it is the Mexicans, it is abortion, it is the gays, and so on so they do not look at the social order as it really is, what it has become.
      As a man born at the time of the bomb, I do not really know, but I believe many women take one look at this order and choose not to bring a baby into it. I believe that many people look at the order and choose not to breed.
      The fascist order needs babies and breeders, so it punishes or coerces those who do not go along with the program.

    2. Thanks, Paul+Haeder for the link to Jim’s article (and many others sites I would not hear about otherwise), which helped me understand the dissonance I’ve felt around the abortion protests. From Jim Chamber’s essay:

      “Socialism is never idealism, it is the tool with which we address the material contradictions in our society, and so necessary abortion is available without question in a socialist society, because there is a human need for it, in many cases. What socialist states don’t usually do, as much of our culture has done, is fetishize abortion above all other causes, and idolize it, because Socialism creates the material conditions wherein abortion becomes far less of a necessity, because resources and education lead to less unwanted pregnancy, and because economic security and public infrastructure make child-bearing and family planning viable for the masses.”


      “The United States has always been a hyper-individualist death cult. It is a society built for the wealthy few, and those they deem useful. Political education, activism, the non-profit world, and mass media are all reflective of this reality.”

      1. You’ve defined a form of capitalism that is driven by debt and debt , only. The monetary model is incomplete. Debt-free assets are sitting in hoards all over the world just itching to make their market entrance by the hand of the grass roots consumer.

      2. From 2009, same old same old dirty rotten capitalism:


        Hero, Michael Parenti,

        Well, we should understand that the problem we’re facing is one which has to do with equity and fairness, that when the foundation gets consumed, the apex gets bloated, it’s going to collapse. And that’s just what’s happened. We had eight years of a president telling us that the economy was doing very well, and for his guys, it was doing very well. But in those eight years, wages remained flat or actually declined. And what we had here is so much money and nowhere to put it anymore. But that’s because there were no people below able to consume and buy the things they were supposed to buy. The assumption was that the housing market would just continue to go up and up and up, so you can do all these finaglings, but there weren’t enough people to buy these new houses. You had, in 2006, five people doing the work. By 2007, four workers were doing the work that it took five to do in 2006. That was a 20 percent increase in productivity, but there wasn’t any 20 percent or ten or five or three percent increase in income to those workers. People are just working harder and harder for less and less.

        And the goal really — the goal is really to bring America to a closer resemblance to Indonesia. The goal is to avoid Denmark and get Indonesia. I mean, they say things like that. In 1978, a number of these financiers came out and said, “This country is just heading for a social democracy, and we don’t want that.” I mean, they used the term “social democracy.” They’re aware of these things. A few months ago in The New Yorker, there was an article about how Republicans had a loss for issues, and one of them said, “Well, the reason we’re at a loss is because we’ve accomplished all we wanted to. We’ve destroyed the social democracy.” And that’s their goal.

        And if you listen to them now, I mean, it’s fascinating and outrageous. They’re talking about doing nothing, just putting a cap on all spending, that the market is in a stage of correction. They use terms like “correction” or “adjustment.” They don’t mind recessions. Recessions are fine. It allows them to buy up smaller companies at bargain prices. It disciplines labor. It humiliates and beats back people. And this, I think, is what we’re facing. And I’m infuriated by the Republicans in the Congress and the way they’re going at this. The only passion they show is to protect the tax cuts for the super rich. That seems to be the only interest they have.

        JUAN GONZALEZ: Michael Parenti, I’d like to ask you, in terms of this — we’re almost a year now into this — into the beginning of the unraveling of this crisis, yet there’s been no attempt so far to have any kind of reforms, of regulation. We still have a situation where a huge portion of the financial system is consumed with all of these derivatives and credit defaults, while it’s not even in your normal banking procedures. How do see this, in terms of your sense of a self-inflicted apocalypse of finance capital?

        MICHAEL PARENTI: Well, I argue that one of the functions of a capitalist state is to defend capitalism from itself, to defend capitalism from the capitalists. It was Marx — dare we mention him? I hear he’s coming back in style. It was Marx who said one capitalist will kill many other capitalists, that the system begins to consume itself. We see that with Bernard Madoff and the like.

        And it’s not merely because of a number of wicked personalities, because these personalities are brought to the fore. Those are the people who get the rewards. Those are the people who — yes, and what we need are drastic sets of regulations, and there hasn’t been enough talk. We just got a vague reference to it here, Geithner referencing and saying, well, it’s going to be a little bit of a different camp, a little more responsible, accountable maybe. But as far as actual regulations, we haven’t seen it.
        The free market does not work. It’s not free. It’s not really a market; it’s a plunder. And it has to be done away with.

        The Federal Reserve just went — while we had this $750 billion stimulus package, which was passed by Congress, the Federal Reserve printed up — it can print up money and create money — and handed out over $2 trillion to the financial community in America, with no accountability, no debate in Congress and very little notice.

        Well, the significance is that we’re going to — I mean, that’s our money, that it becomes real money when it becomes debt, and we’ve got to pay it.

        You see, the Republicans were never against debt; they were the biggest debt spenders there ever was. When Ronald Reagan came into office, the national debt was $800 billion. When he left office, it was $2.5 trillion. I mean, it was OK with him to spend. He also put in the biggest tax program that ever was, but it was a regressive tax. It was a Social Security tax on tens of millions of people. When George Bush, Sr. came in, the national debt went from $2.5 to $5 trillion. Clinton — I’ll give him credit for that one thing — he did try to go for solvency. But when you got to George Bush, Jr., for eight years, the debt has gone from $5 trillion to $10 trillion. And these Republicans were voting for that all along. All these spending bills were theirs. So, you see, they don’t mind debt, because debt is really a way of upward distribution. You tax the common people, and you give the money to rich creditors. It’s a very regressive way of redistributing wealth upward. So debt is fine with them.

  2. Why don’t you just take care of the debt problem and the rest will fall into line.

  3. To confess my honest truth, I thought the “The Handmaid’s Tale” a bit too much for any dark prediction. I mean how on earth would they be able to enforce it. But what can I say? It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

  4. Abortion remains a consumer option for those who can afford them. Obviously, the poor never could. Medicaid covered abortions in only a handful of states, and ONLY if the pregnancy endangered the woman’s life. Several states chose to close their abortion clinics, but abortions remain available in most states.

  5. We are all slaves now in one way or another. Until you acknowledge that fact and stand united to confront your masters, they will continue to use these social issues to divide and subjugate us. To address any single tentacle of this giant globalist vampire squid is to be slayed by all the others….you must confront the monster directly and go for the heart or your going to be just another victim.

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