1. Excellent analogy! …

    Am not a cartoonist, so the “image” i like to invoke is that of “we the people” as ducks sitting in an increasingly polluted pond – with a set of hunters at each end, each promising to protect us from the other. So we swim to one end and get shot, then we swim to the other – and get shot, and we do this over and over and … At the end of the day the hunters store their weapons, and get together over a beer and – a duck dinner …

    Meanwhile there is a cleaner pond upstream with no hunters that we could swim to – but we don’t and that is the tragedy ….

    1. so true, the only choice is obvious…Vote OTHER…but people just like being shot, it seems? Why? One would have to ask them…I always vote OTHER,,,always have and always have and always will. To vote lesser of 2 evils, which all D and R voters will admit, is to support evil…not a good place on that final day (knowingly supporting evil), is it?

  2. Socrates nailed the failure of democracy over twenty five hundred years ago.

    He said that people’s votes were too easily swayed by the words of evil people. For every intelligent and informed voter there is always ten or twenty absolute idiots who will fall for anything. In all those centuries the people have learned absolutely nothing and are now slaves to the power elite…in the name of democracy.

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