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The Infernal Manchin Machine

Can Dems pass anything at all through Manchin's buzzsaw?

By Khalil Bendib / Other Words

Can Dems pass anything at all through Manchin’s buzzsaw?

Khalil Bendib
Khalil Bendib

Khalil Bendib is the cartoonist.


  1. The dismal Dems are using Joe Manchin as an alibi for their pathetic and ineffective party – it started long before him. Unfortunately, we are left with the criminal authoritarian party because the duopoly has made a 3rd party all but impossible.

    1. John Ressler
      You are right. When the DNC lied about Jill Stein and Tulsi Gabbard instead of supporting the obviously better presidential options, and shoved the war-hawk, senile Biden down our throats, we knew we would never be allowed to have a good president who cares about the citizens of the US and the rest of the world.

  2. If it wasn’t Manchin it would be somebody else.

    He’s a feature not an anomaly.

    1. The Dems are the masters of the “rotating villain” method. They always have D villain to stop any policy to help the people, and another to vote make sure anti-people GOP policy passes. Next cycle, Manchin will retire with his millions, and another “Blue” betrayer will step into the slot. Just think, Biden was that Democrat for decades.

  3. without Manchin dems would impose more fascism—they prefer the corruption of Pelosi, Schumer, sanders and Biden

  4. Yes, we live in an oligarchy. We have for awhile. Authoritarianism is the default setting of humanity.

    “A handful of powerful men have always manned the helm of the human condition”.

  5. Why, Manchin’s the greatest Dem excuse for failure and inaction since Joe Lieberman. Remember him?

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