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Biden’s Continuation of ‘Maximum Pressure’ on Iran

The new sanctions announced by the White House come ahead of the U.S. president’s Middle East trip next week, which will include stops in Israel and Saudi Arabia.
President Joe Biden talks on the phone with King Salman of Saudi Arabia Wednesday, February 9, 2022, in the Oval Office of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

By Brett Wilkins / Common Dreams

Progressive Middle East watchers this week condemned the Biden administration’s targeting of 15 firms and people in at least five countries allegedly linked to the sale and shipment of Iranian petroleum products in violation of U.S. economic sanctions.

In announcing the new sanctions, the U.S. Treasury Department cites an executive order signed in 2018 by then-President Donald Trump as the basis for penalizing petrochemical companies and individuals based in Iran, China, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.

Meanwhile, the State Department said in a statement that “the United States has been sincere and steadfast in pursuing a path of meaningful diplomacy to achieve a mutual return to full implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA),” commonly called the Iran nuclear deal.

“It is Iran that has, to date, failed to demonstrate a similar commitment to that path,” the statement contended, echoing U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s suggestion that Iran, not the U.S. — which reneged on the agreement under Trump—is to blame for challenges hampering the latest efforts to revive the JCPOA. 

Assal Rad, research director at the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), pushed back against an attempt by Blinken to blame Iran for the JCPOA impasse.

“The U.S. pulled out of the JCPOA under Trump and rather than acknowledge this and seriously pursue diplomacy, the Biden administration has forced Iran to choose between unreasonable concessions or more sanctions which kill the Iranian people,” the peace group CodePink tweeted. “It’s really that simple.”

Middle East policy expert Sina Toossi tweeted that it was the U.S., not Iran, that needs to show its willingness to revive the nuclear deal.

“The Biden administration’s ‘commitment’ to returning to the JCPOA can only be demonstrated by taking serious steps to rebuild trust and bring the U.S. back into compliance, not by doubling down on Trump’s failed and self-defeating policies,” he said.

Trita Parsi, executive director of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, lamented that President Joe Biden “is continuing and embracing Trump’s max pressure policy, while expecting a different result.”

“All of this could have been avoided if Biden just returned to the JCPOA via executive order, as he did with Paris and the WHO,” he added, referring to the U.S. rejoining the Paris climate agreement and World Health Organization after Trump-era disengagement.

The new sanctions come ahead of Biden’s Middle East trip next week, which will include stops in Israel and Saudi Arabia, two erstwhile foes increasingly united by their common enemy, Iran

As Paul Pillar of Georgetown University’s Center for Security Studies notedTuesday, the upcoming trip also comes amid “increasing talk about the United States getting more deeply committed to anti-Iran security arrangements on the side of Arab states of the Persian Gulf, especially Saudi Arabia and Israel.”

NIAC policy director Ryan Costello last week accused the Biden administration of eschewing JCPOA revival in favor of “planning to bend the knee to [Saudi Crown Prince] Mohammed bin Salman in an apparent attempt to lower oil prices.”

“A restored Iran deal can do far more to lower global oil prices, and it would have tangible benefits for U.S. security by removing the twin threats of a nuclear-armed Iran and a devastating war over Iran’s nuclear program,” Costello asserted. “It’s not too late for Biden to make the right call.”

Brett Wilkins
Brett Wilkins

Brett Wilkins is a staff writer for Common Dreams.


  1. Who appointed the US to judge and punish other sovereign nations? The US isn’t the “policeman” of the world, it’s the “hit-man” of the world.

    1. The “Quiet American” Empire is this Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Racist Propagandist Criminal Ecocidal & ‘War-Starting’ EMPIRE

  2. Don’t be stupid. Peace and removal of nuclear threats are not the agenda of those in power (and that is not Biden). Depopulation is obviously their agenda, and a world war has been fomenting. Sides are being taken, and Iran is with Russia and China. The US has forced them into that stance, as the US has done to all principled and independent seeming nations, those who have not totally bent their knees to Romerican Empire rule. But Russian and China’s rulers are also under the same entities the US is. While world war is imminent, the real battle is between the extremely rich and powerful evil ones and everybody else. with pawns in the military and police used as the tools of the powerful.

    1. Michael, I like your descriptive term for the Romarican Empire — which I typically call the “Quiet American” Empire — but your name is also very accurate

      1. My book ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH is subtitled THE GROWTH AND MECHANISMS OF THE ROMERICAN EMPIRE. it has true unaltered and authentically accurate and different historical accounts, character assessments of the nation and its leaders , debunks much we have been told, gives the real rulers, and has a blueprint for an ideal civilization outside the boxes of thinking as promoted in the education system ( I prove it was developed by Rockefeller)

      1. I tried several time to respond by copying and pasting part of yesterday’s newsletter. It would not allow it. But there is hope if we fight. There are some within the military who will fight for us. In addition, military recruitment is low, they cannot get soldiers to join

        Enlistment into the military in the US is down to the lowest since the unpopular Vietnam war. Remember that there was a draft for that war, and youth are required to register for the draft now. I recommend not doing so. The article here suggests that wokism in the military is not popular. Maybe so.

        But I am thinking vaccinations, depopulation agenda, and a military recruitment video showing soldiers in the dark stalking the “enemy”, and the message I get from that advertisement is; “we will be evil, prowling the shadows to kill citizens”- youth are refusing to be bought. Kudos.

        A little encouragement regarding the military and other sections within the government. Back in 2016, a few months after I published EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE, and a month or two before I was first incarcerated for my writings, I saw an open letter in the internet saying that 60,000 men in green were willing to fight for the people. It made clear that they were going to fight FOR THE PEOPLE, mention of a nation or government was not included.

        Furthermore, it was hinted to me that while I was in TRENTON STATE PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL, that some of the staff had been told to kill me. I am still here, and had received leadership training and much more there instead. Yes, it was hell. The most beneficial hell.

        Not all of the devil’s servants really serve the devil. What informed righteous person wants his nation which is run by obviously evil puppets to conquer other peoples in battle? Can you spell S A B O T A G E?

        I can only hope that there are some righteous, courageous, and intelligent military men. The top brass are spineless and will do as ordered to by the Pentagon.

        weaponize yourselves, and fight for our lives and for the freedom of our children. THere is hope. But we have to make it happen.

  3. The US is a rabid dog. When open war breaks out, our people will be fighting the Russians, Chinese, and Iranians at the same frigging time. Suicide by stupid.

    1. In case you have not noticed, other nations are allying with others, taking sides. Venezuela, Cuba, some South American nations, etc. have allied with RUssia and China. For the most part, many African nations are refusing to get involved, but will be dealt with by other means. The US has been taking measures of what is meant to be self-interest in other nations such as Australia, Japan, ISrael, Saudis, Canada, Europe, etc.. world war 3 is coming, and it may be nuclear. You may want to enlist in my newsletter (free) with books attached. Here is 10% of yesterday’s newsletter

      Two thirds of the planet’s population has taken at least one covid vax.

      We have seen the Georgia Guidestones come down, and the message and warning on them was clear- that the powers have planned a world population of 500 million. More than 93% of human beings will be “eliminated” …by 2025. That said, here is a forecast from Deagel, now mostly removed from their website, but we can still get evidence.

    2. More from yesterday’s newsletter

      U.N. article on why the planet is undergoing famine in the very near future (starting in the US in one month)

      How fascism (corporatism) is manipulating the world into the shape they want it to be like, using the proxy war in Ukraine.

      Yesterday, the newsletter suggested that you store water. Here is why.

      There is great water shortages. We are aware that there has been technology and capability to create rain by “seeding” clouds since the 1950s, and that HAARP controls storms and other weather aspects. Why don’t they use that? There is obviously a devious agenda.

      Practicing Free speech is now considered to be sedition.

      This short video is especially for those who think our rulers are voted in and care who we vote for. I have shown that the so-called statesmen do not create legislation, that they are just actors, and that the Trilateral Commission makes US laws. The ballot machines are owned by the Bush family and operated by the CIA. Our votes are completely useless. Politicians are placed in direct correlation with their proven loyalty to the globalist agenda. Think Epstein.

      1. Not all that Brighteon states is true, as is the case with CNN, CBS. FOX, and establishment news media.

        >>>>>Former CIA Deputy Director Ray S Cline called the American news media: “the only unfettered espionage agencies in the country.” In exchange for career-enhancing scoops and leaks, reporters alter stories and disseminate propaganda at the request of the CIA. For decades, hundreds of journalists have maintained covert associations with the CIA, and are paid for their services to it.

        Former CIA director William Colby stated: “Let’s not pick on some poor reporters. Let’s go to the managements. They were witting.” Tom Braden headed the CIA’s Global Propaganda Operation; after leaving it, he worked as a syndicated columnist and co-host of CNN Crossfire. He once wrote an article in the Saturday Evening Post, called: “Why I’m Glad the CIA is Immoral.”

        Embarrassing revelations by Carl Bernstein in Rolling Stone magazine in 1977 included the following statement: “There is ample evidence that America’s leading publishers allowed themselves and their news organizations to become handmaids to the intelligence services.”

        The NY Times ran a three- part series on the CIA and media shortly later, disclosing that at various times, the CIA owned or subsidized over fifty newspapers, news services, radio stations, periodicals, book publishers and news entities, most of which were overseas. A CIA official told the Times: “We had at least one newspaper in every foreign capital at any given time.” Page 117.

        CIA documents display that the US public was targeted by CIA propaganda. A July 13th, 1951 memo stated the CIA’s beginnings of mind control operations: “broad and comprehensive, involving both domestic and overseas activities.” Another CIA document of that time explained that CIA officers met regularly to exchange ideas regarding “the broader aspects of psychology as it pertains to the control of groups or masses rather than the mind of an individual.”


        So you see that all establishment news media are now dominated by the CIA. Brighteon material is sensationalist, but often true. I do some reality checking before publishing. I suggest that you look at all news sources as you do brighteon.

    3. They are not stupid. They are puppets working for elites within the Vatican and globalists, and they have a depopulation agenda. The stupid ones are those that believe the establishment news and the narrative that votes count. The Bush family owns the ballot machines which are operated by the CIA. We don’t know which actor we voted for in many decades. How many lies and broken promises will it take for the populace to figure out that simple equation. THe rulers have no desire to benefit us. They work for those who pay them, and who blackmail them. Think Epstein. Maxwell’s father was high up in Mossad, she was an intelligence asset, and the one really in charge.

  4. —the govt reflects the immorality of the population…the unknowable concept–“standard of living” exists in USA due to imperialism—murder and torture. the most recent target by emperor gates is Hungary…of course will not permit the senile vegetable to remain. the peasants will continue as robots, the empire will collapse.
    “Those that vote abdicate their power”.
    ‘Elections: A Trap for Fools’. JP Sartre

  5. Biden is a clear present threat to the USA and to Earth. What has he done to mitigate the pain of climate catastrophe, of obscene wealth abyss of working people (and the whole 99%) to Fat Money, of women losing their authority over their own bodies (sorry, executive order is too little too late), of the citizenry bent from exorbitant educational debt, of the citizenry’s increasing dis-empowerment via voter suppression, of the aged pushed into private equity for-profit run Medicare (dis-)advantage plans, of workers discounted by absence of national minimum wage, of the nulling of social programs advancing the health and material well being of the citizenry at home in favor of empiric games aimed toward zapping China’s King of the Heap status, of the dismantling of the USA Postal service, of a citizenry and our children unprotected from insane gun laws, of the citizenry’s loss of rights and protections under a corrupt, theocratic, corporate minded, rigid conservative Supreme Court majority inoculated from justice by Presidential rejection of pressure for an expanded Court, of the social injustice wreaked on Blacks by unchecked militarism and racism of police departments….the list goes on. But his central, most grievous, most profound moral failing is his total collusion with Big Oil to blind our people to the existential requirement now to pull a WW2 all hands on board to halt the hubris culture and activate scientifically based massive efforts to mitigate climate catastrophe. To become “The” inspirational model for all nations in tackling protections for our children. How has Biden not become one of the active conscious agents of Earth’s and Democracy’s suicide?

  6. When “common sense” is the victim of counterproductive raw politics, everyone is the loser in the end. Clearly America’s continuing hostility and unreasonable demands have little to no chance whatsoever of getting Iran to give up is nuclear weapons program and simply cave-in to the unreasonable US demands. The US is to blame for the current impasse in negotiation, not Iran. Pax American can no longer “bully” nations to accede to our demands and mindlessly follow our dictates. In an interconnected, interdependent world, no country can simply hold sway over all others. It’s futile to think you can. The world is changing; it’s time for America to understand that realty and start behaving accordingly. If we continue to refuse to do that, it will only impoverish this country but spell the end of our democracy.

    1. PEter, don’t be stupid. Biden and other politicians can think. What they cannot do is to disobey the agenda of the real rulers. Do you think that all our politicians are totally braindead? Biden, I get it, looks like it. But the reality is that they are all actors. Biden is pretending senility to allow for the most gross acts of war and forcing a bio-weapon that destroys the immune system, along with other effects, on the people, not out of stupidity, but due to being a puppet for evil entities. the Vatican.

    2. “spell the end of our democracy.”

      I dispute the future tense. It should be written in the past tense. A recent headline put the polling number for “Americans who think that the country is headed in the wrong direction” as over 80%. That is impossible for a democracy.

      A democracy is the system where the people hold the power. In such a system, it is impossible for the country to be headed in the wrong direction. If the system has some anti-democracy features, like rigid terms of office, then perhaps people might feel the country is headed in the wrong direction for a short time, until the overly rigid system can correct itself.

      But, it is impossible for a democracy to have a large majority of people saying that the country is headed in the wrong direction for years if not decades in a row. If you see that poll result, what it is saying is loudly and clearly that this is not a democracy.

      The last President to be uniformly popular was John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who, IIRC averaged over 70% ‘approval’ rating during the time he was President before he was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on Nov. 23, 1963.

      1. The presence of ‘elections’ does not create a ‘democracy’.

        A society can have Elections without having a Democracy.
        A society can have Democracy without having Elections.

        The first is obvious, as there are numerous examples of dictators who have elections. The second might seem more obscure, but remember that the purest form of democracy is a ‘direct’ democracy where the people gather to make decisions themselves, and never elect others to ‘represent’ them.

    3. Two things, Peter. Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapons program. They are not even close to weapons grade uranium enrichment. They’ve been inspected by the IAEA, at least before Mr. Trump pulled the U.S. out of the agreement and that was found to be so. Our democracy ended some time ago. In order to have a democracy the people must have knowledge of what is going on so they can steer the government. You, me and others who take the time to read and comment on the articles are exceptions.

  7. Just like to remind the world that the U. S., Saudi Arabia, and Israel are the world’s leading terrorist countries, not Iran. And sanctions don’t persuade citizens to overthrow repressive governments. Instead, they impose impossible burdens on them that distract them from doing any such thing, assuming that they’d want to anyway.

    The U. S. is the bully of the world, all in the name of maintaining global economic domination.

  8. All becomes clear when the present years are referred to as “Trump’s 2nd Term”

    All they did was change actors for the lead role. But, the policies, across the board, remain the same. Iran in just one area. The tax cuts for Billionaires have been confirmed. And Biden’s pile of American corpses from COVID is starting to put Trump’s to shame.

    Trump’s 2nd Term.

  9. That you consider the US to ever have been a democracy is the deception. The founding fathers were wealthy lawyers, landlowners with slaves. “Equality, liberty, ” are just rhetoric.

    >>>Now, in the American Revolutionary War, the colonists had no real chance of victory. England had twenty times the wealth and population of the colonies. Mayer Amschel Bauer, founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty and of the illuminati, owned the king, and had extended unlimited credit to the king, having arranged contracts permitting Rothschild’s tax collectors to represent and collect taxes from the king’s subjects. He is the one who said: “Allow me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who writes the laws.”

    Bauer suggested to the king that he finance the colonists in their revolution, and bring the colonists to their knees in debt. King George accomplished that by using his appointed figurehead in France to “join” the colonists against England monetarily. Thus, the Rothschilds bought America as well. Much of the loans from the French went into the founding father’s pockets.

    The majority of the decisions and passing of events was factored by the agency of the freemasonry (who was knowingly worshiping Satan), as most of the leaders belonged to the secret Christian societies. Mayer Amschel Bauer (Rothschild) formed the illuminati with former Jesuit Adam Weishaupt in 1776, and in July of 1782, it officially joined forces with freemasonry at the congress of Wilhelmsbad.

    When the cost of the war placed sufficient debt on the colonists (and Britain), the English soldiers withdrew, recovered their arms, and within eight years, returned to England. The colonists proclaimed themselves as victorious, letting their adversaries exit peacefully. Later, in 1785, the treaty of peace between King George, The Roman Catholic Church, and representatives of the United States was agreed upon and signed.


  10. Bye Bye Byeden & DMFI are the cold-hearted core of this EMPIRE

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