2nd Amendment Biden Admin Gun Violence Video

Father of Parkland Victim Calls Out Biden During New Gun Laws Celebration

Manuel Oliver, who campaigned for and voted for President Biden, calls out the half-measures that the President's new gun laws really are.


  1. Biden’s law is worthless. Just more much ado about nothing.
    Most days I and millions of others operate something that can be very lethal. Our motor vehicles! So we can exercise our First Amendment right to assemble. Our motor vehicles are titled, registered, and insured. Operators are tested and adjudicated safe, or else the license is revoked.

    Guns must be titled, registered, insured, and owners proven to be responsible. Just as bus drivers need higher levels of proven capability, and ratcheting up to airline pilots, more lethal guns need higher criteria.
    And insurance commensurate.

    1. The abbreviated video title reads, “Biden heckled by fat . . . ” I of course flashed on Cracker Joe calling that citizen who gave him an earful on the campaign trail a couple years ago “fat.”
      All in all, more absurd and pointless theater, as Biden’s poll numbers continue to plummet. Next stop Riyadh, where Joe will go with his hat in his hand and beg forgiveness from MBS after his intemperate remarks on that same campaign trail mentioned above. MBS is likely still super-pissed with Cracker Joe, so it should be fun to see. Fat!

    2. It’s pointless enacting laws that would be struck down as unconstitutional; the Constitution does say , after all, “… shall not be infringed”. This is all theater without a constitutional amendment, or an end-around the Constitution by packing SCOTUS with non-originalists. Any politician that tells you otherwise is just lying to you.

  2. Biden is king-queen of liars.

    Remember that useful idiot on The Intercept?

    “The evidence is in: Joe Biden has a habit of making things up. And it’s not just wrong — it could hurt him in a general election contest against Donald Trump.”

    Mehdi HasanMehdi Hasan

    The lies helped him. Compulsive. The entire family. And Biden wanted the book thrown at crack coke users, but for Hunter, hmm, $50K a month (more) from ZioLenskyy and Ukrainian Crew.

    IN MARCH, FORMER Joe Biden staffer Tara Reade went public with the explosive allegation that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden had sexually assaulted her in 1993. Since then, Democrats, in particular surrogates of the Biden campaign, have struggled to deal with the allegation. The Biden camp has categorically denied that any wrongdoing took place, but in the first presidential election of the #MeToo era, can he really afford to dismiss Tara Reade? The Intercept’s Ryan Grim, who recently broke new revelations in the story, joins Mehdi Hasan to discuss.

    Ryan Grim: She has always been conflicted about this question, because she certainly doesn’t want to be responsible for electing Donald Trump. But at the same time, she doesn’t want to stay silent.


    Biden has said, “I am not sorry for anything I have ever done.”


  3. Rightfully so. I fear that the small steps forward made with this legislation will be used as a reason to NOT make further progress for another 30 years. By then another600K+ Americans will have died at the hands of their fellow citizens by gun violence.

  4. “Sit down you’ll hear what I have to say.” (12 seconds in).
    Interpretation: “I am the Pres so sit down and shut-up, because I am the informed one.”

    And then the heavy comes in, and Biden softens his tack.

    Why is it that when a member of the public, who usually has no access to the media megaphone that a ‘leader’ has whenever they command, seeks to enunciate the inadequacy of long overdue legislation is referred to as ‘heckling’?

    Is there such a thing as ‘heckling’ in an open democracy.
    In this context ‘open’ definitely deserves to be heckled off the page.

  5. When a society is bent on self-destruction there isn’t much you can do about it. The Aussies and Kiwis were able to swiflty enact gun control laws when similar massacres happened in their land. Why can’t Americans bring themselves to do the same? How do you cure moral degradation??

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