1. And you fine Joe Biden to be an improvement? Wake-up! The Red/Blue duopoly’s killing American political discourse if not action. Besides, a Joe Biden Democratic is more likely a get us into nuclear exchange than Donald Trump, and that’s no exaggeration. This from a lifelong Democratic (45+yrs), raised by New Deal Democrats, children of the Great Depression, JFK supporters in stanchly conservative Orange County, ca in the 50s & 60s. In 2016, I had ENOUGH! The Democratic establishment torpedoed Bernie Sanders (again in 2020), and for what? Hiliary Clinton and then Joe Biden. Again, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I’m now with The People’s Party, look them up online.

    1. The cartoon isn’t about Joe Biden. Me commenting on the treachery of the Right is not an expression of support for the Left any more than me saying that bowel cancer sucks would be a commercial for the virtues of leukemia.

      1. Great analogy. I’m thinking those two parties may very well be more devastating than those two cancers.

      2. Do one for the Democrats, next please… You make a good point, in your reply…but in reality that could just as easily be Donkeys talking about Joe Biden – going down for his corruption in Ukraine under the Obama Regime, as the newly “Not Disinformation” evidence in his son’s laptops phones and iCloud accounts has shown, pretty clearly … Meanwhile Eva Bartlett is on a Ukrainian Nazi kill list – and Assange is set to be tortured to death, in a SuperMax…

        But good news – Britney Griner and a convicted US Spy are perhaps going to be traded for a Russian Arms dealer, and perhaps a Draft Pick, to be named later.

      1. Less accessible to prying eyes and “man in the middle” maliciousness – not to the visitors of the site. Https encryption is pretty standard, and requires no additional software for most internet browsers and users.

        We’re living in dark times – and you’re discussing sensitive things.

  2. Did Democrats ever figure out what to charge Trump for? As bizarre as the “discussion” has been, it appears that they want to string him up for… leading an insurrection? Seriously? The Jan. protest was an “insurrection” the way the 1968 Democrat Convention in Chicago was a “revolution.” In other words, both were protests-turned-riots. The people who are responsible for the protest turning into a riot are, indeed, the ones who are responsible. Not LBJ. Not Trump.

    1. Funny that you should bring up the Chicago ’68 events, relative to January 6th 2021. We now know that a certain percentage of the people present amongst protestors against the DNC and Vietnam war, in 1968 – were, in fact, Feds, Cops and ‘Agents Provocateurs’ – who were instrumental in shaping the way that things transpired in Chicago.

      So too, it appears to be the case, with the January 6th events. Ray Epps – is an obvious example. And then there’s this “Jayden X” character, who’d been spotted as an infiltrator, and then ostracized, by just about every BLM and “ANTIFA”(ascist) group in the country … https://thegrayzone.com/2021/01/12/chao-agent-right-wing-us-Capitol-riot-black-lives-matter/ . But he was still in contact with “The Proud Boys” – a group nominally run by a known Federal “informant”. The PBs were also prominent in the events of the day, though their informant/leader was put on ice, by the Feds, just prior to the event, for a series of crimes in the DC area, that he’d been allowed to commit with impugnity – right up until that point. The 3%ers were also involved – a group now known to be heavily infiltrated, if not entirely managed and run, by the Feds…

      Why do I bring all of this up? Because when asked in Congressional hearings about whether there were Feds on the scene, or involved in any of the acts of violence – both Merrick Garland, and a top FBI Spox refused to give any clear responses. It was all Glowmar denials and taking the 5th. So it isn’t wild-eyed speculation to suspect that the violence and “insurrection” was being managed and directed by the Feds, and Intelligence Agencies.

      Why would they do this? Well, in the Spring of 2020 the Department of Homeland Security had laid out, in testimony before Congress, plans for a “PATRIOT ACT II” designed to go after “Domestic Extremists”… So in order to give such legislation a ‘raison d’etre’ – and in order to provide political cover for the incoming Biden Regime, to ram that through Congress, and to target their political enemies – it appears that much of what we saw was being deliberately encouraged and allowed to occur, where it wasn’t directly stage managed and fomented.

      The attempts to censure or remove various rightwing/populist GOP Politicians – ostensibly for their roles in the events of January 6th, was laid out in a bill, put forward by incoming rookie “The Squad” Congresswoman Cori Bush. That bill was, IN FACT – filed before the events had even transpired – on January 5th. As was a bill for increased funding for-, and expansion of- The Capitol Hill Police, a police agency directly overseen by the Congressional Leadership. Now they have branch offices, in every major city, around the country. Included in the same bill, I believe, was funds to repair the damage, from a “riot” that hadn’t yet occurred, when the Bill was filed. So APPARENTLY – somebody knew what was coming…but still didn’t care enough to provide the sort of police presence that might have prevented things from getting out of hand.

      People who saw the tremendous shows of force on Capitol Hill, over the Spring and Summer of 2020, during BLM protests there, noticed the marked differences in police and military responses… This was amongst the anti-racist/anti-fascist left, seen as confirmation of the inherent police bias against them – and in FAVOR of the far right… But this is an example of “confirmation bias”, and a very simplistic reading, of the events of that day.

      On the weekend before January 6th, there were a few smaller protests on Capitol Hill, that were organized by the populist left, and supporters of Julian Assange. The level of overwhelming (and heavy-handed) police response, in those cases, was notable. One of the events was a protest against the ineffectual “Progressive” caucus of the Congressional Democrats, and their failure to #ForceTheVote on Medicare4All – by refusing to withhold support for Nancy Pelosi’s bid to return as Speaker, a position which requires a Majority of support to achieve. The “Progressives” had that one window of time, to use the leverage of their numbers, in the slim Democratic party majority in Congress, to force a vote out of Nancy Pelosi, on the Bills pending before Congress, that she has consistently refused to bring to the floor – and which Joe Biden had threatened to Veto. When that protest showed up at the Capitol Hill Office Buildings – they were met with a robust Capitol Hill Police response – that stringently enforced some local rulemaking about protesting Congress, from within the lines of the Congressional property.

      Some commenters noted that there were more cops than protestors at the (relatively small) rallies, and probably more cops assigned to it, than to the January 6th debacle and donnybrook. Both of the events over the weekend, and then the events of January 6th were covered by “The Convo Couch” and “Slow News Day” shows, from YouTube, Rokfin, etc.. The footage from the former show, was even used by Federal Prosecutors, (and then blatantly stolen by Corporatist Media like CNN), in connection with the prosecutions of some of the January 6th rioters.

      The assessment of the hosts of those shows, stands in sharp contrast to the picture painted of January 6th, by the Corporatist MOCKINGBIRD media. They saw vast swathes of peaceful and largely elderly people, who had turned out because of their belief that the election was stolen. The vast majority of them played no part in any of the violence or mischief, and never entered the Capitol.

      Like with Chicago ’68, January 6th was an event spun out of bounds with Federal assistance. And like the infamous trial of the “Chicago 8”, it appears that persecution of the Trump supporters from January 6th has been highly politicized, and oppressive. Dr. Simone Gold MD/JD , of America’s FrontLine Doctors (AFLDS.org) just began serving a 60 day prison sentence for “Trespassing “, in the People’s House on January 6th – despite the fact that Capitol Hill Police LET THE CROWD IN to the building, and the fact that she doesn’t appear to have caused any damage or injury, nor even demonstrably Breached the Peace, in any way. Others who were there at the protest were held in “deplorable” conditions, without bail for more than a year – to the cheers of most Democrats, and even some on the left, who were deceived and misguided… Certainly the precedents set, against protests against Congress and the Government – would never be used against the left (or even Democrats) with equal or even greater vigor, would they?!?! I suppose that we’ll find out soon enough, won’t we – as the Democrats are likely to lose control of the Congress, in the Fall elections…and Elephants are known for their long memories. One can only imagine what the Capitol Hill Police, and the Department of Homeland Security will have in store for protests by the left, once the political worm has turned.

    2. It is quite obvious that you haven’t been paying attention to the J6 Committee presentations. Been soaking your brain in some Faux Newslike stuff?

      1. Sounds like someone is TRULY CAPTIVATED, by the worst MeloDramedy Miniseries EVER… What you do think of the HEARSAY, that the Secret Service called a lie?

        Is Liz Cheney your hero, now?

        Just because you’re ignoring the DNCIA’s publicity stunts – doesn’t mean that you’re watching Faux sNooze, or are on the right politically. Bolton is a huge Scumbag…but he wasn’t lying. Trump wouldn’t know how to engineer a Coup or ‘Color Revolution’… You want to see what one of those looks like – try Kiev in 2014, or Bolivia in 2019. From what I’ve seen, Trump was just as set-up, as his lemming followers were.

  3. Another+WorldView+Is+Possible,

    What do you perceive to be the three major issues facing humanity, right now? Also, what would you proffer as a viable solution for each of them?

  4. The American Red/Blue situation is hopeless and serious.
    Our Electoral College is very much rigged in favor of GOP that Republicans could control the government forever by minority votes, Courts overturning results, state legislators de certification of votes, on and on.
    As in any other nation, or time in history, excessive power by one group over another group will always lead to violent conflicts and confrontations.
    A Confederate America is a near certainty because the gravity and weight of GOP power is unstoppable but will cause an equal and opposite reaction…. Eventually and one of these days.
    There are numerous articles and forecasts of another civil war and poll results are that a significant amount of Republicans are ready to go ballistic with loads of heavy arms.
    Critics of USA, compare our Democracy to that of Greek Sisyphus, thief and trickster, who was cursed to roll a huge Boulder up a mountain.

    Other countries are happy to join in or at least cheer/jeer for one of the sides.

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