1. Congress is a crime scene presiding over the raping of America. –Nelson Betancourt

    1. Nelson, I love your exposure of late-stage Capitalism being banged aside the head with Mr. Fish’s art work and your very accurate, seminal, and criminal take on this damned “Quiet American” EMPIRE.

      I was fortunate to have the chance to get this approved by “these ‘Times’ they are a-changing” (but too slowly) in Paul Krugman’s column yesterday.

      Paul, I’d go further and say, “Republicans Flail and Fail on Everything”.

      But, of course, remember what our own founders learned from their ‘deep reading’ of Roman history — that “the disease of Republics is Empire”.

      While we oft praised the founding of America, most of us have progressed over the years to a more modern and effective form of government as a (small ‘d’) democracy — most prominently by 1898, when Mark Twain helped found the “American ‘Anti-Imperialist’ League”, and more-so by 1932 when FDR drove forward a more equitable form of social democracy, which prospered until 1944, when FDR was certain to die in office by early ’45, and his brilliant VP, Henry Wallace, tried to progress further with socio-political economic equality for all Americans, but Wallace was physically blocked from taking the podium at the big ‘D’ Democratic Convention, although his popular vote by delegates was over 60%.

      While the contrived ‘Cold War’ blocked our country’s following the progressive ‘arc of history’, but President Eisenhower’s 1961 courage to expose the MIC, and JFK’s progress continued, until his assassination, the ‘long arc of history bending toward progress’ slowed dramatically for over four decades of ‘least worst’ voting cycles — which predictably got worse politically, economically, and with respect to the vast majority of Americans’ lack of equality, peace, justice, truth and freedom being reduced by the ‘long arc of history bending toward’ Empire.

    1. Even diabolically better if the vote can be hacked and flipped by software dating back to the election of 2000.

  2. Technically we have capitalism when corporations sent production overseas for cheap labour and environmental concerns but taxpayers are paying to bring back( socialism) those production, – – such as $52 billion for Chips.
    Technically we have capitalism when corporations buy cheap rare earths from China and now socialism when we subsidize mining companies to diversify away from a perceived threat.
    If it was not for military contracts(another form of socialism), many of our companies could not be profitable.
    Our politicians receives plenty of donations (capitalism) and then advances their agenda.
    Raising interest rates is a type of Capitalism where money flows to only whoever can afford it.
    In recessions, big banks and large corporations get bailouts (socialism), but ordinary people get capitalistic bankruptcy.
    Thanks to our invincible US currency we are able to achieve all these? Non sequiturs?

  3. I suppose I could argue that Trump was and is as much against industrial if not merchant capitalism as he was against democracy. How pathetic of him, who was all in favour of dragging people off the streets in unmarked cars so as to scare the rest of the population, to fake righteousness when he gets raided for flushing his true history down the toilet. And for Fox News to complain at all.

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