1. Must every conversation about politics automatically be a debate about the bifurcation of power in this country? Complaining about how daddy hits you does not excuse mommy’s tendency to spit in your food before she serves you dinner. One can criticize a reprehensible feature of one party without it signaling a blind eye toward a reprehensible feature of the other. For example, whenever there are swastikas painted on headstones or abortion doctors shot in the head or black families targeted by racists mobs or the human rights of those belonging to the LGBTQ community challenged or environmental protections delegitimized, it is never recognized as a perversion of the values perpetuated by the Democratic Party. It is practically always the contrary. Does this mean we should not start a conversation about how the Republican Party could be skewing its platform in a way that encourages intolerance of multiplicity, science, and human rights? Believe me, I’ve done just as many cartoons that target the DNC for its dishonest relationship with the military industrial complex, the retail industrial complex, and the surveillance industrial complex, not to mention its spineless refusal to follow through with meaningful social programs or the reining in of capitalism and the commodification of absolutely everything. “What about its support of Israeli terror against the Palestinians?” you’ll then ask. Yes, that too. “What about its influence on major media outlets to not report on elements of our foreign policy that could paint America as a thug and scumbag on the world stage?” Yes, that too. My point is that our targeting of assholes need not be diluted by the complaint that ALL assholes are going to be felled by a single bullet. “Are you promoting gun violence with that sentence?!” Oh, brother…

      1. Spot on Dwayne. What this country desperately needs are rudimentary skills in distinguishing contentious democracy from coordinated duopoly.

      2. Yes, Donald Trump’s an ass, and agreed, he needs to pay for his crimes. But what bothers me the most, was the position taken by the Obama administration concerning the crimes of George W. Bush& company: Crimes Against Humanity. Was there enough evidence to convict the participants in those crimes? More than enough! But what did the Obama administration do? “We need to move forward…” and other such platitudes designed to misdirect justice on the elite class. Boothdw, time to scream to the high heavens: ENOUGH! We as a people, We the People, must revolt against the duopoly of “The Evil of two lessors” and how do we do this? A strong, oppositional party, a third party, a working-class party, a Progressive/Populist Party made up from the working-class. A peaceful, non-violent revolution of non-cooperation which can do this: Refuse to go to work! Refuse to pay off debt (with the exception of personal debt to friends and/or family)! Refuse to pay rents and/or mortgages! Refuse to consume with the exception of the basic life sustaining commodities! And for this to succeed, it must be in the millions, the tens of million which will bring down the governmental duopoly along with their masters who finance these “high-class” WHORES in government. One last thing: We must stand together, workers of this nation, knowing full well, that if We the People do not act together, this nation will go down in complete ruin wherein “All-Hell” WILL break loose!

    2. right out of the trump-lie-can playbook

      oops, he got caught – so much sleaze, so many conned

  1. To the above commenters:

    What the USA needs is for the roughly half of us who are registered but don’t vote to vote every time in every election for ANYONE BUT the Rs and Ds. That alone would send a tsunami across the political spectrum. BUT, to REALLY put the proverbial last nails in the D and R coffins would be if we could get the roughly half of us who are NOT registered to vote but ARE eligible to register and do the same thing – vote EVERY time and ONLY vote for Non-D, Non-R candidates.

    That would literally revolutionize politics in the USA without anyone firing a shot. … Well, lets hope not, anyway.

    Oh, and to boot, it wouldn’t even require feet in the street, either! OR not buying things and depriving our already deprived lives…

    Let us keep in mind that given about 1/2 of us who can are not even registered to vote, and of those who are, only about half of us actually vote. AND, of THOSE, about half vote D and half R, that means that a half of a half of a half, or about 12.5% of us, put us in a near stalemate. Further, MOST of that about 25%, both of the roughly 12.5% groups, vote the way they do out of fear of the other side’s political party. . . .

    SO, the remaining 75% of us DWARF those groups. And, there are power in numbers… We MUST come to USE IT.

    … I therefore CANNOT UNDERSTAND those who think they’re not to blame for things because they claim that by not voting they’re not participating – that’s demonstrably false! … By not voting, you cede whatever little power you individually have to the ultra-rich and they thank you for your complicity!

    Wish I knew how to effectively get this message to the masses!

    1. Art, I couldn’t agree more that democracy is a participant sport.

      Unfortunately, the game has been engineered beyond the blatant insult that our two party electoral system has devolved into an blue/red ultimatum between arsenic and faster acting cyanide.

      Bev Harris is a courageous journalist who’s exposed how voting machines since 2000 have been rigged to ensure that ANY result outside of a screaming landslide, can be discretely flipped to a predetermined outcome.

      She’s coined the term “fraction magic” to describe how our votes are not only digitized, but criminally decimalized to achieve these outcomes…which destroys the moronic argument that “business genius” Donald Trump, somehow put a fast one over on the Deep State. (For the love of Christ!.. the moron runs CASINOS into bankruptcy…. Even pokerfaced Tillerson couldn’t keep that under his hat.)

      This is her website…. You want to bring a message to the masses?… Start with this one.


      1. Mike … I don’t have time RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT… Oops, sorry, some think that’s YELLING instead of providing emphasis! … However, I have a LOT I could say about this from a technical point of view, and … I SHOULD write an article about it, I suppose… Perhaps I can get back here tonight and try again after I get some critical work done – I was just taking a short break. … I have to get a car back roadworthy ASAP as it’ll be used to do a 4 hour round trip adventure tomorrow…

        Until then, sir.

      2. as an election judge, I disagree.
        the tally is correct – other than gore v FL

        the real voting crimes are in voter suppression by many methods; access to ballots boxes, distasteful politicking, top down candidate selection… the problems are enumerable but not with your individual vote but it has to make it to the ballot box

      3. Art, you never need to apologize for emphasis with me.

        The house I was raised in granted near immunity to volume.

        I do hope that you and many others will treat yourselves to Ms. Harris’s work.
        As Joe Stalin was fond of saying: “It not who votes that counts… it’s who counts the votes.”

      1. If you took the bolding as yelling, well, that’s unfortunate.

        Unfortunately, here we don’t have any reasonable means of emphasis, and this is the old-school way of trying to provide bolding. Would you prefer _that_we_provide_emphasis_like_this?_ I could do that if you want.

        And if there IS a way to provide emphasis, “I’m all ears.”

        However, to lose the message over that is, well SUPER unfortunate. -shrug-

      2. Emphasis in prose is provided by the words and sentence structure themselves. I suggest you review Orwell’s rules for writing.

  2. Well, I hope cartoonists still have the freedom to pick the metaphors of their own choice. One metaphor does not necessarily fit all, but it should not have to. One problem is that many of the people that view cartoons do not seem to even know what a metaphor is.

    Mr. Booth’s cartoons say what needs to be said without a bunch of wordy re- hash and endless sophistry.

  3. A friend gave me a book a few years ago: “Tipping Point”, as I understand it, explains when 15 percent of any sample population responds favorably to your widget or wutevr, it might be time to retool and recalculate for another run.

    This implies to me that if we reach 7 people with truth and motivation, 1, on average will carry on the same. 1 in 7 or 15 %.

    Not everyone in the world has internet or Smart(stupid) phones. But reaching 15 % of everyone litterate seems more doable.

    The Princeton study of email chain letters showing that the 6th itteration on average brought the original back to the author also sounds encouraging.

    Hope by the numbers.

  4. “So it is that approximately 18% of any given population is active in the creation and imposition of a Pathocracy (or the attempt to create and impose same). The 6% group constitute the Pathocratic nobility and the 12% group forms the new bourgeoisie, whose economic situation is the most advantageous.

    Once set up, the elitist psychopathic system corrodes the entire social organism, wasting its skills and power. Once a Pathocracy has been established, it follows a certain course and has certain “attractive” powers. In a Pathocracy, the socioeconomic system arises from the social structure which is created by the system of political power, which is a product of the particular elitist world view of pathological deviants. Thus it is that a Pathocracy is more a macrosocial disease process created by human pathogens, and it can come to affect an entire nation to a degree that is equivalent to a cancer metastasizing. And just as the process of cancer in a body follows a characteristic pathodynamic process, so does the macrosocial disease of Pathocracy.

    It is impossible to comprehend such a pathological phenomenon using the methods of “normal” people which do not take into account the deviant thought processes of human pathogens. Certainly it could be said that the entire world has been governed by a “covert pathocracy” (or cryptopathocracy) for a very long time. Many researchers suggest that there has always been a “secret government” that operates even though the “out in the open” government is not, technically, a Pathocracy. The suggestion is that psychopaths are technically ALWAYS in the background, even in the cycles of history that are NOT pathocracies (i.e. during “good times” in what Łobaczewski describes as the foundation for a hysteroidal cycle that opens the door to an overt Pathocracy).

    If we use the term pathocracy for “secret government rule”, then all of history becomes a “pathocracy” and the word loses its meaning, so it is important to note that the term “Pathocracy” is the specific phenomenon that comes as a result of the hedonism of good times, and that it is characterized by 100% of essential psychopaths assuming some type of leadership position, out in the open, as occurred in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia and Eastern Europe. And, I should add, is occurring now. ”


  5. America is done. It’s over. It’s been over for a long time. My entire life is designed at this point to avoid the society in which I live. I don’t do TV, or movies, or sports because everything is corrupted….tainted and ugly. I no longer speak to strangers. I no longer smile at those who walk bye or even acknowledge their presence. Because they no longer acknowledge me. I avoid any form or organization, business or government like the plague. Pox on America. It gets exactly what it deserves.

    Give me a dog and a good stretch of road to walk

    1. Pity. We can use all the help we can get from responsible people… Perhaps see my first post here today about this to see what I’m talking about.

    2. Though I essentially agree with you, I do exactly the opposite. (Am I “Bizzaro” you?) I smile at strangers, I greet and acknowledge those I pass, I make conversation when I can, I try to connect with others. This is good for me, and often times has been good for them. Sometimes, people do ignore me, or are even rude. Still, I lose nothing when my attempts fail. And everyday I see that there are others who are trying. Since the BLM protests there is a multi-ethnic group of young people out on a corner near me. They are always promoting empathetic causes. They gather necessities which they distribute to local homeless and destitute persons. They are the opposite of the picture painted in all “the kids today” discussions.

      The commodification of everything and commerce ugliness that you point out is hard to take, but I believe finding the humanity in ourselves and others, and making connections is the only way to live an enjoyable life, and possibly save ourselves. A friendly dog, or cat in my case, almost always eases introductions.

  6. I went to art school and understand visual communication. This cartoon is very poor.

    We have here the text, “Donald Trump waiting for all his supporters to chew off their own legs in order to free him from his fate” above a box shaped watercolor or serigraph style graphic of a displeased Trump looking down at his right leg in an oversized, shark-toothed leg hold trap with the word justice on it. The figure and trap occupy the lower right, a chain leads from the trap to the left edge. Not much going on with this cartoon, it brings to mind a forgettable skit where some redheaded comedienne held up a decapitated Trump head.

    The cartoon is not humorous, it’s not acerbic, or sarcastic or mocking and believe me I’d enjoy it if it was. It’s a nothing burger cartoon. Trump is not in some tiger trap of justice he’s not facing charges, nor are his fans in a position where you’d become free by chewing your leg off. For justice to be served a wide variety of MSM & liars in Congress would be giving Trump an apology for how they’ve conspired to torpedo him, and I say that having never voted GOP in my long life.

    If the text read, “… waiting for all his supporters to chew off HIS LEG in order to free him …” you might have a mildly amusing cartoon. But not as this is written or drawn. If someone want to educate me, please do. Where is the message in this?

    1. Hmmm? You are entitled to your opinion on Mr. Fish’s work, but having attended art school is pretty meaningless. Moreover, your analysis reads more like you went to commercial art school which has a different focus. Further, do you think Dwayne’s intention is to educate C. Kent. So much about you in your post.

      For many of us, Booth expresses our thoughts succinctly in his works and helps us understand that there are others that see the world with similar eyes. I respond to you as someone who also went to art school, was an art professor, and still make my living in art. All of which is also meaningless.

      1. To say I offered an opinion is a disingenuous slight; I described the work in simple terms in reasonable detail, as is de rigueur in art analysis. A description describes a work as a map describes a system of roads. Do you see a map as an opinion?

        Having looked for visual merit in the piece and found none, I express it’s intellectual weakness ie how it is unrelated to reality (Trump is in no trap of justice that I know of) and I even offer a change that would perhaps move it closer to something like a cartoon. I invited people like you to offer thoughts otherwise. You do not, you try to attach the messenger, to make hay of your lack of effort & understanding in this matter.

        I’d still like to hear someone connect the text portion of the piece to it’s visual content. You seem to not understand the difference between your own titillation and real satire, irony, or humor.

    2. Those who can, do.
      Those who can’t, teach.
      Those who can’t teach… critique.

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