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VIDEO: The Story of Nuclear Winter

The 2022 Future of Life Award goes to eight heroes who helped to reduce the risk of nuclear war, by catalyzing, developing, and popularizing the science of nuclear winter.

By Future of Life Institute

The Future of Life Award honors those whose overlooked actions have steered humanity away from disaster. Read more about the award here: https://futureoflife.org/future-of-li…

The 2022 Award goes to eight heroes who helped to reduce the risk of nuclear war, by catalyzing, developing, and popularizing the science of nuclear winter.

In the event of a nuclear war, smoke and soot, lofted into the stratosphere by nuclear firestorms and spread around the world by jet-streams, would block enough sunlight to create a ‘nuclear winter’, devastating global agriculture. Scientists predict that the resulting famine and civilizational collapse would kill most people on Earth.

This video tells the story of this discovery. It’s a story of how the world learnt that nuclear war’s impacts were even worse than we previously thought, but it’s also a story of hope, of scientific discovery, collaboration and outreach bringing about positive political change. After all, it was the bilateral scientific acceptance of nuclear winter which helped persuade both Gorbachev and Reagan to reduce their nuclear arsenals.

Decades after that reduction of arsenals, Nuclear Winter has unfortunately faded from public consciousness. But by remembering the work of these pioneering minds, we can better inform future decisions and hold our leaders accountable.

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  1. This brought back long forgotten memories so thank you for posting it. To think a democratic administration brought us to this point in time – yes I understand the deep state and the Neocons but still, then to openly provoke China who in real terms – economically, militarily and on the world stage could be the real world power is, as has been echoed before, lunacy. To be so unconcerned, flippant really while we the greatest most imminent threat to our survival now is right at the door step. No, it’s half way in and I really think there is no closing the door. I’ve always felt it would come to this. It had to. Just not in my lifetime.

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