Democracy Now Gabor Maté Mental Health Video

Democracy Now Interviews Dr. Gabor Maté on New Book, “The Myth of Normal”

Dr. Gabor Maté discusses how the healthcare system has harmfully promoted the "mechanization of birth," how the lack of social services for parents has led to "a massive abandonment of infants," and how capitalism has fueled addiction and the rise of youth suicide rates.


  1. I saw this on DN – and the problem I had is that even though he points out that the body and mind are interconnected, he seems to focus on mental trauma as the source of all our ills, which i suppose is understandable given his profession, but the fact that the physical environment is equally toxic seems to be rather ignored, yet influences our mental states as much as our history of mental trauma – they are interlinked and i think should be dealt with together, not to mention the toxicity of our economy which treats people as disposable – like everything else …

    1. The physical environment, though certainly imperfect, is not toxic per se, and in fact most people are not harmed in the least by their environment, even those working in industry with various exposures. By comparison, what people DO TO their bodies themselves includes and induces far more harm than the environment. Toxicity of the economy you suffer from may be strong allergy to work.

    2. Hello. Actually in the book and throughout his work, he mentions the impact of both the environments we have created for ourselves in society, as often being toxic and causing trauma. He also speaks of the pollution destruction of the natural environment also affecting us and bringing trauma to our lives too. This is in the present and the past and thus how through multigenerational destruction that is also causing multigenerational trauma.

    3. As inside, so outside. It’s all the same dis-ease. We can focus on any number of aspects of the same problem with the same root cause. The unconscious disconnect.

  2. Gabor Mate is a great man.

    I rarely if ever use that word applied to humans.

    But for him I make an exception.

  3. I am surprised that in a dog-eat-dog society that is America that more doctors and educators don’t come out and speak up about what an abomination this society has become.
    A bogus democracy run by a Mafia of oligarchs for their own benefit is a sure way to a failed state.
    But the public, force-fed on the mantra of freedom and democracy continues its zombie like existence in this hellish environment. When things get tough they blame themselves and go for opioids. Followed by mass shootings. A sick society that needs redemption but all it gets is more of the same poison.


    I saw this lead; returned to watch Fri. 9/16 DN. Wow!

    Dr. Mate’ transforms ideas that could be lost in abstractions into living experience we share. He’s worked directly with the people most impacted as economic throwaways. Here, he explicitly cited the Rust Belt, the horrific impact on BIPOC, especially Native women, and that the majority of Americans are on antidepressants or ant-anxiety meds.

    Since a majority is affected, clearly the cause is not individual inadequacies. The insane econ machine is eating us alive, producing traumatized people and a violently ill society.

    1. Abigail Disney (Roy’s granddaughter) was on Democracy Now this morning (Sept. 21) to remind us that more than half of American families cannot make ends meet. She made a documentary about our failed state and the wealth gap with Kathleen Hughes using Disney employees as a microcosm.
      C. Kent says our environment (social and physical ) is not toxic, but is imperfect. I hope C. Kent remains comfortable, but not in denial. What a contradiction it is that we might have to pay $8 or $10 to see a film about corporate parasitism starting Friday (23rd) at a chain theater. Most of them won’t carry this critique but even those who do illustrate our crazy circumstances. As for Democracy Now I’d estimate that C. Kent’s rating is accurate, that it is not toxic quite yet, but is strongly imperfect and fading, just like everything else. Dr. Mate’ himself appears ravaged physically (and I’m his younger equivalent) illustrating that if we care and adhere to the truth the toxic environment will eat us alive. But maybe we buy some time for younger people. Rafi Simonton, if you and your mother would like to go see Abigail’s film (at my expense) contact me @ and make arrangements. I hope it runs in a convenient venue near you.

      1. I’m in the early chapters of Dr. Mate’s 500+ page book. It’s easy reading and goes quickly so don’t hesitate to try it. He (and son Daniel) use real people’s stories to illustrate suffering and recovery. I consider it more confirmatory than informational. I think Daniel adds coherence and accessibility to his father’s work, as compared to earlier books. It’s not like I need to be convinced that our milieu has gotten more toxic over time, so it’s like discussion with a familiar for me.

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