Immigration Rising Video

Is Communism Really Causing the Influx of Migrants to the Southern Border?

Nick Cruse of Revolutionary Blackout Network debates Robby Soave on the real cause of why citizens of Latin American countries are trying to cross the border.


  1. My sentiments exactly! The possibility that social democracy might actually work strikes fear in the tiny little “hearts” of capitalists. My Precious . . . profits!

  2. socialism is impossible in america—failure is preferred; incompetence is rewarded in wokistan

  3. The limit of Soave’s intellect has here been reached or fully shown and his laughs (of pure contempt) explains why Kim Iversen could not stay on that show…and why I stopped listening to it.

  4. What’s interesting about the clip is that none of the left-ish proponents of US criticism have even bothered to demonstrate that the migrants sent by DeSantis political stint were NOT from Cuba and Venezuela and did NOT escape those countries because of Communism.

    The WH press secretary’s statement did not claim that all migrants from the south are from communist countries, In fact, it was more about DeSantis harrowing cynicism in using migrants as props than about the origin of those migrants, and the fact that the left-ish pundits in the video are more interested in promoting their own fictional left-ish, Neo Progressive narrative than either DeSantis Republican bigotry or even the migrants abuse and suffering before and after entering the US.

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