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Mark Fiore: Sending Migrants Around the Country: Cruelty Travel

DeSantis' latest stunt sheds light on the treatment of migrants by the country's top politicians.

By Mark Fiore / Original to ScheerPost

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has achieved a new low by using people seeking asylum as a political prop. Of course he didn’t invent the idea (xenophobic hat tip to Donald Trump!), before DeSantis sent a planeload of people from Venezuela to Martha’s Vineyard, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey have been sending migrants to Democratic strongholds like Chicago and Washington, D.C.

This cruelty is taking place to, you know, “own the libs” and make those lefties realize what life is like for MAGA states along the southern border. The fact that migrants are fleeing violence and persecution in their home countries to seek asylum in the United States apparently does not exempt them from being used in elaborate, multi-state publicity stunts.

While Republicans have been very public about what they are doing with thousands of migrants, President Biden has been a little quieter about the million-plus migrants his administration has turned away. (To Biden’s credit, he has managed to improve things for children traveling alone and migrant families, although the bar set by the previous administration was definitely not very high.)

Here’s hoping some Republican governors get prosecuted for human trafficking, even if the traffic was in the direction of places like Martha’s Vineyard and Washington, D.C.

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    1. And Lester Holt (America’s Anchor) in his nightly judgement calls these endangered refugees N-I-G-R-A-N-T-S (by slurring the epithet “migrants”), fearful they could spoil his vacation spots. It’s not even a Partisan thing: It’s a Class thing. Lester cannot conceal his color, though by serving the 1%, he has earned honorary whiteness.
      I’m sure Hillary would grant Hal honorary pinworm status.

  1. Until you recognize that both sides use the border issues as political props, talking points like those in this article are just more partisan white noise. What’s going on now is total chaos down there, both sides own it, and both sides use it for their own gain. The American people, especially in the border states, are the real losers here.

  2. Please prosecute them for illegally trafficking illegals into the interior of the country, to profit from it!!!

  3. So, here looked like the time and place to put my two cents in about the migration issue. I like to have my two cents ready and waiting. So here is the link to my own blogging, which I have had up for awhile.

    The gist of it is, no one does a good thing by inducing people to go where they should not go. The latest risk faced by migrants seems to be to be played with by jackass western politicians. That is, after they have already been played with by …ah, read my piece.

    1. Tim wrote a little WordPress essay that says: “Nigrants (using Lester Holt’s apt category), no matter how bad you’re treated at home, even if you might be killed by a right wing regime, you are better off if you make the best of it where you were born. He allows the Nigrants to stay a little while in refugee camps before they are sent back in case of war.
      Tim sounds like a “Lifeboat Theory” guy who is worried his few perks as a jerked around USA citizen may be lost by an influx of people who are “different.” Tim Rourke seems blind to the economic warfare our rich conduct against these other American states under corporate hegemony, and the police state conditions that are brought to bear for profit and extraction. Even if we take Joe Biden’s word that Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba are the current problem it is his administration enforcing boycotts and sanctions that lessen opportunity in those states. I don’t take Biden’s word for anything because he has a history of screwing USA workers and consumers in service to banks, big business and the military-industrial- congressional bribery complex. He has an even worse history in the service of Empire.

      Life and morality would be easier if kept our comprehension at a simpleton’s level. (As MSM teaches) You could kind of understand the blanket statements POV of kurtnorth, Hal Wilson, and possibly Hal Womack if you watched Charlie Chaplin being dragged through the gears of an auto plant in Modern Times (1936), but these guys have glomed onto obsolete archetypes. We live in a post industrial region of global society. We’re in the frying pan (witness Jerome Powell’s rate hikes) as USA citizens, but these Nigrants (annoyances who increase anxiety about what our Oppressors will do to us next) frequently exist in the fire that heats our pan, because that’s what our “business as usual” nightmare requires.
      I have plenty more to say, but I’m cautioning that playing the “tough guy”on these issues puts your soul (and credibility) in jeopardy, so to speak.

      1. C. : Tim probably doesn’t want to show his hand on SP.
        My summary of his blog content is honest.
        It’s nothing that could get him censored or banned,
        just simplistic. I feel confident writing about refugees because I work with some, and have for many years. In your other C. Kent post you observe that DNC elites consider Nigrants (Lester Holt’s term) “unclean” like lepers. They require a Jeffrey Epstein operator to train and vet them before using.
        I’ve had some friends that were gentrified right off the coastal islands where they were born and raised and the newcomers treated them the same way. It’s a class issue.

  4. Mark Fiore sums it up by categorizing one free meal at Cracker Barrel as cruelty cuisine. If you’ve even eaten there his example conveys much.

  5. What I would like to know is after these migrants are flown to Martha’s Vineyard, and then taken to an Army Camp on Cape Cod (heaven forbid they should be welcomed at the Vineyard) are they any better off than if they had been taken to camps at the Southern border – the hypocrisy of this whole thing makes me barf – from the migrants’ POV, where are they better off – but do the folks making such a stink about this give a damn …

    And what of the ones deposited in front of Harris’ place, or in DC …

    1. The USA has some nasty welcomers working for Border Patrol, and some deplorable detention facilities. These are the poorer refugees who get caught or worked over by coyotes. The Border is permeable as micheal says, due to soft corruption, and exceptions. The rich can order slaves made to order with skills and good looks. I once quit an employer in McClean, VA who had a carte blanche from the CIA to import Haitians, and was abusive of them. Think, Florida doesn’t even have a land border with anyone besides Georgia and Alabama, but they have an abundance of private planes and boats available to DoorDash cheap laborers. Notice how Mighty Mouse De Sadist had to Amazon Prime underclass Nigrants (Lester Holt’s term) from El Paso, TX?

  6. The US has already passed the two million “illegal aliens” (SCOTUS and legal term) for the fiscal year, a first? The border state governors’ “stunts” (50 people vs 2 million arriving in the border states) at least draw attention to the issue. I’ve lived abroad and the US is the only country I’ve visited that doesn’t have a secure border.
    Like abortion, there is a bipartisan agreement not to tackle the immigration issue (too important to keep pumping it as an Election issue). Both Republicans and Democrats have donors who depend on cheap exploitable labor to keep workers’ wages down and managers’ and CEOs’ profits and bonuses outrageously high. Such scams and “soft corruption” define America today.

    1. A large proportion of the two million will be deported.
      Some have been refugees for several years living in non-origin countries., saving up money and waiting. I know immigrants who hiked all the way from Colombia or Venezuela up through Central America. It’s a much tougher proposition than heading to Nebraska or California in a Conestoga wagon a century and a half ago. I liken them to Settlers. They didn’t get what they expected, and had to settle.

  7. Great fun to see various comics (Jimmy Dore et al) mocking the hypocrites falling over themselves to drum up some criminal enforcement reaction against those who payed 49 people to go check out Martha’s Vineyard, a stunningly beautiful vacation island that is stuffed full of the unused vacation homes of deep-pocketed Democrat gazillionaires including Barak Obama and his 48 oceanside acres.

    The Vineyard is covered in virtue signalling “no racism zone / immigrants welcomed here/stop hate” lawn signs, but when actual immigrants arrive we see the results – the declaration that they are not people who need a hand but the product of a crime, and the removal of said people to a military base on mainland Mass IN ONE DAY. A Gofundme immediately raised tens of $thousands, but because the people were moved out so fast the money is being kept by the entity that posted it, kinda like how politicians keep a “war chest.”

    Thus it was a very effective stunt to expose the hypocrisy of the supposedly liberal Liberal Elite. We do not know the details, but most likely the people were paid at least walking around money to see lovely MV. What impresses is how quickly the Super Liberals of MV became unhinged, as though these people had Plague. Apparently though MV welcomes immigrants, they must make reservations. If the geniuses with money who run the place had common sense, they’d have simply put them up at any of the numerous lovely B&Bs that are half empty this time of year, contacted social workers, and let the chips fall in an act of humanitarianism. No doubt a couple would have found jobs in the numerous restaurants and cafes.

    Score one for the ridiculous load of Christian/gun nut/Trump loving idiocy that is Ron DeSantis.

  8. Making migrants flee their homes, fleeing war, death, starvation or any of the other wonders of the western world, or perhaps fleeing oppression and cruelty designed to make sure the rich get richer, making people flee with only a few scant belongings and resources, travel long and perilous journeys worthy of a Hobbit on Adventure, then if they finally survive the Orcs and the Dark Woods and reach the borders of America where they are told to “Remain in Mexico”.

    Cruelty Travel, a bipartisan American enterprise.

  9. Kamala Harris needs start playing hardball with these Nasty Party types and to imitate what Lincoln did with lee’s Arlington estate by compulsorily purchasing De Santos’ home estate to use a bus station for migrants. Similarly, the NRA headquarters needs to be used as a cemetery for the children of school shootings. They, the NRA, won’t have to move headquarters to a bigger place if the cemetery doesn’t fill up.

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