1. More like the choice between White Powered Christian Fascism and Democratic Party Powered Nazi Fascism.

    America is done. It’s over.

      1. Thanks Carolyn.
        marksda does the pre-humiliation before torture sessions.
        Have you noticed how Julian resembles Patrick McGoohan?

  2. Wasn’t Ted Geisel originally writing about deafness toward occupied Japan?
    It’s a whammy that Mr. Fish is playing off another cartoonist, Dr. Seuss.
    I met Ted while giving a pitch about my ideas for a Seuss themed park attraction. He gave me an interrogation worthy of the FBI. By the farewell I had lost all interest in my own project and had been redirected to nobler ambitions. If we re-examine what Whos are we find they are small humanoids who live on a vulnerable speck of dust. That’s our urgent plight.
    Maybe in this case Dwayne is suggesting Horton symbolizes mainstream media and government propagandists. “Horton claims to hear a Ukronazi.”

    1. Judging from his cartoons, it seems that Dwayne is rarely cognizant of what he is suggesting. But in this case, it’s pretty obvious he’s reacting to those of us who think it was wrong to cancel Dr. Suess books, otherwise, why drag Horton into this? Dwayne definitely has some unresolved issues. His cartoons seem more like a confession than a commentary.

      1. Tanino: Yes, you are correct that Dwayne Booth’s inquiring mind has survived collective scrutiny. Any of us, if we were cock sure about everything would be repulsive individuals. One job of the political cartoonist is to provoke critical thought. You illustrate that principle by saying Booth is rarely cognizant of all the connections. No one is fully cognizant, except the “Gods.” The character Horton the Elephant is an archetype in American culture, and so is part of the commons. He’s a gateway into our collective consciousness. We can make of him whatever we choose. Dwayne made this cartoon in conjunction with Hedges current article about how Oligarchs need Fascism.

      2. A leap like that should easily qualify you for the next Olympics.

        You cartoon guys sure are an imaginative bunch.

    2. I think if future generations are in humanity’s cards; Assange might one day be seen as a frailer-paler version of Jesus…both vaguely representing higher hopes of compassion and ideals; which may, or may not exist.

      Maybe there’s an ebb and flow of civic expectations regarding justice, that’s every bit as predictable as the tides…. Blame it on the moon!

      1. Mark Deuel : Assange with a crown of thorns (Matthew 27:29/Mark 15:9), a stalk of sugar cane for a scepter, humiliated before an occupied people by “Roman soldiers.”
        Yes, the Moon will play her part pulling Ian’s surges in Florida. Will Ron DeSantis become flushed?

      2. Tony, please don’t mistake my pessimism about our 1st amendment’s grim chances of survival, as tacit approval of the inhuman treatment of Assange; nor that I endorse fascists like DeSantis or Trump.

        Also, my previous comment regarding cartoonists was aimed at Tanino Liberatore, and not the immeasurably more talented Mr. Booth.

        My dark outlook is painted by how few Americans understand the concept of false dichotomies, nor are able to distinguish democracy from duopoly.

  3. While I recognize the danger of the GOP’s efforts to restrict voting to those “originally intended” to vote, i.e., white, property-owning males, I have to say that one of the most under-reported stories in America is the Democrats’ efforts to make sure that everybody is free to vote–for corporate-approved Democratic candidates.

  4. The problem with corrupt oligarchy is the road to recovery goes through fascists. Of course oligarchs repenting the greedy ways also works. Everyone needs to read “The Doctrine of Fascism” (1932) by Benito Mussolini to understand what fascism addresses. It’s not a cartoon belief system yet for Americans it’s just a pejorative. I’m not promoting it, just saying it’s a pot-hole in the road and I cannot see a way around it.

  5. fishy —despises justice and freedom—another ruling class shill
    “to vote abdicates your power”. JP Sartre: ‘Elections: A Trap for Fools’

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