1. I probably shouldn’t complain since Chomsky’s a psycholinguist, not a clinical psychologist, but I’ve been pointing that out for years and so has Robert Hare PhD.

      Psychopaths and their fellow travelers hold the majority of high positions in government and industry all around the world. They are responsible for 80-90% of all imposed misery. They will never stop on their own.

      And we are circling the drain.

  1. That about sums it up,america , it is rapidly running out of friends ,and all it has are those it’s corrupted or bullied ,
    And they will eventually turn on it as it weakens ,it’s gross incompetence over Afghanistan and its chaotic withdrawal has told the world all it needs to know ,hence the debarcle in the Ukraine and the betrayal of previous agreements and treaties, it wants WWIII and wants Russia to get the blame ,and wreak europe to boot, and it really really hates those that tell the truth, as they fear them more than anything.
    Truth is the one thing they can’t cope with, they spend billions keeping their people in the dark and ignorant

  2. The American Civil Liberties Union won’t be the Organisation that saves Julian Assange from fate cos they are the American Civil Liberties Union.

  3. aka Lou Bronte, the gorilla who ruled the school yard in Brooklyn in the early 1960’s.

    Here’s my story for you, Mr. Fish…one day in 1962, 3, or 4, I was walking up the sidewalk across from PS 201 in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. In front of me was the infamous Lou Bronte, legendary teenage king of the mob neighborhood where I hung out with my Italian friends. As I was passing his hulking presence, with a kind of tempered reverence I tapped his right shoulder and walked on.
    I was bent over and gasping for breath. I gathered myself and stood and there was Lou Bronte and he left-jabbed me and drew blood. He had run up to me and smashed me in the stomach to discombobulate me, then, after the jab, his admonition, NOBODY TOUCHES LOU BRONTE!

    Is that sort of what you’re saying, Mr. Fish?

  4. I do not see how any meaningful progress can be made as long as Julian Assange is in prison for practicing FREEDOM OF THE PRESS.
    Thomas Jefferson would be so ashamed of us.
    How can We the People Stop this?

    1. Antisandman thinks Assange is in prison for potentially ratting on the bankers. I think so too Nylene13/from Popular Resiatance. What do you think?

      1. Those documents that Assange said would be published in early 2011 have yet to be published. I think we will never see them. Free Press is another American myth. As far as I can tell Free Press has existed sparsely and mainly in our imaginations. In 1956 a wise old man taught a 13 year old how to read the newspaper to parse out any truth that might be there, usually hidden in the last two paragraphs. Remember news media rely on advertizing. Advertizers closely monitor news. In the “free world” we have news controlled by corporations. In Russia and China the news is controlled by the government. A truly free press cannot be allowed to exist.

  5. Excellent indictment, surely should also include reference to the United Nations, and the fact that the U.S. has also never acted in full compliance with it’s Charter, but rather has acted outside the U.N. under it’s own rules, which it seems to create, even as it commits it’s conflagrations, and mass murders. The U.S. is responsible for the longest running “Holocaust” on Earth, the Palestinian one, The World must unite to bring peace for the Middle East, which of necessity includes the establishment of a Palestinian State, on their ancient birthright Homeland. Amen.

  6. Indeed, Mr. Fish. In America, everything’s broken, nothing works and no one cares. What repairs are done don’t last; it just rebreaks all too easily and soon. America is incapable of making a good decision on anything.

  7. No ethics. No morality. No justice for Assange. Shame. And shame on NYTimes and every paper that carried his disclosures who “used him” and now throw him away with nary even a raised eyebrow. Is it possible to become more hollow than hollow?

    1. “Is it possible to become more hollow than hollow?” OMG Yes. And getting worse with each passing day, yet hardly anyone seems to notice or care enough to bring it up.

  8. Assange is in jail because he threatened the banksters. Timing is telling. Nov. 29, 2010 Forbes publishes an interview with Assange in which he states that WikiLeaks has troves of business documents including a copy of the hard drive of a CEO of a major bank, later speculated to be BofA. He says the documents will begin being published in early 2011. He also states that possibly 1 or 2 major banks will fail due to the document release. Dec. 1 Amazon de-hosts, Dec. 2 PayPal closes WikiLeaks account. Dec 3 Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Western Union followed suit. WikiLeaks was strangled financially and left for dead. Dec 10 a warrant for Assange’s arrest is issued by Sweden and Assange is arrested in England. While on bail in England in June or July, he was asked at a public lecture why the documents had not been published. He responded that he was not at liberty to discuss it but that one could imagine why. I imagine they threatened him, his family and others and he responded that if anything happened the documents would be released from secure vaults. Standoff!. He was given asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy, I think to make sure he was not taken down by a loose cannon. He was illegally ejected as an Ecuadorian citizen in 2017 when whatever financial crimes revealed in the documents would have been made moot by statutes of limitations. The HOUR he left the embassy the IMF released $4.5 billion in loans to Ecuador. The then president, Moreno, that ordered the expulsion, now lives in Paraguay that has no extradition treaty with Ecuador. Lots of “coincidences” here but only that. Though I have more.

  9. I’m watching , hands off assange, by consortium news , on you tube, as I type. I printed a few copies of the drawing with the words underneath, all on the 2nd page. good job ! 1 commenter suggested we say , free assange, with every, hi, bye , kiss …, whatever, just spread the word.

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