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The Hill Cancels Katie Halper for Telling Truth About Israel

Katie Halper recorded a segment for The Hill’s Rising defending Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib from attacks over calling Israel an apartheid state. The Hill presents itself as a channel that opposes cancel culture and censorship. Halper says she was told that The Hill has a ban on opinion videos about Israel. When she pushed to have it aired as a show segment, she says she was fired.


    1. Israel has always been a fascist country….. committing genocide on Palestinians. Never has been even remotely progressive.

    2. Bravo Katie!
      As a Jew, I am proud to hear truth spoken and documented so well.

  1. Shame on The Hill. Foreign influence, anyone?

    Years ago, I had my own enlightenment, detailed here, with reference to an ongoing annual conference on the impacts on US foreign policy and on US media.

    Keep punching, Ms. Halper,


    1. They censor but say they don’t censor. If that isn’t directly out of the fascist playbook, I don’t know what is. It’s like Putin saying there were no Russians soldiers in Crimea and the Donbass when those areas were overrun by Russian soldiers. That we have a war on factuality says a lot about the road we’re on.

  2. Shame on The Hill. Foreign influence, anyone?

    Years ago, I had my own enlightenment, detailed here, with reference to an ongoing annual conference on the impacts on US foreign policy and on US media. It appears links don’t land on this site, so if of interest do a search for “Loads Of Power Players Don’t Want You To Tune Into A Conference On The Israel Lobby And American Policy, But Ignorance Ain’t Bliss”, which appeared in Down with Tyranny!, March 24, 2017.

    Keep punching, Ms. Halper,


  3. Excellent, Katie!
    Jimmie Carter wrote a book – Palestine – Peace not Apartheid in ’06 – kinda surprised she didn’t mention it … Seems to me significant that an ex US Pres would be so bold re Israel …

  4. If all the honest reporters and scientists get fired maybe we can start our own state.

  5. Another courageous Jew of conscience who refuses to drink the cool-aid of Zionism! The jig is up and the Zionists know it they have lost any moral ground and now Israel will be called to account as more and more people in the west wake up to the reality of the most brutal Apartheid government on the planet. Israel is the new Golden Calf for the Zionists who long ago threw out the universal values of authentic prophetic Judaism based on justice and love for all humanity. Well said Ms. Halper you are truly a prophet of our time and history will recognize you for this! Shalom!

    1. Thanks, ‘Jeremiah’. I think there are plenty in the USA who are trying to break through the Zionist BS. Unfortunately, our Daddy Warbucks types don’t want your story to be told. (and, Shalom in return).

  6. What better way to confirm the allegations Halper made than to censor her then eliminate access to the platform altogether. Having lost control of the narrative regarding the Apartheid State of Israel, the ruling class reverts to what it and capitalism does best; silencing truth tellers.

  7. Now that Keir Starmer has purged the Labour Party of all Jewish dissidents, branding them as anti-semites, he can further his campaign against a hapless Tory party, with the full support of all the Zionist fraudsters and embezzlers within the city walls, whilst Labour and the Tories coalesce into the slime-mould of Neo-Blairite-Thatcherism, ushering a new era of inverted totalitarianism. Did George Orwell have any inkling whatsoever, that he had written the script for a reality-show ? This would be a good question to put to the King, assuming of course, that he has had sufficient time to wipe the ink from his fingers. . . . .

  8. No question, anti-Jewish racism is a classic hallmark of an increase of fascist ideology in Western culture. This is what we’ve seen in the US in recent years. There was always that hypocrisy (i.e., “indigenous rights,” except for Israeli Jews), but it has reached alarming levels in the US/UK.

    1. Israeli Jews are not indigenous. They came from Eastern Europe and have almost no DNA from the Levant region (only about 3%). Turns out the indigenous are the Palestinians.

    2. “There was always that hypocrisy (i.e., “indigenous rights,” except for Israeli Jews)”

      That’s because “Israeli Jews” are mostly Diaspora Jews from Russia, not Palestinian Jews, who are and are recognised by other Palestinians as indigenous.

      “Indigenous” means, per the UN and anthropological definitions, that your family has lived where they now live since time out of mind, not 1946 or even 1846. They didn’t go somewhere else for a few hundred or a thousand years and then come back wanting to move in and take over.

      Some Jews in Russia (the ones who came in response to Pete the Great’s invite) could claim to be “indigenous” to _Russia_, but not to Palestine. None of the incomers from the Diaspora can credibly claim to be indigenous Palestinians. Such claims have no validity at all and are worthy of endless ridicule.

      1. @ socialist libber
        Diaspora means the dispersion of any people from their original homeland.
        Regarding Jews it means the dispersion of the Jewish people beyond Israel, which is its original homeland, so in this sense the Jewish people is indigenous to the land of Israel.
        Today’s Israel Jewish population is 68% born in Israel. Overall about 50% of the entire Israeli Jewish population is of at least partial Sephardi/Mizrahi descent (i.e. from Arab and other countries in the Middle East and Central Asia).
        At the Arab conquest in the 7th century the majority of the population was Jewish and subsequently decreased as a result of ethnic cleansing and persecution, but communities persisted in Ramle, Nablus, Hebron, Gaza etc. After the conquest of Jerusalem by Saladin, he invited the Jews to return and settle in Jerusalem.
        Jews from Europe and the Maghreb returned to Israel in the 12th, 13th,14th,15th and the 16th century saw a renaissance of Jewish life centered on Safed.
        Jewish presence in Palestine has been constant over time.

  9. is there any american news site that doesn’t frequently ban dissenters and delete controversial comments? I have yet to find any

    1. There was nothing “controversial” about what Halper wanted to do.

      The term refers at best to opinion vs opinion, not opinion vs fact.

      The relationship of the Occupiers of Palestine to the Palestinians is one of Apartheid according to people who have the expertise, derived from personal, lived experience, to state whether it is nor not. People who lived in Zuidafrika during Apartheid —the late Nobel laureates His Grace Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu, and the world-renowned writer and activist Nadine Gordimer, among others— on both sides of the color bar, and who knew how it is in Occupied Palestine said without doubt that “Israel” is a state based on apartheid. No controversy there, because to claim that it is not based on apartheid is a self-serving opinion that is not even believed by the ones who claim that it’s true.

      1. @ A socialist libber

        I assume that by Occupied Palestine you refer to the territories occupied by Jordan in 1948 and subsequently by Israel in 1967 (after being attacked by Jordan), which are not part of any state, yet.
        In Israel the Arab minority enjoys the same political, social and economic rights as the Jewish majority. There are Arab members of Parliament , an Arab Party in the governing coalition, Arab judges (including on the Supreme Court), Arab senior officers in the Army , police, in all professions and institutions.
        It doesn’t mean that de facto there is absolute equality of opportunities between Arabs and Jews, but there is no legal or institutional discrimination, as it was in South Africa.

  10. @alteyid48

    No, by “Occupied Palestine” i refer to the majority of what once was known to everyone in the world as “Palestine” but is now called “Israel” by its occupiers, who are Diaspora Jews and/or their descendants, mostly from Eastern Europe, with no credible genetic or halakhic connection to the land they’ve taken and kept by illegal force.

    In 1928 the Kellogg-Briand Pact, signed in Paris, nominally outlawed war. But it wasn’t until 1946 and 1947 that the remaining members of the former Nazi leadership, and some of the Japanese leadership under Hideki Tojo, were hanged for waging aggressive war, attempted land theft, and war crimes.

    That, coupled with the criminalisation of war in the UN Charter, should have put an end to the taking of land by war.

    The Zionist leadership, however, decided to take over Palestine, using a mix of the settler-colonialist Balfour Declaration, unsupported religious mythology, political pressure, and violent terrorism against both the Palestinians and the British peacekeepers.

    In an attempt to stop the bloodshed in 1947, the UN, going far beyond its authority, proposed to assign slightly more than half, including most of the coastline, of Palestine to the Zionists, and let the Palestinian people keep the rest of their land, with the Zionists in charge. Ben Gurion agreed to the division, but purely as a strategic play for time; he is on record in the late Shabtai Teveth’s biography as being clear that he would accept nothing less than the whole of Palestine as the basis of the new “Israel”. The representatives of the Palestinians, of course, rejected the proposed division as being grossly unjust.

    When their conquest of Palestine was well along, in 1948 the Zionists sent a delegation led by Menachim Begin to the US to get support for their crimes. But Albert Einstein, political scientist Hannah Arendt, and many other prominent US Jews, took out a full-page ad in the NY Times warning the US to reject the mission because Begin’s Zionist political party Herut [Freedom] was “closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties.”

    To begin with, there is no archaeological support for the claims in the Tanakh.

    Exhaustive excavation has shown that the three Jewish “kingdoms” were no more than small goat- and sheep-herding tribes in the hills above the coast, their “palaces” mud-brick buildings surrounded by mud-brick walls. The “kingdoms” were frequently at war with one another, and iirc they lasted only about 400 years in toto.

    The “united kingdom”, if it existed, was just another small tribal “kingdom”, not a regional power. There was no “exodus” because the herders would routinely come to the Nile to water their flocks when drought was a problem. We know all that because we know of only one mention of “Israel” by name by the Egyptians, who were “obsessive record-keepers”, and that one mention, on the Merneptah stele, may be of something else entirely. None of the early dates are supported. Almost everything in the Tanakh must be assumed to be political propaganda, not unlike the infamous stela of Ramses II in which he celebrated winning a war he actually lost.

    A more complete exposition of the lack of support for the Tanakh’s version of “history” can be found on the web entitled “Deconstructing the Walls of Jericho”. It first appeared in ha-Aretz in the late 1990s, its author Prof. Ze’ev Herzog of the Archeological Faculty at U/Tel Aviv. Prof. Herzog notes that everything in his article has long been known, “but the Jews are a stubborn people and don’t want to own up” [paraphrased]. A copy can be found at the site.

    Your claims of even-handed treatment are misleading (a very gentle, polite word in context) and irrelevant because you ignore the treatment of Gaza as what is known everywhere as “the largest open-air prison in the world”. The Occupiers of Palestine prevent the innocent people living there from traveling to and from the outside world, intentionally destroy their ability to meet even their most basic human needs for water and healthcare, and illegally attack them for exercising their rights under international law to resist illegal occupation.

    They are also misleading and irrelevant because the West Bank is being continuously nibbled away by illegal “settlements”, separating the tiny “Bantustans” of the Zionists’ Apartheid from one another by limited roads and checkpoints, all indicative of prison status. The inmates of the DDR were prevented from traveling to the West by similar checkpoints plus barbed wire, mined ground, and Vopos with machine guns who would shoot on sight, just as the IDF do.

    These are CRIMES, the same crimes for which the Nazi leadership were hanged! The Zionist leadership should also have been hanged around the same time for broadly the same reasons. They had no right to do what they did and are still doing. Those who do the killing are no better than the ones who did the killing at Belsen or Sobibor, and the ones who order, alibi, or ignore the crimes are no better than Eichmann or Himmler.

    Every US president from Truman on should have stood in the dock for their roles as accomplices to the Zionist crimes. And perhaps have been hanged along with the Zionist principals.

    If you are unsatisfied with this very brief and fragmented summary, you can find an altogether better one under the title “The Origin of the Palestine – Israel Conflict” by Jews for Justice. The best source is perhaps the site, though the document can perhaps still be found elsewhere too.

    There is a very good map that can be found under the rubric “Disappearing Palestine”. It is worth studying by anyone who has a conscience.

    1. @ A socialist libber

      You seem to be a person with a certain culture and knowledge of history, which means that the factual omissions and distortions are not the result of crass ignorance but of willful ideological bias and as such any attempt to rational discussion is doomed from the beginning and a waste of time, but I have some time to waste so I will try nevertheless.
      In November 1947 , the UN General Assembly adopted Resolution 181 which recommended the creation of an independent Jewish State and an independent Arab State ( not with the Zionists in charge). and a Special International Regime for the city of Jerusalem. The partition plan was accepted by the Jewish Agency for Palestine (the proto government of the Jewish population. The Palestinian and Arab leadership rejected it and 1948 the Palestinians Arab Liberation Army and the armies of 7 Arab States attacked the newly declared State of Israel but were defeated. The West Bank and most of Jerusalem were occupied by Transjordan (now Jordan) and Gaza by Egypt. Jordan subsequently lost these territories when it attacked Israel in 1967, despite Israel’s request to remain neutral in the conflict with UAR.
      Menachem Begin visited USA in 1948 not as an envoy of the Israel Government, but on a campaigning trip for the Herut Party, which was totally opposed by the parties in power and even clashed militarily with the IDF. For the first decades of Israel, the ruling coalition was defined as “everybody except Herut and Maki (the Communist Party)”.
      The archeological evidence for the Old Testament is a very interesting subject but totally irrelevant.
      You choose to ignore the distinction between Israel proper and the West Bank which is partially under the administration of the Palestinian Authority and partially under Israel military control. The final status of these areas is to be decided by future negotiations and the 2 state solution is the declared policy of Israel ( although there is an interesting Saudi proposal for a Jordanian – Palestinian State ).The Jewish settlements are a problem, created by short sighted politics of successive Israel governments.
      It is true that there are road blocks and check points, for security reasons .
      Gaza is another story. Israel disengaged unilaterally from Gaza , removed all its military forces and dismantled 21 settlements. Israel controls some of the border crossings in Gaza and Egypt the rest. Hamas fought the PA and obtained control of Gaza and proceeded to launch rocket attacks against Israel.
      The solution to the Israel “blockade ” is very simple and known to all – if Hamas, the Islamic Jihad and the rest of the Palestinian organizations in Gaza will renounce the attacks on Israel and destroy under international control their stocks of rockets, there will be no blockade.

    2. @ S A Socialist Libber
      Another correction
      The Jews in Israel are more than 60% born in Israel.
      They are about 50% of European Descent and 50% from Arab countries, Central Asia, Iran, Turkey.
      For populations of the Jewish diaspora, the genetic composition of Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and Mizrahi Jewish populations show significant amounts of shared Middle Eastern ancestry.
      I would like to mention that for many years, the Arab position was that there is no such think as Palestine. For instance in February 1919 the Arab Delegation from Palestine to the Versailles Peace Conference submitted a formal petition urging that rather than be recognized as an independent state, Palestine should be deemed part of and merged into Syria. The petition said, “We consider Palestine as part of Arabic Syria as it has never been separated from it at any time. We are connected with it by national, religious, linguistic, natural, economical and geographic bonds . . . In view of the
      above we desire that our distinct Southern Syria or Palestine should not be separated from the Independent Arabic Syrian Government.”

  11. Thanks, ‘Libber’. You saved me a lot of time!
    But, be careful. You may lose your right to comment. It happened to me twice.

    1. Wow. That doesn’t sound too good. Was something you said unsupported? I’m sure I’ve supported every contention I’ve made that wasn’t common knowledge.

      1. Didn’t happen on Scheerpost, but on Daily Kos and the Diane Ravitch blog. Apparently, criticism of Israel or Ukraine is enough to get you labeled a ‘Putin puppet’ and banned from posting (or responding). Some sites have an agenda (and I wonder about foreign influence, frankly, and not Russian. But I can’t support that). On the Ravitch site, as the hatchets were coming out, one poster commented that the people involved were sounding like Joe McCarthy. On DKos, one of the ‘moderators’ sent me a note admitting that the statements attributed to me were not actually what I said, but by then I was banned. Not that I miss DKos, and I only miss Ravitch because I was a teacher for 30 years, and they shouldn’t be writing about Ukraine, anyway.

  12. Very refreshing reading!
    Thanks socialist libber, for your input.
    For too many, such as those like alteyid48, denial is their “fall back” psychological position: a “defense mechanism in which confrontation …. WITH REALITY IS AVOIDED BY DENYING THE EXISTENCE OF THE PROBLEM OR REALITY.”
    For those, too many nowadays, inculcated from 1948; on biblical drivel, taken as factual history, the plasticity of their brains seems to have hardened to such a degree that it has taken from them the ability to function as non-supremacist, unbiased, more inclusive, consciously aware, critical thinking humanitarians.

    1. The good news, EM, is that there are so many Jews in the United States that are against Zionism (or at least the Israeli government’s blatant racism). Chomsky, Medea Benjamin, and on and on. I think we need to understand that Judaism is a religion, and Zionism is an assertion of racist superiority. They aren’t even close to being the same thing.

      1. @Daedalus

        Unlike your namesake you seem to be lost in a labyrinth of your own construction.
        Zionism has nothing to do with racist superiority and is defined (Oxford Dictionary dixit) as a political movement that was originally begun in order to establish an independent state for Jewish people, and now supports the development and protection of the state of Israel

    2. @Em

      I think you are a little delusional in thinking that all those who do not agree with your opinions are brain hardened.
      You present all the symptoms of being unable to function as an unbiased, more inclusive, consciously aware, critical thinking human being.
      FYI , I am very non supremacist, but I may be considered as a bit of a racist due to my opinion that Airedale Terriers and all cats are preferrable to most humans.

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