Assange Kevin Gosztola Original Video

VIDEO: Kevin Gosztola and the State of Support for Julian Assange

Veteran journalist Kevin Gosztola joins ScheerPost to discuss last week’s Hands Off Assange! rally and the state of the media.

By Max Jones and Diego Ramos / Original to ScheerPost

Last week’s Hands Off Assange! rally in Washington D.C. and the Free Assange human chain around the British Parliament in London proved there is still rampant support and hope for imprisoned WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Each event saw thousands of concerned citizens, journalists and free press advocates join together to bring awareness to Assange’s case, one considered by many as the biggest threat to freedom of the press.

The Washington event saw an all-star lineup of speakers including ScheerPost contributors John Kiriakou and Chris Hedges. The event was live streamed by Consortium News and to hear the many speeches given that day, they can be found here.

Joining ScheerPost’s Max Jones and Diego Ramos is Kevin Gosztola, one of the esteemed speakers and a veteran journalist who has been covering cases involving people like Assange, Chelsea Manning and other whistleblowers for over 10 years. He is the managing editor at ShadowProof and curates The Dissenter newsletter.

Gosztola shares his insight into the future of this case and what the state of support looks like for Assange as well as examining the current media climate.

To listen to the rest of the interview, check out our YouTube page for more clips.

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