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Mark Fiore: Diplomacy Dismembered

By Mark Fiore / Original to ScheerPost

President Joe Biden was caught off guard when Saudi Arabia and Russia joined together to lead OPEC to cut oil production by 2 million barrels a day. After Biden’s fist-bump visit to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia over the summer, he thought he had a deal with Mohammed bin Salman to increase production. 

It is just shocking that a Saudi prince with a fondness for head-lopping, dismemberment and war crimes would go back on his word, no? The production cut is suspiciously timed to occur right before the midterm elections here in the United States. It makes sense — if I was an oil-producing strongman waging battles in Yemen or Ukraine, I’d be rooting for the Republicans, too.

I hate to say, “I told you so,” but I told you so, Joe. After a slap in the face that draws Saudi Arabia closer to Russia, adds more cash to Putin’s war coffer and undermines Democrats in the midterms, it sounds like Biden may be reconsidering our alliance with Saudi Arabia. (Although I like to think that support for the non-insurrectionary political party is based on more than the price of gas, but, alas…)

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  1. The United States is the ONLY country in the world to ever use two atomic weapons against another Nation. Now it weaponizes NATO and Energy or the lack of it, in a political game that results in the destruction of the planet, with no care about the ramifications whatsoever in its never ending Imperialistic quest for total world control and domination at the cost of Humanity. The people are awakening to this madness and refuse to accept this recklessness. If humanity is going to advance it must be both spiritually and materially and recognizing the rights of all beings to live free from restraint, control and domination as they were meant to be.

  2. Heretofore the greatest debacle committed by the U.S. government was the Iraq invasion. This latest has to be the greatest. Consider: the U.S. made a big stink of the brutal murder and dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi which put Mr. Biden on the wrong side of Mohammad bin Salman who just happens to run Saudi Arabia. Then when the U.S. ,through a tragic miscalculation decided to set up Mr. Putin in a war which is in the process of backfiring, not realizing that both these countries are among the largest oil and energy producers, has the temerity to go before Saudi Arabia, hat in hand, expecting an agreement on the price of oil? This is the essence if foolishness. But there’s more. Mr. Biden is intent on continuing a war in Ukraine which common sense should tell him that by forcing an agreement between Russia and Ukraine will pay huge dividends. It will ease western Europe’s energy problem, allay the disruption of wheat and fertilizer to much of the world, and help the world to realize(albeit to a few) a peacemaker instead of a warmonger.

    1. @Robert Sinuhe
      ” forcing an agreement between Russia and Ukraine”
      Chamberlain forced an agreement between Germany and Czechoslovakia i 1938 at Munich.
      We all know how that ended…

  3. U.S. and NATO military aid to Ukraine only prolongs a cynical proxy war with Rusia that is destroying Ukraine, wrecking the economy of Europe and risking the destruction of the world in a nuclear exchange. Ukraine is not a democracy and we are not defending either democracy or Ukraine.

    This war makes no sense for either Ukraine or America, only for war contractors and crazed neocon and neolib ideologues who could care less for the people of either country (and seem to have taken over all of the Democratic Party and almost all of the Republican Party).

  4. It’s all such a joke! Biden is a boob (literally) and Saudi Arabia took down the twin towers – anyone remember Osama bin Laden for crying out loud?

  5. Biden hasn’t done one smart thing since becoming president. And all I get from my so called left leaning friends is “He’s better than Trump.”

    1. Yeah honey. There’s a simple expression that explains the source of distress, brought on by false dichotomies… it’s called duopoly.

      Until the angry herd begins to understand that both red and blue capes are steering us to slaughter; we should anticipate further abuse and insult.

      Wake up for fuck’s sake.

    2. I say or post any bad thing Biden does (any thing Biden does) and same response, “At least he’s not Trump.” So much for holding anyone’s feet to the fire. I’m the pariah for wanting peace and calling out the warmonger Dems?

    3. @Maria

      Maybe your BS comment is based on lack of information, but I doubt it.

      Here are some of the things Biden did. Unapologetically positive through and through.

      “Here are the executive actions Biden signed in his first 100 days” CNN
      “The 17 things Joe Biden did on Day One” Politico

      1. You chide Maria for her BS comment. This is what Democratic apologists do when they refuse to acknowledge how awful their party actually is. Give it up DGA – the D’s suck and have for over forty years. Maria and many others here see the Democrats for what they are – open your eyes.


        The working class party of FDR was deliberately destroyed by the centrist D elitists. No more the ideals in action of the New Deal; all that remains is a disgusting choice between the lesser of two evils. Instead of FDR’s speech about not fearing, the Ds only offer fear itself.

        Then, in addition to its neolib romance with the supply side econ trickle-up plutocracy that funds them, the D upper middle class oligarchy has allied with the neocon war party that lusts after empire. This D elite behavior, so reminiscent of the party of Wilson, is no more admirable now.

        How can you NOT be ashamed of this?!

      3. Absolutely fascinating. What is fascinating what the Americans consider to be ‘important’. The death of a WaPo Opinion Creator is considered so important that it can not be dropped. After all, that WaPo Opinion Creator belonged to Jeff Bezos, and in America, destroying an oligarch’s property is a heinous crime.

        Of course, the Americans are perfectly willing to ignore any ‘human rights’ claims that are not backed by an oligarch. The burning of a Labor Hall full of anti-fascist resisters in Odessa comes to mind. And of course, I could fill up this entire comment space listing other ‘ignored’ human rights crimes that the Americans don’t draw cute little cartoons about.

  6. I suppose the USA will now invade Saudi Arabia and install “the worlds
    based order system” on its renegade alley ?
    Massive change in the worlds political teutonic plates here.The last l heard that the Saudi’s were about to to join BRICS………………..
    The USA and its satellites are sliding down the pole and it looks like their view is “if l cant have it ,you certainly wont.”
    The blowing up of the Nord Stream Pipelines 1&2 is equllivent to a formal declaration of war.Dooley’s prudence here.
    Fasten your seat belts.

  7. The U. S. as arbiter of who is a human rights abuser is a lesson in hypocrisy. Israel, Saudi Arabia, Philipines . . . . It’s obvious that the utility of any given country determines whether it is a human rights abuser or not. Weapons for oil that makes the U. S. complicit in the murder of innocent Yemenis? C’mon Joe!

  8. the preference for a more fascist senile nazi—biden worse than trump merely reflects the stupidity immorality and childishness of the american people

  9. Of course, this is all a distraction from the real story.

    The Great Liberal Barrack Obama was Fracking America. He did not use this new national wealth to say, hire and train nurses for improved National Security against deadly pandemics. Nope, the Great Liberal decided to “Get Russia!”

    Except, as is always the case, the Americans caused ‘collateral damage’. The Americans did not care, of course. But the Saudis did. The Saudis were actually running a deficit and having to go to banks to borrow money as The Great Liberal was ‘Getting Russia’ by dropping the price of oil.

    This forced the Saudis and the Russians to have to work together. The capitalist pigs said that this would never work, they could not trust each other, that both would cheat (like they would). Except, they didn’t. Russia and the Saudis learned that they could trust each other and work together.

    And now, the proven to be untrustworthy Americans are looking confused as to why the people they’ve been hurting with their actions don’t just jump to attention and shout “Yes Sir!” to the President From MasterCard when he issues Imperial Demands to lower the price of oil.

    As a hit comedy TV show used to say …. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

  10. This historical analogy has been used to justify a virtually every disastrous war waged by the United State since that time and, whatever its unique salience then, it’s been the wrong analogy every time and caused immense harm. Give it a rest. It’s not 1938. Not every foreign leader who gets in our way is a psycho like Hitler.

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