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Activism, Uncensored: Horses, F-Bombs and Mace in Penn State Madness

Lots of students shout "fuck you" at a small number of persons, one of whom maces our cameraman.

By Matt Taibbi and Ford Fischer / TK News

I’m not frequently at a loss for words, but in this case… The coverage by red-eyed Ford Fischer and News2Share is self-explanatory. If you ever wish you could go back in time to re-live your college years, this video from Penn State should relieve you of the urge.

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Matt Taibbi
Matt Taibbi

Matt Taibbi, author of the New York Times bestsellers The Divide, Griftopia, and The Great Derangement, was a contributing editor for Rolling Stone and winner of the 2007 National Magazine Award for Columns and Commentary.


  1. Cultural “warriors” can be impressive indeed. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been to several events in California and Germany with similar, though not as extreme, optics. Angry singsong chants of “Fuck you” and “asshole” intended to defend the rule of law and civil discourse against assault from right-wing thugs may be less effective than the chanter may think.

  2. I think it’s the gratuitous use of the word fuck, sort of a 2007 thing.

  3. Fascists on the right of you, fascists on the left of you, oh my!

    So taxpayers are aiding these protesting students to get an education so as to make for a better society? Would I want them to be governing the society I want to live in?
    Again, fascism has no corner on the right wing.

    1. Taxpayers funding these kids? Maybe you haven’t paid tuition in the last 10 years.

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