1. Long-expected. The US rattling its nuclear war sabers over the past couple of years was, indeed, noticed.

  2. Why is it that so few critics of the US proxy war don’t mention the Rand report?

  3. While I really like Patrick Lawrence’s (and Pepe Escobar’s) take on the unraveling of the US hegemon, and used to like much of Lee Camp’s comedy/ political views, this video is a waste of time. The obligatory trashing of Trump, who was never part of the Empire Establishment anyway beyond disturbed John Bolton, Mike Pompeo and others, shows why we can never address our real, deep intractable problems in the federal Government; Outsider Trump is BAD is our focus. Trump is an ineffectual idiot. Joe Biden, 50 years in DC, is much more dangerous as he is allowed to touch the levers of power.

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