1. Democracy always leads to oligarchy and kakocracy.

    Likely the Athenian Alcibiades was better educated than Trump, but the resulting descents and defeats are parallel developments.

    Capitalism discovered that the lowest common denominator usually produces the maximum reward, and social media discovered that stoking irrationality and conflicting rageaholics boosts profits.

    China is smart enough to control this and will not allow its society to erupt into feces-hurling “freedom.”

  2. It’s not there charlie brown, its a scam, and you believed in it. the vote counters, and the show promoters have a rigged deal.

  3. You’ve left out all the other presidents’ heads. NONE of them are pro-democracy. They’ve all been supporters of the military-industrial complex and their big corporate donors. That pumpkin patch should be filled with ALL of their wealthy, drone-bombing-loving male heads!

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