1. I would suggest that perhaps there are other, better ways to deal with “white American men of influence” than reducing them to skulls – unless of course folks think that what happened to Paul Pelosi, a “white American man of influence” was a good idea …

    1. What a spectacular misreading of the cartoon, rendered in compete ignorance of the trillions of non-white skulls beneath all our feet.

      1. And what a spectacular misreading of my observation that perhaps there are better ways of dealing with “white” skulls than bashing them …. bashing skulls is never a good idea regardless of to whom they belong …

        Btw, all skulls are “white”, until they have aged in the ground – and i am well aware of all the skulls that have been bashed, and lie beneath our feet – your charge of “ignorance” on my part is quite unwarranted, and, in the lingo of the day, “misinformed”, the insult was gratuitous, unless you believe that, of course, anyone who “misreads” your work must be “ignorant” … should I draw you a picture?

        Perhaps your picture could have been better drawn to obviate any “misreading”, spectacular or otherwise ….

        It is unfortunate that you can brook no other possible reading of your work, than the one you apparently intended … but isn’t that true of all “art” …

    2. geepers
      I read the last panel to mean that death is what is required for “white American men of influence” “to recognize the equality and equivalency of all people” – that simple

      deflect as you will, enjoy your peaceful and permanent dirt-nap when your time arrives

  2. Yes, let’s put all the responsibility onto light-skinned males.

    Because, it’s really hard to develop a practical solution to the problem of capitalism, and we’re too lazy to try. But there are lots of light-skinned males in the US and Europe, and some of them are capitalists. Let’s blame them. Here’s the logic:

    capitalist = spawn of Satan

    light-skinned + male = capitalist

    Ergo: light-skinned + male = spawn of Satan


    All we have to do now is, exterminate all light-skinned males. Everywhere. Then we (meaning those not exterminated) will enjoy liberty, equality, abundance, justice, and spiritual enlightenment, all without further effort.

    Great, problem solved. And it was easy.


  3. A ‘cryptic’ cartoon. The first three panels make sense. The fourth one does not from my perspective. I have never known a white male that considered himself wealthy and influential to give a damn about equality. They were too busy extracting money from the populous and playing superiority games.

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