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The Truth About Cargill: The Most Evil Company

By Lee Camp / Behind The Headlines

The biggest supervillains in the world are not human, they’re corporations. On this episode of The Most Censored News with Lee Camp, Cargill Inc. gets dragged into the light. The agricultural conglomerate is the largest privately-held corporation in the U.S. by a large margin, and the current price increases in the food market are driving their profits higher. Camp exposes their corrupt practices that are leading to such high returns.

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Lee Camp
Lee Camp

Lee Camp is the host of the hit comedy news show “Redacted Tonight.” His new book “Bullet Points and Punch Lines” is available at and his stand-up comedy special can be streamed for free at


  1. Okay, so I join in on the isue of Evil Corporations that no longer practice simple Capitalism, but are now in full blown Predatory Capitalism, and beyond. What do I mean by that. Well for example, in the 1920’s T.Henry Moray developed a device that pulled 500 megawatts out of thin air for free. A Free Energy Device that worked. However we are then told that the Russians of all countries and people stole the device and set his lab ablaze. The trut is that Predatory Capitalism in the form of George Westinghouse and crew stole the device and shelved it for a time when energy was to run out like now. Then they would scale up the device and produce masses of free electrical energy and then sell it to the people, who would gladly pay even though it is free. This is a Crime against Humanity. Just like growing food that has little or no real nutritional value, and leaves your body to suffer disease so that Big Pig Pharma can come to the rescue with vitamins, pills and vaccines, etc. so as to keep you ill but barely going so that they can then squeeze every last drip of money and work out of you such that you die poor, unhealthy, but with a long unhealthy life full of pharmaceuticals careening around in your bodies. This ia America today. I hope people wake up and turn their backs on these evil empires and shut them down. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

  2. Sadly, I was rudely informed that Lee’s YouTube channel is not available in Ecuador.

  3. Behind every evil company are evil banksters. They purposefully remain hidden. When the pitchforks come out they want to make sure the targets are the people on Forbes list of billionaires. There are no Windsors, Rockefellers, Wallenbergs, Morgans, Rothchilds or Stanleys on their list.

  4. @Edward William Case

    Hmm, if you really believe a word of what you wrote, we need to talk about this bridge I happen to have on offer. If you have any money, that is.

    A few seconds worth of googling would have told you that a certain mr. T. Henry Moray has registered a patent that describes his purported invention. If there was anything to it at all, there would have been no stopping the world from building and using it. Unfortunately there isn’t. Unfortunately there isn’t. Not on Mr. Moray’s rubbish nor on any of the 999 other crackpot schemes people have come up with.

    Perpetuum mobile’s have the same bearing on reality as people coming up with thigs like methods for squaring the circle, ‘proofs’ that pi is rational (i.e. can be expressed as a fraction), reports of cold fusion, ‘proofs’ for the Flat Earth theory (often alongside the Hollow Earth theory).

    What these events all have in common is that their claimants basically haven’t got the least little clue about what the hick they’re talking about, but are amazing at putting out reams and reams of convoluted and confused gibberish about their claim that not even they themselves understand anything about (not that this ever discourages them, mind you).

    Some Math’s departments take (paid) assignments to check said ‘proofs’ and have special pre-printed forms running approximately like: “Dear , Thank you for your interesting submittin a proof for . The first error in your proof was found on page on line . Unfortunately we are unable to consider the remainder of your work until this error has been corrected. Yours sincerely .

    I don’t know if you ever realised it, but Perpetuum Mobile’s (working ones that is 😉 ) are especially attractive today as people actually in possession of a working perpetuum mobile can simply register themselves as having solar cells on their roof and make a bundle selling huge amounts of power to their local power company without anyone the wiser.

    Hmm … come to think of it: how do you know that there aren’t lots and lots of people getting rich from doing exactly that? You’d never know if there were, right?

    Hmm … suspicious, right? Well, I put it to you that all Perpetuum Mobile’s are being vigorously suppressed. Not by established industry but by predatory small inventors who are lining their pockets selling power and resenting any competition. And (perhaps even more perniciously) by ‘preppers’ living off-grid who don’t want anyone to know they can generate power out of nothing. Intrepid investigators of their properties tend to end up missing and are found later with mysterious gunshot wounds. Makes you think, right?

    See, you’re right: it’s all a huge conspiracy. But there is hope! I can suggest two courses of action to you.

    (1) Buy a set of cheap tools at your local big box store, go dumpster diving for materials, scour the patent applications from people like Mr. Moray, and work your way towards riches! Only be sure to keep absolutely mum about it or the Black Helicopters will get you.

    (2) Buy camouflage gear and throughly investigate the properties of any ‘preppers’ or ‘Rednecks’ in your area for hidden Perpetuum Mobile power generation gizmos. For preference do this at night to avoid interference. If you find any, publish photographs of said gizmos. P.s. a flack jacket, a helmet, and night vision goggles might come in handy. Perhaps you ought to bring a gun too (for self-defense of course).

    Good luck with either course of action!

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