1. Why do you have Mr. Death, as Monty Python would state, coming to the door of what seems to be a nondescript working class, or at best, lower middle-class home? I would think, Mr. Fish, you’d have Mr. Death, again, I just love the lads from Monty Python, coming to a Wall Street bankster’s home because who finances all the vileness in this world, global warming being the subject matter at hand. Or please, correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. You are absolutely correct with your targeting, absolutely. Decided to go broader with the cartoon as a wider implication of all human beings given the disconnect we all have with Mother Earth. Was channeling the famous Steig cartoon (PEOPLE ARE NO DAMN GOOD) and a little of SAPIENS, the Harari book, that correctly points out, I think, that the species doomed itself early on when it developed farming. When a species is suddenly able to manipulate the ecosystem so dramatically for the purpose of self-preservation it corrupts a balance in nature that left uncorrected will surely doom us all.

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