1. Don’t quite know what I am supposed to make of this drawing. American democracy is packed as shit soup? Hmmm…

    I think American democracy is at an end, whether packaged as unappetising “shit soup” or not. In any case, I think few will buy anything advertised as shit soup… wish their leaving it alone would make a constructive difference

    1. The point is that American Democracy at this time is obviously shit soup, yet many Americans persist in their belief that we are the greatest, freest, fairest, most just and humane society that exists in the world today or ever. THEY are eagerly buying Shit Soup as part of their daily diet, savoring it as if it were ambrosia. In fact, the worst ingredients of the Shit Soup are what they find most delicious.

  2. As an antiMandate communist, i will vote straight Republican since
    Only the Republican/Libertarians are working against the death jabs and
    Against nuclear winter.
    These sick anti-vote cartoons designed to discourage the red wave that is coming down your ugly pro war throats are a despicable acknowledgment
    Of your political impotence.
    Vote as if your life depends upon it because -per Molly Ivins- politics is not left nor right…Politics is Up vs Down and the 99% (us) are the downs.

  3. And yet you’re going to vote for the ups. The current parties work for the ups not the downs. It has been that way for decades.

  4. Why would Americans expect to have a free market democracy when all they cling to and circulate is state created IOU’s. The door to trade debt-free with sovereign market based currency has been wide open since the writing of Executive Order 11825 on Dec 31, 1974. Did everyone miss it ?

    Americans are not hard done by in the view of free market capitalism. They’re simply asleep.


  5. Mmmm….That’s Good Shit Soup!!! When a population is fed shit from birth it tastes good and most don’t notice what they are actually being fed. Shit TV programming, Shit Music, and Shit News programming….wait… hold-up and excuse me a moment while I sneeze…Ah, Ah, AHHH-FOXNEWS…FOXNEWS…FOXNEWS…
    where’s that New York Times so I can wipe the shit off my nose?
    Whew!! now, where was I? Oh, yeah… Shit Soup

  6. I was at the VA and showed it to a vet, he said his granddaughter did’nt see any sense in voting, that is what the shit show promoters want. I said I’d like to know about the $2 trillion + that is unaccounted for. vote? for a corporation, or the CEO. the elected lying traitors are not held accountable – I think we should hold them accountable, somehow.

  7. What Americans have been eating since the plunder of a once beautiful land & its original inhabitants. Well deserved. Karma is a bitch, ain’t it?

  8. Lots of ways to view this. I see it as a nod to corporatism along with (being into cause and effect of what’s happened to people’s ability to think and the overall physical and thus mental health of our society) representing processed food with no substantive nutrition which has played a key role in turning our citizenry into a condensed genetically modified orgasm that has been canned from having any political power and buy canned political rhetoric that’s nothing but shit. Regardless of red or blue, the masses are slobbering all over what’s become of our democracy, lapping the shit up, and loving it!

  9. Good comment, you could have been an advertisement executive. Problem: how to market low quality waste material into a profitable mass market appeal mind-numbing incentive to enslavement. Answer: 2 parts used car sales manager, excess products from the last war(example- ammonia for bombs going into fertilizer), stolen cash from DOD, whatever psychotic drugs that we have an excessive amount of, the rest of the recipe is too secret. I don’t want to be an example of CORPORATE TYRANNY’s power, like JULIAN ASSANGE, so I’ll flush the recipe. I pity the aquatic organisms downstream.

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