1. What Mr Fish does not show is the (invisible) stunning beauty of the work of finance capitalists who make these industrialists look like pikers in the ecocide business.

  2. You don’t even know how your vulgarity contributes to the cacophonous insanity of this age and leaves a sour imprint on scheerpost.

    The only time I have ever commented on a web site.

    1. You must live in a utopian world the vast majority of us know nothing about. We who don’t live in that world instead live in some flavor of a dystopian world – some better, some worse, depending on geographic location.

  3. Unbridled greed literally has no ethical, legal, or moral boundaries anymore in America.
    To paraphrase the inestimable Gordon Gekko, ‘Greed is good. Greed built America. And greed will continue to make America great’. Gekko’s words still resonate throughout this country.
    I remember Oliver Stone’s brilliant movie, Wall Street. Though it was originally to be an indictment of Wall Street, instead, it influenced an entire generation of young people who wanted to be just like Gordon Gekko.
    What does that tell you about America’s current financial crisis and dilemma?
    Mr. Fish’s cartoon drawing, shown above, really captures the gross immorality and insanity of our present situation.
    Perhaps, during the Gilded Age (1890-1920), did Big Business, Corporations, and Monopolies have the degree of control over the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch and the Judiciary — that it has exercised today.
    In truth, the US is heading for a tremendous economic crash. The numbers look terrible and frightening.
    The American economy has been mishandled beyond anybody’s comprehension or knowledge to fix it!
    It is no exaggeration to say that America is standing at the economic edge of the abyss.
    Corporate TV has absolutely refused to tell the American people just how bad the situation is.
    Tens of thousands of jobs are gone. More will be soon. Businesses and stores are closing again.
    America cannot turnback the clock. Americans want to pretend that it is yesteryear.
    But that era is long gone!
    At the end of 2022, the environmental situation appears to be almost out of control.
    Corporate America is not going to pay for the Green Revolution. The fossil fuel industry is simply too powerful.
    As a consequence, the turn toward alternative green energy is much too slow! The planet continues to heat up. Nothing stands between us and a climatic catastrophe. Nothing! Wishful thinking is useless.
    The deindustrialization of American manufacturing was completely underestimated by Nobel economists like Paul Krugman. Thank goodness, Paul is a multi-millionaire. He kept his job!!
    Advanced Technology is literally a threat to millions of quality jobs – autos, trucks, office work, etc.
    No one, but no one expresses any concern about what has happened to tens of millions of American workers. The sacred ‘Middle-Class’ is nothing but a fond memory for millions and millions.
    The US Congress possesses no answers or solutions. They are nothing more than glorified Wall Street hookers. Selling their souls to the highest bidder. And, folks, the bids are not that high!
    Ladies and gentlemen, a deep and frightful recession is on the way — soon, very soon!
    To be blunt, the people we elected to keep the ship of state from running ashore have failed.
    And we are to blame as well. We have never demanded too much from them.
    We have made all our judgments upon one criterion — am I taken care of? Do I have to pay for it!
    Today, we realize that there are no free lunches. There never has been. But the bill has come due.
    We are not ready to accept this reality. Not even close. Unsettling days lie ahead. God watch over us!!

  4. Nah … what they are really saying is …. “Since we plan on nuking the planet within a year, we don’t need to waste any money on the climate.”

    But hey, it will be a Green, Pro-War-Gressive Armageddon. Quite Historic! Aren’t we proud?

  5. “americans are really 300 million used car salesmen that have no qualms about killing anyone that makes them uncomfortable”. hunter Thompson

  6. Oil refineries at night, when all the lights and little flair offs glow is beautiful sight with the smell of sulfur.

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